Always owned by MD part 3


Always owned by MD part 3Always owned by MD part 3In the days after MD visit I couldn’t keep my mind on anything. I couldn’t hold my concentration at work or home for more than 15 minutes. My mind floated back to the cold evening and her complete control over me. The degradation, the control or lack there of, the complete surrender I experienced. I checked my phone at least once every ten minutes, just in case she txt. Just in case she thought I was worth it, just in case she would give me a second thought. I knew my wife began to notice. The phone once in on the table as soon as I got home now in my hand, constantly being checked. I was never truly present. As I fucked my wife I stared at the pillow that a week before had MD’s wet mark all over it. I knew she owned me, in a way she owned my wife too. Nothing she could do compared to MD. I grew frustrated, with myself, with her, with the situation. Finally MD sent me a message. So, slut? Distracted? it read. I was angry with her but you’d never know by the pathetic begging in my txt, begging for more, begging for validation, begging to know how much she got off on what she did to me. begging to know anything, MD gave nothing aware, she txt me at random then would disappear again, I wouldn’t hear from her for days. This went on for the next month. During that time the guilt built. I stood in my bedroom with my wife, aroused at the memories that were bursa escort created there, aroused at the thought of her. I was still completely obsessed with her, checking my phone, I could see the affect on my family. I wanted to punish MD for that, I wanted to hold her down like I used to when we were together, her helpless with my hand around her throat as I ground my cock in and out of her. I wanted to make her feel as I felt – hopeless. These thoughts all ended up the same. In my mind I ended up the pne being choked, being used, being punished like the whore I was. After a month of this I txt MD letting her know that it was all off, I couldn’t do it anymore. She understood. She wished me well and told me she would miss me. My desire to be used and degraded built up over time. To help with this I began watching sissy trainer videos. following their instruction and eating my own cum helped but it still built up. More and more I needed her. Her pale ass above me, her rough hands all over me, her spit in my face. I was away with the family at a beachside motel when it became too much. I txt MD begging her to take me back. She was of course hesitant to take me back. I assured her I was hers. I always had been and always will be. To prove it she had me send her pics. It was around midnight I found myself taking pics of my fingers disappearing into my asshole. I then sent her pics of my cum filled hand bursa escort bayan before feeding my cum to myself and taking pics of my face and mouth as I did. She said she’d think about it. I run around the same sports field each morning before work. Md knows this I was 515 am and my music was interrupted by a txt coming through. Get it the car and don’t say a word. I continued to run, slightly confused but now very very nervous. Behind the public toilets I saw her car. Approaching the passenger side I saw she too was dressed for working out. I slid into the car and sat down, knowing better to look at her. out of the corner of my eye I could see her pull her top up and readjust herself. She reached over and grabbed at my now hard cock. She smirked and slapped it through my shorts. She put her seat back slightly and fishhooked my mouth, pulling me down into her lap, the other hand guiding my head upward. My head rested in MD’s lap. She pulled her shirt up and guided my mouth toward her nipple. I instinctively opened my mouth as she placed her nipple inside it. Her breast was bigger than the last time I saw it. Her tits veiny and swollen. I began to suck. I sucked wanting to give her pleasure but also knowing why I was there. For whatever reason she had excess milk. She sighed as I felt the milk begin to flow. neither of us had said a word.As I sucked her hand pulled my shorts down and begin stroking escort bursa my cock. She stroked me with long, rough strokes in time with my draws on her breast. Her grip was painfully tight as she jerked me, my cock swollen with wanting, precum all over her hand. Soon she pulled me away. Before I could open my eye spit dripped from her mouth into my face. She then rubbed it across my face. Now, be a good boy for MD and stroke that pathetic cock. When I say cum, cum. But make sure it goes all in your shorts, don’t you dare get a drop on my seats. She popped her right tit into my mouth and I began sucking again. Her moans a little more sexual now. I stroked my cock in my pants. My cock was ready to explode. My sucking became more furious which drew a slap from MD and a murderous look. She then popped her tit back in her shirt. Her hand went around my neck as I lay awkwardly, stroking my my shorts. You’re going to cum soon slut. Not because you want to or because you need to, because I want you to she hissed. I own you and don’t you dare fuck me around like you have. Her grip on my throat tightened as I continued to stroke. More spit. The next time I see you I’m going to destroy your ass you fat fucking whore. I’m going to make it hard to sit down, hard to walk, hard to stand without thinking about your ass a who owns it. At this stage I could feel myself get light headed. Cum you worthless cocksucker. With that I came. Filling my shorts, my cum shooting again and again as I began to come back to reality. I sat back up in my seat, looking down. Get out of my fucking car MD ordered. I got out and she drove away.

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