An After-Dinner Treat


It was just another one of those business trips. Hopping on a plane for a 5-hour flight to Portland, Oregon. Except it wasn’t just another business trip, as it turned out, although I wasn’t to know that as I took my seat in C4. On this occasion, I was travelling alone to participate in shooting a commercial for a well-know tire company. “Why Oregon?” you may ask. Well, the truth of the matter is that it rains a lot in October in Oregon and the commercial was to extol the benefits of the rain-dispersing properties of this particular brand of tire. All in the cause of promoting safety. But that’s really by the by and not too relevant to the rest of my tale.

Arriving in Portland, I collected my bag from the carousel and went to locate my rental car. I had a 100 mile or so drive to the hotel at Rockway Beach, and didn’t arrive to check in until around 5 pm. So far, I hadn’t been too impressed with what little I’d seen of the local surroundings and began to wonder what might be available as far as a half-decent restaurant and dinner was concerned. I wasn’t ready to look for somewhere to eat and figured I could work up a bit of an appetite by going for a walk along the beach. Luckily, it wasn’t raining.

As I made my way back to the hotel, I started to look out for somewhere to eat that evening. Certainly, there were all the normal fast-food establishments but, hell, I was on an expense account trip so wanted to find something a little bit more upmarket that had a good menu and an even better wine list. And there it was… Don Alonso’s; clearly, an Italian restaurant. It certainly looked decent from the outside, and was the only place that looked as if it would meet with my approval. Time was moving on so I drove back to the hotel, and showered and dressed before leaving for the restaurant.

I parked the car on the street, and entered through the front door of Don Alonso’s. My first impression was that I had made a good choice… starched white tablecloths and napkins… and I was greeted at the door by the maitre d’.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I haven’t made a reservation. Can you do a table for one, please?”

“No problem, sir. Come this way,” the maitre d’ replied.

I was shown to my table and looked around the restaurant. It was by no means full but there were plenty of diners to keep the kitchen busy despite it being a Sunday evening. It wasn’t long before a waiter came over with a menu and asked me if I would like a drink.

“Yes please. A Campari and Soda,” I answered.

Shortly, a waitress brought over my drink. I tried hard not to stare at her but I’m sure I failed. Hazarding a guess, I thought she’d be in her late thirties, a few years older than myself. She was about 5’8″, long mousy blonde hair styled in a pony tail; she wore a white blouse and black pants. I don’t think I even noticed the colour of her eyes because I was struck cold by her tits. Not that they were large or anything like that but they were certainly more than a British Standard Handful, and very firm. “What I would give to get my hands and lips around those,” I thought.

“Here’s your Campari. And the menu. Would you like to see the wine list?”

“Thank you. Yes please. But do you have any specials or recommendations?” I asked

She looked at me with a glint in her eye… or was I imagining things. “I bet she’s got some specials I could get my teeth around,” I thought to myself. I could almost feet a twitch in my pants as the thought of sucking on her nipples flashed through my mind. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but fix my eyes on her ass. I’m almost certain that she was teasing me, just the way her ass moved. A quick slap or two on that would be pretty nice.

She came back to take my order. I have to say, the food was absolutely delicious; even better than I’d anticipated. And the service? Well, nothing short of impeccable. Actually, had it been anyone else, I would have thought it was over-attentive but I would have been more than happy for her to have sat at my table and attend to me! During the course of the evening, we had a few, short conversations mostly centred around me answering questions about why I was in Rockway Beach, what it’s like being in the advertising business, shooting commercials, and so on. If I hadn’t been so enraptured with her voice (and tits), I would have thought I was being given the 3rd degree. It wasn’t long before the evening was over. I’d stretched it out as long as I could… appetizer, main course, dessert, all washed down with a bottle of Chablis, then coffee and liqueur. The thought had crossed my mind to invite her for a nightcap somewhere but basically chickened out on that one. I wouldn’t know where to take her (although presumed she would know a likely place) and, besides, she still had her shift to finish. Oh well, dream on.

