An Unexpected Examination


“And this is permission for you to see a Physician’s Assistant. If you’ll just sign there, we can get you all finished up.” The intake receptionist pointed to an electronic pad.

“Great! That’s it. If you want to take a seat in the reception area, we’ll call your name. It shouldn’t be too long. In the meantime, here’s some literature on the procedure. Your doctor went over it with you already, yes?”

Pieter nodded, scanning the text as he got up. He made his way back to the outer lounge, wondering how long it would be.

“Did you see that butt? Mmmm…” Satomi looked out at Pieter’s receding figure, giggling.

“We’ll put him in changing room 7,” Dianna said, nodding. “We’ll get a clearer picture from there.”

The two looked up, quieting down as Cyndi walked in. “What are you two up to? Did I hear something about changing room 7? You know the observation equipment is only to be used for therapeutic or health and safety reasons. Is there a patient coming in needing either?”

“Possibly, ma’am.” Satomi was better than Dianna at negotiating with their supervisor. “This gentleman who’s just registered. He’s doing a Lower GI contrast scan.”

Cyndi nodded, looking for any indication other than medical interest in Satomi’s face. It was so hard to tell with her — her Japanese features were sometimes unreadable. “And?”

“I’m only a little concerned about possible side effects from the contrast. He seemed to understand, but I got a funny feeling…”

“I understand where you’re heading, Satomi. Just make certain you don’t cross the line.” She left, clipboard in hand, distracted by her next task.

“Do you think he read the procedure description?” Dianna covered her mouth, smiling.

Satomi shrugged, as if to suggest they would find out soon enough. It didn’t matter either way, she was going to see that butt, close up and personal.

* – * – * – *

“Pieter Jannsen?” A tech appeared with a large plastic drinking glass and straw.

Pieter looked up from the magazine and raised his hand.

“Okay. Here’s the contrast. We’ll need you to drink this over the next 30 minutes and then one of us will be back to take you to the lab. Do you have any questions?”

Pieter took the glass and shook his head. “Seems straightforward enough.”

The liquid was a little more viscous than water — slightly oily with a mild fruit flavor. All in all, pretty disgusting, but not so bad he couldn’t get it down. He was careful to make sure he didn’t drink it too quickly, but he wasn’t looking forward to dragging it out for the full half hour.

He’d brought some reading material to distract him. He hated waiting rooms, and he hated hospitals. Waiting rooms in hospitals were the worst. Looking at his watch he saw there was only 10 minutes to go. Oddly, he started to feel a warmth in his abdomen, not something he had expected. Looking back through the prep material, he scanned the paragraphs.

Possible reactions

In general, patients have not reported any ill effects of the contrast. However, you may notice some of the following:

Warming of bowels

A mild red flush around the mid-line

Note: these reactions are all temporary, clearing up within a few hours of the procedure. If you notice any symptoms lasting 8 hours or more, immediately notify your medical team.

Special Note for men: in rare circumstances, you may experience a mild to strong penile erection. In these cases, the procedure may need to be postponed. Please discuss this with your medical team.

As he read the words, he felt his penis beginning to stiffen and he looked around to see who else was in the lounge. Thankfully he was alone, but as the minutes ticked by, he felt himself get harder, until his dick was pushing up against his zipper, bent over, continuing to swell in spite of the growing discomfort.

“Mr. Jannsen?”

He looked up to see a young nurse, Asian, smiling encouragingly at him.

“Hello. I’m Satomi, your Physician’s Assistant. Are you finished?” She looked at his glass to confirm. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

He didn’t want to move and he didn’t know what to make of her statement, glancing down at the bulge in his jeans. He gulped and nodded. “I mean, no, it wasn’t too bad.” Physician’s Assistant…not nurse. He wondered about that, even as he was starting to panic about his hard-on.

“Let’s get you ready for the scan. It won’t take very long.” She waited while he got up and then turned to the double doors into the lab.

“Ummm.” He paused, looking around. “The instructions said…” He looked at the sheet and down at his jeans.

She stopped and turned, looking at him, squinting to understand. “Ahh. Yes. Okay, well that happens. It’s nothing to worry about.” She held the door open, motioning him to join her inside.

He didn’t know how he was going to walk without rearranging his parts. Hurriedly, he shoved his hands down his pants and pulled his cock güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up and over so that it was in a more comfortable position.

