Ambers story

Ambers storyMy mom married john. He was pansexual and so is my mom. So gender wasn’t a big thing in our household Which was great for me since I considered myself transgender. They helped me through the years the best they could as to helping with my transition. I was skinny and on hrt, long hair and almost passable. Almost. Being on hrt for a while I had small tits, wider hips and a great ass. My cock has always been on the smaller size of 4.5” soft it’s a mere inch. It’s so small most chastity devices fall off. I only cum using my dildo . I’m a virgin in every aspect. I been just working on myself not worrying about boys. My mom has always been my best friend, we don’t really talk about sex, cause that’s kinda weird. But she did buy me my only dildo. To be honest I asked her. It’s 6” suctioning base. When I’m in my room with the door closed they don’t bother me.My step daddy is Craig, he’s 38 about 5’ 10” and muscular build. He’s a great guy to my mom and me. Very supportive. But sometimes I notice him staring at my ass, and now my little tits. It doesn’t bother me cause it’s nice having a man looking at you with desire. My mom always travels for work, sometimes she’s gone for a full week , but mostly it’s 2 nights. Over the years when she’s gone, Craig has become more friendly. I mean he’s always friendly but a little more touchy-feely, not like he’s grabbing my ass or anything but he will scoot by in the kitchen rubbing against me, touch my arm or leg while he’s laughing. We both know what he’s doing. I think it’s kinda taboo and hot so I don’t say anything. Or sometimes when we’re sitting at the table playing a game his leg will be touching mine. I leave my leg there or sometimes rub my leg on his softly. I’m kinda a tease I guess. One day I kinda teased him a little to far. My life changed forever. Around the house I would usually wear thin loose pajama bottoms and a tank top. My penis was so tiny I didn’t need panties to hold it in. Craig walked by me in the kitchen, his hand swept across my lower back. He passed me a few times doing this. So I figured I would pass in front of him. Excuse me I said as my ass, rubbed into his crotch. I felt his cock slide over my cheek into my crack and over the other cheek. On my way back I did it again but I was surprised when his cock was hard, over my cheek and into my crack I paused, it felt amazing and for some reason I arched my ass and pushed back, I felt his cock on my asshole. He grabbed my hips and pushed in, through my pants. Earlier I was riding my dildo so I was still a bit lubed. His cock and my pants pushed into my asshole. I moaned, he kept pushing. I gasped . He pulled his cock back, I had the worst wedgie ever. I got my drink and went to my room. Pulling my pants out of my asshole. I thought to myself did that just happen?Later that day mom came home she had to go away for a week. She told us at the kitchen table. Craig’s leg brushing mine, he says well we will miss ya. But we will be ok…The next morning Craig took mom to the airport, when he got home he said I’m having a party on Saturday.Can I drink? I smiled Of course idc.Sweet. I’m going to get beer and food I’ll be back in a hour or so. Craig saysOk . I went into my room, I was getting changed and Craig walked in. Hey you wanna ….I stood there naked. Shit I’m sorry, he turned around. I got dressed. What’s up?Oh I wanted tekirdağ escort to know if you wanted to come?Why do you think you can make me I giggled Make you what?Cum Craig! Ok Amber we need to talk. The innocent flirting got a lil out of hand yesterday.Oh you mean your cock pushing my pants into my ass? Then you walking in staring at me naked just now? I know you like it! I can see your hard dick print in your pants!He stood there staring at me, not saying anything. I pushed my pants to the floor. You don’t wanna see this but I know what you wanna see. I kneeled on my bed legs wide arching my back . I looked back at him and spanked my asshole. Mmmmm Craig. Wanna fuck it? I’m a virgin! I can’t he yelled and stormed off. I heard the door shut and he drove off. I stuck my dildo to the half wall. On my knees. A leg on each side of the wall, I lubed up and slammed my ass back onto it, dreaming of Craig pounding me. I fucked the wall so hard, I heard Craig come home, I knew he was outside my door. I started moaning yes Craig pound my ass! He went away leaving me to fuck my dildo. I finished up and pulled on my pants and shirt and went down stairs. He was quiet. Sitting on the couch. I walked over and sat