Back at the hotel, I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. Carnal thoughts were running rampant… if only! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get perabet to sleep without taking matters into my own hand. My cock had definitely responded to her stimulus so it was inevitable that I would just have to deal with it. I imagined her being with me in the hotel room, coquettishly unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall off her shoulders to reveal the most perfect pair of tits ever, then kneeling in front of me enticing me to fuck her tits, squeezing them together around my cock. My hand was jerking my cock at the potential of this… again, if only… and I could feel the cum rising. I squeezed my cock tight until I could hold it in no longer and then the floodgates opened. Streams of cum shot across the bed. Oh man, that was good. Pity though it was only fantasy.

The next day was all work… standing around watching the film crew shoot various scenes for the commercial. About as exciting as watching paint dry. It was supposed to rain. Didn’t. Good job that a water truck had been brought in to simulate rain. Twelve hours later, the boredom relieved by moving from one location to another and more lascivious thoughts about fucking that delightful waitress, I was back in my hotel room considering what to do for dinner. Well, there was no other thing for it. Back to Don Alfonso’s. I convinced myself that it was because this was the only place in town worth going to but I knew the real reason why.

Dinner passed in much the same way as the previous evening. The exception being that it was the waitress who greeted me at the door not the maitre d’; it was the waitress who took me to my table; it was the waitress who took care of me all night. Well, not quite in the way I wanted to be taken care of. There were fewer patrons in the restaurant so we were able to engage in more conversation than before. I was sure I was getting signals that this could end up being more than merely customer service. And I knew exactly what kind of service I wanted. Again, I asked myself if I could invite her for a nightcap. And again, I slinked back to my hotel and fantasized what it would be like to have her with me in bed, exploring every inch of her body… not just fucking her tits this time but tasting her pussy and cumming deep inside her.

The following day was another exhausting day of work. I could hardly stand the pace. I had made up my mind early on that I was going to enjoy my last opportunity for dinner at Don Alonso’s in the company of my dream waitress. Fingers crossed it wasn’t her day off.

I was a little later arriving at the restaurant this evening, thinking that the later I arrived, the fewer people there would be after I had finished dinner. Because you never know, right? The anticipation was just about killing me by the time I got there. “Yes! She’s working tonight,” I exclaimed to myself as I entered the restaurant. When she saw me, she beamed with delight.

“It’s so nice to see you again. I’m glad you like it here.”

“Well, the food’s really good and I’ve enjoyed your company as well.” There, now I’ve got that well and truly out in the open. She smiled at that and I could have sworn she gave me a sly wink.

This time, she showed me to a table that was elevated on a platform well above all the other tables in the restaurant. I felt a little uncomfortable there… almost as if I was on a stage, on show… overlooking the “audience”. Fortunately, the restaurant was nearly empty and, perhaps, all the patrons were local customers who were more than accustomed to people at the “spotlight” table. Yet again, the waitress engaged me in conversation. And I finally found out her name was Ellen. (I’m sure she must have introduced herself that first evening but I was clearly paying more attention at the time to her tits than to what she had been saying.) I was still wondering about how I could ask her out for a drink given it was kind of now or never with this being my last night in Rockway Beach.

Instead, imagine my surprise when Ellen said, “Look, I’m closing up tonight. It’s not very busy. Why don’t you stay after everyone’s gone and we can have a drink together… on the house.”

I’m sure I must have blushed beet red. “Oh, that would be great,” I managed to utter hoping I didn’t sound like a whimpering schoolboy.

And with that, she squeezed my hand and said, “I’ll bring a coffee over while you’re waiting. I won’t be long.”

Well, the minutes seemed like hours as I waited for the restaurant to empty although, in reality, it was probably less than 15 all told. Ellen started turning off the lights around the bar area and soon the entire restaurant was almost dark. She came over to my table and grabbed my hand, saying, “Let’s go. I’m going to grab a bottle of champagne and then I’ll lock up and we can go to my place. Is that OK?”

“Is that OK?” I asked myself. “You bet the fuck it’s OK!” I nearly blurted out loud.

“I take it you’ve got a car. Mine’s outside too so just follow me. perabet giriş It’s not far, just a couple of blocks away,” she said.

“Sounds good.” I replied. “After you.”

Ellen grabbed me by the hand again and led me through the kitchen, stopping on the way to pick up the bottle of champagne she’d promised. She took me over to where her car was parked and said, “Right, follow me.” And with that, she stood up on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against mine. Wow!

