Alexander’s Resort Ch. 03


Mack had logged the big trees of the Pacific Northwest for years. His physical appearance was rugged, his tanned skin covered with the small scars from being hit by branches and a few larger scars from an errant saw. Women loved the bulging muscles in his arms, his washboard stomach, and his strong chin. He loved women with long legs and firm breasts. A flash of his large white teeth from across a bar would usually be enough to attract a beauty halfway to his bed. His gift of gab would often seal the deal.

Chet, like Mack, had been a logger for years. He had given up and moved eastward to start his own landscape maintenance company, something more stable and less dangerous. Mack wasn’t far behind, the trees and jobs no longer as plentiful. Chet told him he lived in Union Springs on the shore of Lake Alexander and to look him up if he needed work. Mack had heard of the legend of Lake Alexander and a resort full of amputees.

Mack tilted the tall glass of beer back letting the golden liquid rush down his throat. The approving sigh rushed out his mouth as he placed the glass back on the table. The blonde took the new glass of beer from the server and walked with a swish to her hips towards Mack. “Looks like you need another one of these.” Her voice was as smooth as velvet and she leaned forward reveling the canyon between the ample, but not overly large breasts, something he devoted time exploring with his eyes before smiling and thanking her.

He pointed at the empty stool at the small tall table where he sat alone. “That’s just waiting for you.” His eyes focused again on her chest.

One of her hands pressed against the underside of a breast and lifted it slightly. “You seem taken with these,” she teased. A quick glance at his large hands and she slowly whispered, “Bet those would wrap nicely around them.” Her eyes drilled into his. “Too bad we’re here, it’s been awhile since they’ve been held by a … real man.” The last words rolled softly from her lips. The hand that touched the breast slipped across the short distance to his hand and wrapped around the fingers. “No rush, they’ll still want to be held later. Let’s talk.” Her lips puckered slightly for a moment as though being kissed. “I like to talk too,” she drawled.

“I’m Mack, new in town, just this afternoon.” He pulled her fingers to his lips and faked a kiss.

“We’ll Mack, guess I’ll just have to acquaint you to the area. I’m Amanda. What do you do?”

He rubbed his forearm for a moment as he stared into the canyon then looked at her beautiful face. “A friend owns a landscape company and he’s giving me a job.”

“Yeah, must be Chet.”

“Do you know him?”

She nodded as she wrapped the other hand around her drink, the hand missing most of the ring finger.

“Looks like someone was careless with a knife,” he joked.

She laid the hand flat on the table and spread the fingers wide then wiggled the short stump. “Yup … I was. Do you mind?” She stared at the finger stump as it continued to move.

“I guess not, do you?”

“Oh hell no. I kind of like it.”

“It almost sounds like you did it on purpose.”

“A lady can’t give away all her secrets.” She laughed and rubbed a finger from the other hand over the end of the stump. As Mack stared with great interest, Amanda’s cell phone rang. He listened to her and the faint sounds from the other person. She flipped the phone closed and looked up at him. “Sorry, guess that boob grope will have to wait for another time. I’m here often if you’re interested.” She flashed a huge smile then walked away.

Mack watched her long legs and great ass encased in tight jeans. He thought he detected a slight limp in the left leg, but she disappeared into the crowd before he could see another step. A pair of men, one much older than the other, replaced the space where he last saw her. The younger, maybe in his twenties, walked on crutches, his left leg not extending past the hem of his short pants. Mack continued to watch them though the corner of his eye until they sat at a neighboring table identical to his. The man leaned his crutches against the wall by the table. Mack sipped more of his beer.

“Hey Bob, Luke,” the thirty something attractive female server said while facing the older man then the younger one. It was loud enough for Mack to overhear. He let his eyes wander over her pleasant form, mentally undressing her. Her black skirt ended several inches above the knees revealing a prosthetic leg on the left side. His gaze remained riveted on it, occasionally glancing at the other man missing his leg. Under the table, he noticed the end of the man’s stump was now peaking from the end of the short pants.

“Nice to see ya Bonnie,” Bob said to the server. “How’s the leg?”

“Great. The socket fits now and I walk so much better. What’ll you have?”

“Whiskey for me, Scotch for Luke.” He placed his hand over the other man’s hand and curled his fingers between them.

Mack tried to tune the conversation out, but it was so intriguing that he failed each time. His attention bahis firmaları remained on the metal part of the server’s prosthetic leg, the fantasy of helping her remove the leg so he could fondle the stump flooded his mind.

