An Unexpected Experience


I am Laura. I am a prominent magazine editor belongs to Amsterdam but keeps on travelling for interviews. Nowadays doing eating outlet reviews for resorts, hotels, cafe and so on.

Being in this profession you need to have an outstanding level of skepticism like at initial stages i had no clue about discrepancies hidden in the way management used to act in my presence. Well, you learn things with time. So did I.

Couple of days ago, i was asked to review a small but cute cafe – ‘The Real servers’ due to it being a new attraction point in the area.

Well, my team would have already communicated them for a surprise visit next week but how is that a surprise like when you know someone is about to visit within a specific time frame you behave yourself accordingly.

So, i planned that visit ahead of time. To be honest i am a coffee lover too. Hence, i wanted to check it out right away. To add up to my surprise i planned not to visit as a customer but a jobseeker as to know something precisely you should be a part of that thing.

That place is approx. 4 kms away from the cottage i was staying in. That isn’t a bother as i like to drive. I picked up a semi formal outfit with orange trouser and cream shirt, cantaloupe coloured stilettos followed by matching stud earrings and bold stroke of my crème red lipstick. Picked up a matching handbag and all set to rush.

I had a several thoughts about the place on my way and as i have heard it was just beautiful. A great mix and match of garden and modern sitting. I reached to the reception and asked if they need a server (waitress). At first, she denied with the excuse of no vacancy. Later on after a little insisting she agreed to consult with higher management and walked inside a door behind her.

After around 10 to 15 minutes she came out with a card key referring it as a locker key confirming my hiring. She showed me a room at the right corner tagged as Staff. I took the key and went into that room it was lighted well and filled with an amazing fragrance as i opened my locker there were the clothes lying which i need to wear. A marshmallow shade shirt with an above knee length red stripped pencil skirt. To my surprise there was a Black plunge bra and black brazilian panty. I took my time to observe then went inside the changing room. After a couple of minutes i heard a knocking on the door.

“Yes?” I said without realising this isn’t my office. “I mean i am still changing.” I tried to cover.

“Hurry up, I am here to give briefing about your role.” mersin escort she replied.

I got dressed, adjusted my lip colour with the new dress and came out.

“So your area will be the section D table no 5 to 10 in rush hours that is usually……” and she continued with me pretending to hear.

“Understood?” she asked.

“Yes, definitely.” I smiled.

She took me out and dropped me at the place I need to be at.

For a new cafe it looked like too famous like i have been to many placed but i never saw this much of customers hurrying in an out. I was tired within first half an hour. So tired that i missed someone on the table assigned to me.

And a voice took over.

“Hey, you….. yes you i have been calling you over since ages.” A man sitting on that table said.

“Oh, sorry sir. I missed out.” I replied and walked to him.

“You missed or you were just pretending to be. Such a slacker.” He arrogantly said.

“No sir, I actually missed out.” I tried to be calm.

“What do you mean by missed out? Are you deaf of something?” he added.

“It was just a mistake I didn’t caught you calling me.” I explained.

“Shut up, Bitch. Grab a regular sized mocha with Choco chips. Hurry.” He shouted.

“What the hell? Why did you just called me a bitch. I am just a server here not your servant.” I matched his pitch.

That girl earlier from reception came over ” We are really sorry for inconvenience sir. Please excuse us. I will get you the order.” she pleaded.

“What are you doing? It’s your first day and you are creating a mess already.” she almost shouted.

“What? Am i the one creating a mess or is it him?” I replied.

“Look. Look at this brat. She isn’t apologizing yet.” he interrupted.

“Why would i? I haven’t done nothing wrong.” I said.

“You bitch. Let me teach you how you should behave.” he pulled me by my arm and pushed me on the table held me in a leaning position. I tried getting up back but he forced me to retain the position.

“What the hell? What are you doing?” I screamed.

“Teaching you the stuff you don’t know yet. And you should learn it without creating any more of a scene if you don’t want it bad.” he said and pushed my skirt over my butt.

“What – what are you doing?” I knew what he was about to but that was so weird for me to accept.

“Stay quite, you will know.” he said pulling my panties down.

I didn’t moved a bit it felt like a fantasy. I wanted to know if i am dreaming.

Smack! His spank interrupted anamur escort my thoughts. It was painful. He continued. After 5 to 6 sharp spanks, he asked, “So what do you think? What are you now? Still not a bitch?”

