Alpha Bear on Campus Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Summer Job

On Monday morning I put on my one and only black suit and best looking blue dress shirt to prepare for what I thought was a job interview with Dean Parsons. I arrived at Gorman Memorial Hall ten minutes before the scheduled meeting. This is where most of the academic offices were including that of the university president and admissions staff. Those offices occupied the first floor of the building and had fancy hardwood floors and matching woodwork, while the upstairs academic offices were mostly carpet. I made sure to give a quick peek down the long hallway that led to the president’s office hoping to catch a glimpse of President May, but I wasn’t so lucky. I entered the elevator and climbed to the third floor where I was greeted by a secretary named Sandi. She sat behind a big reception desk that was counter height on the outside, table height on the inside. She phoned Dean Parsons to let him know I was there and soon I was ushered into his office.

“John, nice to see you. How are you doing this morning?” Dean Parsons greeted me. We exchanged pleasantries, and he offered me one of the two empty seats in front of his large desk.

“Don’t you look sharp today?” The dean added while taking a seat behind a large wooden desk. “You look like you are dressed for a job interview.”

“Yes Sir. Isn’t that what this is?” I questioned.

“Oh no, John. You’ve already got the job. I’ve spoken with a few of your professors, and plus I have first hand experience with your work ethic at the country club. This is more of a formality. You’re on the team!”

“Oh, I misunderstood then. That’s great!”

“So tell me, what do you want to do with a business degree?” I proceeded to explain my desires to be a business or financial analyst. I was good with numbers and enjoyed working with them and figuring out which way the data was pointing. It might not sound sexy, but it kept me in my comfort zone of a research oriented job.

“Very good. I think you have come to the right university for your training.” The dean scooted back in his rolling chair a couple feet from his desk and leaned all the way back resting his hands behind his head. Most of his thighs were now visible and opened wide in a big manspread. The outline of his bulge was perfectly clear. If I didn’t know any better, it almost seemed like he was displaying himself, so I could have the perfect view. I tried with all my might to ignore this mouth watering sight, but my will power was too weak. I took a few glances at his glorious man bulge trying to be subtle about it. If only this could be more of an oral interview.

The dean continued. “To be honest, John, much of the job is going to be assistant work. You’ll help grade some course work for professors. There might be an odd job or errand here and there. Grabbing coffee or picking up lunch could be involved. That doesn’t sound beneath you does it?”

“Oh, no Sir. I’m used to getting people’s drink orders.” The dean chuckled at my unintentional joke.

“You sure? You don’t mind being an errand boy?”

“No, that’s fine Sir. I don’t mind being an errand boy.” I cringed a little on the inside. Why did I repeat this belittling title? Try not to make yourself so obvious, John! Dean Parsons let those words hang in the air for what seemed like eternity. Finally, he leaned forward putting his feet back on the floor and elbows on his desk.

“Well, excellent.” Like that jacket I think we have a fit. Why don’t you fill out some paperwork with Sandi before you leave today, and you can start first thing tomorrow morning. Be here at 9:00am. Sound good, buddy?”

“Yes Sir. I will see you tomorrow.” I stood up and shook his hand, keeping my hips back and using the flap of my suit jacket to try and hide the slight growth in my pants. It wasn’t too noticeable. I hoped anyway.

I left the dean’s office and turned to walk back toward Sandi’s desk. To my surprise, however, there was President May. He wore a tan suit and vest, no jacket. He was leaning on Sandi’s desktop counter with his right elbow supporting his upper half and the rest of his weight pushed onto his left leg. His right foot kicked behind the left leg so that only the toe was touching the ground. The positioning of his weight made that round ass of his stick out even more. I was tempted to take out my phone and sneak a quick video to hopefully screenshot a frame later, but it was too risky I decided. Instead, I approached the desk slowly giving myself a few extra seconds to admire this presidential ass. President May eventually heard my footsteps and turned toward me.

“Johnny! Good to see you again. Did Dean Parsons get you all set up?” His voice was enthusiastic and perhaps an octave too loud for an inside setting.

“Hello President May. Yes, he did. I was actually supposed to talk to Sandi about filling out some paperwork.”

