A Treat For My Son

A Treat For My SonA few lines about how it all started before I tell you my story.My son, Tom and I accidentally became lovers a little over 18 months ago, it all started when we went camping and we had to vacate the campsite because of flooding. Managing to acquire one of the last B&B rooms left in the village we had to share the double bed. I foolishly had a little too much wine that night when we were out for a meal and seduced my son later in bed by giving him a hand job. The next day when we got home I purposely made him strip of his clothes on the pretence of wanting them for the washing machine, seeing his big hard cock had an unmotherly affect on me and I wanted to sample his goods ever more.I was a sex starved 35 year old them, who’s husband was away most of the time with his truck. I offered to teach my son the birds and the bee’s sort of stuff as his father had not, but I actually showed him one to one for my own needs. Tom wrote two stories about this called: Went Camping with my Mother and My Mother Educates Me about SexNow here’s my storyA Treat For my Son It is late Sunday morning and Tom has had to run up the street to the shops for some milk for our morning cupper in bed. I am laid in our bed, naked thinking of his strong muscularly body on top of me last night and how he has turned from that shy skinny k** and in to a handsome young man these last 18 months. He’s doing his A levels at school at the moment and plays rugby for the school team, how his body has changed. I let my hand wander over my body, feeling the untrimmed pussy that he likes so much and the leaking cum from last night while my other hand feels my 36 DD breasts. A thought jumps in to my head, let’s give Tom a treat. I jump out of bed, hurriedly dressing in to my black basque and alanya escort bayan stockings while slipping on my soft swade high heal boots. I call these my fuck me boots, as every time I have them on I get a good fucking even when I am going to work. Tom lifts me on to the table, pulls my knickers to one side and fucks me hard before he go’s to school and I have my son’s seed in me all day.I’m on the bed posing suggestively when he came in to the bedroom with our cupper, boots up to my knees and suspenders taught across my ass“Wow mam, what’s this for”“Just a little treat for running to the shop for me” I can see the bulge in his tracky bottoms getting bigger and I get off the bed, taking the tray off him I kiss him long and hard, I feel his hand wander over my stocking covered leg and on to my boot top while his other hand is inside my suspender feeling my fleshy bum cheek. His tongue is frantic inside my mouth fighting with mine while I grab hold of his erect cock through his pants, he feels so hard now.Tom’s hand slides up the inside of my leg over my stocking top and on to my pussy, I give a gasp, I feel so worked up that a new wetness is squeezing out from my pussy lips now. I throw my head back wanting him to kiss my neck while I move a leg to give him better access. Before I know, there is two fingers pushed inside me, I feel so wet, a mixture of last nights love making fluids and new pussy lube caused by just thinking about him this morning.I gasp and moan with each thrust of his fingers, now making a wet sloppy noise, how much more can I stand. “Sod the foreplay Tom, just fuck me” I orderWe break apart and I lie down on the bed, legs parted and raised while Tom pull his shirt over his head, now the bit I am waiting for, his tracky bottoms. escort alanya That’s all he has on as he pulls them over his cock “Hurry up Tom” I cryI watch him climb up over me, his cock straight out in front of him, a cock that needs no showing or help on where to go these days. He nudged my legs open some more and slid inside me, I give that involuntary gasp as I always do as Tom is huge compared to his dad.His big fat cock stretches and fills my pussy as he pushes straight in to my love tunnel and I wince a little with pain, I feel a little sore from all the sex from last night but it is soon forgotten as his cock starts to be lubricated from my wetness. I pushed my hips up to accommodate him even more feeling him fill every inch of meHis muscularly body is supported on his arms over me, thrusting long and hard but when I lift my feet on to his bare bum and dig my heals in, he fucks me even harder like an a****l. My pussy is pounded hard just how I wanted to be fucked with a loud wet squelching noise filling the room“Quick Tom let me on top, I want to ride you,” I said a few minutes laterHe lowered himself on to me and we roll over in one easy movement, Tom had me on top, a well practise move now with him still inside me. As I lift myself up, I pull at the ribbon holding the front of my basque together to release my 36 DD tits and dangle them in his mouth.He keeps thrusting and lifts me off the bed each time as he sucks on my nipples, as I pull away he keeps sucking my nipple, stretching it to twice the length, he just knows how to get my juices flowing. I sit upright on him and his hands slides around my hips grabbing the soft flesh of my buttock, lifting me up on his shaft and ramming me back down on to it. I could see his beautiful face covered alanya escort with sweat concentrating on giving his mother the ride of her life.As I slide up and down his cock, I felt the sensation mounting inside me, oh my god I’m going to come. I was ready to let go, I felt the build up in my groin, those wondrous few seconds before the main event, before it explodes through my body“Tom I’m coming”I feel myself come with my pussy in spasm, a lovely wet feeling fills my fanny as Tom kept lifting and dropping me on his cock for a few more strokes. Underneath me, Toms breathing had become intense and laboured. An a****listic groan told me Tom had reached his orgasmHe is coming; it felt like I was sitting on a volcano as his mighty load erupted under me. His cock twitched and squirted inside me as he comes, gripping with my knees I arch back, driving on to him and jamming his cock deep inside my pussy. The effect was sensational on my pussy lips; I could feel each pump and squirt of cum pumping up his shaft like a heart beat. But that was nothing to where his cock end was pushing against, right up against my g spot.I was so near to coming again I ran my hand over my pussy to find my clit enlarged and sticking proudly from the top of my slit.“Go on mam, yes go on” Shouted Tom as he watchedI frantically rubbed my clit still feeling Tom squirting hot cum in to his mother“Oh god, I’m coming again Tom”A second orgasm joined the first one, my whole body tensed with his cock deep inside still squirting, wondering how much love juice my pussy could hold. I sucked in sharply making my teeth chatter and body shake, experiencing the most intense orgasm. He rubbed and squeezed my nipple prolonging the experience.I was hot, sweaty and worn out and just had to collapse on top of him, our mouths locked on to each other, kissing passionately as a wet feeling started to run from my pussy before rolling off him“I love you mam”“I love you too Tom” I said as we lay together in bed that Sunday morning.The End By Mrs J (Tom’s mam)

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