After School


The senior class of West Ridge high filed in as the last bell rang. Mrs. Miller was writing on the board and was oblivious to the stares of the teen-aged boys as they walked past. Her skintight jeans left little to the imagination. David was especially struck. He had a hard time concentrating in Biology these days. Mrs. Miller was always on his mind. He heard the stories that floated around school about her nude modeling and “entertaining” of former students and hoped that they were at least based on some facts. Even though his seat was towards the back of the room he still had a good vantage point for observing her alluring outfits.

She often wore her jeans so tight it was obvious she had no panties on. Her skirts were never closer than 6 inches to her knees. She stood at least six feet and her legs took up the majority of that. They were long and seductive. She spent hours in the sun, leaving them nice and tan. Some of her blouses also hinted to the fact that her breasts were equally tanned. Her long brown hair was flowing down her back David took his seat, as did the others and Mrs. Miller turned to address the class. David didn’t hear a word that was said. He was too busy fantasizing about those longs legs and what it would be like to have them wrapped around his back. It wasn’t until he heard Mrs. Miller saying his name that he came around.

“David, Have you been paying attention?” she asked as his snapped back to the class.

“Um…yeah. Of course. Could you repeat the question?”

“What I said was, I need a volunteer to help me put the frogs back in their storage after school tonight. Your head was bobbing up and down so I thought you were volunteering.”

“Yeah sure. I’ll help,” David replied. Time alone with Mrs. Miller?? Who wouldn’t volunteer? The rest of the day drug on for David. He had ALL kinds of ideas for what he could do, alone, with Mrs. Miller. When school was finally over he went back to her room.

“Sorry David. My last class got done early so we put the frogs up. I guess I don’t need your help after all,” she said from atop her desk. Her long legs were crossed and one was swinging seductively back and forth. Her black-rimmed glasses sat beside her on the desk.

Dejected, David said, “Its ok Mrs. Miller. I’ll just have to walk home because I already missed my ride.” His disappointment was clearly visible on his face.

“I was just getting ready to go myself. casino şirketleri I can give you a ride. It’s the least I can do since you WERE going to help me.”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way or anything,” David was hoping the excitement didn’t show in his voice.

“No problem at all,” Mrs. Miller said, giving David a sly grin. This one is kid of cute she thought to herself as she and David headed out of school.

As they were pulling out of the parking lot Mrs. Miller let her hand rest on the center console. She “accidentally” let it slide along David’s leg as she drove. She would look over to gage his reaction from time to time. He seemed nervous but didn’t move or say anything. As she pulled around a corner David finally spoke, “I live the other way Mrs. Miller.”

“OH, I hope you don’t mind. I need to drop some things off at my place before I take you home. My room mate needs them for her class tonight and then I can run you home.”

“OK. No problem,” David responded. His mind was again going wild with the idea of being at Mrs. Miller’s HOUSE.

When they pulled up Mrs. Miller killed the engine. “Come on inside, David. We’ll only be a minute.” David jumped out of the car. He could not believe his luck. He was actually going IN Mrs. Miller’s house.

When they got inside Mrs. Miller led him into the kitchen and offered him a soda. He accepted and sat at the table enjoying the cold drink.

“I’ll be right back, David. I just need to go up stairs and change.”

David almost choked on the pop as he watched her leave the kitchen. His mind raced with ideas of what she would be wearing when she came back down. When she returned she was wearing a silky black robe. It was so short it barely covered her nice round ass. David gulped as she walked into the kitchen.

“I hope you don’t mind. I am MUCH more comfortable in this. Do you need to get right home?”

“I don’t have a curfew or anything on Friday nights anymore since I turned 18. I can be out as late as I want.”

“That’s sounds great because I would really like some company tonight,” Mrs. Miller seemed to purr as she walked across the kitchen to where David was sitting. She came around behind him and let her fingers slide down his chest. Her lips came next to his ear as she whispered; “I have some Biology lessons for you tonight, David, if you’re interested.”