“Oh yes, here you are sweetie!” Sandi handed me the paperwork. “When you’re finished filling out those forms you can return them to me. I’ll just take a copy of your driver’s license and make a quick photocopy.” I handed her my license, canlı bahis şirketleri and she disappeared around a corner to find a photocopier I assumed. I was now standing there alone with my dream daddy bear.

“Well, that makes me happy.” President May gave me an aggressive pat on the arm. “Has Dr. Parsons told you what kind of work you will be doing?”

“Yes Sir. He said it would be a lot of assistant work. Grading for professors and also running some errands.”

“You’re kidding.” The president sounded disappointed. I stopped filling out my form and looked at him.

“No Sir. That’s what he said. It’s fine though. I’m used to doing that kind of work from the country club. I don’t mind it.” I was trying to relieve his frustration. It wasn’t working. His scowl remained. Then, Dean Parsons emerged from his office. He had a big smile on his face, completely unaware of the conversation currently being had.

“President May, I assume you’ve heard the good news. We just signed our top prospect!”

The dean walked to us and stood on the other side of me. I was sandwiched between these two hot authority figures.

“Yes, I did hear the good news. But why does Johnny, here, tell me he is your new assistant? Please don’t tell me you’re going to make him be some kind of errand boy.” The president acted insulted on my behalf. It was quite the coincidence they used the same belittling phrase, “errand boy”. Internally I wanted to tell them I was happy to be their errand boy, or just their boy. My bulge started to grow again. Focus, John!

“Well Sir, Kelly is graduating. That’s the only position we have open in the office.” This did not satisfy President May.

“Well, that’s still no good. He needs to be doing things more relevant to his degree. It’d be a waste to have such a smart kid on the sidelines the whole time. We’ve got to get him in the game!” He gave me another aggressive pat, this time on the back, like a coach would to his player. A smile had now returned to President May’s face. “Remember Ricky, what did you say to me at the awards dinner?” Dean Parsons searched his memory but nothing came.

“I don’t recall, Sir.”

President May took a couple steps forward and gripped us both firmly by the shoulder. I had imagined his hands on my shoulders many times before (but pushing me down on my knees). Even this slight grip was making my knees buckle.

“John, you’re the best waiter in town I hear. You must have a sharp memory. Help the dean out.” I knew right away what Dean Parsons had promised President May. I used it to jack off the last two nights. Just thinking about it was making my pants bulge again.

“He said, ‘Whatever you want,’ Sir.” I felt a sharp squeeze on my shoulder which told me I had given the right answer.

“Whatever I want.” President May paused letting those words sink in. He turned and looked at the dean waiting for him to bend to his authority.

“We will find some more substantial things for John to do relevant to his degree, Sir. It won’t all be menial.” The dean hoped this would satisfy the president.

“We need to make sure of that.” President May insisted. “I’ll have my secretary send you my meeting schedule, and you can make sure John is able to sit in on a few financial meetings.” The dean gave an obedient nod.

“And John, if your new boss is too hard on you, don’t be afraid to come and tell his boss.” He pointed at himself. “I’ll set him straight for you.” This made both of them laugh. I forced a laugh too trying to play off where my mind was really at. It was completely in the gutter.

“Alright, I need to get back to work. John, my door is always open. Stop by my office anytime.” A wink and a pat, and President May was off. But as he turned to walk away, his big bear belly brushed against my arm. It was nice and firm as I had imagined. What a morning this turned out to be!

I was definitely sporting a slightly noticeable tent in my pants. I buttoned my suit jacket to try and hide it and shifted my weight back on my heels. I tried to see if the dean had seen this little development out of the corner of my eye, but I was too embarrassed to look directly at him. He bid me good day, and I continued to fill out my paperwork. Sandi returned soon after and handed me back my license. I thanked her, told her I would see her tomorrow and headed home.

The next morning I arrived at work early. I dressed to impress once again, but this time left the jacket and tie at home. I was excited to begin to work under Dean Parsons and President May. I wish that sentence could be a more literal description. My desk was to the right of Sandi’s and the rest of the waiting area when you were facing the entrance way. I had the back corner of a four desk cubicle. It wasn’t the most roomy of setups, but I had a good view. If I looked to my right I had an unobstructed view into Dean Parson’s office provided he left the door open (which he did most of the time). My other cubicle mates were TA’s for the department who would come and go based on their class schedule. Mitchell and Sophia were second year canlı kaçak iddaa graduate students, and Katelyn was getting ready to start her senior year undergrad. Both Sophia and Katelyn would’ve been huge catches for any guy. They were as many would say, “dime pieces”. Of course, though, they didn’t float my boat. My heart was still in the pocket of a 61 year old daddy bear. Every time the lobby door opened I looked up hoping to see this daddy bear. It made it very hard to focus on actual work.

