An Invite… Saturday



“Mmmmmm, oh that felt good,” Meg murmured as she stretched her arms over her head, her breasts freshly wet from Vic’s sucking mouth, her nipples still hard from Vic’s flicking tongue.

What it was that caused Meg to murmur of what felt good was that Vic had just given Meg a good-morning, wake-up, pussy licking that started Meg’s day with a body-shuddering orgasm.

Meg was brought out of a deep sleep of sexual fatigue from last night’s activities by the sucking of her breasts. Opening her eyes slowly and seeing the top of Vic’s head as Vic sucked on her tits hungrily, Meg had closed her eyes again, giving into the wave of delicious feelings that Vic was producing for her.

Lifting her head, her lips red and wet from her suckling, Vic cooed, “Morning sunshine, feel like some coffee?”

“That’d work,” Meg answered in a sexually satisfied voice full of contentment, her fingers now twirling Vic’s tresses casually.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a sec with a couple of mugs of deliciousness,” Vic said softly as she moved to leave the bed.

“Come here,” Meg cooed softly, placing her hands on the sides of Vic’s head, pulling it towards her own, “Momma needs a kiss.”

They kissed deeply, Meg’s mouth opened to Vic’s tongue, the taste of Meg’s own pussy-juices causing Meg to suck on Vic’s tongue as if she were sucking cock.

“Let me get our coffee, baby…there’s time for a little pussy after we’ve had our coffee, okay?” Vic said as she broke their lustful kiss.

“Is that a threat?” Meg teased.

“Nope, that’s a fucking promise.”

Vic was true to her word…

It was just after noon when Meg finally left Vic’s loft to pick up her car from the parking garage and drive home. The plan was for Meg to get a change of clothes, her toiletries, and to get back to Vic’s place for another night of sex.

No, there were no bones about it, it was for another night of uninhibited sex for the both of them, nothing deeper than that.

Vic was in the finishing touches of changing her sheets for round two that night with Ms. Meg when her phone rang.

“Hey, just checking to see if we were still on for tonight,” The feminine voice said after Vic answered her phone.

Shit! It was Maddie, the pizza-gal, shit! Vic had completely forgotten about her. What the fuck? She had Meg coming back and…

“You there?” Maddie queried to the silence.

“Yeah, yeah,” Vic stammered, trying to figure out what to do about her quandary, “I’m sorry I was just in the middle of something and my mind wasn’t with you for a second.”

“Oh, sorry, I won’t keep you. What about it? We still on?” Maddie pressed further.

Oh damn, what the fuck do I do now, Vic thought in panic. Well, fuck it, not many options other than the truth Vic finally decided.

“I hope so, but…but, here’s the thing,” Vic mustered the courage to say, “my pizza-eating partner from last night, well, she’s coming back to spend the night again, and, well, there’s really no way to cancel that…” Vic’s voice sorta’ trailing off at the end of her rushed explanation.

There was a pregnant silence from Maddie’s end, an eight-hundred pound gorilla suddenly a part of the telephone connection.

“Maddie? You there?” Vic said with a bit of trepidation that Maddie had just quietly hung up upon hearing of the snag in their plans.

“Yeah, I’m here, I’m just thinking,” Maddie said slowly as if in the middle of a thought or decision.

“Does your friend like body art too?” Maddie finally asked, the question seemingly signaling that Maddie might be okay with another person present for the ‘unveiling’ of her body art.

“I really don’t know if she does or not,” Vic answered honestly, “I guess there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

“If she’s your friend, I’m pretty sure you both share the same tastes,” Maddie remarked, which left Vic wondering if the comment was an innuendo of some sort.

“Tell you what, she and I will fix dinner for the three of us, share some wine and just see where the evening goes, how’s that sound?” Vic suggested in hopes of allaying any doubts that Maddie might be having about the party of two now being a party of three.

“Any problem with sharing a little bit of smoke?” Maddie asked in response.

“Not as far as I’m concerned,” Vic replied, “But, I can’t speak for my friend.”

“See you at seven,” Maddie said abruptly, catching Vic somewhat by surprise.

“Uh, okay, seven it is,” Vic replied, stumbling a bit with her words, a dial-tone in her ear after she said it.

Huh! Well, this should be interesting, Vic thought as she stood, staring at the phone in her hand.

For Maddie, the news that there would be another person at Vic’s almost made her change her mind.

She had caught the vibes from Vic the night before about wanting to see ‘all’ of Maddie’s body art and she was reasonably sure that her visit to Vic would wind up with both of them in bed and fucking.

