A Stranger’s Cabin Ch. 01


** All characters are over 18 years old**

New Year’s Eve up at my brother Carl’s new place had seemed like a great idea. He’d just built himself a new, supposedly gorgeous home up in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, and my other siblings and me were all coming up with our kids to ring in the new year. Sparkling cider for the kids, and all the booze we could drink for the adults. It had been years since I’d been in a room with both of my brothers and our sister present.

Carl, Tom and myself all had kids. Carl had Lisa and Michael, 8 and 6 years old respectively. Tom had Justin, who was ten. My sister Kayla was only 26 and still single.

My Natalie was the oldest of the kids, as I’d knocked up my girlfriend before we were even out of high school. Natalie was in high school herself now. Her mother had split when she was about a year old, and I’d been doing my best to raise her ever since. All Natalie really remembered of her mother was the occasional drunken phone call when she was little. As far as I knew they hadn’t communicated in years. Despite this, Natalie had grown into a well adjusted, and very beautiful young woman.

“God, this weather sucks.” Natalie complained from the passenger seat.

“You’re not kidding.” I said, and she wasn’t. It was dark as hell outside, and hail was pounding the windshield. Natalie and I had flown up from Los Angeles, where it had been partly cloudy and nearly seventy degrees. When we’d landed in Eureka it was below freezing.

For those of you that think of palm trees and bikinis when you hear “California,” understand that it is a very long state. Southern California gets nice weather pretty much year round, but we were then just south of the Oregon border, and the weather can get pretty shitty at times. Not Michigan shitty, but not pleasant, either. Tonight was particularly bad.

To make matters worse, our flight had been delayed, so we didn’t even land until nine o’clock at night, and it had been an hour and a half since then. Carl’s new place was way out in the mountains, seven miles from the nearest town. It was off a dirt road, and there were no road signs to mark the turn off. He said in his phone call that he’d put up a hand painted sign that would be easily visible, but the Ford Taurus I’d rented had bad headlights, and the dark and hail just seemed to eat the light. I was driving really slow, but I could still hardly see.

“I think we just passed the sign.” Natalie said.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “I didn’t see anything.”

“Yeah, I saw it, it was a big white sign with an arrow pointed left.”

Just then a dirt road materialized on that side of the road.

“That must be it.” I said, “Good eye, sweetie.”

“I’m just not old, that’s all.”

“I’m only seventeen years older than you, smart ass.”

“Which is OLD.”

“We’ll see how you feel about it after you blink and find yourself right where I am. Once you’re out of high school, time speeds up.”

“Yeah right, whatever.”

On the dirt road, visibility was even worse. I had the car moving at about five miles an hour, and I could still feel the tires slipping in the mud. I had the heater cranked up, so we were warm, but keeping the windows un-fogged was a real challenge.

Carl had told me he was up the dirt road “two or three miles.” But I stayed on it for a good forty minutes, just crawling along in the mud, before I saw a turn off. It was a narrow dirt driveway, with a gate secured by a padlock. A huge sign on the gate read “No Trespassing.”

“That doesn’t look like Uncle Carl’s place.” Natalie said.

“No, it sure doesn’t. Are you sure you saw a sign pointing to this road?”

“Yeah. I think so. I mean, there was a sign. I thought it had to be right. Oh shit, are we lost?”

“I think maybe.” I stopped the car.

“What do we do? Natalie asked, checking her cell phone, “I still have zero reception out here. God, how do people live?”

I thought for a second. While I was busy with that the hail turned into more of a slush. The temperature outside was still dropping though, and it would probably be snowing before too long. Which would be a novelty for Natalie, who’d only seen snow a couple of times in her life. Still, it wouldn’t be very fun if we got stuck in it.

“Look,” I said finally, “I don’t think this is the right road, and we could be looking for a long time before we find it in all this. I think we should probably head back to Eureka. I’ll get us a motel room and we can try again tomorrow.”

“But that’ll take like two hours to get back!”

“I’m sorry, baby. I don’t know what else to do. You don’t want us to get lost out here, do you?”

Natalie took some time to consider it, but there really wasn’t any choice. “Yeah, okay.”

I turned around in the little driveway, and headed back the way we’d come.

I rubbed my daughter’s shoulder and gave her a smile. “I know its probably boring being stuck in a car this long with your old man.”

