An Afternoon with Lola


So I was excited to say the least, I had spent the last few days writing about my night out with Lola and was very pumped on giving her my 7 page account of our incredible night in the old 67 Chevy. I got her convinced to leave work early so I could give her the surprise I had been working on over the last few days, I even took off from work early myself so I could get a little extra time with her as well.

I arrive at her place, she opens the door with a beautiful smile wearing an incredible little black summer dress, we kiss she’s smiling. I’m so excited yet nervous about her reading our story. She offers me a drink and we take them downstairs to her room, She has been preparing for my arrival Her room has a warm soft glow, there are at least 6 candles burning in the room , it looks awesome and it smells good too, even this 6 foot 4 bad boy biker can appreciate a nicely scented vanilla candle.

She turns around after me saying ” Look at you you’ve been busy.” She gives me that smile and we share a passionate kiss. I throw my stuff down on the desk chair and pour our drinks. We sip.

I tell her ” I have something special for you and well I guess to start things off even thou I imagined and visualized this for the last few days I don’t want to tell you exactly what to do but I do just want you to get comfortable and be relaxed Whether that’s lounging or lying on the bed naked or otherwise just be comfortable.”

Leaving the dress on, She chooses a lounging position, her head propped up against the wall with a few pillows. I excuse myself to go to the washroom and upon coming back into the room my fiery redheaded lover has lost the black dress and is wearing a mouthwatering white with black polka dots negligee dress that looks like it came straight from a 50’s pin up calendar!

Wow! I literally got a lump in my throat and in my pants at the same time “holy shit!” I proclaim she giggles and asks if I like, “Yes I like!” I respond. I sit on the bed next to her and we kiss passionately some more, our tongues dancing and twisting with each other I squeeze her ass as she rolls onto her side as we start to intertwine with each other. Damn she is a treat!

It’s going so well I almost forget my plan here altogether. Yes that dress was a distraction. So I pull back slightly and say to her “I do want to give you something and although I love the candles and mood you have set here babe I will need to change it up some I do need a little more more light.” She looks at me funny like piles of camera’s are gonna start coming out of my pockets to shoot her pictures, I do want that, but not today.

I tell her no cameras, no video! Just relax and sit up a bit. I get up and flip on the nightstand light. As I go to the chair to grab our story she says “I want my surprise.” I am nervous now but giddy at the same time.

“Well here it is.” and I pull out our 7 page story that I had written over the last 3 nights, telling her I have not written anything like this before and I hope she likes it. You see our night out was so fun, we joked with each other that we should write a story and post it on Literotica. I took this to heart as it was a fucking incredible night of fucking and wow it would be nice to look back on it with all the fine little details remembered down the road.

She opens the papers not knowing what exactly to expect and reads the title MY NIGHT OUT WITH LOLA She gets a huge smile and says “Oh you didn’t.”

I tell her “Yes I did. Somethings may be slightly out of order and there maybe a few mistakes but I want you to read it and tell me what you think.NO SKIMMING.” I Say.

She takes it all in as I am taking her in, watching her expressions and tenderly caressing her thighs and legs while she’s reading. I start to tease her pantie covered mound looking down I realize they match the negligee I am so enthralled with already! Smiling mostly, giggling here and there too as she recalls what happened that bahis firmaları night as well. In the end she is impressed and says “You really have a real way with words, this is awesome.”

“I’m not sure about that.” I say “but It is a Hot Story!”

We start making out as she climbs on top of me our tongues dancing with each other it takes only a few seconds and my hands are on her ass again. Yep there’s no denying I am an ass man around her! She loves the attention and sits up and starts undoing my jeans I motion to get up and she rolls off and lies on her back as I stand up to remove all my clothes while drinking in her polka dot vision of sexiness as I do my cock is already semi hard but is growing more. I hop on the bed and ask her to play with herself for me,this is a first for us so she smiles and giggles but her hand drops to her pussy almost right away to start teasing herself threw her panties.

I lay down across the bed in the opposite direction and position myself between her legs for a good view of the action, her one leg is now on my side, my head a foot or so away from her valley. She’s playing with herself occasionally letting the panties go to one side or the other flashing me a great view of her 2 fingers diving into her wet pussy. I sit up some and tug at them she lifts her ass and they are gone! Settling back down I continue to watch the show. A guy can only take so much you know, so before long my tongue is helping her out some and with the angle she is at I am able to nicely with one ear on the bed tease her ass with my tongue eventually drilling into her tight little asshole. She is moaning and telling me how good it feels as I continue to lap away wherever her hand or fingers aren’t.