next to him. You upset with me?No Amber…Ok I won’t tease you anymore. I smiled I got up and went to the refrigerator and grabbed 2 beers. Handing him one. I knew you were outside of my door I giggled You are a tease he laughed I am but I …What?Never mind.Tell me!Ok I want to feel a real cock cum in me!Get a boyfriend he laughed I don’t want that I just want a cock I smiled I bet if you asked mom if you could fuck me she say yes….He laughed no she wouldn’t. Yeah she would cause she trusts you won’t hurt me. Ask her! Text her!No I grabbed his phone and ran in the bathroom locking the door. I texted her: hey babe Amber keeps teasing me with her ass!Lol how?Rubbing it in my crotch!Lol a tease like her mother! Lmao What should I do?Teach her a lesson!Umm how?C’mon Craig you know how lolWhat are you saying?Baby she has a crush on you, I trust you with her more than anyone else. She’s never had a man, maybe it’s time. Are you telling me to fuck your daughter?Yup…You don’t care? No I rather a good man be her first. Your a great man. Just be easy on her the first time her little dildo is no comparison to your big cock baby . I gotta go have fun. Love yaLove ya too!I walked out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the couch. I straddling his lap and sat down. Showing him the texts.Omg I can’t believe it he laughed. So what position do you want to fuck me in first? I smiled He pushed me off. I can’t do this Amber. He says. Wtf Craig? I sulked.My phone vibrated. : hey baby, Craig says your teasing him. Yeah I wasDo you want him?Yeah For what?I want him to fuck me and he won’t! LolDo you care?No not at all, id love to watch lolMmmmm you little freak lolI’d let you watch and join in lolWhose the freak now, go get your dildo and get naked. Walk out and slap it on the coffee table then slam your tight little ass on it and start riding it. He will lose his mind! Oh btw I know it was you who texted me from his phone you little slut. Lmao Ok mommy talk to you later love ya Love you too amber.I went to my room lubed up my ass and got naked. Took a few runs at my dildo and walked back. I turned the corner ready to fuck the table . Craig escort tekirdağ was sitting there naked a big hard cock. I threw the dildo and jumped on his lap. Sliding down on his huge cock it hurt like hell midway. My eyes were tearing. I was persistent as my ass swallowed his cock balls deep. I cried out. Fuck your huge. His hands squeezing my little tits, he started sucking my nipple. Slowly I slid my ass up and down on his cock. His strong hands moved to my ass and we started making out. His cock filled my entire ass. My cock was so tiny almost inside me but leaking all over him each time I slid down. He pushed me back. This position, the best position for me to have all of you. My ass slowly started twerking on his monster. Then bouncing. He felt so perfect in me. I pulled back from our kiss. Craig cum inside me please?Of course baby, but we have a while before that he grinned.Control me I moaned He grabbed my hips and controlled the speed of my body. Soon my ass cheeks were slapping his thighs over and over with so much force. I came multiple times. Harder he moaned and I slammed harder, faster he moaned and I picked up the pace. I’m gonna cum he yelled. He grabbed my hips slamming my ass down, I could feel his balls twitching, his cock flexing inside me. He pushed me back holding firmly on my tits, pinching my tender nipples. I felt his cum rushing into me. I had the biggest orgasm. I collapsed onto his chest. Panting out of breath. I slid down his body to the floor. I took his cock in my mouth, tasting his cum and my ass juices. He pulled me back up and we made out then laid down on the couch. Later that night we were sitting on the couch watching a movie. So what happens when your mom gets home he asks. Idk what do you want to happen? We still have like 6 days I laughed. Can I ask you a question? He smiled Yeah anything!How big does your cock get?Well it use to be like 4.5” I laughed but now this is it. I haven’t got hard in years.So you don’t jerk off? With what tweezers? I laughed He reached down and between 2 fingers he started jerking it. I wanna suck it!Go ahead, you can do whatever you want to me idc. Really anything I want? YepHe leaned down and started sucking, he suck for 15 minutes and nothing. Bend over Amber! I got on me knees.His tongue darted inside my worn cum hole. Ohhhhh I moaned. His tongue exploring my insides with his fingers. Slurping, kissing, licking and sucking. His mouth ate my ass for