Natalie shot back one of her thousand watt smiles. sarıyer escort Her teeth were perfect, just like the rest of her. She had a kind of nymphet beauty to her. A teenager beauty. In a couple of years she’d really grow into herself and be a walking heart attack, but she was already a very, very attractive young woman; which made me a very proud father. She had my dark hair and her mother’s striking green eyes, and a mouth that looked like it was made for kissing. I was a little jealous of her boyfriend, I’ll admit. I’d dated over the years, and as I keep myself very fit I’d dated some pretty good looking women, but none that would compare to my Natalie.

Natalie reached over and gave my leg a squeeze. “You’re not so bad.” She said, “Even if you are ancient. Hell, some of my girlfriends would even be jealous of my being alone with you.”


“Oh yeah. Karen has had the hots for you forever.”

“Karen?” I said, picturing my daughter’s tawny haired best friend. Karen had a bikini body that I’d admired many times as she’d lounged by my backyard pool.

“Don’t get a big head about it, Dad. You spend a lot of time at the gym though, a lot of my friends think you’re a total stud.”

I let the Taurus crawl along the dirt road for another couple of minutes before I said, “Karen would probably make a pretty good step-mom, don’t you think?”

“Daddy! She’s my best friend, don’t get any creepy thoughts about her.”

“She does look good in that bikini of hers…”

“You’d better not do anything with her, I’d be totally jealous.”

“Jealous?” I asked, shooting Natalie a look. She had a terrified expression on her face, like she’d just said something she didn’t mean to.

“Uh, yeah. Of the attention. You know. You’re my daddy. She can’t have you.”

I laughed and let it drop, before Natalie died of embarrassment. I was sure that attention was exactly what she meant.

And that’s when the car died.

It started with a dimming of the interior lights, and the headlights. Then the car started losing power as if I was out of gas. Next thing I knew, it was completely dead. I barely had enough time to pull to the side of the road.

“What’s happening?” Natalie asked nervously. In answer, I turned the key in the ignition. There was a clicking noise, but then nothing.

“Oh shit.” I said. I looked at Natalie.

“Oh no.” She said back.

We waited silently in car for a few minutes, which was rapidly cooling inside. I turned the key again. Nothing.

“What do you think is wrong?” Natalie asked me.

“I don’t know. Battery maybe, or maybe the alternator. Either way, I don’t think we’re getting out of here without a tow truck.”

“But there’s no cell reception.”

“I know. I’m thinking.”

“What are you thinking?”

“That right about now is when the axe murderer comes out of the trees and gets us.”

“Daddy! Don’t say shit like that you’re going to totally freak me out.”

“Sorry, baby.” I said. “Let me look under the hood.”

I fished around in the glove compartment, and luckily there was a small flashlight inside, along with a road map. I grabbed my wool coat, popped the hood and opened my door.

Immediately I was blasted by cold air and slush. It was really coming down and my coat was soaked through in seconds. The slush was hitting so fast that it felt like it was cutting my skin. I looked at the engine for only a few minutes, but my hands started to go numb in that time.

I jumped back in the car, dripping wet. Natalie looked scared.

“What did it look like?”

I wrapped my arms tight around myself. “Just like an engine, I’m afraid. Holy Christ, it’s freezing out there.”

“What do we do?”

“Well… I can’t fix the car. I don’t know what’s wrong with it and I don’t have tools or replacement parts anyway. We have no cell reception, and it is way too cold to try to sleep in here. I think our best bet is to see what’s up that little driveway we turned around in. Hopefully its a house with a phone.”

“We can’t do that! We don’t even know them, they’ll probably shoot us.”

“I am open to any suggestions you have.”

Natalie thought a minute while I shivered and waited.

“I don’t know,” she said finally. “I got nothing.”

“You can wait here and stay dry if you want. I’ll come back for you.”

“No way! Especially not after that axe murderer crack. I’m coming with you.”

Natalie grabbed her coat, which was also wool, and armed with only the little flashlight from the car, we set out onto the road.

It was maybe a mile back to the driveway. By the time we made it we were soaked to the bone and freezing cold. I held my arm around my daughter for a little while, but it really wasn’t doing anything to warm either of us, and just slowed us down.

The gate blocking the driveway was meant for cars, not foot traffic, and we easily walked around it and up the tree lined driveway. I had to keep the flashlight beam esenyurt escort practically on our feet. Beyond its beam, we couldn’t see anything at all. But at least the trees were breaking the onslaught of the rain a bit.