“Are you ready for another?” Bonnie asked Mack, leaning over enough to show him most of her breasts.

He finished the last sip and sat the glass back down while staring through her cleavage, almost forgetting about her leg. “God that’s lovely,” he whispered. She leaned a bit lower letting a hand press against part of a breast increasing the amount of cleavage visible. Mack pushed the glass towards her. “Don’t suppose you’d like to go out later?”

“My husband would kill you, then me.” She flashed him a huge smile. “You into boobs or stumps?” Leaning forwards still, the smile and the cleavage remained visible as she put the empty glass on the tray.

“Boobs. What’s this with all the missing limbs?” He felt strange responding ‘stumps’ even though he suspected it would have been okay with her, or maybe everyone in the place. He smiled and continued to let his eyes drift as far down the inside of her blouse as he could see.

She stood up straight pressing her nipple against the tight blouse. “Don’t know what you mean.” She walked away with a swish of her hips.

Bob leaned closer and let his lips cover Kevin’s for a moment. Mack walked towards the door and towards the motel.

Union Springs was the first of three towns built in the first half of the twentieth century on the north shore of Lake Alexander. The Interstate passed twenty-five miles away where most of the business and malls are located. As the town aged, most of the residents moved away to newer places in Athens and Millport. Buildings and houses fell into disrepair, businesses closed. Not all people that would have moved to Alexander’s Resort following their amputations did so, many moved to Union Springs.

Along Main Street of the sleepy town were the usual stores – pharmacy, clothing, insurance, real estate, the ‘Stay Awhile’ bar, and the ‘Fresh Egg’ breakfast restaurant. First Street and the next five numbered streets intersected Main before reaching the edge of town. Small homes and duplexes reside along these streets. At the edge of town is the ‘Cozy Inn’, a motel.

Leslie Morton, the mayor, rolled her wheelchair towards the door to her office. She had both legs amputated at the hip over a year ago, her dress laid flat immediately in front of her hips and ended not far past. In her early forties, Leslie deserved the attention of most men, a few women as well. Her nipples pressed directly against the tight fitting blouse and the cleavage peeked though the opening. Her palms gave the rims another push, and then she let the chair coast across the marble floor.

“Morning Sue,” she softly said to her assistant holding one of the double doors open.

“You’re look magnificent, as usual,” Sue responded watching the vacant space in front of the hips then the sway of the breasts. The sleeveless blouse revealed a stump of her left arm ending halfway to the elbow. Tucked tightly under it was a notebook. A three-month-old scar extended across the end of the stump ending just above the elbow. Before that, the arm ended between the wrist and elbow. The stump wiggled slightly as the notebook began to slip away. She giggled and put the notebook on the edge of her desk watching Leslie roll into her office. A few minutes later, she followed.

Leslie left her wheelchair turned so she was exposed rather than hidden behind her desk. She stared at Sue, who was fondling her arm stump. “Tell me why,” Sue asked.

“There’s not much you don’t already know.”

Sue walked back to the office door and gave it a nudge. By the time she was sitting on the corner of the desk, a leg spread on either side, her skirt riding up near the tops of her thigh letting a sliver of black fabric peek out, the door clicked shut. A finger dragged around the bump her nipple made in the tee shirt.

“I just like to hear you tell it.” Her head fell back and her mouth draped open as she took in a deep breath just as she had the last time she had asked Leslie to tell the story of how she came to not have legs. “You know, I thought of you last night as I sucked Jon’s cock, as it exploded in my mouth.” Her hand slithered up under the tan fabric. Leslie watched as it made its way to the breast. “I love to think about you.”

Leslie worked her hips forward on the cushion then leaned against the back of the chair. With one hand, she maneuvered the hem of the skirt until her left hip was exposed, the two long scars pleasantly visible. Now the lack of panties became apparent, the lack of hair around her pussy as well. A single fingertip slipped around the clit peeking from the hood, more so as she continued.

“Chet loved to watch people like us. It was the reason he moved here … the resort and all. “I’d pretend for him. He’d get so erect. I loved to watch him touch himself knowing it was in part because I looked legless. I had a nice wheelchair that kaçak iddaa I’d go about the house in. I hated my legs, all of each one. I always had. We promised we’d have them completely off. I loved the taste of his cum as it filled my mouth.”