a entire hour. I just imagined him sucking his own cum from my hole, it was such a turn on. Eat me daddy I moaned. Rubbing my own tits as her chewed my ass. After he was done we made out the entire night, sucking, licking and nibbling on each other’s bodies. We ended up falling asleep on the couch. The next day was the party. He told me he was going to cancel it so we could be alone. I told him, we live together I’ll always be here have your party. I pretty much just stayed in my room. A knock on my door. I opened it and pulled Craig in, locking the door behind him. What’s up?Come out!No I’m good. Please? No really I’m good your friends look at me like I’m a piece of meat, I laughed Yeah your right he laughed and walked out. I heard him go outside and tell them he didn’t feel well and they had to leave. After they left I walked out in my pajamas. Why you tell your friends to leave?Idk I kinda just wanna hang tekirdağ escort bayan out with you. He smiled. I laughed yeah so your horny and want to fuck, you don’t have to, be nice about it. Just tell me…Actually I just wanna chill with you, and only you.Wow that’s really sweet I thought to myself. We cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. After the movie. We talked. You know I wish I would’ve met you a long time ago. What do you mean? I asked Idk really he laughed. I think your smoking hot and I …You what?Nothing Tell me?! I wanna be with you! Omg like my boyfriend? No your husband! Your married to my mom Craig… but we could definitely share you I smiled.I texted my mom.Hey mom can we share Craig?Lol he has a great cock doesn’t he?Omg!Sure honey I don’t mind. If you don’t mind sharing our bed with us. Ummmm really? Yeah, baby Naked?Of course you can sleep in the middle, and get prodded all night instead of me lol .Honey?Yeah sorry ummm yeah ok.Ok Amber I’ll see you in a few days.Love yaLove ya tooWhat she say? Craig askedShe said yes but she wants me to sleep in your bed with you two. Does that bother you? Ummm idk I guess we will find out, but the good news is you can have me whenever you want I smiled .Yeah that is good news. He smiled C’mon he grabbed my hand. Where we going?To our room. Oh I knew you really wanted to fuck me ! I laughed.No Amber I’m going to make love to you. He gently laid me down and his mouth explored my entire body. He made love to me for hours. I never felt so loved in one night. I orgasmed multiple times from his touch. After he filled me with his seed . He held me in his arms and told me he was in love with me. I felt the same. We fell asleep together as lovers. It was quite magical. The following day , we went shopping he took me to a few stores and let me buy some clothes. I got the cutest pajamas! They have eggplant emoji on them lol. On the ride home we stopped at a park and went for a hike. I never been so happy in my life. We walked hand and hand. We had stopped for a break. We sat on the edge of this cliff, it was so secluded and romantic. We could see people down below but they couldn’t see us. Craig baby?Yes he smiled See that huge boulder right here?Yeah What if I stripped naked and lay on it watching everyone below. And you pounded my ass hard?Amber we don’t have lube.I said hard , I giggled. Just use spit. It’s your ass he laughed I stripped down and leaned against the rock. Craig ate my ass sloppy wet and shoved his cock balls deep. He had to cover my mouth to muffle my screaming. He pounded over and over thrusting in and out of my asshole. My tiny cock and tits scrapped against the rock. He thrusted with so much might. My ass hurt so bad I was crying, there’s something to say about lube and taking your time. Lol . I watched the family’s below as my ass was getting destroyed, my body grinding against the boulder. I knew right then and there Craig would do anything I asked of him and he truly loved me. He finally came inside of me . I stood up and sucked him clean. Omg baby your all scratched up.Don’t worry about it, so worth it I smiled. That was intense I laughed. You like it rough don’t you he laughed. Just like your mom…I’m nothing like her I’m better. I love when you make love to me more than anything, sometimes I like it rough. You are better he grinned We went home and relaxed.The days passed and we made love a lot. We did everything together. It was amazing. The last day my mom came home.I wasn’t happy to see her, and neither was Craig really. That night I went to bed alone, my mom came in, oh honey come sleep in our bed?

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