An Eventful Night


“Be back…” Hmm, I waited a moment and started to play the night out in my head, if everything turned out for the best, it would be a very long night.

“Tomorrow.” I finished up the note with, “Have fun,” and placed it on the desk. I smiled at the thought of Nick actually being in the same room with a girl on a matter that wasn’t school related. But I wasn’t going to sit and think about my roommate’s night when I had my own ahead of me. I was psyched I was going to get to go out with Brittney. I had seen Brittney around the school earlier before, and like any other man who had seen her, the thought of “hitting it,” for lack of a better term was the first to pop into my head. I had felt a little apprehensive at the thought of asking her out at first. Although a couple of weeks had passed since Erika and I had split up after we both realized we were just using each other to get over our old relationships and thought we had fallen in love.

I guess I could say I matured after that little experience, I was thinking less with the head in my pants and more with the one on my shoulders. Earlier in the day while I was hanging out in the cafeteria with a couple of friends, I saw Brittney again. She was certainly one of the most attractive girls I had ever laid eyes on. She stood tall, a majority of it due to her long legs, covered by a pair of ripped blue jeans. Her breasts weren’t terrible either, you could definitely grab a handful and still have some to spare. Brittney’s most attributable feature to her beauty was definitely her hair. Blonde, slightly curled, and reaching down to just past her shoulders and just about the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. She had on a blue tank top that didn’t do much to hide her figure, I fantasized about the two of us together and me peeling off each strap…I had decided to try and talk to her and see what comes of it. I saw her sitting down alone at a table a couple of yards away, so I started walking and approached her, when I came to her table

“Hey, you’re in my biology class. Brittney right? I was wondering if you could help me out with one of our assignments.”

“Sure, it’d be my pleasure.” She took out her biology book and opened it to the chapter on the digestive system, thankfully, she was paying attention when Mr. Stanton was discussing it.

I pointed out the matter I needed “help” on, our paper regarding the process of eating, which includes the stomach growling that triggers the “I’m hungry” thought that leads to eating the food you want, digesting said food, and what happens during digestion. She cleared up the matter for me with a smile.

“Great, I had the whole thing done except for that one part, thanks a lot.” Brittney closed the book and put it away into her bag. Among the things in her bag, I noticed she carried a Game Boy Advance, which was surprising, I never saw a girl who had one. “You have a Game Boy?” A curious smile revealed itself as I leaned my head to the side to get a better look at the blue square. Brittney giggled and answered, “Guilty as charged. I’m a gaming nut, believe it or not.” I tried to hide my expression of excitement, but failed. “Wow!” I exclaimed, “That’s pretty cool! What’re you playing?” I never felt this excited over such a trivial thing in my life, with the exception of a few other things, but it’s hard to find a girl who plays videogames, let alone one who’s good at them. Brittney took out the GBA and told me she was playing Metroid: Zero Mission and that she was almost finished.

“Nice. I’ve been thinking about getting it, how do you like it so far?” Contrary to me initial beliefs, Brittney and I had a lot in common. Videogames, music tastes, and by coincidence we were both reading the same book, Hagekure. I kept my head level though, as hard as it might’ve been, I knew she wasn’t my soul mate after a couple of minutes of conversation. But maybe it was a good enough time to ask for a date, it was Friday after all. I didn’t want to come off desperate or like I had planned asking her, but I prepared for the worst in any case.

“Say Brittney, I was wondering, if you weren’t doing anything later on, you’d like to go out?” As I asked her out, my eyes moved from looking away and slowly made contact with hers, a small smile emerging from the corner of my mouth. Brittney looked at me for a moment, turned away, closed her eyes, and finally said,

“Sure, I’d love to. Only under one condition though.” Brittney raised an index finger up.

“I guarantee a good time, if that’s what it is.” I said, trying for a laugh. Brittney smiled and said,

“No, but that’s good to hear. You have a roommate right?” I nodded yes, “Well, my friend Brenda has been kind of feeling down lately and I don’t want her to be alone tonight, so I was thinking you could set her up with your roommate. Can you do that? Here she comes now.” Brittney pointed to Brenda, walking toward us from the south entrance of the cafeteria. I took a quick note of her features to relay back to casino şirketleri Nick.