“I want you inside of me.” she says “Lie back.” So I readily comply, she crawls between my legs and wraps those inviting lips around my cock giving me some seriously great head before teasing my balls with her tongue. Yes Lola knows my weakness now and she climbs up on top to face me, leans over and grabs some lube off the nightstand. Sitting on my thighs with her feet up by my sides her hands by my knee’s.

After lubing me up she parks my cock at the entrance to her ass and ever so very slowly starts her decent down on my dick. It feels incredible. We go slow as can be, my cock twitches which makes it swell which also gets her to tense and inhale and smile as my girth increases causing her pleasure and pain at the same time I do it some more a few times till she’s flashing that sexy naughty smile saying “Stop that!” I do it again with a mischievous grin. She winces some more and bites her lip then smiles again. Eventually I bottom out in her ass and we both groan and take a minute or two to enjoy the deepness…

Slowly we start to pump a little till her ass is fully stretched. Then once she is ready she starts to ride me good and hard. Lola’s ass is so tight I am wondering how long can I possibly last like this in this position looking at her pussy dancing above my cock as it pounds into her ass. I see it all in the foreground and behind that is her tits bouncing followed by her face, eyes closed, open mouthed wincing as my cock drives deep inside her asshole. The sight of her riding me like this is amazing! So Hot!!

Then with out warning she tells me ” Under the towel on the nightstand grab the blue jelly and some lube.” I lean way over and lift the towel to find a 7 or 8 inch long by 1 or 1 1/4 inch skinny blue jelly dildo with a nut sac. She gets me to lube it up and I slide it slowly into her wet pussy. I grab it by the nuts and start fucking her with it while she grinds on my cock deep in her ass. I’m pounding her good with the jelly while she rides me fast and hard till she cums groaning loudly shuddering and shaking on my cock and her jelly friend. Fuck what a sight!! The face she makes when she cums is truly incredible. A vision of raw sexiness.

She adjusts, leans forward and we kiss one hell kaçak iddaa of a kiss before she turns around getting on her hands and knees between my legs with her ass facing me beckoning for me to do her from behind. The nightstand light is lighting her sweet ass perfectly. She says “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

I tease and say “Do you want me to fuck you from behind?”

She says “Yes.” I am stroking my cock now, as her ass a foot or so down the bed from my cock is a wickedly sexy sight.

I ask her “Do you want my cock in your ass? fucking you hard from behind?”

she says “Yes.”

“TELL ME!” I say in a stern voice.

“I want you to fuck my ass,fuck me from behind.”

Prove it I think to myself “Play with your ass for me.” I say. Lola does, teasing her little asshole with a finger eventually letting the tip slip in then she takes her hand away licks her fingers and proceeds to put a finger in deeply pumping her ass for awhile then she pulls it out and slips 2 fingers in her ass! fuck she’s a horny little anal slut! Then to my surprise after a minute of this, her pinkie gets added as well! 3 fingers in her ass! Holy shit what a show! I sit up and slide her jelly back into her pussy, pounding for all its worth… She groans as I punish her pussy with fast hard thrusts

I get up at this point I’m ready to pound her so fucking hard. I’m turned on FULLY! The volumes at ELEVEN! I get behind her and put the tip of my cock at her entrance and slide my cock deep into her ass with one smooth steady slow move.

“Fuck!” we both exclaim! The jelly’s still in her pussy so as I’m fucking her ass with hard thrusts my balls are smacking the jelly’s balls pushing it deeper into her pussy with every thrust of my own! Lola is getting double fucked again,her ass and pussy both filled and she loves it!

I fuck her good, as good as I can for as long as I can. Then I tense up and tell her not to move. I don’t want to blow my load yet. We stay perfectly still waiting for the moment to pass. It does but not the way she thinks it did. We stopped a second or two too late and in the stillness of being deep in her ass I now have a wildly quiet and intensely slow orgasm. My cum just oozing from my cock, no twitching or pumping just a slow free flowing release of cum deep into her ass.

After this blissful moment passes, I say nothing and continue to fuck her good and hard. She is cumming now too, her head raises up as she lets out a guttural deep low moan as her ass grips my cock like a vice. Lola flops down onto her belly to catch her breath. With her ass still up in the air I dive in, my tongue invading her now stretched asshole.