It didn’t take much but I could feel my cock rising to the occasion. Time to get moving before she leaves me behind and I’ve no idea where she’s going. I ran over to my rental car, started the engine and followed Ellen as she drove out of the parking lot. A couple of minutes later, she pulled into her driveway. We both exited our vehicles and went inside her house. I had figured that as soon as we were inside we would be in each other’s arms, tearing our clothes off so that we could fuck each other without hesitation. Instead, she left me on the threshold and made a bee-line for the kitchen. OK, so maybe I’d got the wrong idea after all.

Ellen came back from the kitchen with a couple of champagne flutes and proceeded to hand me the bottle of champagne. Simple enough; twist the bottle, not the cork, and you’ll get a nice pop as the cork comes out but you won’t waste any delicious champagne. Nicely done, I poured the champagne into the flutes. We linked arms as we took our first taste.

“Thank you!” I said, “I really didn’t expect this. Although, I’ll be honest, I had hoped that we might get together.”

“Yes, so did I. I got this feeling that you wanted to but just couldn’t seem to ask me. Never mind, you’re here now and I’m going to make you all mine. For the next few hours at least. If that’s alright with you, of course?”

“Oh fuck, yes it is.”

“Well that’s exactly what I want you to do. I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck my pussy hard.”

There could be no mistake as to what was now going to happen. I was just about ready to take her in my arms and kiss those inviting lips when Ellen reached up and started to unbutton her blouse.

“You’ve been looking at these each evening for the past three nights so you’d better get an eyeful right now before you lose your mind.” Had it been that obvious?

“I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t mind too much.”

“Oh not at all. I enjoyed you looking at them. I knew that you want to fuck me… and that I wanted to fuck you.”

And, with that, Ellen looked me in the eye as she undid every button and let the blouse slip off her shoulders. Then she reached behind her and undid the zip on her skirt. It too slipped off, down to the floor. I was simply awestruck by what filled my eyes. She wore a white lacy bra that only made her tits even more enticing, matching white panties and black stockings. Suddenly, she turned away, glass in hand, and walked down the hallway. Needless to say, I followed her, trying hard not to spill my champagne as I tried to get rid of my jacket, shirt and pants.

By the time I finally made it to her bedroom, she was sprawled out on her bed. And I was totally naked by then, with my cock at full mast, pointing skywards, ready for action. “Don’t rush into things,” I told myself. “Let’s take it nice and slowly and really enjoy it. And don’t forget, it’s better to give than to receive.”

I lay on the bed beside Ellen and kissed her. She kissed me back and her tongue slid into my mouth. As we kissed, I felt her tits through her bra. It was exactly as I had fantasized. Her hand slid down my back, over my ass, reached round to take hold of my stiff cock, and proceeded to stroke me. OMG, this felt good. I had to maintain a certain level of control or I would be spraying my load before I knew it. So I broke from our embrace and moved down to the foot of the bed where I took one of her stockinged feet and began to suck her toes. I could hear soft moans coming from her as I licked the sole of her foot and began to make my way up her calf, licking her gently. Higher and higher. I reached her silky white thigh and could see how wet she had made her panties. I licked her thigh until I reached her pussy. I placed my mouth over her panties and sucked her cunt juice into my mouth. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy, at the same time lifting her ass off the bed and pushing her pussy into my face. I could hardly breathe but what better way to depart this mortal coil than being suffocated by a streaming wet cunt.

Eventually, Ellen allowed me to come up for air. I moved her panties aside and started licking her pussy. She moaned as her hands gently opened up her pussy lips revealing a glistening, pink cunt and the nub of her clitoris. Accepting her invitation, I began to flick my tongue over her clitoris and then sucked it as I inserted two fingers gently inside her.

“Oh fuck… yes,” she cried. “Don’t stop. Make me perabet güvenilir mi cum. Please make me cum. I want to cum all over your face. Oh my God! Oh fu… uuuu… uck!”

She bucked as her orgasm took over her, and she pushed her pussy hard into my face. Her pussy was flowing and I lapped it all up.

“Come up here,” she said invitingly. “I want your cock in my mouth… now.”