“Sure I can do that, poor guy needs to socialize more anyway, this’ll be a good wake up call for him.” As I finished speaking, Brenda sat down at the opposite end of the table from me and started burying herself in a book.

“Great! Just let him know and call me for the details. And we’ll set up our little date as well, alright?” I smiled, nodded, and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

“See ya later tonight.”

I headed back to the room and told Nick what was going on, after a little coaxing, he agreed. After he left to take a shower, I called Brittney to tell her the date was on.

“Wonderful! I’ll make it easy for him, what’s your dorm and room?” I gave her the information and she finalized up the details for our night out, as well as keeping Brenda happy. The night was going to be simple enough, get some dinner and maybe find a party here on campus. After finishing up the note, I headed to the showers in another one of the dorms, I didn’t want to run into Nick again and risk him having second thoughts. After a refreshing shower, shave, and spraying myself with a healthy amount of cologne, I set out to meet the lovely Brittney. I carried myself in a way that made some girls notice, which was nice, but there was only one girl I was interested in that night.

As I arrived at Brittney’s dorm, I saw the door open and a woman emerge, I looked a little closer and saw it was Brenda. On her way to see Nick, no doubt. As she approached, Brenda passed me by in the hallway and I caught a glimpse of her outfit, an orange top and black skirt, not looking out to impress anybody I suppose. Our eyes met for a brief moment and we both continued on our ways. She had a peculiar look in her eyes, I couldn’t understand what it was, but I’m sure Nick was going to have a nice night. The date would do him some good, if he read anymore pages on the super id, his head probably would explode. I kept walking and finally arrived at Brittney’s dorm, knocking on the door.

“Just a moment!” Brittney said, her voice vaguely masked by the door. Thoughts raced through my head. Was she going to be the one? Was tonight going to be the best thing to ever happen to me or just a crash and burn? Were we going to end up happily ever after and grow to see our final days together? OK, maybe it’s a little too early to tell all of that. I took a deep breath and started darting my eyes around. I had just noticed that there was a discoloration on the ceiling where it met the wall when the door swung open.

Brittney came into my view with a smile and a look of anticipation. I certainly was going to do my best to not disappoint her. Avoiding any uncomfortable silences, I opened my mouth and said, “You look great, but I don’t really have to tell you that.” She received the compliment with a smile and the one on my face grew a little bigger. Brittney gestured for me to come in and I did so. The room itself was just like any other dorm on campus, it looked the dorm that Nick and myself resided in, just big enough to house two people, but not much else for any special additions. The walls were decorated with various drawings which I made note of, a couple of family photos, and various knick knacks that made the dorm their own.

“Would you like to sit down? We don’t have to leave right away.” Brittney sat down on a bed and motioned for me to take a seat next to her, which I did. Attempting to draw up a conversation, I asked her,

“Did you draw those?” I said, pointing at a section of the wall covered with pencil drawings. They were of cats, all kinds, from a household tabby down to a leopard perched in a tree, its eyes staring back out at the viewer in an almost hypnotic gaze.

“Yeah, I got a thing for cats.” She said under a small giggle, “That one is my favorite.” Brittney pointed toward the drawing of the leopard.

“It’s a great drawing, very detailed. I wish I were good at drawing, but I never manage to make it past stick figures. Oh well, I guess we all have our talents, don’t we?” That was a good line, established easy-going personality, a little self humor, I thought. Turning back from the drawing, I looked at Brittney, who’s eyes were staring at mine, not unlike the leopard she had drawn. We both just looked at each other for a moment before I smiled and slowly advanced toward her, leaning my head to the side. Brittney reciprocated and did the same. Our lips finally touched softly and we kissed for a moment. It wasn’t an intense kiss, but it was surely a sign of good things to come that night. We pulled away slowly, a soft *smack* as we finally relinquished the connection of our lips.

As I opened my eyes, they saw Brittney’s big green eyes, they were like emeralds against the rather bland brown ones that I possessed. My eyes wandered a bit south saw her beautiful breasts being bound by the black shirt she had on, when I looked back at her face, she was shaking her casino firmaları head, smiling though.

