Abby’s Revenge


Abby’s suspicion started two weeks after Michael had started his new job. His position allowed him the luxury of having an assistant, more jealousy than suspicion at first Abby thought upon reflection. Nevertheless her female instincts set the hairs standing up on the back of her neck at every mention of Michael’s assistant’s name.

In the beginning Abby put her feelings down to Michael spending more time than usual at work and the fact she could not or wanted too dampen his enthusiasm, Michael was excited about his new job. Abby just wished that they could hold a conversation without talking about Michael’s work and especially a conversation without mentioning Hanna’s name.

Abby shivered, even the thought of that woman made the hairs on the back of her neck stand to attention. Hanna this Hanna that, Abby mimicked as she dressed for Michael’s Christmas work break up. Finally she would meet the insatiable, irresistible God almighty Hanna, Superwoman to all women. Abby’s thoughts drifted back to what to wear, she looked in the mirror at the little black cocktail dress she had put on, Abby admired how the neck line plunged exposing her soft skin and the slight curves of her breasts, she ran her finger down between her cleavage her nipples hardened from her touch pushing them against the soft material, hmm, not now Abby thought to herself.

Crap too much flesh, can’t wear this, its not the dress for the wife of the boss to wear to a work dinner and first impressions count Abby thought. Hours passed as Abby dressed, undressed, put her long blonde hair up and down again, she thought the neighbors would think she had gone mad as she swore and kicked shoes off across the room. Finally she decided on a white blouse, knee length skirt, pantyhose and mid height stilettos, I look like a Grand Mother, appropriate Abby mused.

Abby normally hated these type of dinners where everyone is out to impress each other especially the wife of the boss, no one really cared what she did and the whole evening is filled with small talk. This time though Abby wanted to go she was hesitant and also intrigued, she wanted to know what Hanna looked like, what was so good about this woman that kept her in her husbands conversations constantly?

Michael and Abby arrived at the up-market restaurant in the high street, they were late as Michael wanted the ten staff to mingle and relax before they stiffened up on his arrival, Abby expected, it was because Michael wanted to make a grand entrance, she hoped that maybe it was to showcase her. Michael approached the table and all his staff stood in unison with out stretched hands to greet him. Michael introduced them one by one to Abby. The absence of Hanna was obvious and as they began to seat themselves, Hanna rushed in apologizing to everyone for being late, she bypassed Michael headed straight to Abby and shook her hand. “It’s so nice to finally meet the woman Michael does not stop talking about.” Hanna said.

God she’s good, thought Abby.

After the initial shock of Hanna’s introduction Abby realized Hanna was wearing a short little black cocktail dress the neckline more daring than one Abby chose not to wear, Hanna’s breasts were small which made the dress more revealing, gapping as she bent forward allowing everyone a view of here petite tear drop breast’s, and as she bent down to place her handbag under the chair her dress rode high enough for Abby to see the straps of her garter belt holding the sheer stockings hugging her slender legs. Abby turned her head sharply towards Michael, who had not taken any notice of Hanna and whom was deeply engrossed in a conversation with one of his male teachers, a wave of relief overcame Abby.

As Hanna settled down into her seat Abby could feel an eerie tension at the table and then the penny dropped, Hanna was a younger version of herself and everyone at the table was aware of the fact except Michael and Hanna of course. Abby pegged Hanna at about Twenty-five years old ten years her junior. Although Abby looked great and better than most women her age, working out three times a week and keeping her body in good shape, ten years is ten years in anyone’s language even if it was all in the mind.

The evening went quickly and Abby was made to feel welcome by everyone including Hanna who spent most of the evening talking to her. Abby watched intently for any sign from Michael or Hanna to confirm her suspicions, nothing was forth coming in fact Abby started think that maybe Hanna was as nice as Michael portrayed and perhaps she was to take it as a compliment that Michael chose someone who was similar in looks to herself.

With the evening finished everyone gathered outside and said goodbye and climb into their respective cabs. On the way home Michael kept running his hand along the inside of Abby’s thigh trying to stroke her pussy, Abby was aware of the cabbie and his sligh glances in the rear vision mirror along with her Grandmother panty hose Michael stood no chance until they were home.

