A Weekend that Changed Everything


Author’s Note:

This is the third instalment of my mini series starring Celia and Jane. Please read The Office Xmas Party followed by the Board Meeting to see the context. Celia and Jane are real people who met at work. Discovered they both loved sex and ended up screwing the board members on a regular basis for a company based in Southern England. This really happens. The basis of the story is true but there is a degree of license created by the author, after all i wasn’t there. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, or is that guilty!

A Weekend that Changed Everything

Jane laid back on the bed. Naked, legs spread, her juices running out of her pussy and down along her arse crack to disappear into the duvet scrunched up below her. She was breathing heavily, chest rising and falling, pert pink nipples thrusting upwards and her large breasts marked red with the assault on them that had just finished. She reached her right hand out and clasped her friend Celia’s right thigh and began to gently massage it as Celia’s hard breathing matched her own.

Jane began to reflect on the last two days or so. It had all seemed so innocent when Celia had invited her to stay for the weekend. They were work colleagues and single. Lockdown had caused many lonely evenings and both yearned company. Both of them hot for sex all the time but Jane had never contemplated a relationship with another woman having been well satisfied with the many cocks she’d sampled in recent weeks. Celia and Jane were secretaries at the same company and took part in “Any Other Business” at the monthly management meetings with all the senior management team .They took several cocks in their various holes and enjoyed anal and DP in these extensive once a month sessions. It could be considered that they were the fuck toys of the senior executives but neither complained, as not only did they love it they were also paid handsome salaries.

It was Good Friday, a Bank Holiday in the UK and Celia had arranged to pick Jane up at 5pm from the local train station. It was a nice spring evening. Sun was shining, daffodils were still shining bright yellow and newborn lambs were in the local fields. Celia arrived in her MX-5 convertible sports car, top down, though the air con temperature was set at 22 degrees to keep her legs warm. She waved, as she saw Jane walk through the people leaving the station concourse looking around searching for Celia.

Spotting Celia Jane waved back and started güvenilir bahis to briskly walk towards her carrying her overnight bag and handbag slung over her shoulder. Celia alighted the car and took Jane’s bag from her. Walking around to the boot, she deftly opened it and placed Jane’s bag. They both hopped into the car. Celia started the ignition, put it in gear and drove away.

“We’ll go straight home. I’ve organised a takeaway. A bottle of red waiting to be opened, and I’ve found a chick flick for us to watch.” Said Celia.

“Sounds great. I’m really tired after the week we’ve had at work. My body is still aching after what the guys put me through at the board meeting. I just need to chill.” Replied Jane.

The evening passed quickly. Two work colleagues, who whilst friends still didn’t know each well. They chatted all evening. Finally, at around 10 Jane stood up.

“I’m off to bed.”

“Goodnight.” She replied, putting her face close to Jane’s and quickly kissing her on the lips. Jane pulled back for a second and then pushed forward to peck Celia back.

“Thanks for a great evening Celia. But I’m knackered and I really need sleep.” She said, moving towards the door and the stairs which led her to the bedroom Celia had shown her earlier.

Her mind was in turmoil as she climbed the stairs. Did Celia just come onto me? She thought to herself. Whilst she loved dick and men generally she had never been with a women and never really thought about it.

She stripped, visited the bathroom and put on a small pretty nightie that fell just below her pussy, climbed into bed and crashed out.

Next day she was awoken by Celia with a steaming cup of tea. Celia was just wearing a short dressing gown which came down to her mid thighs. Naked underneath.

“What’s the plan today? Asked Jane.

” Breakfast, followed by some shopping and a walk this afternoon if that’s OK.”

“Sounds great. Retail therapy sounds just the job and i’d love to see the young foals in the New Forest.”

Celia sat on the edge of the bed. Her dressing gown falling open, nipple just on show. Jane drew her gaze away to ensure she looked at Celia who didn’t seem at all bothered about the flesh she was showing. A flutter shuddered through Janes’ body.

They drank their cup of tea together chatting away about nothing in particular when Celia suddenly stood up.

“Shower now and then i’ll start breakfast.”

Jane laid back lost in thought as she heard the shower türkçe bahis start. Wondering about the nipple she had just seen. She felt turned on, but not sure why as she had never shown any interest in girls from a sexual point of view and it wasn’t even as if she hadn’t seen Celia’s breasts before. She had. At both the office Xmas party and the subsequent board meeting when the company directors had stripped them both and fucked each of them extensively.