“Only if I can keep licking your cunt and tasting your juice,” I replied. And without further ado, we settled into a 69 with my cock deep in her mouth as she sucked me and played with my balls while my tongue was equally deep in her pussy.

We played like this for several minutes, but the longer it went on the closer I was getting to shooting my load. Not before I had titty-fucked this amazing woman though. I managed to ease my cock out of her mouth… it wasn’t easy… and straddled her over her stomach. Ellen knew exactly what was to happen next. She alternated between pulling on her nipples and then squeezing her tits together while I stroked my cock.

“Let me fuck those gorgeous tits of yours,” I said, reaching behind me to finger her wet pussy so I could get some natural lubricant on my cock and between her tits. I placed my cock in her cleavage as she pressed her tits together. As I moved back and forth, fucking her, she bent her head forward and licked the bell end of my cock. This was too much and I could hold back no more. She sensed what was about to happen and opened her mouth with her tongue out, ready to receive my hot, white stream. As I felt my cum rising, I couldn’t control myself and just about went into spasm. I jerked as the first stream of cum hit Ellen square between the eyes. And the cum just kept on flowing, stream after stream. She reached up to her face and began to gather my cum into her mouth.

“Mmmm! Lovely,” she said. “More please.”

It would have been churlish of me to have told her that I had to leave and get back to my hotel for a couple of hours of shut-eye before the next day’s shooting. There was only one kind of shooting that I had in mind at that very moment and it involved her wet pussy, my rock-hard cock and another load of cum. Not to mention taking Ellen to the height of orgasm as many times as I could. (Remember, it’s better to give than to receive!) But one thing was certain, I needed a little recovery time.

Not that I intended the time to go to waste. I rolled off her as she continued to take more of my cum off her face and swallow it. (“Fuck, how I love a woman who swallows!” I thought.)

Lying on my back, I asked her, “Give me your pussy right here,” indicating my mouth. “I want you to fuck my face with your cunt. Please.”

Clearly, Ellen didn’t need any further encouragement. Before I knew it, she was straddling me, bending forward to push her tits in my face. How could I resist that? Her nipples were so hard and protruding. I sucked one into my mouth and nibbled on it while squeezing and pinching the other in my left hand. This elicited the most sexy sounding moans from Ellen. Was she enjoying this more than I was? In some ways I hoped she was; in others, I couldn’t imagine that she could be. What the hell… just as long as she was enjoying it.

I switched from one nipple to the other, to make sure that each got what they deserved. And then Ellen leaned forward even more and smothered my face with her tits. I slid my hand underneath her stomach searching for her clit. I tucked a finger inside her pussy and started to tease her with a “come here” motion, gently at first and then more and more vigourously. I could feel her cunt muscles tighten as she squeezed my hand and finger. I kept going, not wishing to give in to her. All of a sudden, she pushed right up off me and arched her back and, just at that moment, she squirted and gushed all over me. Amazing!

“Oh my fucking god,” she cried. “What the fuck are you doing to me?”

I didn’t know quite what to say. Personally, I thought it was pretty obvious what I was doing to her so I just left her question hanging, assuming it was rhetorical. Meanwhile I was ready for a faceful of wet and dripping pussy. I squeezed both her ass cheeks and pulled her forward. Ellen caught on very quickly and knelt forward until her pussy was hovering above my face.

“Mmmm. Yes please!” was all I could think of saying and Ellen duly obliged. Her cunt landed right on my face. Fortunately, I was more than ready and my tongue lapped around her wet pussy lips. She tasted absolutely wonderful. I gently pushed my tongue as deep inside her as I could. As I did, she grinded her pussy against my face. By now though, I was in full recovery mode and my cock was at full erection. As much as I didn’t want Ellen to stop grinding her pussy on my face, I did want to fuck her lights out. Her cunt, my cock.

We must have been on exactly the same wavelength because Ellen reached behind her, took hold of my cock and slid down my body. She lifted her ass off me and deftly let her pussy slide over the tip of my cock. She just rocked back and forth, the bell end of my cock just merely penetrating her pussy. Back and forth.

“Oh Jesus, that’s good,” I exclaimed. “That’s awfully fucking good.”

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