A Teacher’s Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 12


Last of Chapter 11

I walked into the house to find John sitting on the sofa waiting for me. He looked closely at my scanty, disheveled bra and panties. He said, “I hope you had a good time.” I smiled and said, “I had a wonderful time.” Sitting next to my husband I told him everything that happened, including the fact that I had a wonderful orgasm several times. John asked if I “liked what happened” to me. Without hesitation, I told John I LOVED it. He did not respond. I then walked to our bedroom and showered and went to bed alone in an old granny gown.

John poured himself another drink and went into the garage where he pulled out a box he had stored among his tools. Taking it back to the house he sat on the sofa and carefully unwrapped it. Inside was a shiny, new Colt 45 single action revolver. It had a stag handle and was wrapped carefully. Always unloaded, John took out his cleaning kit and cleaned, polished and oiled this classic hand gun. He opened an old box of shells and loaded it, getting the feel of the pistol he had not fired since before he and Pam had been married. Satisfied all was in order he wrapped it and placed it back in its hiding place.

End of Chapter 11


Monday almost noon was the first time I saw John. I knew my husband needed time to digest what I had told him had happened at the Auction and my reaction to it. Surprisingly, John was in a cheerful mood. He said he had thought about the entire arrangement we both had made with Kevin and said that he should have understood what I was having to experience for the good of both of us. He did not mention how my attitude and feelings about becoming Kevin’s sub had become both positive and unquestionable. I think we both knew that I was beginning to love assuming the role of his sub and truly enjoying being a submissive.

John and I had a friendly and happy afternoon in the back yard. I prepared a picnic and we both laughed and talked like a couple that had just gotten married and were deeply in love. John avoided my personal feelings and did not ask how I felt about becoming almost a sex slave to Kevin. I of course did not bring up that subject either. What we did talk about was what we would do the rest of the summer and how much we both wanted to get back into our classrooms with our students.

I noticed it was getting late and I needed to get in my required run before I went to the gym. Changing into my shorts and sports bra, I took off for a jog that lasted over an hour. My body was getting stronger and I was able to run greater distances and faster. In addition, I was looking and feeling better. Since Kevin had replaced my pad lock, I was unable to have sex with John of even to caress my clit for self gratification. This proved to be an effective chastity belt. It did not take too long to get used to the cumbersome lock pulling down on my labia, especially if I wore two pair of heavy panties to carry the weight. I did become very horny and easily became aroused as the lock moved across my pussy and bounced against my always enlarged clit.

At five I was already home and had showered. I put on a pair of slacks and a loose sweater along with my double set of panties and my tight bra. When I got bahis firmaları to my locker at the gym I found a note that told me to report to the doctor. This was not unusual as she kept a close eye on my medications and my physical condition. I went to her office before I changed into my workout clothing.

Doctor Graham had me sit on the exam table and gave me her usual exam. She had me remove my sweater and bra and began taking exact measurements. She told me that Kevin was disappointed in the slow progression of my breast enlargement. He had even mentioned breast implants. Dr. Graham told him she would like to give the hormone treatment a better chance to work, keeping everything natural. She told Kevin that she had a few ideas that would augment the hormones. He agreed to give it another month while he was away. He would decide what they would do later after he saw the results. I had begun as a 32B and had now become a full 34D. Dr. Graham said they were still well balanced and my frame could easily stand larger breasts. They felt heavy to me as they now were, but she said I would soon get used to the increased weight. She said she wanted to give the milk ducts an opportunity to fill and actually produce fluids, which I discovered was also one of Kevins goals.

The doctor told me to toss away the medications I had been taking and begin with two new ones. One was a hormone about twice as strong as the previous one I was taking. The other was a sexual stimulant that has been used in Europe for many years but not yet officially approved in the U.S. I asked about any side effects and was informed that the only thing I would notice was larger breasts (my goal) and perhaps a small leakage of breast milk. There was also the possibility of becoming increasingly horny. That would be a problem as I had the chastity lock on me all of the time.

I was asked to schedule an extra half hour with the doctor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and make it before my scheduled work out. She wanted to give the new medications a chance to work and then begin a new procedure to increase the chance for them to work. That would be explained and demonstrated at the first appointment, the next Monday, seven days off.

I was given two bottles, one of capsules and one of a liquid. The doctor now ordered them to be taken in the morning as soon as I awoke and again with my dinner. One capsule twice a day and one teaspoon twice a day was my schedule. She did outline a strict diet of protein, vegetables and fruits for my strength and my shape as well as the breast enhancement. I was then sent to my normal workout with my trainer Mr. King.

It was a long and difficult workout. I worked hard on firming my abs and decreasing waist size. The running helped shape my legs and my trainer added jumping jacks and squats to shape my legs. Mr. King said I had slipped a little and may have eaten or drank too much over the weekend. He was determined to burn those calories off of me before I went home that evening. I was exhausted when I finally went home.

I skipped dinner, gave John a loving hug and kissed him goodnight. This was my basic schedule for the next week. John was kind and never mentioned Kevin except he wanted to know when kaçak iddaa he was to return to town. John said he wanted to see him and talk about a couple things. He would never be specific about the topics; I can only assume it was about me.

