Adult Store Arcade


Adult Store ArcadeHello fellas, I gonna tell you an story of an incident that happened to me not to long ago. My husband and I were in the city on a business trip for few days, on the second day after we had dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away from where we were staying, we decided to go for a walk around window shopping just to see what we could see or maybe shop, we had not any intentions on buying anything but we didn’t discard anything either as a matter of fact we were going for the walk and I wanted to get some fresh air after drinking a couple of glasses of wine to get my head a little clear from the alcohol, after a couple of blocks and a couple of turns, we ended up at a street where there were adult book stores on both sides of the street, we went bye a couple of them that looked small and then there was a big one that looked very intriguing to me. There they had displayed on a window, some kind of sexy costumes, and board which advertised sexy lingerie as well, I stopped for a moment to check what they had at the window and my husband asked me if there was something I like, I said that only wanted to see, then my husband said, do you want to go inside and see? I said that it was okay but not, then he said letsgo you never know, you might see something you like. I don’t know how but I walked to the door while my husband was checking his cellphone at a message just came in. I was standing at the door and asked him if he was going in or wanted to wait out side, he without looking at me said go on, and I just walked into the store, it took him about two to three minutes or so to walk into the store, by that point I had already three guys staring at me and following every step I took, my husband was shuffling on the magazines, while I was checking on the videos at the other end of the isle, I was reading on a box a video about a married woman who was sitting on a table apparently eating a sandwich with her legs partly opened showing her panties which desapeared between her pussy lips and two men were checking her out, I felt like I was being checked out my self, the only difference was that I was wearing a sweater dress that hanged at mid thigh and sheer thong with a pair of three and half inches wedges, which made my ass looked bigger and no bra. My husband started to look at the videos as well and he was walking towards me and I was going on his direction too. Eventually we were going to meet on the isle, he was facing the isle to opposite side of me, one guy was looking the videos on the same side of me coming from the end of the side of my husband and another guy was coming from my end facing my husband bahis firmaları side and when my husband was right behind me he reached from behind and grabbed my ass, we stayed there for a moment and he just kept fondling my ass, I got a little embarrassed when I spotted the guy facing my husband side that he was looking what my husband was doing, but to this point I guess those guys didn’t know that the guy playing with my ass was my husband, and we didn’t let them know either, my husband kept going and I did the same, so when the guy who was coming on the same path as my husband got behind me he also reached behind me and just rubbed my ass softly I looked at my husband and he twink his I eye like telling me that that was okay, so I stayed there like I didn’t feel anything, he did it again but the second time he made sure that could feel him, because he also grabbed my ass cheecks, I looked at my husband again and he just kept looking to see what was going to happen next, the lifted the hem of my dress and stuck his hand between my legs and quickly got it between my ass cheecks, I didn’t know what to do from there and I just moved fast to my husband and and said loud enough for them to hear me “look this one honey” and I could see the guy desapeared at the other end, and I was pretending to show him the video when up on the corner a door opened wide and we could hear women and men moaning having sex, my husband looked back and I asked him what was that noise? He said it looks like they have a theater in there and I don’t know why, but I if we could go and check out, he looked at me and said do you really want to go in there? I asked him you don’t? He its okay and he went to ask to the attendant. I heard the guy telling my husband, “what ever you do I still have to tell you this, one person in the booth” he gave my husband two pieces of paper and my husband turned back to and motion with his hand to come over to him, okay we are going in there to check it out, I am going to show you how it works with the door open, thats what the man said, thats was what my husband told me, once in the booth my husband explained to me how the video worked and told me about the holes on the walls and the reason why they were there, he told me to lock the door and he was going to the next booth and stick his cock into the hole and was supposed to play with my cock and suck i, jerk it and fuck it if she gets in the mood to do so, okay? He said and left the booth. I started to enter the code in the machine to start the video when I saw a dick coming into the hole on my left, I kept browsing through the videos, I seen another hole kaçak iddaa in front of me right below the screen, and suddenly another dick came into the