Fuck! He was hard. Harder than he’d been in weeks. What was in that shit? Viagra? And why do they say “may need to be postponed” when she obviously sees it all the time. Except, she’s never seen mine. The thought made him smile briefly, even as he was preparing to be embarrassed.

“You’re changing room is right here,” Satomi opened a curtain to reveal a small alcove with a cabinet, two chairs and a padded bed. She reached into the cabinet and offered him a sheer gown. “Please remove all of your clothing and put this on, opening in the back, right? You can put your things in the cabinet. We can lock it.” She smiled again. “And don’t worry about your erection. I’m sure it will be fine. Okay?”

Pieter swallowed and looked at the gown, avoiding checking on the bulge in his jeans. He shook his head. “Thanks.” It came out as a croak.

* – * – * – *

“Oh. My. God.” Dianna was staring at the screen when Satomi arrived at the station. Though they were just around the corner from the changing room, they may just as well have been on another planet. Pieter wouldn’t be able to hear them.

Satomi watched as he closed the curtain and sat on the edge of the bed. She stared at the bulge in his crotch. “Too bad I can’t see that beautiful butt when he’s sitting down.”

Dianna looked at her, covering her mouth and smiling. “Oh, you’ll see it soon enough. But look at that bulge! He’s a stiffer, isn’t he…”

Her companion nodded, staring at the screen and keeping an eye and ear open for Cyndi. He had removed his socks and shirt and was standing up to slip off his jeans. They stared as he peeled them off, revealing his white briefs tenting out.

“Wow.” Dianna licked her lips. “Wow.”

He pulled on the gown, trying to tie the two tiny strings to give him some semblance of privacy. He put his clothes in the cabinet where he found a pair of slippers. Finished, he sat back on the bed, waiting. They watched as he glanced around the curtained room and then down at his waist.

“Okay,” Satomi said with a sigh. “I’m going in. Keep an eye out for Cyndi — I saw her running around down the hall, but…”

Dianna understood, flipping off the screen and giving her the high sign.

* – * – * – *

“All ready?”

He looked up and nodded as the PA pulled back the curtains.

“Your room is being prepared so it will be a couple of minutes more. Do you have any questions?”

He had put his hands over his crotch, shielding his erection from her. But he saw she was starting to prepare to take his vital signs. He shrugged and indicated his crotch.

“I’ll just need your arm for a minute, okay?” She seemed to ignore his concern, pulling gently on his right arm to put the blood pressure cuff around it. As the machine began to puff, she inserted a thermometer under his tongue. “Ah.” She said, noticing the bulge below his left hand. “Yes. Let’s take care of these vitals first.”

He nodded. She made a note of his temperature and his blood pressure.

“It’s totally normal, Pieter.” She put the equipment away. “Here. Stand up a moment.”

His discomfort increased as she untied the gown, gathered it from around his midline and gently rested the fabric across his left shoulder. “Uhh…the curtain?”

“OH! Sorry.” She left him standing for a moment to swing the curtain shut. “First of all,” she said, turning back to him. “You’ll need to take your briefs off. The scan doesn’t work with any clothing on.” She waited while he slipped his fingers into his waistband and pulled them off, bending at the waist.

Satomi licked her lips as she watched his ass cheek stretch. She couldn’t see him completely from where she was standing, but what she saw pulsed arousal down to her core.

Bent over, he looked at how hard he was, his head purple and swollen. He noticed a reddening around his waist as well. The gown fell down, momentarily creating a tent around him, as he slipped his briefs over his feet.

He stood back up, thankful the gown still blocked Satomi’s view of his erection, even though it tented the loose fabric in front of him. He folded his briefs, opened the cabinet and put them with the rest of his clothes. He exhaled slowly, realizing how nervous he was with this beautiful woman just inches from him. He hadn’t been this hard…ever…and it had been months since he’d had any sex at all. He focused his attention on his breathing as best he could, hoping his cock would settle down.

“But,” she continued, slipping her fingers against the back of his neck to slip off the gown, “they don’t like to have you in that condition when they do the scan.” He was completely naked now, his hands struggling not to cover himself, even as he could feel his hard-on pulsing. He could only imagine how purple and engorged the head was, not wanting to draw any further güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri attention to it by looking down. He closed his eyes, trying not to blush on top of everything else. He’d never felt so exposed in his life. Why did they bother having me put the damn thing on if she’s only making me stand here without it?

