Adele, in Naples, Italy, 1984


Adele, in Naples, Italy, 1984I met up with this young Italian lady Adele, in her twenties at the NATO Officers Club in Bagnoli, Naples. She had sexy reddish brunette hair and a petite body and frame, dressed in pantyhose, a white blouse and black skirt. I bought her a few drinks and discovered she was there with her sister. Later, she had a fight with her sister at the club and asked me for a ride home.We stopped the car and parked in an out of the way area to talk and before I knew it my tongue was in her mouth. We kissed for nearly a half hour and I was rubbing her arms, hips, and legs. My wandering hands made my way under her blouse and bra touching her small round breasts (maybe 36a) and fondling her hard nipples of an inch sticking out. I opened her blouse and pulled her bra up as I groped and pulled on her hot nipples.After swapping spit some more, she snuggled and I was able beykoz escort to insert my hand under her skirt and into her panties to caress her to the point that she sat up and took her panty hose off and spread herself open. I caressed her more under her panties and gave her more fingering her with first one then another finger, rubbing through her light pubic hair and inserting my fingers slowly into her pussy. Her smell filled the car as she moaned and I could hear her wet pussy squishy sounds as I finger fucked her to orgasm. I had her sit up and I took her panties down with no protest at all, and dropped them on the floor.I crawled over and reclined her chair and got between her legs and first I spread her legs and pleased her orally for her very first time, sticking my tongue into her virgin pussy and sucking on her clitoris as sancaktepe escort she inhaled, breathing quickly. Reaching up I continued fondling her breasts. Then reaching down I freed my hard cock from my pants and I slowly moved up her body. I now sucked on those hard dark brown nipples and fingered her already very wet pussy again. I rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy slit. I kissed her hard with my pussy covered lips and she kissed me back, sucking her juices from my tongue. Slowly my cock head parted her pussy lips and then I inserted my cock into her vagina between her open legs. She was loud and vocal as I slipped my cock inside her slowly. Adele whimpered and I kissed her hard as I thrust forward, taking her hymen part way and then I put my body behind my next thrust that slid deeper inside her as she gasped şile escort into my mouth.I started fucking her in earnest at this point and after a few more thrusts, I was all the way in her. She bared her breasts removing her bra and I sucked on her nipples to our mutual enjoyment as I fucked her. She came again and again as I fucked her drenching my balls. After pumping in and out on deep strokes I finally thrust all the way inside and came inside her and then rested, my cock still hard inside her, as excited as I was. We continued slow fucking again and she started to orgasm again until I was able to join her and fill her pussy with cum again.I later realized she had scratched my back up and down and I had never felt it. The car smelled of sex, we fixed our clothing as much as possible, and I drove her home. We repeated this every few days for three months, with her having multiple orgasms, and I shooting my sperm up into her unprotected cunt many times. She learned to give blow jobs half way decent and she learned to lick my cock and balls clean of our cum. She was very much into sex and too much for me until after a couple months, I left her and after another month later I got a call that she was pregnant.

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