A Vegas Story Ch. 02


They arrived at the check-in desk. Emboldened from their limousine exploits, he tried the “$20 trick”.

“Do you have any complimentary upgrades? It’s our 20th anniversary.”

The clerk smiled. “I’ll see what I can do,” he said, and typed frantically into his computer.

He felt her come close behind him and slip something into his pocket. He didn’t look, but instead felt. It was her wet panties. She leaned in close and murmured “I thought you’d like those. I have no need for them. Get checked in so we can go upstairs and you can fuck the shit out of me.”

Man, was he a lucky guy.

The clerk looked up from typing. “We absolutely have an upgrade available. It would be our pleasure to upgrade you to our largest suite. Please. Enjoy your stay.”

“We will,” she said.

They made their way to the elevator, again holding hands. She rubbed his arm lightly.

The elevator opened, then closed. They were alone.

And again, they were kissing. He was reaching down under her skirt, kneading her wet clit. She was rubbing him through his pants.

“DING”. casino şirketleri 35th floor. They got off and found the room. She looked around slyly.

“No one in the hallway,” she whispered, and backed him against the entrance to the room, rubbing his pants. He quickly pushed her away and turned her against the door, her back to him. He rubbed his erect cock through his pants against her. He reached around to finger her wet pussy.

“Yes. Yes!” she said.

And then he was using the key to open the door…and then they were fucking. Right in the vestibule of the hotel room. She was facing the wall and he was thrusting in and out, harder and harder. She wasn’t quiet anymore.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” she screamed. “I am your dirty slut and your cock feels so good inside me. Fuck me! FUUUCK ME!”

He kept pumping until he could no longer stand it, and shot his cum into her. They finally took a breath.

“Nightcap down in the hotel bar?” she asked. “Of course,” he replied.

They re-arranged their clothes and headed down to the bar.

After casino firmaları a drink in the hotel bar (he, whiskey; she, white wine), they headed back upstairs. It was already 3:00am in the morning. They entered their room, somewhat tired from their long day of travel, their sexual experiences, and well, the fact that it was 3 in the morning.

They had stopped by Walgreen’s for some supplies (soda, Jack Daniels, chips). She suggested a final drink of Jack and coke before turning in for the night. She volunteered to get ice-she noticed it was just a few doors down from their hotel room through the door marked “ICE”. She turned to leave…

…He said “Wait.” “Let’s play a little game.”

“Ok,” she said. (Of course.)

“I dare you to go get the ice wearing only your panties. And to text me a picture of you touching yourself from the ice machine room.”

“Ok, ” she said. (Of course.)

She stripped down to her panties, paused, then slid those off as well and tossed them to him as she left the room. “They’ll just be in the way..”

He waited güvenilir casino for what seemed like several minutes..and it was. He finally got a text:

“I’m here. I took my sweet damn time walking here. I was touching myself the entire time. I am already wet. Check out the video I’ve just taken.”

His jaw dropped as he looked at the video of his wife plunging her fingers deep into her wet hole, licking them, and rubbing her clit.

“Wait there.” He texted back.

When he breathlessly reached the ice machine room and opened the door, he found her just like the video, pounding away at her pussy with her fingers. He watched as she turned around to face the wall, still rubbing her clit furiously.

“I’ll just watch, ” he said. She ignored him.

Soon she had one finger in her ass, three in her wet pussy and was pounding herself over and over until she came.

He calmly took the ice bucket, filled it with ice, and returned to their hotel room.

When she joined him back in their room, he was waiting just inside the door, naked. His cock was at full attention. Without a word, she dropped to her knees, took his cock in her mouth, and sucked until she drained him of his cum.

“Nightcap?” she said. “Of course,” he replied.

(To be continued in Ch. 03…)

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