After a night in a rest stop


After a night in a rest stopI lay here in my bed with my panties and leggings on and my poor shirt the front covered in cum my ass is red and sore with I think a load of cum in it. my pants are stained with sperm mostly around my butt and between my thighs and my stomach full with sperm.One evening I decided to go out and check out a local spot where people have been known to come and have sex with complete strangers. It was a rest stop on a highway near by me. It just had the one building with restrooms in it and a couple benches. I had arrived there just as the sun was going down and I enter the men’s room. It was dirty the walls looked like they had seen better days and the floor was covered in stains. The stalls were this dark white color and one of the three had two round holes cut out on each side. I walked into the one in the middle. There I sat down in the seat waiting for a bit. Shorty I saw the feet of a guy walk into the stall on my right. I pecked into the hole and I saw this fat man wearing a dirty t-shirt and baggie jeans. He got up and coved the hole with his crotch. He pulled down his zipper and I watched his pants drop to the ground and he had a pair of pissed stained underwear on. He pulled them down exposing his cock. It was a little on the small side and I could smell it very easily. He stuck it in the hole and I heard in a deep demanding voice “suck my cock I got a long drive tonight” I got on my knees and leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. I was smelled like piss and cum and tasted very musky and sour. His cock got hard instantly in my mouth. As I held my mouth next to the hole I felt his cock go in and out my mouth. He was moaning and groaning as he humped the wall and his cock sliding in my mouth. After only a short few mins he stopped moving and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. It was sour and musky and was thick. His cock disappeared from my mouth and I heard him say “good bitch enjoy that cum” I looked down and spit his cum out on the ground and got back in my seat.I watched him leave and anothe guy came in after. He got in the same stall but he didn’t sit down instead he came right to the hole bahis firmaları and dropped his pants and underwear. His cock popped through the was this big tan cock but smelled bad as well. I saw his cock wiggling in the whole so I got down in front of his cock and opened my mouth letting his cock in. As I got most of his cock in my mouth he started humping the wall and I could feel his cock moving in mouth. I tasted very salty and was hairy. His cock was fucking my mouth for a few mins before I started hearing him groan then I heard a couple bangs against the wall and he had unloaded his sperm in my mouth. It was thick and musky and there was a lot. After the first few shots my mouth was full and I could not keep it in and his cum leaked out my mouth and down my chin on to my shirt. I looked down and watched his cock leave my mouth and out the hole and disappear. The rest of his cum that was still in my mouth I swallowed. I heared two guys walk in this time. Each went into the stalls next to me. The guy on my left had his crotch covering the hole and on my right the guy had his cock already out and through the hole. I heard one of the say “nigga I already got my dick out what bout you” the other said “nigga I’m gettin my dick out now. We gonna fuck this bitch” I saw another cock pop through. These cocks were both big black cocks, both were vainy and both smelled like cum and piss. I grabbed them both at the same time and started jerking my hands. I felt one get hard quickly but the other was still soft. So Ieaned over to the soft one and took into my mouth. His cock was salty and sour and as I sucked his cock in felt it get hard in my mouth and as it fully harden I moved my mouth to the other one and the guy to my right who I was just sucking said “bitch I want my dick pleased more” and his friend said “nigga I’m getting my pleased right now wait your turn” the other guy responded back “bitch open your ass up cause I’m gonna fuck it” I did as he asked and pulled down my leggings and panties exposing my butt and pushed it up against the right wall. I felt something wet and hard pressed against my butthole and slowly pushed kaçak iddaa in and open it up. It was kinda painful at first but it felt better as he popped his tip into my butt. I could feel every inch enter my ass and the guy on the left said “nigga how is the bitch” the guy on the right replied “it is worth it he a tight bitch” the guy in my but started to move his dick in my butt and pick up momentum and really fuck my ass. The guy in my mouth started humping the Wall and I felt his cock moving in my mouth fast. The guy in my ass was fucking my ass hard and fast then stopped. I heard him say “nigga I just bust a nut, finish up so we can eat.” I felt his cock remove from my butt and his friend the one in my mouth said “bitch turn your ass around and pull your pants up I don’t want to feel my niggas nut” I pulled up my leggings and turned wound with my but to the left and I felt his cock between my cheeks wet and hard moving fast. I a short few seconds his cock was cumming on my ass. I felt his hot wet cum shoot on my but and leak down my thighs. He quickly said “nigga I’m done let’s bounce” both men left the restroom. I got up and walked out shortly after them. As I was walking out this overweight guy walked in and grabbed my butt cheeks saying “mmm bitch you look juicy suck my dick” He was this overweight black man and wore a jeans and a dark heavy shirt. He pushed me back into the stall and sat me down. He closed the door and rubbed his crotch in my face saying “bitch I bet you like that” he pulled his pants down and then pushed his crotch back into my face. I could feel his semi hard dick rubbing in my face. It smelled like piss and tasted like piss. He finally backed off and pulled his underwear down. He grabbed my head with both of his hands and forced his smelly black cock into my mouth. I felt his cock enter my throat as he pushed down deeper. My nose was in his stomach and his big black hairy balls were under my chin. He held his cock deep in my throat until I heard him groaning and his cock came right out and shot a load of cum in my mouth and then his cock hanging down shot a couple more loads some landing on my shirt kaçak bahis and more between my thighs and on my little penis. He said “clean my dick bitch” I saw his soft cock move closer to my mouth and I stuck my tongue out and felt his cock moving up and down. After a few mins his cock was semi hard again and he forced it back in my mouth. But this time he didn’t force down instead he let me suck on it. His cock got fully hard again in my mouth and he pulled it out all the way and said “now for that juciy white butt of yours” he pulled me up and pushed me on to the toilet seat kneeing on the seat cover. I felt his cold hard hand move up and down my butt. He grabbed my leggings and pulled them down to my thighs and I felt his herd wet cock slide between my butt cheeks and then he slapped my butt really hard leaving a big red hand print. His hand grabbed my panties and pulled the down to my leggings. His cock slid between my thighs under my little white cock. He lined his cock up with my butthole. Already wet from the last guys cum he thrust his cock in my ass. I felt his stomach over my ass and his balls between my thighs. He pulled out a little and thrusted back in and continued to do so fucking my ass. My cock got hard and started cumming from having this stranger’s cock balls deep in my ass giving me a good pounding. I felt his cock slowly pull out leaving only his tip in and he unloaded his cum in my ass. After he had finished cumming he said “bitch pull your pants up and leave my cum in you” I did as he said and quickly pulled my panties and leggings back up and he turned me around and pushed me down onto the seat I had his dirty cum covered cock pushing into my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him have his way sliding his cock in and out mouth using my tongue to clean his cock. He pulled his pants up and leaned into me saying “go on kiss my black dick goodbye” I kissed his crotch and he let me up and pushed me in front of him and I felt his hand on my butt squeezing hard as we walked out together. He gave me a piece of paper with his number on it and said “bitch don’t be afraid to call me when you need another load of sperm in that pretty little mouth of yours or that nice round butt of yours” I was blushed and quickly went to my car and left and came back home with my butt red and sore and covered in cum I thought I wanted more of his cock.

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