“All good things come to those who wait. Now why don’t we go out and have a good time?” She took my hand and we both left the room, I had a feeling things would only get better from here. For dinner I took her to a nice little Italian café a few blocks away, we ate and talked for a bit. Both she and I learned more about each other, she learned more about my obsession for good food and that I was wild about reading. I learned more about Brittney’s drawing ability, she started when she was 11 with simple things like a jungle with small little things that were supposed to resemble animals, she progressed into a better and better artist and eventually integrated her love for the feline into her hobby, or her passion, as she liked to refer to it.

After a nice meal, we headed back to the dorms and searched for a party. We had grown more comfortable around each other and Brittney allowed me to put my arm over her shoulder and hold her. As we walked the path between the science building and the administrative building, I started a conversation with Brittney.

“You know, I never asked you this, but what’s your major?” I slowed my walk and turned to look at her.

“Oh, I’m actually majoring in English, I haven’t really decided what I want to do yet, but in time…” She paused a moment and looked up at the full moon, bright and white as could be. Rather than looking at the moon, I admired her face, bathed in the moonlight, aided with scattered lamp posts. Her slightly tanned skin became more radiant and her eyes reflected the moon within their pupils, with just that hint of green still present. I must have been out of it for a second there, because the next thing I knew, Brittney was staring right back at me. Her face reflecting a “I caught you” type of look, I responded by smiling and brushing a gathering of hair from her face. Crooking my head slightly, I said,

“Well, we should we get walking if we’re going to find a party.” I looked away toward a dorm, but rather than the both of us walking, Brittney tugged on my arm.

“Actually, I’m a little tired…Do you mind if we just go back to my room?” Ooh, she said “we,” tonight was getting better and better.

We strolled leisurely back to her dorm room, enjoying the warm summer night, lit by the full moon and the brighter stars that stood out that night. Rather than having my arm over her shoulder, I held her hand instead, which she had taken care of. Her hands were devoid of calluses, blisters, and any other attributes that would take away from the soft, smooth feeling that I felt when I held her hand. She squeezed just a light tighter and I responded with my own squeeze and a smile.

We finally made it to her dorm, but before she opened the door, she knocked. The reason became apparent after a few moments had passed.

“I doubt Nick has done something horribly wrong to send Brenda back here already. He’s a shy, socially inept guy, yes, but he’s probably the nicest guy I know. Give him some credit.” I said in my most promoting voice. Brittney agreed and opened the door, giving me the “after you” signal, I graciously accepted the gesture and made my way into the familiar room.

I sat down on Brittney’s bed and looked back at her, she had closed the door and sat down next to me, kicking off her shoes.

“You can take your shoes off too if you like.” She picked her shoes up and placed them just under the bed. I took my shoes as well and placed them under the bed also. A minute passed where we both just sat and twiddled our thumbs, I didn’t want this. The night had gone so well, it’d be a disaster now if I didn’t say anything. Problem was, I couldn’t think of anything else but, “You up for a rousing game of truth or dare?”

Brittney looked me a bit strangely, but I could read a bit of curiosity in her eyes as well. But I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry,

“I mean…forget it. I don’t know why I said that.” Shaking my head and laughing a bit nervously. Why was I acting this way? I need to relax. I took a deep breath and as I exhaled, I heard Brittney say, “Sure, I’d love to play. Shall I start?” My eyes widened in surprise as I looked back at Brittney, she was smiling, almost mischievously.

“By all means, please do.” I smiled, giving her the go ahead. It didn’t take Brittney long to ask, “Truth or dare?”

I thought about and weighed each consequence of the response I would choose, but eventually I settled on, “Dare…I like a challenge.”

“Ooh, aren’t we a little headstrong?” Brittney said in a somewhat mocking tone of voice, to which I responded with, “Well, I do like to try.” The mood in the room was lighthearted, I knew if I wasn’t going to get laid, I would at least have a chance for another night out with her.

“Well, I dare you to…take off your pants and shirts.” I was a bit perplexed at her request, but I figured, why not, it’s güvenilir casino not like I wasn’t in shape. I stood up and began to unbutton the shirt I had on. Once I had removed it, I took off the undershirt I had on as well. After I did, Brittney started fanning her face and cheered me on. I threw the shirts onto Brenda’s bed and started unbuckling my belt and took off my pants, both going onto Brenda’s bed as well. I sat back onto the bed, nothing on but my socks and boxers.

