A Turkish Delight 2


A Turkish Delight 2A Turkish Delight 2By Buck JonesThe afternoon with the strange young man and his son changed the Turk. His thoughts keep going back to that hot afternoon and what he felt having his dick sucked by his son and then having his son shoot off down his throat.As a part of the fantasying about what he feels, the Turk thinks back to the time he tried teaching his son to jack off. His son’s dick had healed, and it was a full man-sized cock already, so he thought it was time to introduce his son to the joys of masturbation and manhood. He is thinking back to how he showed his son the several methods, but most especially the use of saliva or cream. Always jack with lubricant. The nerve endings respond to the sensitivity of the juiciness. The Turk remembers his setting the scene. He has seen to it that no one, not even his wife, is expected to be at home. Several weeks have passed since he fucked Fikri and sucked his son to orgasm, and the line of desire is now moved. The Turk feels a sexual tension with his son that has never been much of a thought before, but now, while he’s fucking a woman, he thinks of fucking the boy and sucking his son’s cock.He keeps reminding himself of the time he took Umut aside with some lotion and a lesson in jacking off. The Turk instructs Umut they are to shower. The mother visits her ailing mother frequently as she is the closest daughter, so she is away. The Turk doesn’t want to have sex with his son; he just wants to introduce him to the joys of self-motivated ejaculation.They shower separately. The Turk first and then Umut. bahis firmaları When Umut returns to the seating room, the Turk is stretched out naked on the cushions. A comfortable chair has been placed across from the Turk. The Turk motions for Umut to take off his towel and sit down across from him.“It’s all about this,” the Turk begins, taking his genitals in his hands. “You are a man now, so you need to know how to treat your cock. I want you to take some of the lotion on the table beside you and spread it all over your cock.”Umut complies. Umut, who has been wanking himself since he was nine, is thinking what am I going to learn that I haven’t already figured out for myself. But he is excited at seeing his father alone and in an intimate situation. Umut immediately begins to get hard and his healthy long and thick cock respond well to the lubrication. Especially, as Umut is eyeing his dad grow into his majestic thickness, the pride of any man.“Don’t grab your cock as you may be tempted to do, but take these two fingers and your thumb, and right under the head on the shaft you will find a point that makes your hardon even harder. Just work the shaft with those two fingers until you find the spot. See what I am doing and how hard I am getting. Go a little farther down on the shaft and start to concentrate on the build you feel at the tip of your ass. Watch what I am doing.”Umut grows harder than he has ever felt himself to be. Concentrating on his father’s jacking, Umut feels his own impulse to explode growing as well.“You want to feel your whole cock. You want kaçak iddaa to revel in your manhood.” Umut feels his cock continue to pulsate with the urge to grow.“Now take some more lotion and work the entire head and shaft. Cover them completely and work the entire shaft and cup the head in your hands. Notice how red the head of your cock is getting. That’s right. Work the whole thing, telling yourself you have something to make a man proud. You may be a k**, but you’ve got a man’s cock. Now go back to working just under the head like I’m doing. See how hard I am. And I’m getting close. Do you think you’re getting close? You have played with yourself before now, haven’t you?” Umut is rubbing his cock and showing it off to his Dad, the Turk, that embodiment of manhood, the type of manhood who wrestled before tens of thousands in the famous oiled matches. The Turk is not the most handsome man in the room, but he is the magnet. He is the one that people naturally and without effort approach. The Turk is captivating on the most primal of levels and his son is feeling this sexuality being somehow transmitted to him as he jacks his dick. “I feel it building up.”Are you going to shoot me a big load?“I don’t know.”“Have you shot your milk off yet?”“Not yet.”“Maybe today.”“Maybe today.”The father is turned on by learning he doesn’t have to worry about his son’s manhood. His son is full-fledged male. His son is handsome, well built with a manly cock. The thought of such gratification causes him to unload without even thinking of announcing it other than that “OH FUCK!” release kaçak bahis and his son sees him squirt all over his hairy chest. Some cum ends up dripping off the edge of one nipple.Umut explodes inside, but no milk spews out of his hole. He feels the pleasure of the twitching of his prostate, but his balls haven’t begun to create the extra juices that accompany the sperm into the universe. Without them, there is no ejaculation.Umut yelps with his own internal pleasure as he has never felt as aroused before as he is in the presence of his father. He cums inside with intensity and with a youthful finality.The father and son sit looking at one another, and slowly, their erections begin to wane, but very slowly as each glance they take at each other’s cocks, there is a pang of stimulation as the blood withdraws back into the blood stream.Umut, too, is thinking about the time with his dad and Fikri. He keeps thinking about the moment his dad took his cock out of Fikri’s ass and passed it up to his waiting lips. Every time Umut jacks off, he imagines that moment of his placing his lips on his dad’s cock and then opening his lips to receive the beautiful mushroom head into his mouth. Umut lives, relives, and relives that moment as he shoots off his dick. He imagines first, just grabbing the dick, seeing it sticking out so straight and thick and just plain big. He reaches over for it and begins to feel it. As he slowly jacks his dick, applying the lotion as he had been taught, Umut dwells on holding father’s cock and then sucking it. Sucking it… the thought of sucking drives him crazy. He gets harder thinking about having that ass smelling cock in his mouth and down his throat.The tension in the household grows as both the father and the son think about the time they had together.

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