hole on my right, now I was confused because I didn’t know for sure which was my husband’s dick, do you want to play? A whisper came from the hole to my left, then I whispered back, “honey is that you? And a whisper from the right hole said yes. And then a knock on the wall in front of me and whisper that I couldn’t understand, so I decided to go for the dick on my right, I put my hand on the dick and started to jerk it slowly but I was not paying attention to the dick, was paying more attention to the video, there was a scene of a young woman about my age sucking one man dick and jerking another man’s dick, she had a wedding ring on, and I heard one man said ” yes honey, suck your husband best friend cock, you are a good wife honey ” and the guy getting his cock sucked was fondling the woman’s tits. I then move my hand between my legs and started to play with myself, and started to move my hand faster on the dick in the hole, and suddenly I seen a stream of cum in front of me landing on my bare thighs, it got me by surprise and cum kept oozing from the tip of the dick, the dick started to get limb while my was still playing with it, the dick desapeared in the hole and I heard a whisper saying “thank you madam” I quickly peak through the hole and I saw an old man getting his dick into his pants, stayed there for a moment and then left, I saw a light appear and desapeared in the hole in front of me, and I look to the dick on the hole to my left, and started to wondering if that was my husband dick, took a hold of it and to me that was more likely to be my husband’s dick, but hesitating I started to jerk it slowly hopping not to make the same mistake again, I was also watching what was going on in the video, now the woman was sucking both guys cocks, alternating cocks. She was sucking one man’s dick when the other man said “now suck your husband’s cock honey “and she changed dick in her mouth, but his request sounded like my husband was talking to and without realizing I started to suck the dick in the hole oh yeah that feels good honey keep sucking my cock, don’t stop, make me cum, I want you to get my cum down your throat, all this talking was going on in the video but in my subconscious I was been told to do it, and then I heard a knock on the wall and right after a big load of cum hit the back of my throat and I just couldn’t get away from that, that dick emptied his balls dowb my throat, the dick desapeared in the hole and again I peaked through the hole hopping kaçak bahis that this time I sucked the right dick and swallowed the right cum, which I usually don’t swallow, but this time I was so turned on by watching the video that even felt good and tasty, but I was wrong again, when I saw through the I saw an old man again, he looked to my direction and waved good bye. Now what I was supposed to tell my husband, that I jerked off an stranger and sucked another stranger and even swallowed his cum thinking that it was him.I was debating my situation when I heard a knock on the door, and didn’t respond, and another knock and this I heard my husband’s voice saying let me in, I responded we are not supposed to be in here together, the hell with it. I opened the door and he entered the booth, and I asked him where have you been, I knew I was lying, he said I was out there waiting for the booths to be available but guys just didn’t want to get out, and was waiting on the left side and a guy came out from the right one and closed the door behind him and locked, then the guy from the other booth came then was when I decided to knock on the door and come in, and he saw the video of the woman and the two guys, and then he said you been watching this, I said yes, and added two dicks came thru the holes one on each side but I knew neither one was yours and I even called your name and they didn’t answer so I just kept watching the video, he got his cock out of his pants and started to play with it, I told him to hide it, somebody might peak through the hole and see you, why you don’t get on your knees and start sucking my cock like that bitch in the video, what if somebody watch me sucking your dick? Let them watch, and if somebody sticks his dick in the hole you want me to suck it too? If you want to suck two like that bitch is fine with me, I said, I can’t believe you are saying that, then he said nobody knows you here, and probably will never see again. I felt more relaxed thinking that it was okay for him if I suck an stranger’s dick, it was no reason to feel guilty anymore, so I got on my knees and did what he ordered, as a matter of fact what I did was I placed one knee on the chair and leaned over to suck his dick, one hole was only a few inches from my face and I made sure that the other hole was lined up with the other hole wishing that an stranger dick comes through the hole and see if my husband kept his word, my husband lifted my sweater dress exposing my ass to the view of any lucky stranger who would come to the booth behind me, I sucked my husband’s dick silly until he came on my face and my mouth. We got ready to leave and as soon as we walked out of the booth a man walked into one of the booth that was next to the one we were in. I my husband that perhaps we could come back the next day, he said we will see. Walli:Talk to you soon.

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