We were both holding our arms around ourselves and shivering by the time we reached the cabin. It was a decent sized house, probably two thousand square feet, but we nearly walked into it before we saw it. There were no lights on inside, and no cars or trucks parked in front.

“Doesn’t look like anyone is home.” I said.

“Hello?” Natalie called out loudly.

“Let’s go knock.” I suggested, as hope for a phone rapidly dimmed. “It’s past midnight. Maybe they’re asleep.”

We made our way around to a spacious but barren deck, and a door with several glass panels. I pounded on the door, but the house remained dark.

“I’m freezing.” Natalie said. “I can’t even feel my toes.”

“I know, angel.” I said.

“What do we do now? I’m starting to get scared.”

No father can hear those words and not be willing to take drastic action.

“Look away from the glass.” I said. She did, and I wrapped my hand in my coat sleeve and punched one of the panels out.

“We’re breaking in?”

“I think it’s a summer cabin or something.” I said, as I reached through the panel and unlocked the door. “We need to get warm and dry and find a land line. I don’t think the owners are coming home tonight, but if they do I’ll talk to them.”

Natalie just nodded her head as I opened the door. There really wasn’t any choice.

The cabin was sparsely furnished. There was a kitchen table and chairs, a living room with a couple of couches and even a flat screen TV, but the power was out and it didn’t look like anyone had been here recently.

“Dad, look.” Natalie said. I turned the flashlight beam her way, and saw that she’d found a woodstove. “But there isn’t any wood.” I looked around the house a bit. There was a phone in the living room, but it was dead, probably due to the storm. There was also a kitchen, and it had some jarred and canned foods and a gas stove that lit when I tried it.

“The propane system is working.” I said. Natalie rushed to the small blue flame and tried to warm her hands by it. I tried the sink, but nothing came out of the faucet.

“Why doesn’t the water work?” Natalie asked.

“I don’t know. They might just shut it off when they aren’t here.”

I left Natalie by the stove while I went outside and tried to locate a woodshed, but in the dark and rain I didn’t find anything.

Dripping wet still, I returned to my shivering daughter, clinging to the warmth of the stove. She’d gotten the idea to turn the oven on, and was using it as a heater.

“Good thinking.” I said. “But we probably shouldn’t use it. We don’t know how much propane there is.”

“So what? Let’s just use it up and leave them some money or something.”

It seemed like a sound plan. “Okay.” I said, “stay there and get warm.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back to the car. I brought a sleeping bag and we’re going to need it. Some dry clothes, too.”

“No way. You can’t leave me here.”

“Baby, its probably twenty eight degrees in here. What if the propane runs out? With these wet clothes, we could be in big trouble. I have to get you out of those clothes and into that sleeping bag before that happens.”

“What about you? I’m not going to just sit in the sleeping bag and let you freeze.”

“I guess I’ll hope the propane doesn’t run out. It’s a mummy bag. It’s really not big enough for two, even if…” I didn’t say it. I didn’t have to. We both stood there in a silence while we pictured laying together in a tight space, and probably naked since we wouldn’t want to bring out wet clothes into a dry sleeping bag.

Natalie took the flashlight from me and ventured out into the cabin while I warmed myself a bit. She was back in less than a minute.

“There’s a bed.” She says. “Just a full sized, but its big enough for both of us, and there’s blankets in a cabinet.”

“We’ll still need dry clothes.”

“We’re not going back to the car, and you’re not leaving me here. Come on.”

My daughter turned off the oven and took me by the hand. We walked together to the bedroom.

By flashlight and with numb fingers, we managed to make the bed with the sheets and blankets Natalie had found. There were a lot of blankets, and even a single pillow and a pillow case. Whoever came out here did it alone, apparently. I searched the closets for clothes, even just an old t-shirt, but came up empty.

“T-there’s nothing.” I said, trying to keep my teeth from chattering.

“Dad, it’s okay. I’m so cold. Let’s j-just get in and k-keep warm.”

Natalie stripped off her wet coat, which landed on the wood floor with a splat. She fumbled with shaking hands at the buttons of her shirt.

“Shit. Dad, I can’t get them undone. Help.”

I couldn’t feel my fingers as I tried to get the buttons undone. I managed avrupa yakası escort to get the top one released, but then Natalie sagged to her knees shivering, her arms wrapped around herself.

I took her shirt by the lapels, and tore it open. The buttons clattered to the floor. Natalie didn’t even react.

