An Historical Birching.


An Historical Birching.Janice was lucky.She had been looking for employment for a few months now and when she heard the The Monastery of Repentance had a vacancy for a cleaner she decided to apply.She was successful.Janice was set the task of cleaning the library and private rooms of the Nun’s and Monk’s,she was paid a good wage ,the only draw back came when her work was deemed not up to scratch,then Janice found herself over the knee of Prioress Gertrude.Janice loved cleaning in the library,especially by day when all the Nun’s and Monk’s were far too busy.Janice would wander around the bookshelves ,dusting,it took her the best part of the day to clean the library,it was a long,wide room filled with bookshelves and cosy corners where one could spend an afternoon reading in peace.When Janice was sure there was no one in the library she liked to take down one of the’ Annals of Repentance’ and read about the punishment dished out to some poor unlucky boy or girl,she noticed that the’ Annals of Repentance’ dated back to 1607.It was a wintry Monday morning outside when Janice was left alone in the library,she walked along the long shelf filled with Annal’s and decided to just pick one.She chose an Annal dated 1610. Janice took a seat in one of the luxurious chairs and rested the large Annal on the table.She was very careful to open the book.As she browsed through the book she came across a large heading which read ,’ THE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT OF LADY AMY OF CAHIR’. Janice was intrigued. She turned the next page and read;”‘I am Abbot Proctor and I here commit to the Annal a description of the chastisement of My Lady Amy of Cahir. Lady Amy was sent to the Monastery by her Father Confessor who advised me that Lady Amy could learn from a good chastisement.Lady Amy knew in advance of her visit that she would be flagellated for her errant and wicked ways. I sat on my chair in the punishment room with me was Prioress Hilda a Nun who has served our parish well when it comes to the discipline of the wicked. I had asked the good Prioress to be present and to administer the birching to Lady Amy. At the appointed time I heard the carriage of Lady Amy arrive.I watched from my window as she dismounted her carriage and looked up ,our eyes met for a brief moment before she followed Bro.Anselm,who would direct her to my room.I informed Prioress Hilda that Lady Amy had arrived and was on her way to receive her just punishment.I watched as Prioress Hilda grasped a very fine birch rod that was resting on the table next to her.I could see the Prioress Hilda was smiling ever so slightly.I decided it best to not question the Prioress as to her smile and instead took my maltepe escort seat.I became aware of footsteps and after a few moments Bro.Anselm knocked,I bid him enter and he annouced,”Lady Amy of Cahir,my Lord Abbot and my Lady’s servant Miss Esther.I happened to glance in the direction of Prioress Hilda who was staring at Lady Amy as she entered the room.Lady Amy glanced to her right and saw Prioress Hilda holding the birch rod,Lady Amy no doubt knew that she would be feeling this rod across her bare posterior,she looked uncomfortable.Both Lady Amy and her servant Miss Esther performed a curtsey before me.”My Lord Abbot,I thank you for taking the time to see me,I understand what must happen and I submit myself to thine will “, Lady Amy said in a measured tone,it was clear that she had practised this sentence over and over.”My Lady Amy,I have listened to what your Father Confessor has told me and both he and I agree that you would greatly benefit from chastisement at the hands of Prioress Hilda”, I said and then continued, “It has been decided that 20 firm lashes of the birch be applied to your naked posterior.”Lady Amy looked at Prioress Hilda and addressed her as follows;” My good Lady Prioress,I will not flinch,I understand that you have some experience in matters of discipline and thus I commend myself to your capable hands,and birch.Think not of me as a coward,but as a strong woman able to take the punishment that is due”,”My Lady ,I will endeavor to wield the birch with great accuracy and in a just and kind way,as a confessor to a penitent,” prioress Hilda said,she looked quite flushed and had a thin smile along her narrow lips.”My Lord Abbot I am ready to receive”,Lady Amy said.”Very well my Lady,I want you to bend over that table”, I indicated to the large table on her right,” and prepare yourself,” I ordered.”My servant Esther will assist me,I trust you have no objections my Lord Abbot?” Lady Amy said as she moved to the table and began to bend over.”None,my Lady Amy”.I watched as Miss Esther began to raise the long skirts of Lady Amy to reveal her white legs and thighs.With the skirts firmly raised and resting on Lady Amy’s back,I watched her servant undo her Ladies pantaloons and in a moment I saw it,the white,pure ,firm posterior of Lady Amy.I glanced at Prioress Hilda,there was that smile again and her eyes seemed to have grown large,Prioress Hilda seemed transfixed on the bare bottom before her that was waiting for her birch to fall on it.I stood up and walked to the head of the table,I couldn’t resist a delightful glance at the naked posterior.I looked down at Lady Amy and said, “My Lady,do you repent all your sins?”Lady escort maltepe Amy looked up at me,there was a look of nervousness in her hazel