All For Better Grades


All For Better GradesAll For Better GradesBy: Londebaaz ChohanNothing, there was really nothing coming to Jerry’s mind that he would think, was the reason; his teacher was annoyed for. Every time he tried to be like other students in his class; not witty or clever but just smart enough for this class, she would snub him and mostly with the degrading one liners; making everybody in the class laughing loud at him. He honestly had no winning with her and with one F and 2 C grades; she had awarded him already; it was absolutely impossible to catch up or change the subject at this stage of the semester. His mind now was scheming, rather he truly wanted to dig up some dirt somehow. It would not do him any good but just to get even; he always thought. Having blown more than half the semester and she being this hard on him particularly; he had no chance to pass and graduate. If she could bring him to this; who said, the revenge was not delightful.Now everything looked faulty to him in her; the way she dressed up, tight and short clothes never dignified for the college teacher and especially the teacher to the students who had been almost half way through their baccalaureates already, so young, so full of hormones, so bursting with evil desires and …and………!!! He hated the way she sat and kept her legs spread until the whole class in his mind had a boner syndrome. The bitch was really good looking, supple with the best equipment visible most of the time. He would not mind to rip her clothes, make her naked, let her cry for mercy and do all needed to be done to such bitches; only because she was the one who deserved nothing less. It is so true; where there is a will, there is a way. One of the Laboratory attendants, who not only lived close to Jerry’s house but they had good family relations also. Both group of parents making sure of getting together on almost every Sunday noon time after the church service, which had brought Jerry and the Lab attendant Felix pretty close too. It was not even a month but Jerry was getting very uptight with no hints, clues to deal with the bitch; which had started to show on his face as lethargic as it could be and that was inflicting much worse pain to Jerry. It was this Sunday, when Felix asked Jerry; if everything was alright and Jerry just being formal and not sure if Felix had an answer or even if he should tell Felix, what was going on, simply tried to avoid the subject but Felix insisted till Jerry opened up his heart to him. It was so pleasing to Jerry when Felix asked him to come to the Lab any day but within the window of 15 — 20 minutes only between 12:40 PM and 1:00 PM after the lunch break started at 12:30 PM. He wanted to be sure that the Lab’s cameras were turned off after all had left for lunch and promised to share something worthwhile with Jerry. Felix suggested that Wednesday was the best because of the least classes and fewer teachers or students coming to college.Wednesday came, they met and Felix quickly locked the laboratory and asked Jerry to meet him in the cafeteria in about 5 minutes. Sitting in a secluded corner; Felix told Jerry, how Cheryl had given him the worst time of his life until he gave in to her and agreed to hide güvenilir bahis her Marijuana in one of the Laboratory cabinets for her. He told all possible details to Jerry, if Jerry wanted to catch her while making the purchase at such and such place in the city on a fixed day and time for sure. Felix also reminded Jerry that they lived in a county which had not still gone for the rectification and implementation of the State law and stood for much stiffer penalties even for the possession of a minor amount. He begged Jerry to be very careful not to let his name out because for the first reason that he was the confidant of Prof. Cheryl Clark and was storing the pot for her which would not only send him to prison as well but lose the job as well which he needed as he was going to be married shortly. Jerry promised never to let him down as they had family relations and asked Felix; how he knew all details but Felix only told him to be careful as he followed Cheryl and not get caught while he saw for himself, Cheryl making a purchase and taking a delivery. Felix also told Jerry that today evening was the best at around 09:00 PM.It was perfect, nothing could go better as Jerry caught her making a purchase and recorded the video of the act of goods delivery in his camera, while hiding quietly at the said spot and even snapped some pictures. He could not believe; he was so lucky and carefully retreated himself out of the situation and away before being spotted, leaving the bitch alone with his supplier buddy. He remembered Felix telling him; she will come directly to college after that to hide it over night as all teachers were allowed to be let in the college anytime 24 hours a day under the cover of going to the library to prepare for their lecture or do some administrative work in their own office. Being a small campus of a State college in this community; not that it was not duly protected or unsafe area but it had its flaws and who could know them better than Jerry, who came through the back streets, dark alleys and deserted parts; finally jumping a low wall and now climbing the stairs with adrenaline getting pumped in his body and knowing that he was going to win, no matter what. All the nearby teacher’s offices were dark except Cheryl’s; as he slowly pushed the door and she saw him for a split second; almost yelling that it was not her office time and he should only come to see her at set hours; to which he bluntly refused. Cheryl also yelled back saying that she was leaving anyway but Jerry entered and blocked the exit saying, no; she was not. He said that he had some serious research completed and wanted her to see it on his telephone showing her the pictures he took a short while ago. Suddenly there was a lot of change in the tempers as Cheryl asked him, what he wanted anyway. Jerry noticed her defeated attitude and became very bold; telling her that before getting all straight A’s for the rest of the assignments and tests on the subject for the semester will follow but at the present, he was going to take down her pants, bend her over against the desk and fuck her harder than she ever dreamed of and to beg for mercy. With that he quickly turned and locked the door behind türkçe bahis him and put the key in his pants pocket. Next seconds he was snatching off her blouse and