Speaking of my work it consisted of a lot of grading for professors, proofreading articles or publications the university was putting out, logging expense reports/requests, etc. As Dean Parsons indicated, there was a big assistant aspect of the job too. I routinely fetched coffees for the staff, picked up lunch orders, or ran an errand on campus. I didn’t mind this work. I was used to it. I enjoyed serving others.

Mondays quickly became my favorite day of the week. The admissions staff held their weekly financial meeting at 10:00am, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to these meetings by President May. This time would be a valuable experience for me and my education. I perhaps would gain even more value if I could keep myself from ogling President May. He sat at the head of a long conference table that seated twelve comfortably. Much of the meeting he sat with his chair turned slightly to the side allowing his elbow to be perched on the desk, his chin rested in his hand, and his pointer finger pressed to his temple as he listened intently to his staff. It looked like an image you would see in a portrait. President May must have felt eyes were on him because they would dart away suddenly and catch me staring. He’d smile at me with just the corner of his mouth (as if to say “caught you!”), but I’d quickly look away and revert my eyes to whoever was speaking. When needed President May would chime in and offer his insights, provide praise or criticism. You could tell the amount of respect his voice carried. Sometimes his staff would interrupt and speak over each other, but not when President May spoke. As soon as he opened his mouth the room went quiet and all eyes remained locked on him until he was finished speaking. In the end he always had the final say. His decisions were never questioned, only trusted.

After one of these Monday meetings, and after I had put in a couple weeks of work, President May asked how my time up on the third floor was going. I gave a short answer about how things were going very well.

“I hope Dean Parsons hasn’t just been using you as a delivery boy.” President May teased.

“Oh no, Sir. There is plenty of real work for me to do.” I filled him in on everything I had been involved in up to this point.

“That’s pleasing to hear, John. Listen, Dean Parsons and I grab lunch at Willie’s on Mondays. Why don’t you join us?” Willie’s was one of the most popular bar and grills in town. Would I join my two bear crushes for lunch? That was an easy question.

“Yeah! Sure! That would be great!” My face lighting up like a Christmas tree as I said this.

“Alright then, how about we jump in my car and head on over. The dean normally beats me there.” I felt my dick jump upon hearing these words. I was going to get to ride alone with President May in his car. This would certainly lead to new fantasies for me.

President May drove a silver BMW with tinted windows. The color and quality of the car perfectly matched the man. Willie’s was only a five minute drive from campus. On the way we talked about golf and my time at the country club. I learned he used to be a pretty good golfer back when he had more time for it. Now, he only had time to play once or twice a month. As always it was hard for me to keep 100% focus on the conversation. My mind was preoccupied with trying to get a glimpse of his bulge and what it would be like to give him road head. The tinted windows did provide the opportunity for that luxury. Fortunate for me, we arrived before I could go down that fantasy too far, otherwise it would have been much more difficult to stand up out of the car. I followed President May into the restaurant and to the corner booth that Dean Parsons had secured for us.

“Ah, I see you brought the boy with you!” Dean Parsons remarked. I smiled and pretended to ignore this condescension although I secretly loved it. The lunch was pleasant. I took a backseat to most of the conversation only chiming in here and there, just enough to where my silence wasn’t awkward. These two men had enough charm and personality to go around the table twice and more than made up for my shy demeanor. They spoke about the Cowboys’ latest offseason pickups, told a few political jokes, and talked about their desired vacation spots for the upcoming year. Vacation to them meant out of the country while to me it meant drive out of state.

There was a point in the lunch where Dean Parsons began pestering me about our waitress. Her name was Meaghan. She was a hot blonde with long legs and a cheerful smile. She was probably around my age or a year or two younger. Dean Parsons canlı kaçak bahis made a couple suggestive comments to me after she took our drink orders, but I brushed them off. I had developed a skill over the years of being able to handle such comments by subtly steering the conversation in another direction. However, as the meal went on I was finding that I had met my match with the dean’s persistence. I couldn’t change the subject without it being obvious what I was doing.