The room was too small for two people. She was standing next to him, his cock almost touching her waist, his face almost up against hers. He licked his lips, fuck fuck fuck. It’s a doctor after all. “What…what do…we do?” He sounded more clinical than he felt.

She cocked her head a little, pursing her lips. “Well, sometimes it just passes in a few minutes. We need to prep you a little. Doctor Samuelson went over the procedure, yes?” She motioned for him to get on the bed. “Okay, turn around, on your knees. Mmm hmm. That’s it. And put your head down on the pillow.”

He hoped the curtains were still closed. In this position, his ass up in the air, he felt completely exposed, thankful only that his dick wasn’t pointing at her. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but could hear a drawer opening. He felt the air from her movements against the back of his balls hanging down and exposed below his ass.

“So,” she said calmly, “you’ve never had this procedure before?” He felt her gloved hands brushing against his ass cheeks.


“It’s pretty new.” Her fingers moved his cheeks apart, the air cool on his asshole. “Now, it’s going to feel a little uncomfortable as I get the probe positioned. You let me know if it hurts, yes?”

He grunted, feeling her fingers covered in lube begin to push into him.

“You okay?” She had pushed her finger deep into him, against his prostate. He felt his cock getting harder, if that was possible.

He grunted again, breathing through the invasion.

“Hmmm.” She pulled her finger out and he heard her take off her gloves. “I think we’ll need to do something about your erection. Go ahead and sit up.”

He lifted up to his knees and rotated around to sit on the edge of the bed, feeling the sliminess of the lube where his asshole pushed against the paper. She was staring at him, studying his cock, the tube of gel sitting on the counter. Turning, she pulled on another pair of gloves. “Umm…do you want me to help, or would you feel more comfortable doing it yourself?”

He looked at her confused, looking down at his cock. It was purple and stiff as a pipe. He could feel his face beginning to burn from a blush. His entire pelvis was a bright red — like he had a sunburn — and the warmth spread through him. He felt the lube on his ass and he shifted. “What?”

She took a glop from the tube, spreading it on her fingers and reached over, her fingers sliding gently up his shaft. “Does that hurt?”

He licked his lips, shaking his head. What the fuck? Fuck that feels fantastic! He moaned and leaned back onto his hands. “No,” he whispered, focusing on her blue gloved fingers sliding up and down.

Her fingers moved around his shaft and then up to his head where they played for a moment before traveling back down. He watched her studying his cock as she stroked him. “How does that feel?”

“Like heaven,” he sighed, closing his eyes. She switched up the rhythm slightly, squeezing him a little harder. “Oh god, oh god, yes. Fuck. God.” He whispered concerned someone might be just outside the curtain.

One of her hands moved down to play with his scrotum while her other hand kept a steady stroke. If she kept it up he wouldn’t last much longer.

“I…I…uh…I’m going to…”

She moved to the side and watched as a ribbon of ejaculate spurted onto his pubes, the triangle of exposed bedding and the floor. She kept milking him, forcing as much out as his cock would give up. “Does that feel better?” She had turned away, snatching a paper towel to quickly wipe up.

“Yes?” He couldn’t understand what was happening. His cock was still hard, but not nearly as stiff as it had been.

She put on a new pair of gloves. “Let’s try it again. I think they’re waiting for you in the room. Could you turn over again?”

As if in a dream he returned to his ass up position.

“Okay. I’m just going to measure a few points and make a couple of small marks with a pen.”

He felt her moving her hands across his ass, stroking his cheeks, stopping every once in a while to mark him and then continuing.

“You look good. This should go smoothly. Okay, if you could just hold on a sec, I realized they didn’t get me the probe. I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.”

She pulled open the curtain, but he didn’t hear her pull it shut. At least his cock wasn’t showing…much…and it wasn’t nearly as hard, but it seemed to be stiffening again.

* – * – * – *

“Oh. My. God. You little whore!” Dianna whispered when Satomi came to the station.

“You promised to shut that down!” She slapped her and opened a supply drawer for a probe.

“You güvenilir bahis şirketleri jacked him off, you slut! Fuck!” She said it quietly, giggling and looking at his ass sticking toward the camera. “And what was that last part about? You were stroking his ass!”