But, when Vic said her pizza-eating bahis firmaları partner was coming back to spend another night, Maddie saw it as confirmation that Ms. Vic was probably into women and pussy.

That her guest was coming back for another night also signaled to Maddie that Vic was probably pretty damned good in bed and that thought sent a flash of warmth to her crotch.

So it’d be the three of them, Maddie thought to herself, all the better she’d decided, more pussy for everybody if it went that way.

And Maddie was quite sure it would, indeed, go that way…

Meg certainly had a lot to think about on the drive home, her mind busily tossing last night’s events around in her head. She wasn’t regretting anything about last night but it was more that she was surprised at the turn of events. She had no idea that she would like eating pussy but there it was.

She liked pussy, plain and simple. Liked it so much that she was going back tonight for seconds and probably thirds and fourths if last night was any indicator.

Didn’t really know how this new thing would impact her marriage. Probably wouldn’t, knowing her hubby. Hmmph, she thought further, knowing him, he’ll probably want to watch me and Vic having sex.

Hmmm, she thought, I wonder if Vic…she let that thought trail off in her head, making a mental note to ask Vic about that should the subject come up after she told her husband of her tryst with Vic while he was off fishing.

Of course, she’d tell him. That was all part of it, part of their kink. Thinking further on their kink, she’d realized that after that first time of picking up a stranger and blowing him, she certainly didn’t discourage her husband when he brought it up again.

Meg smiled as she thought about all of this, smiled at the quick memory-flashes of some of their trysts, she and her husband. When he suggested doing it again, a few weeks after she had paid off her Super Bowl bet, she didn’t answer him right away.

“You serious?” She finally asked after a few minutes of just staring at him after he said it.

“Yeah, I think so,” He had replied, “it was really kinda’ hot watching you suck another guy’s dick.”

“Kinda’ hot sucking another guy’s dick while you watched, if I’m going to be truthful,” Meg had finally said in reply to his comment, “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun for me too.”

“So, you in?” He had pressed.

“Yeah, I’m in,” Meg concurred.

That second time was the first time Meg had sucked a black man. Meg had spotted him sitting, alone, at the bar of the lounge she and her husband had picked as a possibility to find a ‘pick-up’.

Meg had noticed that he was a really good-looking, light-skinned, black man and for whatever reason, it tripped her trigger. They’d sat next to him at the bar, conversation ensued and thirty minutes after sitting next to him, she was sucking his thick black cock in the back seat of her husband’s car while her husband watched from the front seat.

Just before her ‘date’ was about to bust his nut, her husband quietly suggested that Meg should let him fuck her as well.

She did, riding his thick, black cock in the backseat of her husband’s SUV to a body-shaking, mind-blowing orgasm that had her screaming aloud in the dark parking lot of that bar.

From that time forward, about half of their forays into their ‘kink’ usually involved a bbc. Meg smiled at that thought as she was pulling into her garage.

Hubby had left a message that the fishing was good and the boys voted to stay an extra day and that he’d be home sometime Monday night.

Meg smiled when she had played the message, smiled at the thought of having more time with Vic now.

Yep, no doubt about it Meg thought as she put together her ‘stuff’ for the trip back to Vic’s, I’m quickly falling in love with pussy-eating. So much so, Meg thought of a couple of her friends that she’d like to get into the sack, especially Marj, the new Afro-American paralegal in her pool. She fleetingly wondered if black pussy was as good as black cock, something she ought to check out, she thought in the moment.

Laughing to herself as she threw her bag into her car for the drive back to Vic’s, she’d decided that she just might have to test the waters with Ms. Marj…

“The pizza delivery gal?” Meg asked, not sure that she had heard Vic correctly.

“Yep, you remember, I told you about her arm-art when we were eating the pizza last night,” Vic explained further.

She had waited until she and Meg had a second glass of wine before springing the news on her about their ‘guest’ tonight.

“Yeah, I remember all that…” Meg said impatiently, “So you were going to dump me for a ‘maybe’?”

“Who the fuck said anything about dumping anyone?” Vic fired back, a little pissed until she realized that Meg was pulling her chain after Meg started giggling.

“Bitch!” Vic said loudly, laughing afterwards.

“So how do you know that she likes women?” Meg asked after she took a sip kaçak iddaa of her wine, savoring its full body.

“Kinda’ caught a vibe from her so I thought I’d take a shot. Hell, I was only hoping to get in your pants yesterday, I had no idea I’d be successful,” Vic laughingly replied.

