Abbot Anselm’s Day.A Tale from the Monastery.


Abbot Anselm’s Day.A Tale from the Monastery.’Early to bed,early to rise’ was one of Abbot Anselm’s favourite sayings.Everyday was busy;what with the running of St.Augustine’s Monastery and School and the private visits from errant boys and girls who had to receive corporal punishment for various wrong doings. Every evening the old Abbot felt worn out,he sometimes wondered was it time to ‘hang up his cane’ and offer the post of Abbot to a younger man;he sat in his chair at the side of his bed thinking who he could offer the post to: there was brother Timothy,a relatively young monk who had a passion for administering corporal punishment to any wrong doer who came before him;there was brother Benedict,who administered the cane with great relish and accuarcy,the old Abbot had watched as brother Benedict caned two boys and two girls for ‘fornication’,the brother was barely out of breath after giving each errant subject ten strokes of the bamboo cane.Abbot Anselm felt himself become aroused at the very memory of the caning;he could see it in his minds eye,each stroke landing on the posteriors of the fornicators,he could hear brother Benedict’s high pitched voice scolding each wicked fornicator as he brought the cane down on each buttocks,he could still hear the cries of the errant subjects,pleading,promising to behave. The Abbot looked at his clock,it was time to don his habit and take up his usual position in his private study and await his first boy or girl to be punished today.As he dressed he felt his erection go limp;the tuzla escort thought entered his mind to perhaps employ someone from outside the order to take up the post as Principal of St.Augustine’s.Perhaps a lay person: however the old Abbot quickly dismissed the thought,he wanted to keep the corporal punishment of boys and girls strickly within the order. He looked at his clock again,it was 6am;time for morning prayers before breakfast.At 9am Abbot Anselm was sitting in his private study.He chose a book from the one of the shelves that lined his study wall.A book he had not read in quite sometime;’The Eccesiastical History of the English People’ by the Venerable Bede. As the old Abbot read there was a knock on the door,he bade the visitor to enter and was happy to see that it was brother Ambrose.Every morning brother Ambrose brought the Abbot a list of names of those whom the Abbot would punish during the day. Appointments were necessary at the Monastery to visit the Abbot. As brother Ambrose left,the old Abbot thought about asking him to take over the post of Abbot;brother Ambrose was a strict disciplinarian,who enjoyed nothing more than putting those he punished over his knee for…”a traditional spanking…”,as the good brother put it on more than one occasion. Alone again in his study,Abbot Anselm looked at the list,there was a mixture of boys and girls to punish today,some names he recognised from previous visits;there was Sinead,a wicked young mother who was in desparate need of correction in her life,the pendik escort old Abbot decided to use the cane on her bare bottom this morning.There was Paul,a very naughty teenage boy whom the Abbot had strapped in the past;there was Eleanor who had received a spanking for her transgressions not so long ago,today the Abbot would use his strap on her. He smiled and felt the excitement rise. He returned to his book and awaited his first errant subject of the day.The Abbot barely heard the light knock on his study door. “Enter!”,he said sternly. The door opened and a schoolgirl came into his study. The Abbot listened intently to her confession and read the letter she gave him from Mother Superior;this girl had indeed transgressed. The Abbot took her over his knee and spanked her for almost thirty minutes;slow,hard slaps with the palm of his hand.She struggled over his lap as the painful spanking began to take its toll on her,however the spanking had a much different effect on the Abbot.He was sexually aroused and felt his penis throb.Finally he stopped spanking her and wrote a reply to the Mother Superior. When his schoolgirl victim left,almost immediately the old Abbot had to deal with two very naughty women who worked in a large deparment store,they were on their way to work but decided to confess what they had got up to the night before.As they bent over his table the old Abbot stood behind them with his strap in his hand,he couldn’t help but think that these two women would have a very painful day at work,their aydınlı escort bottoms would be sore for sometime.He raised up the strap and brought it down with great force on the first woman’s bottom. He felt himself erect again,his erection had barely went down after dealing with the schoolgirl When the two women left not even ten minutes passed before the Abbot had to deal with his first boy of the day. The Abbot put the boy over his knee and spanked him on his bare bottom. The Abbot always spanked slowly but hard,enjoying administering each slap. When the boy left the Abbot barely had time to catch his breath before he had to deal with a schoolboy and schoolgirl who had vandalised a book from the school library.The Abbot wielded the cane on both bottoms.By late afternoon the Abbot had seen so many bottoms over his knee.He sat and tried to return to his book ,but he still felt aroused after a morning and early afternoon of dishing out corporal punishment.Another woman entered his study,then a boy and so it went on. By late evening the old Abbot had dealt with twenty nine errant subjects,ten males and nineteen females. He had used his cane on four boys and six females;he had used his leathar strap on three boys and four females.He had put all twenty nine over his knee and spanked them with his hand in addition to any extra punishment he deemed necessary with the cane or strap. After evening prayers the old Abbot returned to his bedroom.As he took off his long brown woolen habit he reflected on his day.He felt tired,punishing so many took alot out of him.However he decided that there was a few more years left in him yet,he enjoyed punishing;brother Timothy and brother Benedict would have to wait a few more years before they could call themselves Abbot.

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