A Wife Pleases – I

A Wife Pleases – IWorking out “rules to live by” in a marriage is often slow and may seem tedious when so many of the accounts seem to relate instantaneous action and satisfaction. I find that the “trail” to successful “threading the needle” of interest and desire on the part of two people often has moments of uncertainty and doubt, but with proper tutelage the desired result can be achieved. Often, at the beginning, one doesn’t know what that final objective is…it sort of builds upon the cooperating parties and depends on a high degree of patience by everyone involved.My experience started with a very young wife who managed to produce 4 babies in the first 5 years of marriage. So, you know what she enjoyed. After #4, she was able to adjust to a birth control regimen which allowed total “bareback” karaman escort sex without as much danger of pregnancy. She steadfastly refused to use condoms under any circumstances. I like that philosophy, you just have to exercise some care as to who is making “deposits” in the “bank” so to speak.After #4, we took time to go to a few events where others were present. Some of these involved dancing, which I never learned to do. However, other males present were quick to offer their hand and other things to her and satisfy her love for dancing with the opposite sex. I noticed that she often liked to wear a very short black dress with no bra (see my profile page for the implications of that) and as time progressed, I couldn’t help but notice that she was leaving off wearing panties escort karaman too. On one particular night she was dancing with a really good looking hunk (married to a friend of ours who was out of town at the time) and the band went to a slow number and she seemed to melt into her dancing partner. On the way home, I casually inquired about the interaction and she, in a very conservative manner, suggested that she could actually feel his erection and that he felt to be quite well endowed…all the while she was assuring me that I was big enough…I was already hard thinking about the possibilities and gently inquired if she would like to do more “checking” on this issue. She thought for a few minutes and asked what I would think of that…I took her hand and laid it on my hard and karaman escort bayan she knew the answer immediately and indicated she would advise me if an opportunity arose to further investigate our friend and his adequate assets.A little later, while I was away on a military assignment (her dancing partner knew of my absence and again his wife was out of town on business), he called to see if he could spend some time with her, that he had enjoyed dancing with her and that with noone at his house and a good music system, they could do some “private” dancing. She put him off, saying she would have to check and see if she could get a baby sitter for the night he wanted to see her. When I called home to check in, she updated me and asked for my advice on what she should do…again I was immediately hard, but since she could not feel me over the telephone, I reminded her of the earlier conversation, my reaction to it, and told her all was fine, the only request I had was that she tell me all the juicy details when I got home.More later…

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