David couldn’t casino firmaları believe is ears. He had dreamt of this from the first moment he laid eyes on Mrs. Miller but now it seemed surreal. He took hold of her arms to be sure she didn’t leave him. He turned his head to answer her and she met him with her lips. She kissed him deeply and passionately. Her tongue sought out his as their kiss raged on.

Finally coming up for air she slid around in front of him and opened her robe. Underneath she was wearing a lace bra and matching panties. She let the robe drop to the floor as she helped David from his seat. David leaned down and kissed the tops of her full, firm breasts as they were overflowing the bra. Mrs. Miller took his hand and showed him where the bra fastened in the back. With some effort he finally got it undone and those magnificent melons feel free from their restraints. He took one in each hand and massaged them, reveling in how they felt in his hands.

Mrs. Miller’s moans echoed off the kitchen walls. Her knees were getting wobbly from her excitement so she turned from David and sat on the table. She indicated David should pull up a chair. Seating himself between her legs, David was in perfect line to see her laced-clad pussy. He could smell her musky aroma from beneath the panties. Mrs. Miller took his head in both hands and guided it ever so gently to her waiting sexpot. David needed little encouragement. He dove right in. Not even bothering to move her panties he licked her smooth lips through the material. Her taste intoxicated him. Mrs. Miller reached between her legs and moved the fabric of the panties aside giving David easy access to her sweet hole. He lapped up everything she had while she moaned and squirmed beneath him. His tongue slid deep inside, and then back up to tease her clit. Mrs. Miller screamed as he sucked her clit between his lips. Her juice flowed over his chin. He couldn’t get enough.

When David finally came up for air Mrs. Miller kissed the juice from his lips. “Let’s go upstairs,” she breathed heavily. It was a frantic race up the stairs and once there, David picked Mrs. Miller up and laid her gently on the bed. He looked deep into her eyes as he pulled her panties off over her hips. She sat up on the edge of the bed and began undoing David’s jeans. It wasn’t until now he realized how snug they had gotten. He thought they might burst before she had a chance güvenilir casino to get them off.

As his erect cock came into view she hissed in a deep breath. Her fingers wrapped themselves around his throbbing shaft, guiding it to her eagerly awaiting mouth. She opened wide and let him slide to the very back of her throat. His breath was ragged as he stood perfectly still letting this vision of beauty take his cock into her mouth and give him pleasure. She let him slide in and out of her mouth as her fingers sought out his young balls. David knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long with such treatment. As if she could read his mind, Mrs. Miller reluctantly let his hard cock slide from her wet lips. She lay back on the bed drawing him on top of her. David stopped only long enough to shed his clothes then climbed on top of Mrs. Miller. They resumed their kissing and fondling.

David wasn’t sure how to proceed. He knew what he wanted but this was his teacher. Hs fingers traced their way across her heavy chest and down to her naked wet spot. With her excitement they easily slid inside.

“Oh, David,” she moaned bucking her hips up to meet his fingers. I need to feel you inside me. Fuck me David. FUCK ME!!”

Needing no further instruction David positioned himself outside of Mrs. Miller’s waiting snatch. As wet as she was, he dove in to the hilt on the very first stroke. David had to pause as his balls slapped against her naked ass. He leaned back and admired her breasts as he got control of himself. He slowly began to slide in and out, taking long strokes and savoring the feel of her cunt walls massaging his swollen meat. As he settled into his pace he leaned down and sucked a nipple between his lips. He had his hands wrapped around her ass cheeks to give him the best leverage. Mrs. Miller held the back of his head as he sucked her breasts. Each stroke seeming to drive her closer and closer.

As she reached her peak she screamed out, “DAVID…I’M CUMMING!!” With that final burst of encouragement David threw back his head and shot his hot spunk deep within the walls of his biology teacher’s wet snatch. He thrust several times each one letting out a stream of hot cum. His balls had never felt so full and he was giving it all to Mrs. Miller. When he had shot his entire wad he collapsed, exhausted on her soft breasts.

They lay for some time, relishing in the moment. Finally David slid off and lay next to Mrs. Miller. He could feel her heart beating against him. He wanted this moment to last forever but when she spoke he was thrilled with her words. “I think you might have to come over more often for some Biology lessons, David.”

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