Leslie’s middle finger joined the index finger inside her. The slopping sound filled the space between the two women.

“I’ll never forget the first time he laid on me after they were gone. The way his thighs draped down over my hips to the bed. The way there was nothing I could move beyond my hips. How I could no longer wrap my legs around his waist. How there was nothing to rest on his back. Damn, it was wonderful.”

Her hips quivered and shook as the pace of her thrusts increased. She was not silent other than the deep breaths and quick pants.

Sue glanced at the small watch on her wrist then at Leslie still in the middle of a rolling orgasm, nowhere close to ending. She held a hand to her lips and coughed. A slight frown remained as the hand lowered.

“What?” Leslie asked in a startled manner.

“Sorry. You have a meeting in five minutes.”

When Mack walked into the Fresh Egg, Chet was already sitting at the counter. He waved and returned his attention to the half full cup of black coffee.

“Just what have you gotten me mixed up with?” Mack teased as he slid first the left leg along side the stool and then worked his hips onto the red vinyl material of the otherwise chrome seat followed by the other leg. He held his hand up and called out, “Coffee,” to the strikingly beautiful younger waitress wearing a prosthetic hook where her left hand used to be. She paused turning towards him just long enough to mouth ‘yeah’ then turned back and shoved three order tickets under the clip on the stainless steel wheel in the window to the kitchen.

“How’s the room?”

“It’ll do. My project for the day is to find a place to live.”

“Did you hook up with Amanda?”


“Amanda. I told her you’d be at the Stay Awhile bar last night.”

“The one with great boobs and missing a finger?”

“And a leg. Yeah, that one.”

“I thought I saw a limp as she walked towards the door. What’s with all the missing limbs around here?”

“The most amputees per capita in the world. Gorgeous isn’t it?” Dolly slowly drawled. The waitress with the hook now stood directly in front of Mack. He looked at her face, her chest, and then her shiny silver hook holding a ballpoint pen and resting on the pastel green order pad.

Chet looked at Mack and pointed towards her with his thumb. “You can’t tell me she isn’t exciting. Can you.”

Dolly smiled at Chet. “I don’t think he likes my hook.” Her smile now moved in Mack’s direction. “What’ll you have stranger?” She leaned forward enough her mouth was poised between their heads. “Bet he’d like it if were stroking his dick.” She quietly giggled and then stood back up. “Let me guess – scrambled eggs, bacon crisp, white toast.” She scribbled with the pen in the hook then sashayed off and jammed the ticket hard into an empty clip on the wheel. “ORDER!” she yelled though the window then gave the wheel a slow spin until the new ticket faced the cook.

While Mack was still watching Dolly, Amanda settled on the stool to his right. The stump of her left leg extended past the hem of the skirt as she leaned the crutches against the counter beside her.

“Sorry I had to run off last night,” she said snapping Mack’s attention away from Dolly’s hook.

“Last night?” he said before his head turned enough to see who was speaking.

“The way you were staring at my boobs, I thought you’d never forget me.” She laughed and ran her hand over his then looked at Dolly. “My usual please.”

“Was that you at the bar?”

“Yup.” Her fingers squeezed his hand then dragged along his forearm. The short finger stump tapped against the wrist. “Remember this?” She glanced up at his face. “Chet said that you might need some help finding a place to live. I’d be happy to help today … if you wouldn’t mind being seen with a woman with one leg.” She giggled and smiled at Mack.

“God, around here that almost sounds normal,” Chet said spinning the stool around slowly. “Let’s move to that booth.

Amanda slid across the red slightly ripped vinyl upholstery stopping near Mack with her stump almost resting against his leg. Chet sat across from Mack staring at her.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for this,” Mack said to Chet as Amanda cozied up closer to Mack, her hand touching his hand. He felt her leg stump brush his thigh a few times.

“Yeah man, we even talked about it back when,” Chet responded. “This is heaven. Wait until you see where you’ll be working.”

“What, is everyone there missing something?”

Chet nodded while Dolly placed a plate in front of each person. “I’ll bring back the coffee pot.” Mack shifted his attention to her hips moving under the dress and the hook dangling beside her as she walked away.

“Do you have a preference?”

“Boobs and legs,” Mack said as his head kaçak bahis turns back towards Amanda.

“Missing boobs and missing legs?”

“Nah.” He thought about how a woman missing both legs was his greatest fantasy. He also thought about how happy he’d be missing both of his own legs.