The cab pulled up at casino şirketleri Michael and Abby’s apartment and Abby paid the driver who gave her a sleazy smile as he said thank you. Michael was trying to negotiate the stairs, Abby laughed at Michael who was not a big drinker and had excelled himself this evening and was drunk as a skunk. Abby caught up to him and slid her slight frame under his arm giving him enough leverage to lean against the door frame until Abby found her keys and let them in.

Michael grabbed Abby gave her a big hug and whispered into her ear, “I want to make love to you now.” Abby smiled it had been awhile since Michael had shown interest and she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity drunk husband and all, she went in to the bathroom and told Michael to undress she would be back as soon as she changed. Abby slipped a short silky nightie on and released her long blonde hair swishing it side to side and ruffling it up making it messy and sexy. Abby smiled as she heard Michael tripping and stumbling about as he undressed cursing and swearing as he did so.

Abby entered the bedroom and there lay before her in all his glory was Michael all six foot four of him, his muscular body spread across the bed snoring to his content. Abby placed her hands on her hips and pouted like a child who had missed out on some ice cream, she stood in that position for a couple of minutes contemplating her next move. Michael’s cock stood upright and not only was he a well built man his cock was thick and long about nine inches Abby always thought not that she could be sure, although her and Michael had joked about measuring it on numerous occasions they never did.

Abby looked at the alarm clock five minutes had now passed and Michael’s cock was still as hard as rock. Abby wanted him inside her so bad but toiled in her mind if fucking Michael whilst he was unconscious was something that she should do. She glanced at the alarm clock one more time and another two minutes had passed, she was hoping his erection would have subsided by now making her decision easy, it would go limp and she would lay beside his naked body and bring herself to orgasm like she had done on many a night but she could not possibly finger her wet pussy with his hard cock standing to attention next to her, she wouldn’t be able to control the urge to suck it whilst her fingers pleased her ache.

Ten minutes had now passed and Abby could not stand the tension any longer she crawled over to Michael and whispered his name in his ear hoping it would stir him awake, he laid there unaware of her voice. Abby lifted her nightie above her thighs, and straddled Michael’s legs she edged her body slowly along his hoping her skin against his would wake him, still he did not react. Abby could not hold on much longer she wanted his cock in her she had been watching his thick hard cock for ten minutes and her juices had been flowing since then.

Abby spread her legs and lifted herself up on her haunches just above Michael’s cock. As the tip of his cock touched her outer lips Abby gasped with the anticipation, she lowered herself slowly on Michael’s cock letting his huge head spread her lips and push into the edge of her hole. Abby rested for a few seconds letting her pussy adjust as Michael seemed larger than usual, and then she inhaled a deep breath as she slid her legs apart taking Michael inside as far as she could. Abby’s hips jerked slightly forward from the sensation, she rested for a few seconds more and bear down as far as her hips would let her engulfing all of Michael’s hard cock, Abby leant forward pushing her hands hard against Michael’s chest positioning herself so that her exposed clit rubbed against Michael’s body.

Abby whispered Michaels name, he still didn’t respond, she slowly rocked back and forth against his skin stimulating her swollen hard clit, she could feel the tension building inside her hot pussy, her body wanted to cum. Abby slowed her hips gently rocking them trying to resist the building sensation within her, she was horny she had waited months for Michael’s cock inside her and she wanted it to last, she wanted his cock to explode inside.

Abby draw her knees in closer to Michaels body giving her leverage to pump up and down on Michaels rock hard cock, she squeezed her buttocks together holding him in tight and then releasing allowing her pussy to slide down his shaft, she repeated her action over and over again she could feel Michael’s balls tense against her arse she sensed his closeness with one final long slow pump Michael’s cocked splashed it’s hot jism into Abby’s swollen pussy. Abby lifted herself halfway up Michael’s cock so she could feel his hot cum splash the top her pussy.

Abby was so close she needed to work quick before her pleasure stick became limp, she withdrew his cock from her pussy and sat across Michael’s legs, she held Michael’s cock and rubbed it’s head against her hardened clit mixing his juices with hers. Abby arched her head back from the sensation and contained her breath to casino firmaları little puffs trying to control the inevitable and trying to avoid Michael waking, she was too close for interruptions.