eyes, “Yes,my Lord Abbot,I repent,I place myself at your mercy,please have mercy on me,a poor sinner,my Lord Abbot”, she pleaded.I was in doubt that Lady Amy could bear the whole 20 lashes besides she did look repentant .” I have decided to show you a measure of mercy my Lady,I have decided that you will receive 12 lashes and not 20,” as I said this I glanced at Prioress Hilda who look disappointed all of a sudden,I couldn’t help but think that the good Prioress wanted to administer the full 20 as she enjoyed administering corporal punishment to the ladies who repented .”Thank you my Lord Abbot,I will bear the 12 lashes with grace and gratitude,” and then Lady Amy said, “Please my Lady Prioress don’t hold back on the vigor with which you deliver each lash”.”My Lady I will bring the birch to bear with sufficient vigor to teach you a lesson,” the Prioress said,tapping the birch off her left hand as she grasped it firmly in her right.I retook my seat and said, “Lady Prioress you may begin”.”Thank you,my Lord Abbot,” Prioress Hilda said,with a hint of excitement in her voice, as she approached Lady Amy.I watched as the Prioress raised up the ugly looking birch and brought it down with once swift and forceful swing on Lady Amy’s posterior.Lady Amy’s servant looked away and bit her bottom lip.The next lash landed on my Lady’s beautiful posterior causing her to cry softly and her servant to jump. “Keep a firm grasp of your Lady’s skirts,they are getting in my way,you insolent servant girl”,Prioress Hilda admonished Miss Esther.I watched as Lady Amy’s servant took a firm grasp of her Lady’s skirts but at the same time looked towards the door, the poor girl did not have the stomach to watch the birching taking place at the hands of Prioress Hilda.The strokes of the birch rained down on Lady Amy’s bare posterior. By the seventh stroke the Lady Amy was crying,tears dripped from her face onto the floor.As the birch licked her posterior again,Lady Amy’s screams filled the room.I could see that Prioress Hilda was enjoying the event much more than Lady Amy was.The poor servant girl was wincing at every stroke.”I will not warn you again,you insolent girl,hold your Lady’s skirts up or I will thrash you,” Prioress Hilda yelled at the servant girl.”I am sorry my Lady Prioress,” came the meek reply.Prioress Hilda brought the birch down again and again.Lady Amy was indeed suffering,tears were causing a little puddle on the floor and she began to beg, “Please Lady Prioress,lay on me,I promise I will mend my ways,please maltepe escort bayan Lord Abbot give me absolution,I have suffered rightly”, she said between cries as the birch licked her naked posterior again and again.The final lash of the birch was deliver with as much strength as the good Prioress could muster.Lady Amy screamed a shrill,piercing scream which rang in my ears and was no doubt heard by anyone who was outside the room.I stood up and went to Lady Amy as Prioress Hilda retreated to the window,smiling,sweating,looking very flushed but still grasping the birch rod.Lady Amy’s bare posterior was lined with ugly, raised red lines;her posterior looked very sore.”I absolve you of your sins,as a further penance you will recite the Lords’s Prayer ten time and the Hail Mary fifteen times,” I ordered.”Yes,My Lord Abbot,thank you,” Lady Amy said between sniffles.”You may help your Lady dress,” I said to the servant girl,Esther,who was shaking,I believe with fear that Prioress Hilda would birch her too.Once dressed Lady Amy turned to face Prioress Hilda and I.”Thank you my Lord Abbot and Lady Prioress,I am most grateful for the attention you both have showed to me,” she said as she bowed low before us.Lady Amy and her servant were shown out by Bro.Anselm who returned once Lady Amy was seated,rather uncomfortably in her carriage I have no doubt, with a note from the Bishop with a list of names of ‘Ladies of high order and wicked ways that must receive the discipline without delay’.I read the list of names and handed the list to Prioress Hilda,a smile of deep satisfaction appeared on her thin lips as she still grasped the birch rod”‘.Janice thought she heard a noise and hurriedly replaced the Annal on it’s shelf.She grabbed her duster and began to dust the shelves again.As she reached the end of the library she became transfixed by a painting;was it,no it couldn’t be,wait it really was;Janice moved closer and read the inscription at the bottom of the painting,it read, ‘PRIORESS HILDA,PRIORESS OF THE MONASTERY OF REPENTANCE,AD 1570-1650. Next to the painting of the Prioress was a painting of a girl with a full round face and a cheeky look in her eyes.The inscription at the bottom of that painting read ;LADY AMY OF CAHIR,1587-1670,A Generous Benefactor of THE MONASTERY OF REPENTANCE.Janice spent sometime looking at both paintings; ,the painting of Prioress Hilda,the strict disciplinarian and Lady Amy the girl who was 23 years old when she suffered the birch at the hands of Prioress Hilda,now both their images stood side by side.Janice could only surmise why Lady Amy became a benefactor of the Monastery;she wondered did Lady Amy suffer more beatings at the hands of Prioress Hilda while Lord Abbot Proctor watched on. As Janice continued her dusting her mind turned to Lady Amy’s servant,she hoped that the servant girl,Esther escaped the clutches of the Prioress and her birch rod.

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