Amanda held the cup towards Mack so her missing finger was obvious. “You don’t find me attractive without my leg?”

Mack shook the pepper over his eggs. “Whoa. I’d find you attractive with or without the damn leg.” He looked at Chet as he took a bite of egg. “Are you a missing leg or missing arm kind of guy?”

“I’m kind of partial to missing one leg, the left one, but damn, for me this is like a candy store around here. Even the mayor is missing both legs.”

“Because she wanted to be that way?” Mack’s prior thoughts surged his mind.

“Yup,” Chet answered as he put the cup back on the table. “I think there are only a few amputees around here that were the result of illness or accident.”

“I confess, by choice,” Amanda said between bites of food.

“Me too,” Dotty said as she pours more coffee. She looked around the almost empty restaurant then sat next to Chet. “So Mack … would you want an amputation?”

“I’d never thought about it as a ‘want’. If it happened, I’d find a way to deal with it I’m sure.” It felt safer to lie for now. “How long ago did you lose your arm?”

“A couple of years. It ends here.” With a single finger, Dotty pointed about three or four inches below the elbow on the plastic part of the arm. “Some ‘need’ to do this, I just wanted it off. I like the look.” She stood and walked away.

“For cosmetic reasons?” Mack mumbled shaking his head slightly.

Amanda looked up at Mack. “Sure. Women have implants all the time. That’s often for cosmetic reasons.” She dragged a finger across the top of Mack’s hand.

Mack looked at her, twisting slightly on the seat letting a foot slide under his knee. “Did it help you to have your leg off?”

“Yeah, it did … a lot. I think you’ll find once a person decides to do this, they are ready and won’t regret it. At least I’ve not met anyone one that did.”

Amanda crutched along side Mack as they stopped at the intersection for the ‘don’t walk’ light. Diagonally across the street Mack saw Bob and Kevin, the couple he sat near at the bar the night before.

“Do you know them?” Mack asked.

“Of course. Everyone knows everyone around here.” She laughed softly. “They’ve been together since before Kevin moved here last year. Bob’s been here for years.”

“Are they gay?”

“Uh-huh,” she mumbled. “There quite a few gay and lesbian couples, but mostly gay.”

“Oh,” Mack simply said. As he finished the word, a man wearing cutoff jeans and a sleeveless shirt walked up to the two men. The left forearm ended in a stump just past the slightly bent elbow. The man gave each of the other men a slight kiss on the lips. Mack made a slight auditable groan.

“You don’t approve of gay men, do you?” Amanda said.

“It’s just not something I’m into.” It was just another small lie for now. He’d been involved with several men even though he preferred to be with a woman. “Are you gay?”

“I’ve had two girlfriends over the years, but I’m mostly into men … and taking care of my own needs.” She laughed and the light changed. “Go down the street. The first place is another block away.”

Three single level duplex homes sat back from the sidewalk about five feet. There were no steps, the porch being at the same level as the threshold and the sidewalk.

“The new building codes require all buildings to be wheelchair accessible and friendly.” Amanda fished a key ring out of her purse. Quickly the door opened and she crutched into the living room. “It’s furnished,” she started then explained the rent and utility costs. “Walk around and check it out.” She leaned against the island divider between the living room and kitchen.

Mack closed the distance between them until he stood inches away. “You know, I’d rather check you out.” His lips did not give her a chance to reply before they pressed against hers. Seconds passed before his tongue and hers were exploring the other’s mouth. The crutches crashed to the floor as she wrapped her arms around his neck and began stroking his head and neck. Her body pressed against him, her stump dragged up the inside of his thigh. A soft moan drifted into his mouth.

She paused, her lips hovering above his. “I believe there’s a bed in the bedroom.” She leaned down and retrieved the crutches as he detoured by the front door to lock it.

Her clothes already lay on the floor beside the queen-sized bed by the time he made his way to the bedroom. She cupped a breast pulling it upwards. “You ready,” she softly said lifting her stump so it pointed in his direction.

“Shit, I was ready last night.”

“That was before you knew about this.” Amanda let the breast go and cupped both hands over the end of the stump. She watched him let the jeans fall along his legs followed by his boxers. With a flowing motion, his shirt pulled over his head and landed atop the jeans. His erection bobbed a few times as he moved to the bed and lay next to her. The kiss resumed as the warm cock pressed against her damp pussy.

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