Abby quickened her pace flicking her clit back and forth with the head of her love stick, Abby’s buttocks clenched and her stomach muscles tightened as the first explosive wave overcame her, her hand pausing as her clit pulsated against the head of Michael’s cock reveling in the sensation, she pushed Michael’s cock away from her and cupped her pussy with her hand in an attempt to capture Michael’s cum from spilling out of her. As the palm of her hand brushed against her exposed reddened clit her body convulsed once more and another intense orgasm erupted inside of her.

Abby’s hips rocked and she contained her breathing trying to calm her heart rate before she could muster the energy to move off of Michael, she waited till the trembling stopped in her legs and quietly eased herself off Michael and headed to the bathroom to clean herself up. Abby looked at herself in the mirror a wave of guilt fell upon her as she now regretted her actions. Abby grabbed some toilet paper and gently cleaned Michael’s cum from his cock removing any evidence of her actions.

Abby lay next to Michael her emotions entangled in a bitter battle, on one hand her body tingled from the euphoria of her orgasm’s and yet she felt saddened by taking advantage of Michael, she wanted to tell him and tried to wake him yet he still could not be woken.

Abby stirred all night thinking about what she had, how would she have felt if Michael had done the same to her she would not have been impressed and in most cases it would be declared rape. She knew deep down when she told Michael he would not care and would almost laugh and joke about it on every sexual encounter from there on in, saying things like wake me up before you finish, this thought brought a smile to Abby’s face and for a little while gave her some absolution of her actions. Abby wanted it to be morning so she could tell Michael and remove the guilt.

Abby sat bolt upright as the police siren sounding alarm went off, it took Abby a few seconds before she reached over and hit the off button, “Shit where is he,” Abby involuntary announced. She pushed back the bed covers with her feet and hurried into the kitchen there on the table was a note Michael had left.

Hi Darl Thought I zip into work catch up on a few things, see you around lunchtime.

Love Michael

P S Really enjoyed last night.

What did he mean he really enjoyed last night, had he known? Was he foxing me all the time? Abby thought, “If he was I will kill him.” Abby uttered under her breathe.

Abby made herself a coffee and sat down on the lounge, her thoughts and mind blurred from the alcohol the night before she slowly sipped at her caffeine fix trying to clear away the cobwebs. Her conscious had been eased a little, maybe Michael had been pretending to be asleep if that was the case she could at least defend her actions and turn the whole thing around that Michael was at fault. Abby draw the cup to her mouth only to be disappointed that she had already finished it’s contents, she decided that after a shower she would email him at work it would be easier than talking to him especially if he had been asleep at the time.

Abby leaned into the shower and turned the hot tap on full, the bathroom instantly steamed up, Abby stepped into the shower adjusting the cold tap trying to dodge being burnt by the hot water, finally she had set the water temperature to her liking and stood under the fast warm flow. Abby let out an involuntary ahh as the water shimmied over her body, how good does this feel she thought. Abby washed her long hair and then blobbed conditioner on to her hand and massaged it into her scalp reminding herself to leave it in for a few minutes to keep her hair from tangling.

Abby picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it furiously between her hands foaming it up, she ran her hands across her breasts and as she did her fingers flicked across one of her nipples, Abby closed her eyes and repeated the process on her other nipple the smooth silky feel of the soap allowing her hands to glide back and forth across her breasts with ease, Abby slowly increased the pressure of her hands against her breasts with each circle, she rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fingers pinching at them gently, she could feel her juices flowing and her pussy lips swell, it did not take long before she wanted to subdue her want. Her pussy still puffy from the night before she knew the remnants of Michael’s cum would still be inside her, this thought made Abby’s clit harden. Abby placed one hand on the glass cubicle and leaned forward pushing her arse outward, with the other hand she took the soap and parted her swollen pussy lips with it she let out a moan as the soap touched her still sensitive flesh.

