Amelie part 4


Amelie part 4It was going to be the most boring Friday evening ever!Amelie still hadn´t had her first pay from the new job, and she was all out of clean clothes and had to spend her Friday night doing the laundry!The only good thing was that there was a relatively new laundry-room in the building where she was living and that there usually wasn´t any-one else using it on Friday, around dinner-time. So, as all her neighbors were having dinner, she started descending the steep back stairs to the basement. She was carrying two large carrier bags, almost 2 weeks laundry. Nearly all her everyday clothing. Down to the basement. Past all the tenant´s storage-rooms and into the laundry-room. The good new was that all four machines were vacant. The bad news was that the homeless man that the landlord let stay in the basement, in return for doing odd jobs, also was there. He was usually friendly, but far from always very clean. Today he was, however. Probably been to the Church-center down the block.“i can do the laundry for you, for a few coins or sumpthin..” he said. Amelie smiled quickly, with her mouth only. No stranger was going to wash her clothes!“I have no cash…but I think I have 2 beers upstairs…you can have them…”She went past him, squatted down and began to fill 3 of the machines. The man began to complaint behind her. Yes, it was true that he was homeless, and that he liked to drink, but he was actually trying to be useful to people, but people kept turning him down. When she rose, he was much closer that she would have liked, and his eyes had a sheen of madness in them. Her knees suddenly felt weak and she had a strange seyhan escort feeling of deja vu. “please…try to calm down, sir” she said and tried to lean back over the machine.“Can´t do that, when people treat me like shit!”The situation was getting intimidating. She put one hand out, to try to stop him from getting even closer. She closed her blue eyes.“Wait…i will..suck your…penis if you will just…watch my laundry…since I don´t have any cash…”“Well, will I also get the beer?”“You…will also get the beer, sir”“Both beers”“You will also get both beers, sir” she said and put her other hand on his groin. Found his still slumbering member. He was a man not much older than her, perhaps in his early thirties, but his clothes were rags and he had a wild-growing beard. Today he almost smelled clean.“Are you a..professional whore?”“No.” she said. His member was waking up now.“Well, you act like one…but you don´t look like one today”She slowly dropped to her knees. She was wearing a pair of old, black jogging-pains and an even older sweater. She had her blonde hair in a loose pony-tail and she wore very little make up. The homeless man opened his jeans. A very loud “Why again” were ringing inside her head, as she pulled his foreskin back. Then she began to suck him. Felt how his cock grew in her mouth while trying not to get too close to his dirty clothes. He put a firm hand on the back of her head and began moaning softly. She was not sure if she could get free on her own now.“Are you sure that you are not a whore?”Of cause she was!She had spend several years at university, she tufanbeyli escort just kept ending up in odd situations. Or maybe she had an unknown decease that made her emit pheromones that men reacted to in this way. “Because you sure suck my cock like a real whore..”He was getting short of breath. Amelie knew that this was going to be over quick. Good. There was loads of thing to do around the apartment. He didn´t loosen his grip when he came. She had to eat all of his cum.And when all machines were running, she went up and got the beers for him. Later, when she got down to empty the washing-machines, he was no-where to be seen. Probably out in the back-yard peeing. She took the delicates in one bag and put the rest in the drier and went back upstairs, glad that she had avoided him. Then, just as she was thinking about getting the last clothes from the drier, there was a gentle knock on her kitchen door. This could not be true, the tenants in the house only used the back-door to got to the basement or to the back-yard. She opened the door, and there he was. Smiling and holding all her dried clothes. He had even folded all her sheets.“Well, thank you, sir” she said with a fake smile and took her clothes, preparing to shut the door on him. “Wait..”he said,” it suddenly occurred to me that you never got..anything, miss”Then he put a hand on the side of her hip. She was concentrating on not dropping the clean clothes and her jaw dropped. The homeless quickly put his other hand down the front of her sweatpants.“No underwear?..are you sure that you´re not a whore?”To tell him the truth, yumurtalık escort that most of it was drying right now, suddenly became to complicated. There was no place to put her clothes. His finger were already close to her pussy. She was getting wet. Very wet. Somehow she managed to get an old t-shirt to the bottom of the stack. A finger slid up her pussy. “okay, you can fuck me..”“Are you sure?”“Yes..but it has to be out here…and we have to be very quiet…”There was no way she would let him into the apartment. His free hand pulled her pants down over her butts. Then he dropped to his knees. The automatic lights went out in the staircase. Amelie was still holding the clothes when he began to lick her, sometimes with one, sometimes two fingers gently fucking her pussy. He took his time and she was close to coming. Her neighbor, Mr Peters might open his kitchen-door any moment. Her pants were around her ankles now. Then she turned and put the clothes on one of the steps leading up to the next floor.“Yes, from behind…” he said. She had her head on her clean washings when he got his cock out. She knew she would come easily. His cock went up inside her, he began to fuck her slowly. He turned and turned the lights back on. As she was climaxing, he also put a finger into her ass. And there was no way she could complaint, not whiteout screaming like a porno-actress. Why did she suddenly had to end in situations like this and why, WHY, did she have to enjoy them so shamelessly much?There had to be a medical term for her condition!“want more cum in your dirty mouth?”“Yes, please” some-one no quite the normal Amelie said and quickly turned around when her let her. Sat on a dusty step and took his slippery cock in her mouth once again. As the lights went out, she got his load of sperm in her mouth again. He offered to help her with her laundry in all future, but she declined and somehow made it back into the apartment, alone and safe.

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