his hands were fondling the larger breasts inside the bra. Cheryl was no less than at least fifty years of age but her boobs were more like 20; very soft but hard at the same time, so supple but muscular, large but still not deformed or hung to her knees. Jerry kept squeezing, manipulating them, noticing that she writhed but did not try to get away or growl showing her disapproval; as a matter of fact, she stood fast and told him that she was willing to work things out for him. Noticing her giving up mood, Jerry giggled, unzipped his pants, pulled out the serpent and told her, yes; he knows, she was willing to work the things out but only after he was done working things out with her for some extra credits; making sure, he did not fall short in achieving the best CGPA for the semester.WTF!! Why his cock looked so black for a white guy and dangerously thick all of his 7 inches at least, throbbing breathing for the life of its own and thrashed it into her wet mouth, yanking on her hair to hold her head steady. The warmth of her wet mouth felt so lingering on his stiff meat shaft and she looked so pretty on her knees getting skull fucked. The bitch seemed to have a lot of practice sucking the bone; he thought enjoying the contraction of her throat muscles, swallowing the cock. He just could not cum too soon and reluctantly pulled back, making her stand and quickly turning her around to spread face down on her desk. Holding her down with one firm hand, he pulled her skirt down with the other, exposing her still virgin looking puffy lipped pussy upside down, her almost red clit hanging out and down. Oouuhh babes! You are so wet; he said feeling the dampness as he tugged on her silk panties down. His grip got firmer to hold her down as she squirmed and tried to get away, while he removed his jeans to let his wet pole swing freely and then pulling her thighs apart with his legs, he slammed all 7 inches into her slick pussy vault. Just like that, he felt her well used pussy was still as tight as if it were an un fucked and virgin. The inner muscles were not clenching but still felt tight as a vice around his pipe. To Jerry’s surprise, she was producing mixed moans of pain and pleasure with each of his inwards thrusts, her legs bouncing in the air and she; fully engulfing his cock to the hilt. She was giving so good that hardly 5 minutes and Jerry felt his balls churning and knotting. Oh fuck; he did not want to cum yet and so he stopped, although with great difficulty than earlier. It was then when he heard Cheryl tell him to do her in the ass.Jerry had a little bit kink built in his sex and had always enjoyed fucking his girls in the ass as much as he loved fucking the pussy. The light bulb suddenly came on in his brain; Cheryl must have been one of those whores who preferred to be ass fucked and that was the reason for her such a tight pussy even at this age. His horse did not need to be brought to the water but instead it happened the other way around and he was not going to disappoint her at all. Sure Prof. Clark; güvenilir bahis siteleri he spoke to her; I am going to fuck you up the ass and make you cum with hard fucking you need and also make sure you remember me forever fucking your fanny, loving every second of it and for myself, he added; I shall only take a few pictures as I fuck you in your ass to reflect and remember you by.She did not like what she heard but there was no way to stop him as he dropped one of his hand down to her clit for noodling it between his thumb and fingers, made it all wet with her cunt lube and brought it to her asshole; slowly but firmly inserting 2 fingers in her ass orifice. He knew, she needed his big cock in her ass filling her ass chute. Sensing her ass hole relaxed and dilated plenty, he lined up his weapon to her hole and yelled; push back professor Clark. O’ fucking Lord! Take it professor, take it all. Cheryl was not bitching anymore but rather reciprocating and pushing back hard on the Jerry’s hard sex muscle, dilating her and filling her ass canal. It felt very good, so very good. He was still rubbing massaging her clit as well; mixing the sensations that came from her ass with Jerry’s cock massaging its inside and the sensations that were produced by massaging her clit, blending them so nice to be impossible to differentiate which was which. Fuck me, Jerry; he heard her begging for his cock.Suddenly he had an idea, reaching for his phone camera, he started to make the movie of his cock inserted in her ass and spoke loud for the camera to catch it, Professor Cheryl Clark, ask me to fuck you in your ass, make me fuck your ass, Prof. Clark. There was some kind of magic in effect that made Jerry’s fucking machine pick up the speed and pace as well. Nobody could tell, if professor Cheryl Clark was only obeying him or obeying her ass but she was moaning, she was growling; Fuck my ass, Jerry. Fuck me up the ass, go deeper boy, yeah deeper. Jerry was in a trance but had the sense to keep recording the scene as well as the voice as he kept on repeating for her to make him fuck her ass and she being so compliant to him.Ooouuuhhhh God, Jerry fuck me please; please do it harder and faster. Her pleasure moans suddenly changed to a different tone, she was pushing back on his cock with a renewed need and desire. Jerry felt an incredible tightness in her ass as her groin muscles contracted. O’ Lord Jesus, Cheryl cooed and suddenly her body started quivering, her thighs trembling, shaking out of control, overwhelmed with orgasmic high, her clitoris getting stiffer than a piece of rock as she spewed the very wet and slick sap on Jerry’s hand. Only nature will know the real connect but somehow out of nowhere Jerry’s cock also jumped into next stage of length and width with his balls getting knotted below to push his love seed out of the cock hole into her ass hole. Jerry jumped on the desk and almost riding her ass, shoved very hard in her; making her feel like it was cumming in her mouth and coming out of her mouth as well at the same time.Soon as the elation was over and they founded themselves grinding into each other; Cheryl’s ass started leaking Jerry’s nectar as they collapsed over together and the Professor asked her student, when was he available next time and how about seeing her at her apartment instead. Jerry had no doubts, why was she saying all that.The End……. Your comments are requested. Londebaaz Chohan Oct. 19/2018

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