She closed her eyes and fantasied about Michael taking her from behind, his large cock penetrating güvenilir casino her hole, she imagined him all the way in her, his strong arms grasped around her body lifting her to her tip toes as he pounded her deep and long. She quickened the pace of her hand clutching the soap tight rubbing harder and faster across her clit, Abby gritted her teeth as her legs started to shake from her body tensioning it took all her control to fight her body from collapsing against her, she could feel her orgasm building. She dropped the soap and plunged two fingers deep inside her soapy soddened cunt, she screamed as her pussy clenched her fingers trying to draw them in as deep as they could go, then her body paused as her orgasm ripped through her body making her thighs spasm and then the rest of her legs started to tremble. Abby pushed against the glass and forced herself hard back against the wall before her legs could give way, she slid down the wall crouching against the floor tiles, the water flowing over her face. Abby sat down her heart racing, her clit still pulsating, and her breath hard and heavy. Slowly Abby gained composure over her body and she quickly finished her shower and dried herself off, she put on undies and a large oversized t-shirt and headed off to the study to email Michael.

Abby sat at the keyboard and thought about what to type, she wanted to tell Michael of her actions the night before how great it was how she was so turned on that she masturbated in the shower this morning thinking about him, her fingers typed away, she stopped and read her ramblings, then she highlighted them and hit delete, she needed to tell him face to face in a grown up way, she would wait until he came home.

Abby draw her knees up to her chest pulling the over sized shirt to her ankles and stared aimlessly at the computer screen, the drink and sex the night before and her shower had taken quite a bit out of her and she took comfort in the screen saver of the Himalayas that Michael had put on the screen. Losing herself in the snow covered mountains. Abby’s concentration was broken by you got mail icon flashing on Michael’s mail box, involuntary Abby leaned forward and hit enter.

Hi Babe

I hope you enjoyed last night, did Abby like me I hope she did, I like her.

Talk to you soon


Isn’t that sweet thought Abby, then the anger grew inside, what the fuck is this hi babe all about, “I will kill the fucking slut.” Abby shouted. She stood up and stormed out to the kitchen she picked up the phone and started to dial Michael’s number, then hung up. Abby felt vulnerable what was going on between Hanna and Michael. Abby headed back to the study and on the way she swiped at Michael’s coffee cup on the dinning table spilling the left over coffee and smashing it against the wall.

Abby stared at the Mail box Icon on the desk top, if she pressed it and delved into Michael’s email she would break that special trust that couples have, even though Michael may already have. Abby knew Michael would not have had sex with Hanna, well not intercourse any way, she remembered back to their dating days and Michael’s stricked up bringing fooling around was okay but no penetration and it remained that way until their wedding night. Abby smiled and then the hairs on her neck stood up her suspicions were again aroused.

Abby’s finger rested on the enter button, she knew Michael she knew he could not lie and when ever he was caught out trying to his cheeks would turn bright red and he would continually clear his throat, Abby was confident that he hadn’t penetrated Hanna. “Shit.” Abby yelled. “That fuck would have still fondled those girl like tits and fingered that tight puffy pussy.”

Tap! Abby’s finger hit down on the enter key, and she scrolled through the emails looking for Hanna’s email address and sure enough there were at least ten from her. Each one Abby opened all read similar to the other Hanna declaring her undying lust for Michael. The rage grew inside Abby she thought about sending an email to Hanna telling her to fuck off, then she realized she hadn’t checked Michael’s out going messages was he reciprocating to Hanna, to Abby’s disappointment he was. Abby burst out crying how could he? Why did he want Hanna and not her? She had always loved Michael and moved around to suit his job she had always been faithful, all these thoughts raced through Abby’s mind, she felt confused, exhausted and depressed.

Abby changed into her jeans and top, left a short sharp note for Michael that she had gone to visit Julie and would probably be gone for the rest of the day. When Abby arrived at Julie’s she was sobbing, Julie put her arm around her and took her inside. After a calming cup of coffee, Abby explained what she had found out about Michael and Hanna. “That’s it let’s cut his balls off.” Declared Julie. Both the women broke out laughing.

Abby knew deep down this was the end of her marriage with Michael; it wouldn’t take long before it disintegrated into hate and spitefulness. She did not deserve this and as that thought entered her mind a rush of anxiety ripped through her body she would be alone, Something she had not been for the last ten years since she married Michael, Abby felt lost and helpless.

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