“Ta-da.” I threw up my hands and smiled at Brittney, who had obviously enjoyed watching me undress.

“Bravo, guess it wasn’t a bad suggestion, was it? Your turn.” Brittney shifted herself to lie on her stomach, her arms crossed just underneath her breasts, pushing them and her cleavage into view. I felt a small twinge in the my boxers.

“Truth or da…” Before I could finish, Brittney already interrupted me and chose truth. I had to take a second to think of a good question, but rather than dive into some weird childhood question, I decided to ask her, “Is there any particular reason you asked me to undress?”

“Well, I wanted to see whether or not there was more to that pretty-boy face of yours. And as I can see, yes there is.” She gave me a once over and smirked, almost like she was victorious in something. Ignorant to what her motives were, I just went along and laughed.

“Truth or dare?” Brittney asked, now twirling her curly blonde hair with a finger. I figured if she had something in mind for me, I’d want to tease her by not folding as fast as she thought I might, so I chose truth. Before Brittney imposed her question, she started to laugh, but it eventually subsided and she asked her question.

“Do you jerk off?”

I could see why she laughed. I guess she thought it to be a silly question, it was common enough to be used in truth or dare, so I didn’t have much of a problem answering.

“Yeah, of course I do. I’d probably go nuts if I didn’t!” I laughed a little and arranged myself from a sitting position to lying up against a bed post. It was a bit awkward, since my crotch was now within eye level of Brittney, who was smiling at me.

“You don’t have much of a problem with disclosure, do you?” Brittney asked, head cocked to the side, she lowered her body onto her arms a big more, increasing the visible cleavage line. That all too familiar stirring in my shorts began to occur once more.

“Well, if it’s for a beautiful girl like yourself, I wouldn’t have much of a problem saying or doing anything.”

“Hmm…I’ll keep that in mind. It’s your turn, and I’ll take a dare this time.”

I took my time thinking up a good dare for her, but turnabout is fair play after all.

“Well, I dare you to remove YOUR pants and shirt.” It was like she was waiting for me to ask this from the get-go. Pushing up, she got onto her knees and began shedding her shirt, removing it in one quick motion, exposing her bouncing, bra covered breasts. I could feel my heart beating ever faster as I just watched in absolute focus. Next came her pants, black and looked to be too small for her, she unbuttoned and unzipped the fly and hooked her thumbs into each side, pushing each side down in turn. As the front of her white thong was then exposed to me, I felt a small smile creep through the corner of my mouth as I continued to check out Brittney’s magnificent body. She was by no means a perfect female form, but then again, who really cares about a few extra pounds here and there? Her stomach was flat, although no muscle tone was visible. This fact was obscured due to the fact her breasts were so impressive. I hadn’t noticed it before, mostly because she had ontops that didn’t show off her chest, I was kind of glad they didn’t, added a lot of surprise to my reaction.

Brittney had finished her undressing and sat similar to me and signaled her finish with her own, “Ta-da.” I laughed quietly and shook my head, smiling at her. It was hard to look at her face when her breasts just sat there, half exposed and just staring me in the face, but I managed. Although I tried and managed to look Brittney in the eyes, I found her own directed toward my crotch.

“Ahem…” Brittney gasped and turned away. Using the moment to my advantage, I decided to make a move and began to stroke her leg with my foot. Brittney went from turning away to shutting her eyes and resting a head on her pillow, letting a pleasured sigh. Smiling at my result, I decided to continue the game, “Truth or dare?” I asked, still stroking her leg. Brittney emitted a smile and giggled, but it hadn’t hindered her answer, “Truth.”

I decided that this would be the best moment to escalate the night, so I asked her, “Tell me what you’re thinking.” I said, slowing the stroking of her leg.

“Hmm…I’m thinking we should quit with the games and get down to business.” Brittney opened her eyes and looked at my own, then down to my crotch again. I responded by smiling and staring at her breasts, “I couldn’t agree more…” Shifting around I started crawling toward her, leaning closer to her face as I closed my approach. When we had finally gotten face to face, I didn’t give her a chance to say anything, and I just started to kiss her.

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