“C’mon John. You’re a young good looking guy, a stud frankly. You see the way she’s been smiling at you. Make a move!” He nudged me on the elbow with his last suggestion.

“Oh…no, she’s probably just fishing for a tip.” I stammered with a blushed face.

“No man, she wants you. What’s there to lose anyway?” The dean did not let up. At this point I didn’t know what to say. I stared at my plate trying to figure out a Plan B. I had played all my usual cards to get out of these situations, but Dean Parsons had me backed into the corner and was throwing punch after punch. I wanted to curl up into a ball. Literally.

Luckily, President May stepped in and saved me. “Settle down now, Rick. Leave the boy alone. You’re divorced now. Why don’t you ask her out if you think she’s so hot.”

“Ha! Wouldn’t that be something! No, I’m much too old for her.” Dean Parsons took a sip of his drink, and I continued to look at my plate counting the seconds ticking by.

“I’m sure John knows what he wants.” I looked at President May after he said this. “He has a more refined taste than the average man.” He raised his eyebrows and winked at me after he said this.

Meaghan came back with our check which President May paid. He refused any offer from either of us. “The boss always pays,” he exclaimed. On the way back to campus, President May took the chance to apologize for Dean Parsons’ prodding. I told him that wasn’t necessary and once again thanked him for the meal. He said “anytime” and that I ought to join them every Monday at Willie’s. I didn’t need a second to think that suggestion over. I told him absolutely!

Most Mondays followed this sort of routine. At the 10:00am meeting I would spend half the time paying attention to the meeting and the other half thinking about what it would be like to blow President May under the table. Lunch would be an hour with my two crushes, always being a limited participant in their conversation. Meaghan was always our waitress, but I never had to try and finagle my way out of a Dean Parsons’ interrogation again. He would only give me a suggestive smile or a nudge under the table with his knee whenever Meaghan walked by. I didn’t mind the nudge under the table! President May was always there to give me a “don’t worry about him” look, and our conversation would continue.

The summer was going great. I was succeeding in the classroom, gaining valuable work experience, and getting to spend quality time with two men I admired. What else could a boy, I mean a man, ask for? Well, I got a lot more one Thursday morning in July. Dean Parsons needed a fill in for his Thursday morning racquetball workout. Dr. Gonzalez, a history professor, was not going to be able to make it, so I was invited to fill in. I would be Dean Parsons’ partner taking on a couple other professors I was not acquainted with on campus. The game was fun enough. I didn’t play racquetball regularly but had played once or twice before, and I was an athlete. My abilities as a 22 year old were much superior to that of these older men. Together, Dean Parsons and I cleaned the floor with these two professors. The only real struggle for me was not getting too distracted by Dean Parsons in a pair of short blue athletic shorts. I loved standing behind him as he got down in an athletic stance ready to play the serve. I never knew his thighs were so hairy…

However, that distraction became a much bigger threat when he suggested we hit the showers. Part of me was all for sharing this intimate setting with this stud, but deep down I knew I didn’t have much control below the belt. It had already been a problem on a couple of occasions, and I was fairly sure Dean Parsons had noticed. But I didn’t have much of a choice. We couldn’t go into the office smelling as rank as we did. Dean Parsons had a key to the basketball locker rooms which were not being used since the team was gone for the summer. I stalled a bit as we both began to strip out of our athletic wear. The dean was down to his birthday suit in no time and headed for the shower room while I still had on my shorts and socks. Soon though I, too, was completely naked and walked into the room.

There were three sources of water, each with three shower heads attached to them along the same cinder block wall. Dean Parsons’ had chosen the one furthest away from the entrance and his back was to me. I was thankful for this as it allowed me to get in the obvious curious peek I was going to take without being noticed. Dean Parsons was a hairy man. He wasn’t a sasquatch but had enough fur to make you want to run your fingers through it to feel how much of a man he was. His ass was also covered in hair and was healthily pronounced, though not as much as President May’s fine ass. I wanted to kiss it nonetheless. His back was meaty and the size of his bare arms indicated he could lift a horse back in his day, if not now.

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