A week had passed and I had my next appointment with the doctor. Following the usual exam she was smiling and said I had increased my bust almost an inch. The hormones were working. I had suspected that as I could no longer fit into my 34 D bra. I must be at least a DD. She had me remove my bra and took more exact measurements, recording them in her log. Human placental lactogen (HPL), the body releases various amounts of HPL. This hormone appears to be instrumental in breast, nipple, and areola growth before birth. This is now what I was taking.

When the breast is stimulated, prolactin levels in the blood rise, peak in about 45 minutes, and return to the pre-breastfeeding state about three hours later. The release of prolactin triggers the cells in the alveoli to make milk. Prolactin also transfers to the breast milk. Some research indicates that prolactin in milk is greater at times of higher milk production, and lower when breasts are fuller. The doctor said she was going to assist the hormones by stimulating my breasts. She called it “induced lactation.”

The doctor explained that lactation can be induced by physical stimulation and by drugs. It is possible to induce lactation by sucking on the nipples alone. The nipples may need to be consistently stimulated by a breast pump or actual suckling, and the breasts massaged and squeezed (“milked”) to encourage the flow of milk. Temporary use of galactagogue (milk-inducing) drugs is also effective; galactagogue herbs may also be of use. Once established, lactation responds to demand. Also, some couples may use lactation for sexual purposes.

Erotic lactation refers to an individual’s sexual arousal from breastfeeding. Depending on the context, the terms adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding can refer to the practice. The doctor said she was going to use a milking machine to develop increased milk in the glands and a flow of my own milk. Milking machines are used to harvest milk when manual milking becomes inefficient or labor intensive.

The milking unit is the portion of a milking machine for removing milk from an udder. It is made up of a claw, two teat cups, (Shells and rubber liners) long milk tube, long pulsation tube, and a pulsator. The claw is an assembly that connects the short pulse tubes and short milk tubes from the teat cups to the long pulse tube and long milk tube. Claws are commonly made of stainless steel or plastic or both. Teat cups are composed of a rigid outer shell (stainless steel or plastic) that holds a soft inner liner or inflation. Transparent sections in the shell may allow viewing of liner collapse and milk flow. The annular space between the shell and liner is called the pulse chamber.

Milking machines work in a way that is different from hand milking. Continuous vacuum is applied inside the soft liner to massage milk from the teat by creating a pressure difference across the teat canal (or opening at the end of the teat). Vacuum also helps keep the machine kaçak bahis attached to the woman. The vacuum applied to the teat causes congestion of teat tissues (accumulation of blood and other fluids). Atmospheric air is admitted into the pulsation chamber about once per second (the pulsation rate) to allow the liner to collapse around the end of teat and relieve congestion in the teat tissue. The ratio of the time that the liner is open (milking phase) and closed (rest phase) is called the pulsation ratio.

The two streams of milk from the teat cups are usually combined in the claw and transported to the collection bucket (usually sized to the output of one woman) in a single milk hose.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted to milk me like a cow. Before I had a chance to object, she placed me on a flat table, on my stomach. The strange thing about the table was that it had a very comfortable head rest and two one-foot wide holes for my breasts to hang through.

She offered me a strap to go around my back, legs and neck, but I refused and said I would try it without being bound. As I laid flat getting comfortable with my enlarged tits swinging free, she went under the table and wiped my full tits with a cold liquid. It must have been an antiseptic or sterilizer.

She them told me that the only thing that was painful was attaching the “claws” to my nipples. I was informed that she did not expect any milk this time. She wanted me to experience the machine and get used to it as she was going to use it more and more often as my tits progressed their development.

It only took a moment until I felt the first clamp lock on to my right nipple. The tiny teeth bit into me, and was then covered with the soft rubber vacuum seal. A minute later I felt the same pain biting into my left nipple.

She stood up and told me I was now attached and asked if I was ready for the machine. The pain if the needle like teeth still was very bad, but I wanted to get this over with and told her to go ahead.

I heard a pump start up and gradually the suction began on both tits at the same time. It felt strange but actually began to feel very good. So good, the pain of the claws disappeared. I rested my head and began to enjoy this erotic feeling. The longer it was on the better it felt and more sexually aroused I became.

The doctor let it run for only five minutes and then turned it off and disconnected me. I wondered what would happen if she left my connected for much longer.

She told me to get dressed and our session was now complete. I left and was anxious for our next appointment.

When I returned home I showered and attempted to masturbate, but could not reach my clit because of the chastity belt and lock. Damn, I was horny. I went to bed without dinner, hoping to loose another pound or two for Kevin.

John stayed up, checking his calendar as to the date Kevin was to return. He knew that it would only be a day or two after he returned before he had his slave/slut, Pam, come to him. He carefully planned to turn off the garage light and follow them to where ever she was taken without them seeing him following.

He got out his “Colt” again, oiled it and made certain it was loaded before he hid it from Pam. John then went to sleep on the sofa to keep from disturbing his wife. Both of them tossed and turned thinking about what would be their future.

To be continued in Chapter 13

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