“Yeah, me either,” Meg chuckled, “But, there it is, you were quite successful at getting into my pants.”

“Glad I did, sweetie, that’s some really good pussy you carry around with you,” Vic smilingly responded.

“Yeah, I’m glad you did too,” Meg agreed, and leaning towards Vic sitting next to her at Vic’s counter, Meg gave Vic a very sweet and very wet kiss to the lips.

“So does this Maddie know I’ll be here as well?” Meg asked when they parted their lips.

“Yep. Gave her an out if she wasn’t comfortable with it but her only question was whether or not you liked body-art.”

“Take it or leave it, not something I would do for myself but, if others want to do it, no skin off my butt,” Meg said in answer to the question.

“What’s the plan after we eat and such? View her body-art and then politely ask her if she’d like to fuck the two of us? That the plan?” Meg asked.

“Hell, I honestly don’t know, honey…let’s just let the evening play out and see what happens, okay? But, in case it looks like it might go that way, you’d be okay with a little three-way pussy eating?” Vic said in reply.

“Vic, two weeks ago I fucked and sucked two hung black men in front of my old man so, yeah, I’d be okay with a little three-way action,” Meg snickered in response.

Then standing afterwards, slipping an arm around Vic, she leaned in and whispered into Vic’s ear, “She’s coming over at seven, right? We’re doing grilled trout and steamed veggies, right?” Meg cooed into Vic’s ear followed by a trailing of her tongue along Vic’s neck.

“Yeeeaaah,” Vic cooed in return, moving her head around to accommodate Meg’s butterfly kisses on her neck and ear.

“Seems to me we have a little time to kill soooo…” Meg replied as she took Vic’s hand in hers, leading her back to the master suite.

“What’s your plan, Sam?” Vic teasingly asked.

“To spend a little quality sixty-nine time with my seductress,” Meg answered very matter-of-factly.

“That could work.”

Boy, did it work…

Vic answered the door when it chimed leaving Meg to finish up with the salad fixings. Meg heard the murmurings of conversation getting closer, turning when her name was called by Vic for introductions.

“Pleased to meet you, Maddie…I’d shake your hand or give you a hug of welcome but, as you can see, the mistress of the house has left me to do all the work,” laughing after she said it but noticing a little bit of a twinkle in Maddie’s blue eyes at the mention of the word ‘mistress’.

“Okay, that’s done, fish is about a minute from being perfect so, ladies, I think its time to fix some plates,” Meg announced as she rinsed her hands.

Dinner was superb, the wine was even better, and the vibes of such different personalities were in a harmonious mix on that Saturday night in the Mile-High City. They all did brief life-bios, Maddie being the last to do so.

“So, ultimately, when the band broke up, I was here, broke and had to find some scratch quickly which is how I wound up delivering pizza…that’s been a couple of years and now? Now, I manage the chain of four delivery operations, still filling in when needed, such as the other night when I delivered to you guys,” Maddie said as she ended her brief bio.

“Still chasing the music dream?” Meg asked, her interest piqued by the fact that Maddie was a musician.


“I hear that,” Meg said with no explanation.

Meg sort of took a back seat to the conversations going on and just observed. She was a bit taken by this young thing for some reason, she didn’t know why, just that she was.

Maddie was cute in a punky sort of way, not Goth, nothing that dark but, different, different in a good way, Meg thought.

Vic was right about her arm-art, it was spectacular with all of the detail and bright shades of colors. Her breasts were small, almost boyish small, Meg thought but on Maddie’s frame, more would have looked a bit freakish, Meg also thought.

“Meg, did you hear me?” Meg heard Vic’s voice say which snapped her out of her deep thought about Maddie, “I said, we’re going to go to the living room to view Maddie’s body-art, you coming?”

“Yes, of course, I was just sort of in la-la land from this excellent wine of yours,” Meg lied in reply.

“Then you’re going to love the smoke I brought,” Maddie contributed.

Meg perked up.

“Smoke? There’s going to be smoke and you didn’t see fit to tell me, why?” Meg asked Vic in a bit of a snit it seemed, “You were going to hog it all for yourself, weren’t you, bitch? Well, fuck you,” laughing when she couldn’t keep up the pretense of being angry.

“Yeah, like you fucking me would be some big punishment,” Vic laughingly replied, “Whip me, Beat kaçak bahis me, Make me write bad checks,” she teased further.

That comment made Maddie smile to herself, pleased that she had read the situation correctly and would probably end up fucking these two older broads.

The laughing trio settled into the living area of the loft, Vic poised near a control pad next to the fireplace.

