Ana picked up in the street


Ana picked up in the streetAna picked up on the streetThat Friday would be my third night home alone. Victor was in a long business trip and he did not even when he could be backing home.On late afternoon I went to the local mall; some shopping would calm me down for sure. I felt really horny; my desire of fucking a good cock was keeping me on fire. But there was nothing I could do than wait for my loving Victor’s coming back home…When I was on my way back, I met a black man on the street.He stared at me from head to feet and I did the same. He was a handsome man, athletic and muscled, ebony giant really.We chat for a little while in a corner street and he convinced me to go with him to his place. Things could improve a little bit, I thought…As soon as the door was closed he asked me to strip down completely naked. I took off my summer dress and put down my cotton thong, standing only in my sandals. Then he asked me to give a little turn so he could see the whole package. I gave a slow little spin and then bent over, grabbing my ass cheeks apart to show him my sweet tight pussy lips and rear entrance.He smiled and dropped his pants, kicking them off from his feet. Thus was revealed his ten inch black swinging dick. He sat down in a chair and told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl to him to service his cock. I dropped to all fours and slowly crawled over to his dangling cock. My mouth started to water bursa escort as I lowered my head to the tip of his penis. I reached my tongue out and licked the tip, this made his cock twitch. I quickly took the tip into my mouth and began to suck it. He began to grow hard. Before I knew it I felt the pulsations and the warm thick fluid squirting into my mouth. He slowly pulled my head back removing his still throbbing cock from my throat. He pulled my face close to his and looked into my eyes. “Get your ass on the bed, ass up, bitch!”. He commanded in a deep voice.He released me and I quickly followed his orders. I got on the bed on my hands and knees; my ass up ready to go. He got behind me and began to run his cock up and down my crack teasing my now wet pussy lips and my asshole tight entrance. Suddenly he stopped teasing me and I felt the tick head of his piece directly on my rear hole.I asked him if his intention was fucking me in the ass with such huge anaconda and he told me I was right: he was going to sodomize me.He spit down and his warm saliva hit my asshole and the tip of his cock. He then began working my asshole with the head of his cock. My eager rear door quickly began to open for him. The tip of his cock penetrated me just less than an inch and the feeling made me let out a very light moan. He smiled and grabbed a tub of Vaseline and began to lube up the rest of his cock. Then he slowly bursa escort bayan started to push into me. His large cock began penetrating me deep. First it was only two or three inches, then six, eight…, I began to shake and moan but I held sturdy determined to take it all inside. I started moaning louder when the full ten inches filled me completely…I was panting and moaning and he began to slowly pump back and forth. Starting with little strokes, my ass squeezed and grabbed his cock with pleasure. The pleasure of him fucking me gave me energy and I pushed myself back up on my arms and began slamming my ass back into him as he pumped into me. My eyes rolled back enjoying the deep ass pounding he was giving me. About thirty minutes passed, still in complete ecstasy with that huge black cock buried in my anus. I felt my legs begin to shake uncontrollably before finally giving out. I fell flat on the bed unable to do anything but focus on the pleasure he is giving me. He quickly adapted himself to my new body position and pounded my asshole into the bed.Fifteen minutes later, he pulled his cock out of me making me practically scream from the feeling. He ordered me to roll onto my back; then he walked back up to the bed and I could see his large cock slick with lube.He got on the bed and between my legs; with one hand he scooped up my ass and with the other slid a pillow under me; then gently put my escort bursa ass down on the pillow. He slid the tip of his cock into my asshole again and wrapped my ankles onto his shoulders. Then with a quick motion he shoved his cock deep into me. The feeling was amazing and I moaned as my eyes rolled back once again. He pumped his cock into me for a little while then he slid his arms under my legs so my legs were resting on his arms. He pushed his hands to the bed pinning me in place and began to pound his cock into me.Each thrust came with such passion that I bounced back causing him to penetrate my anus even deeper. I was moaning and screaming with pleasure when suddenly my asshole started convulsing and my body began to shake with no control. My orgasm erupted from my pussy, squirting all over him and me. In the intense pleasure of my orgasm I could feel his cock start pulsating and his thick warm seed filled my anus. The feeling was so amazing I began to cum again and even harder. He let out a hard grunt as he emptied his balls into my guts. I was gasping and panting for air through my moans. He slowly pulled his dripping cock out of me as I trembled and shook with every millimeter that left my body. When he removed the tip I moaned and panted as his seed began to leak out of my asshole into a puddle on the bed. I slowly collected myself as he lit a cigarette.I got dressed and left, coming back home with his cum dripping out of my well used and stretched asshole, running down my legs. I could feel my asshole very sore because his hard pumping. I walked home in a zombie like state before finally collapsing on my bed completely exhausted.

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