After dinner that evening, a large bottle of red consumed, Jane turned to her friend.

“Were you coming onto me yesterday? When you kissed me on the mouth.”

“Well I do really like you and would like us to become better friends.” Celia replied.

“But it was just a Good Night kiss.”

“Oh.” Jane said somewhat disappointedly.

Celia leaned over to her friend. Took her face in her hands and pulled her towards her. Their lips met. Celia pushed her tongue forward searching for Jane’s. Where they proceeded to dance in each other’s mouths. Jane pulled away, catching her breath.

“Wow. But I think I ought to go to bed.”

“That’s fine, no rush. I’m here when you’re ready.” said Celia.

The next morning Jane was up early and went downstairs to make the morning tea. Dressed in her pretty short nightie, no underwear she knocked on Celia’s door and walked in.

Celia was already awake. Sat up in bed and studying her laptop. Her breasts on show, nipples already erect. Jane was to find out, with Celia that was permanent.

“Come and sit with me?”

Jane set the tea down and pulled back the bedclothes and got into bed alongside naked Celia.

“Let me show you something on my laptop.”

Celia moved the laptop over so Jane could see what she was looking at. It was a website called Literotica. Particularly a story called The Office Xmas Party written by somebody called Brooky.

Jane started reading. Colour drained from her face.

“This is about us? Its makes us look like a right pair of sluts. How does he know?”

“I met him in a Lit chatroom and told him our story. He asked if he could right about us and I thought it would be a good turn on for me. I love what he’s written. We’re not sluts and as Brooky himself told me. We are two mature women who know what we like, and despite what the guys may think, we are in total control of the whole situation and can stop wherever we want. Let’s face it we both love it don’t we?”

“Well, yes. But i didn’t expect it to be published güvenilir bahis siteleri on the internet.”

“Its all anonymous. Brooky doesn’t even know our real names and i love talking to him.”

Jane continued to read. Her hand slipped between her legs, feeling out her clit. The words clearly arousing her as Celia moved across, shut the laptop and kissed Jane fully on the lips whilst rubbing her hand over Jane’s breasts. This time Jane did not resist and kissed Celia back hard.

She sat up briefly to remove her nightie.

“I think i’m overdressed.” She laid down while Celia straddled her and continued to kiss her friend. Allowing her hand to drift over Jane’s belly and down to the soft fur that lightly guarded her pussy. She sort out Jane’s clit and began to rub it whilst Jane took Celia’s small breasts in her hands and pulled and caressed Celia’s nipples. Celia inserted first one finger, followed by another and began to thrust them inside Jane’s pussy. Her arousal most prominent with the loud squelching noises and the groans from Jane. She stretched her legs as wide as she could to allow Celia more access who continued to frig her as hard and fast as she could. Three fingers in now, feeling for her G spot. Jane leaned back onto the bed. Her back arched as she pushed up to meet Celia’s fingers.

“Faster, faster.” she gasped. “I’m nearly there.”

Suddenly Jane’s juices started to flood from her pussy.


Celia moved down the bed and clamped her mouth on her pussy and drank up her juices. Jane continued to writhe from the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and not a cock in site!

Celia, desperate for her own release spun round on top of Jane and lowered her own pussy to Jane’s mouth and immediately clamped her mouth back on Jane’s pussy whilst Jane thrust her own tongue into Celia’s bald cunt. She licked her clit, her lips and even did a long slow stroke to taste Celia’s brown hole. A hole she knew that Celia gained a lot of pleasure from. Particularly the big cocks in the office. Celia gasped into Jane’s pussy as her own orgasm built. Jane didn’t let up, most anxious to ensure she did a good job for her new friend, her new lover.

Celia screamed into Jane’s pussy. Muffled by pussy she let go in one scream filling Jane’s mouth with juice. Saliva and pussy juice running down Jane’s mouth.

“Oh my God!!” Screamed Jane as she came for the second time, as intense as the first. Squirting all over Celia.

Celia rolled off Jane, both of them panting, breathless.

“Amazing.” Said Celia.

“Fan -fucking-tastic.” Replied Jane between breathes.

Her mind a whirl as she stretched her hand out to feel Celia’s leg.

The End

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