“I know. Like I thought. Heavenly.” She whisked out of the station to return to the room.

“Okay, I’m so sorry. I’ve got it now. So, breathe in — it’s just a little bigger than my finger, so it should be fine. Once it’s in, we’ll attach it so you can walk to the room.”

He felt a smooth object push into his ass, his natural reaction to clench down. It kept sliding in, pushing his ring open. Then it stopped getting wider even as she continued to slide it in. He felt even more humiliated, head down, ass up, with a woman pushing a probe into his hole. And his cock continued to stiffen. He kept breathing.

“You doing okay?” She rubbed his cheeks and lower back comfortingly. “Oh! You’re still hard? Hmmm…”

She pulled gently on his shoulders indicating he should come back to a kneeling position. She wrapped a thin rough Velcro strap around his waist, and reached between his legs, her wrist brushing against his balls, tight up against his erection. Grabbing two loose ends of a second Velcro strap, apparently attached to the probe, she reached them around his sac to connect with the strap around his waist.

“It should be okay until you’re done…but…” She paused and looked at his hard-on for a moment. “Are you feeling any pain?” She grabbed new gloves and the lube.


“Let’s see if we can get it to go down a little more, okay?” Her fingers, slippery from the lube, slid around him a second time. “We don’t have much time — the technician is waiting…”

“I…I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again…so soon.” But he was surprised at how sensitive his skin was. Her fingers sent a warm glow into his shaft, down through his balls to his asshole. He clenched against the probe and felt his cock throb in response.

“Hmmm…” She changed up her rhythm again, one hand reaching under to gently push on the probe, the other making long strokes up and down his swelling shaft.

Ohgodohgodohgodohgod, he closed his eyes again as his nerves lit up. The probe tip must be pushing against his prostate; her fingers ringed around the base of his shaft, pulling down, stretching the skin and then back again. He could feel his balls tightening again until a white explosion erupted behind his eyes.

Satomi continued to gently work his cock, letting the remnants of the physical white explosion dribble over her gloved fingers. She ignored the camera that Dianna was no doubt glued to and again grabbed tissues to clean up the mess.

“Hopefully that will give you the ten minutes you’ll need to get through the main part of the procedure.”

She helped him off the bed, noting his cock never went limp. It was misshapen, thick around the base, the head smaller, but sticking straight out from his pubic hair. He slipped on the gown, a little shaky on his feet from the two orgasms, and followed her out of the changing alcove across the hall to the imaging lab.

* – * – * – *

As he entered through the double doors he noticed a bank of observation windows off to the side with a white coated tech moving behind some panels; in front of him was the scanning machine and a long table extending from it like a tongue.

“Okay,” she said, business like and calm, “I know it’s a little cold in here, so as soon as you’re situated on the table I’ll get you a warm towel while the tech prepares the scan.” She looked him directly in the eye, confirming he understood.

He nodded, his eyes moving between her face, to the table, to the bulge in his gown. This is so fucking confusing. Didn’t she just give me two hand jobs in the other room? It’s like that’s normal. And maybe it is. He mentally shrugged, realizing she’d been giving him instructions.

“…get you on your back.”

He sat on the table and rotated so his head pointed toward the machine. He tried to ignore the lump at his waist. Satomi found a knee pillow, positioning it under his legs so his back was flat against the table.

He lay there, focused on the ceiling, the fluorescent lighting hidden behind transparent scenes of clouds and blue sky. He shook his head, the echoes of his orgasms still moving through him. His cock pulsed at the memory…or maybe from the contrast. His waist still felt warm.

“Alright,” she was back. “The tech is almost ready. Are you warm enough?” She gently lifted his head to pull the gown loop off, peeling it away, exposing him to the room.

His cock shifted as it pulsed again, drifting from the side toward his middle. It was enlarging again, although slowly. He begged her with his eyes, but he wasn’t sure what he was asking for.

She glanced down and back, smiling slightly. “It will be okay. Let me put this on you until he’s ready.”

The blanket was warm, and heavier than the gown, pushing his cock off to the side. Looking down the length of his body, he was relieved to see there was only a little bulge showing.

Satomi reached under the blanket between his legs. “Okay, Pieter, I’m going to attach the probe leads now. You won’t feel anything.”

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