“No, i am not. Leave me.” I shouted.

“But your pussy is telling something else.” he touched me there. I know I was so wet.

“You want it more. Don’t you?” he grinned.

“No.” I lied.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Don’t lie, tell me you want it.” he said.

“Ahh, yes. I want it.” I replied.

“And you said you are not a bitch. Beg for it slut.” he laughed.

“Sorry about that. Please, please spank me.” I pleaded.

“Why do you think you needed a spanking?” he asked while rubbing his fingers on my pussy.

“Because i was wrong earlier.” I replied.

“No, because you are something you are not accepting.” he pressured me down.

“Yes. I am sorry. I am a bitch. Please spank me.” I pleaded.

“Not just a bitch. You are a slut too. Look at you wanting to be spanked in front of this much people.” with him saying that i looked around the cafe was so crowded and everyone was staring at me. I felt so vulnerable but that excited me more. I wanted it.

“Yes, i am a slut and a bitch too. Please spank me. I beg you.” I begged.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“So, my dear slut pull out your shirt and unbutton it if you don’t want me to stop.” he kept on with rubbing and teasing.

I did as he said.

He spanked me as if it was a reward of following his instructions.

“Good enough. Keep on begging for what you want.” he laughed again.

“I want you to spank me sir, please. I am a slut spank me please.” I pleaded.

He spanked me till i cried him to stop.

“Shouldn’t you thank me now, slut?”

“Yes, thank you sir.” I said and stood back straight trying to pull my skirt back down as I felt humiliated.

“Don’t.” he moved my hand away. “This isn’t over yet. How can it be a punishment? You clearly wanted it. It was a desire.” he said.

“What – what you want me to do as a punishment. Spank me more?” I teased.

“No, that isn’t a punishment to a slut like you. Get naked.” he ordered.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“What – what? There isn’t anyone who has not seen your pussy. Now time for the boobs.” he pulled my skirt off.

I was standing there half naked with my shirt unbuttoned and everyone’s attention on me.

He started rubbing my pussy, “Get naked, slut.”

After a few minutes when he didn’t erdemli escort saw me follow his instructions, he pulled my shirt off. Turned me and bent me again. This time he pulled out his dick and forced himself inside me.

I was blank waiting to get back to my senses. My body was perfectly reacting to his actions. After a while he turned me and unhooked my bra. His one hand grabbing my boobs while other one holding me in that position. He bent forward, his eyes looking into mine while his lips teasing my nipples. His hand moving on the back on my neck from my boobs. He clutched my hair with that hand while biting what he was teasing. He continued eating my breast and cleavage, licking my waist and navel while his dick inside me.

“Hope you have learnt your lesson.” his words broke into my thoughts making me realise it was a punishment.

I gathered my thoughts and stood up with a rush realising where i was.

“Now, hurry up and get ready i don’t have a whole day to spend on you. As i have to run this cafe.” he ordered.

“Wait, what? What do you mean by run this cafe?” I surprisingly asked.

“Don’t you get it. I own this cafe. I was testing you as a new employee. Do you think you got a job cause you are pretty?” he answered.

‘The cafe owner’ my mind filled with anger ‘How could he have done all that being a cafe owner?’

“Hey……you. Rush or get back to work as it is. I have already wasted a lot of my time.” He said and started discussing something with the receptionist.

I ran back to the changing room. Got cleaned up and came back out.

“Why are you wearing your clothes? Don’t expect a day off or are you resigning? I thought you had enjoyed your punishment a lot and would want me to do it often.” he said with that enchanting look in his eyes.

‘God, don’t fall for it.’ My mind reminded.

“I would like to introduce myself to the cafe owner as Laura Hington, the chief editor of ‘Del-luxi-cious’ (magazine).” I said enjoying the emotions fading out off his face.

“But it was scheduled for next week and you came in as an employee….. ” he tried but couldn’t speak any more.

“It was a surprise visit and that’s how I do it.” I answered to his unasked question.

“Would you prefer giving another chance like if you don’t mind.” He asked trying to look straight at me.

“Why not?” I smiled then pulled closer to his ear and whispered, “Only if I am going to get that punishment again.”

“The review will be out in this month’s edition. You got my number in case you want to change my mind.” I said and left for my car.

While driving back home i got to think

‘Was it the thought of crowd around me made me shiver or actually I had enjoyed that? Well, somewhere maybe I did.’

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