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A shy girlI’ve always been a shy girl and found it difficult to meet guys, so for some time since I began studying acquaintance ads in the newspapers to see if I could meet some nice young guy.To make a long story short, I will connect with a guy named Eric. We exchanged a few letters, and after that he lived in a town that was near my hometown, so we decided to meet Sending letters is great, but if it could be continued so …..One Saturday afternoon I knockad on Eric’s door and was let in by a sweet, dark blond guy. I was pleasantly surprised by his appearance, for we had not exchanged photos.We sat and talked for a while and found out that we had many common interests. Eric gave us a simple but tasty dinner, and his eyes sparkled delightfully in the glow of the candles.After dinner we sat on the couch and looked at his photoalbum.We sat close together and it seemed natural to put our kadıköy escort arms around each other. Eric looked up at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and put away the photoalbum.- I like you and would love to meet you again if you want, but you must understand that I do not want to have no one-night-stand at this early stage.He looked deep in my eyes for a few seconds and then continued softly:- However, I would like to check something ….Eric began to slowly unbutton my blouse and with increasing astonishment and pounding heart, I let him deliver me from garment by garment. When I only had my panties on Eric said:- Lie on my coffee table, I want to inspect you!When I did as he asked, he began fondling and kissing my shoulder and my stomach and went down to my feet.But to my disappointment, he jumped üsküdar escort over the middle, my pussy had gone all wet in my panties.- So far, the inspection has been satisfactory, “said Eric. But I want to check out the rest.With the blood pounding in both head and pussy. He took of my panties. My last obscure items were eliminated. There I lay now with my pussy free, while Eric’s eyes studied my naked body.- Hmmm not bad! said Eric.His rough hands started to lightly rub my groin, thigh and stomach, and soon reached his lips, and my throbbing pussy. He ran a finger inside me for a few seconds, but then he moved easily in the pubic hair and said:- This fact obscures the view of the inspection. Wait a minute, I’ll be right!Eric disappeared a few moments and came back with some disposable razors.- See here, I usually use, but they certainly will do good tuzla escort for this purpose also.I was so horny that I let him without protest be shaved with gentle hands, he shaved completely smooth.When he was finished he anointed the lotion on the shaved areas to prevent that burning feeling..- Let’s check feature, too!With his right hand Eric began stroking his cock and while a well oiled finger slipped into my pussy. I groaned loudly and started turning and twsiting me where I lay on the coffee table with my white legs apart when Eric fucked me with his finger.- Eric leans forward and starts to lick my pussy while he let his middle finger slide in and out. My excitement escalated and soon I was stiff as a violin string and screamed and almost at the same time as Eric’s cock was pumping out a cascade of sperm.Our acquaintance continued, and every time we met Eric did a careful inspection that resulted in that I got rid of all the hair on my pussy.After a few months when Eric thought he knew me well enough, both inside and out, I finally stripped him of the inspection, this inspection led naturally to erotic moments. We were then a couple for a while, but I shall never forget the first meeting with a inspection ….

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