ANAL IMPRESSIONSSitting here trying to figure out how exactly to title this and hoping that what I finally came up with didn’t seem stupid. Now I sit here trying to come up with the right words to describe to You how it feels to me when You or I put anything into my asshole.I haven’t always liked having something shoved in my asshole. Thinking back to the first time I was very reluctant. I was just a teenager, but I was very sexually active because of being m*****ed for so long. I remember the guy I was with at the time slipped out of my pussy and when he pushed to go back in his dick ripped into my asshole. Instead of stopping he grabbed my hips and fucked me anyway. It hurt like hell.My next experience though was better and I think it is what set the stage for me liking having something in my ass. The guy I was with then was fascinated like You are with possessing my ass. One night he asked if he could give me a massage. I agreed and lay on my stomach. As the massage progressed he started kneading my asscheeks and pulling them slightly apart letting his thumbs come close to my puckered hole. The more he did this the more aroused I became. He let the oil he was massaging me with trickle down the crack of my ass and soon he was using one thumb to massage my puckered hole as his other hand eased my thighs apart. I was moaning by this time and he penetrated balıkesir escort my asshole with his thumb. My body was racked with a huge orgasm. I had never thought after my first experience that it could feel this good. He continued to use his thumb inside my hole letting more oil trickle in so that his thumb was slipping in, out, and around easily. He slipped in another finger and pumped till I came again.He whispered in my ear and asked me if I wanted more. I moaned yes and he pushed another finger in. by this time I has humping beneath him and next thing I know he replaced his fingers with the head of his cock. I froze for a minute expecting the pain like before, but all I felt was the exhilarating feeling of him slowly inching inside me. I began to move back against his movements forward until he was buried deep in my ass. He then fucked my asshole slowly at first and then he drilled it like he was fucking my pussy.Whoever said there are no nerve endings inside the anus has never had anything deep inside theirs. I forgot all about having a pussy while he was pounding my ass. The sensations were driving me to the brink. I think that was the first time I actually squirted. Before I lost control though he came and slipped from my asshole leaving me wanting more.After that I only got fucked in the ass a few times till George. My ex-husband balıkesir escort bayan though, use to shove fingers in my asshole while he was eating my pussy. That would drive me wild. Mmmmmmmmmmm something about having that hole penetrated. I shiver at the thought and my ass hole puckers craving the feeling of fingers, butt plugs, dildos massaging the inside.Fucking my ass has been used as punishment before, but what starts off as unpleasant quickly turns me into a wanton a****l, bucking and rutting for more. Even the pain causes me to be more turned on, but it subsides and the intense pleasure begins the punishment aspect vanishes.Maybe it is the fact that it is considered dirty or taboo is why it has an extra appeal to me. I just know that when You push something into my puckered hole it makes me crazy and it feels so damn good, like my tongue does to You when I am eating Your ass hole. The farther in You go with toys the greater the sensation.Even when this last time we were together and you started with the vibrating butt plug I wanted more. When You pulled it out and put that double head dildo into my asshole, You could have just fucked my ass hole with that and forgot about my pussy hole. It felt so DAMN GOOD having that black dick sliding into my ass hole. Oh God I am sitting here writing this with my pussy quivering and ass escort balıkesir too, wanting needing that feeling again.When You put that wand on my clit I was an a****l. When that double dildo popped out of my ass and You replaced it with that big black dildo DAMN I came so hard. It hurt so good. With the wand tearing up my swollen clit and that huge dildo splitting my ass hole all I wanted was more. The line between pleasure and pain was so blurred that I was not able to control myself. Even though I felt like that dildo was going to rip me apart I wanted more. I wanted it all the way to the balls, and once You finally had it all the way I wanted You to pound me till I couldn’t cum anymore.I hope that the next time we are together somehow some way You can and I can get that huge dildo all the way into me. Maybe I can hold the wand on my clit so You can use both hands to push it inside of me.Dark Lord I am a sick pig who wants to experience things with You that should not ever enter someone’s mind. I want to have You give me an enema and plug my ass with it full then whip me before You let me expel the liquid.More than I can express in words I want You to work Your fist into my ass, then put Your other fist in my pussy and make me insane pushing each one in and out of my gaping holes till I am a mass of withering pig flesh.To have You tether me to the bed and take that wand and have it driving me crazy while You have that inflatable butt plug buried in my ass hole pumped all the way up making me cum over and over till tears stream down my face and I am screaming against the gag in my mouth for mercy or I pass out.

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