She wiggles and giggles as I eat her out after our fucking. I taste my cum mixed with her ass. My cum starts to leak from her ass so in a moment of pure nastiness I scoop it up with my finger lean over her and feed it to her! She laps it up and sucks my finger dry! I can’t believe I just did that nor can I believe that she just swallowed my load right from her ass!

Ah Lola you are such a dirty little cum slut!

Back to her ass. I pound it with my fingers and my tongue. Now seeing a bigger load start to leak out I have to use 2 fingers to catch it all. I scoop it all up and again I do the nasty and lean forward and watch this beautiful sexy prim and proper professional woman slurp up my cum right from her ass. Again she licks my fingers totally clean with vigor! Fuck she can be a dirty cum slut when she wants to be!

I am so fucking wound up! I dive back into her asshole with my tongue plunging in as deep as I can!! She loves this filthy nastiness and apparently SO DO I! I can’t get enough of this woman’s sweet tasting ass! With some more fingering and asking her to push it out of her I manage to get another glob to leak out of her ass scooping it up with my fingers I feed her the last of my load. What a naughty sight!

I go back to playing with her ass and kaçak bahis pussy which makes her raise herself up off the bed again some allowing me the angle to pound her pussy with first 2 then 3 fingers. She’s cumming again now panting and moaning begging me to go faster. She grips my three fingers deep inside her and cums hard! Moaning very loudly I Milk her by moving my fingers slightly and slowly.

Then something happens she gushes saying “Oh my god!!” She makes a puddle on the bed while I watch the juices trickle down her inner thighs highlighted in the nightstand light still pointed right at her ass. She tells me “I just gushed, Oh my god!” she flops back up onto the bed on her back after feeling the bed in disbelief and telling me “It’s so wet.”

I decide to go for more, with 3 fingers in her pussy and one teasing her ass I pound away and she absolutely goes off again, her whole body convulsing this time. She screams a deep low scream, squirting this time more so than her previous gush, her pussy squeezes my fingers as her juices spray all over my arms, her raised legs and her belly, and her tits! I quickly go down on her to lap up all of her sweet juices. I purposely coat my entire face in her cum. It tastes and smells so fucking great.

My face and beard are now soaked, I lap it all up till she pulls me away. She’s shuddering from the aftershocks and my licking. I crawl up on top of her and forcefully kiss her deep so she can taste her delicious cum from my mouth. Then I twist my head from side to side smearing her juices all over her own face. She’s still sticking her tongue out, now licking my face and beard clean.

I raise up and study her for a second she is pure sex right now. smiling that naughty smile her eyes piercing directly threw mine. Her face and neck and chest are fully flushed. She’s sweating and still panting, her chest heaving with every breath and her mouth and cheeks are wet and shiny with her cum!

She says “I have never done that before that was fucking awesome! I can’t believe you got me to squirt.That was incredible! I have never cum like that before, Ever!”

“I’m so glad I could do that for you.” I say with a smile. We cuddle as I stare at her, just enjoying watching her come down from her bliss……

As Lola winds down, she realizes I am gently stroking my still hard cock, with a wicked smile she gets between my legs and starts to lick my cock long and slow. I moan in appreciation as she starts to swallow me deep into her warm wet mouth. She pumps my cock with her hand while doing this it feels awesome!

Then she turns up the heat and goes for my balls again this time faster and faster till she sits up a bit to flash me a wicked smile before diving deep between my legs to start licking my asshole . It feels so good.I am jacking my cock hard and fast as her tongue snakes in and out of my sensitive hole. I am gonna shoot so I pull her face up to my cock. She swallows me but I pull it out of her mouth turning her head to the side slightly so I can jerk it while rubbing the tip on her mouth and cheek, looking up at me and smiling as I rub my cock on her face I loose control and dump my load on her. She moves her head quickly from side to side so my load is shooting and smearing all over her face. When I’m done she has cum on both cheeks and a large load smeared around her mouth dripping from her bottom lip and chin.

I love my little cum slut girlfriend!!!!

We eventually must get out of bed. She rolls off her low bed onto her knees, stretched out leaning over the bed with her ass up in the air while I get up and start looking for my clothes, I find my jeans behind her on the floor and can’t help but stare at her sexy ass once more as I pull my jeans up.

She is quiet and seems off in dreamland. Quiet and still with her head lying on the bed then she raises it to feel and look around to find the two now soaking wet spots on the comforter where she just squirted. Then to my complete surprise she buries her face in the bigger wet spot and sniffs in a deep breath taking in her scent one more time.

I smile knowing that this was a session neither one of us will ever forget…

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