“There are some lived-in lofts across the street, Maddie, want me to close the drapes?”

“Like I give a fuck, Vic,” Maddie snickered, “let ’em watch, we’ll give them a show.”

Well, okay then, Meg and Vic thought to themselves.

Maddie had turned up the lights so that the two women could really inspect her arm-art in detail. Both Meg and Vic were awe-struck at its beauty and fine lines and such.

“Here, you two sit here on the couch while I fire up this doobie so that you can be in the right frame of mind to see the rest, okay?” Maddie said as she kneeled in front of the two women, or as Maddie thought of them, her two dates.

Maddie fired up the fat-boy, passing it to Vic who passed it to Meg who passed it back to Maddie. And so it went until the potent weed was down to a roach-like nub.

“Oh Goddamnit, that shit’s good,” Meg proclaimed when she felt she could work her mouth to speak.

“Ain’t no shit about that, Sherlock,” Vic chimed in, her voice indicating a clearly stoned state-of-mind.

“Kinda’ the point, right?” Maddie said somewhat dreamily, her stone clearly showing as well, “and besides, sex is soooo much better when you’re stoned, right? And the whole point of you inviting me here tonight is that the both of you want to fuck me, right?”

Vic slowly nodded her head in agreement as did Meg, only a bit slower.

“I call the shots, got it?” Maddie declared, looking between the two women for an indication that they understood who was in control of the situation.

Once again, Meg and Vic nodded slowly in agreement with Maddie’s statement.

Moving a bit closer to the two women until she was kneeling right in front, she swiveled on her knees until her back was facing them.

Holding her arms above her head, Maddie said in a soft, but yet, commanding voice, “Take my tee off of me.”

Vic and Meg looked at each other but both reached and pulled Maddie’s tee off of her, revealing her naked back with a magnificent image of a large, gnarly oak tree whose limbs connected to Maddie’s arm-art.

“Oh Jesus, that’s beautiful, Maddie,” Vic said as she and Meg ran their fingers along the intricate lines and detail.

“I’m glad you like it,” Maddie said as she turned to face her ‘dates’, her bare bosom surrounded by body-art of leaves cupping her tits.

“Oh wow,” Meg finally found voice to say as she stared at the art and at Maddie’s naked tits, her hand reaching as if to touch but hesitating.

“Go ahead, you can touch ’em, I wouldn’t have turned around if I didn’t want you to touch them, Meg, go ahead, touch them, feel them, go ahead,” Maddie urged, her voice soft, yet firm.

Meg placed her hand under Maddie’s breast and slowly traced the art-work with her finger-tip, finally letting her hand come to rest over Maddie’s breast, her hand softly cupping it.

Reaching to Vic, Maddie placed Vic’s hand on her other breast, squeezing her own hand over Vic’s to make sure Vic knew what she was to do.

Kneeling upright, Maddie drew the women to her and, in turn, began trading kisses with them as they fondled her boobs.

Yeah, kinda’ thought it’d wind up like this, Maddie thought as she switched between Vic and Meg’s mouths, tongue-dancing with them both. She had been pretty sure if had been just Vic, they would have fucked but add a third, you just never know is what Maddie was thinking as she kissed them and enjoyed their fondling hands on her titties.

“Vic, turn down the lights, not off, just really low, okay?” Maddie suddenly commanded as she stood and slip her jeans off, revealing a pantiless and bare, pussy. Kneeling across Meg’s lap, Maddie offered up her tit to Meg’s mouth, saying, “Suck me, Meg, suck me good.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Meg leaned forward and took the offered tit into her mouth as her hand squeezed it, sucking slowly at first, lightly biting Maddie’s nipple.

“Harder, bite me harder, bitch,” Maddie hissed as she shoved her tit hard against Meg’s mouth. Holding onto Meg’s head with both hands, she leaned forward to kiss Vic, who was standing behind the couch after dimming the lights and watching the action.

As Maddie and Vic kissed, Meg continued to suck and bite hard on Maddie’s small breasts, her excitement at being told what to do a new thing for her, something else to explore, she thought as she noisily sucked and bit Maddie’s tits.

For her part, Maddie was trying to undress Vic as they kissed and thankfully, Vic was all about helping her do that.

“Under me, on your butt, tilt and slide your head under me,” Maddie directed Vic while she roughly fondled the older woman’s breasts. Moving around to the front of the couch, Vic maneuvered herself until she was able to slide her head between Maddie’s legs that was spread wide over Meg’s lap, the back of Vic’s head resting on Meg’s thighs.

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