Quickly, I stood her back up and peeled her tight jeans from her goose bump covered legs. I took her bra off her, and her nipples were standing very erect from the cold. Finally, I peeled her wet panties off her, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. I couldn’t help noticing all this, even though my thoughts were just to get her warm. I hadn’t seen Natalie naked since she was twelve, and I’d often wondered what her body looked like. This wasn’t the time to take a long look, however. I stripped her socks of her feet and got her under the covers. She lay there in a fetal position and shivered while I stripped naked, my ordinarily respectably sized cock embarrassingly shriveled, and climbed in next to her.

I spooned my naked teenaged daughter, her ass pressed into my loins, and we shivered together. I made a seal with my mouth on the back of her neck, and blew warm air onto her skin.

“That feels really good.” She said, immediately shivering less.

“I know,” I said, “Your mother showed me that trick, a long time ago.”

I continued to blow onto her back like that, and slowly our body heat warmed the bed up. Slowly, we warmed up along with it.

“I think we’re going to be okay.” Natalie said.

“Yeah, me too. We’ll figure out a way out of all this in the morning.”

Natalie rolled over to face me. Her body stayed pressed against mine, her generous breasts now on my chest. To my surprise, she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. A soft kiss.

“Thank you for saving me, Daddy.” She said. “My hero.”

I stroked her wet hair. “Of course, angel.”

She kissed me again, but this time the kiss was longer by a few seconds. It wasn’t exactly passionate, but my cock responded, and twitched against my daughter’s belly. She jumped in response.

“I’m sorry.” I said, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what -“

“Shh… Dad, it’s cool. It’s been a crazy night, don’t worry about it. It just surprised me, that’s all.”


Natalie lay her head down on my chest. “Just hold me all night, okay? I don’t want to be cold again.”


It felt good to be so close to my baby girl. I knew it was supposed to feel wrong, but it didn’t. Natalie was the most important woman that had ever been in my life, and the feeling of her warm skin on mine, with the air so cold in the room, felt amazingly good.

I loved her so deeply. And I knew she returned it. A father-daughter love, but love none the less, and therefore the best thing in the world.

So I rolled onto my back, wrapped my arms around my naked daughter, and drifted off to sleep. I didn’t wake up until the light of dawn brightened the windows.

I was cuddled up to Natalie, laying on my side. She was on her back, her leg draped over both of mine. She was still out, but as I awakened I realized with horror that my cock was fully erect, and the tip of it was touching the soft hairs of my daughter’s open pussy.

I pulled away slightly, but the movement woke Natalie up. She stretched her arms out of the covers we were buried under, and yawned. I rolled onto my stomach so she wouldn’t bump up against my hard-on.

Natalie smiled a sleepy smile at me. “Mmmm. I’m so warm under here. Good morning, Daddy.”

“Good morning, baby.” I said. Natalie sat up and checked out the room, letting the covers drop below her breasts without a second thought. They were a perfectly shaped c-cup, with small, light pink nipples. I think they were probably the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen.

It was still cold in the room, and our breath puffed out in big clouds of steam.

“Holy crap, our clothes are frozen!” Natalie said. I checked it out, and it was true. Our wet clothes had frozen stiff in the night, and were covered in a twinkling layer of frost.

“Wow,” I said, “you get dressed first.”

“Yeah right!” Natalie said, but then she jumped out of bed and grabbed all of our clothes and ran out of the room, screaming when the clothes hit her skin.

“God, it’s freezing!” She yelled out. I heard her banging around in the kitchen, and then I heard the front door open and shut. Then nothing.

“Natalie?” I called out. No answer. I decided to wait in bed a bit. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes I heard the door open and shut again, and then the patter of bare footsteps running down the hall.

Natalie burst through the doorway, gloriously naked, but with her arms wrapped tight around herself.

“Letmein letmein letmein!” She said as she lifted the covers and scampered back into bed. She immediately pressed her body into mine and her skin was like ice.

“Jesus, you’re freezing! Especially your feet, my God!”

“Well what do you want? The water is off and I had to go pee in the snow!” Natalie began trying to roll me onto my back. “Daddy, come on, put your arms around me I’m dying over here.”

“Ah, okay, but ah -“

“Oh, good morning!” Natalie laughed as she pressed herself into me and immediately felt my cock jutting into her stomach. “Someone is awake this morning isn’t he?”

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