Andrew , Elsa: Romance by Candlelight


Part 1: Andrew

From the moment Elsa set off for work that morning I started planning my surprise for when she’d be home again after her day at the university was finished.

For the last few weeks Elsa had been stressed. While she did her best to hide it from me, I nevertheless knew that the rehearsals for the play she was directing weren’t going well, and the late nights were taking a toll on my wife to the point that I was starting to wonder if this play was even good for her.

I asked each day if she was alright and each day Elsa would smile her best smile and say it was fine, they were getting there and by the time the show was actually performed for the public, she was sure the drama students would all remember their lines and put on a great show. But the tired look in her eyes gave away the truth, as did her reluctance to make love recently. We still had sex, though less often, but I had the feeling she was just doing it for my benefit, there was none of the passion that normally came with our bedroom activities.

Truth be told, I was getting worried about Elsa. If she’d just take a break and relax for a night, let the stress of directing and doing costumes for the show go, I knew she’d feel much better, become my gorgeous Elsa again and not the shadow she’d become recently. And that was just what I had planned for her, a relaxing evening that she had needed for a long time. I’d thought long and hard, planned this surprise for days, and finally today was the day.

First thing I needed to do was go shopping, and half an hour after Elsa had gone to work I was in the grocery store picking up the ingredients for her favourite meal, complete with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for afterwards, and a bottle of her favourite wine too.

The ingredients for the meal sorted, I hopped on a bus and headed to the Manchester Arndale shopping centre to pick up a few special items that would really make the night special. I had the right ingredients for dinner, but now I needed to get the right ingredients for the atmosphere that would accompany it.

It took me well over an hour of going from one shop to the next, but finally I had everything that I wanted; a set of scented candles that according to the helpful sales lady who served me would make for the perfect romantic evening, a bunch of flowers that I could greet her at the door with and finally some expensive massage oil that I would put to good use once dinner was over.

I was happy with what I got and as I rode home to start prepping everything I thought was about how much I loved Elsa and wanted to make tonight just perfect for her. She was simply the most special girl I’d ever met and seeing her smile was my main mission in life since the day we got together. Tonight I would put that smile back on her face.

As always, after I’d been in a vehicle for any length of time I wasn’t feeling great when I got home, so I dropped my bags on the dinner table and decided to take a nap after dropping the icecream in the freezer.

I was only asleep for an hour, and I think all the thoughts and planning I’d done that day must have informed my dreams, because I had an amazing one where Elsa and I were in bed together, her legs wrapped around my waist and fingernails raking down my back lightly as I thrust my hard cock into her wet pussy with slow deep strokes, and each one brought a loud pleasure filled moan spilling from her lips.

I could hear her gasp as I pulled my hips back and then slid my throbbing shaft inch by inch into her warmth yet again, her inner walls squeezing and welcoming me back where I belonged, as I pressed my groin against her clit, making Elsa shudder as she had a mini-climax.

I didn’t speed up my thrusts; I continued with my languid pace of pulling back and pushing my throbbing shaft back into her, enjoying slowly building the pleasure and feeling the small reactions of Elsa’s body as well as the larger ones, the way her inner passages rippled along my cock as it was filled and stretched, the wetness and tightness increasing, and her breasts bouncing on her chest both from my thrusting and her own heavy breathing as we made love and brought each other to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

Neither of us spoke in my dream, both of us just looked into each other’s eyes in the low light that was all around us, me above and Elsa below, as I thrust slowly and again ground myself against her clit when my cock was buried inside her, our bodies both gleamed with sweat and faces flushed, a sure sign of our love and affection for one another.

The gasps and moans grew in intensity the longer I slid myself in and out of Elsa, our bodies letting out a soft clap as they came together, skin hitting skin, and I felt my beautiful wife dig her fingers into my neck as she pulled my face down to her own, bringing our lips together as she kissed me passionately while we orgasmed together in an explosion of passion and love.

I woke up at that moment, just as we came together and shook my head. It was such a vivid ataşehir escort bayan dream I could have almost believed it was real, and I very quickly realised I had a raging erection. If I didn’t have lots of things to sort out before Elsa arrived home I would have taken care of it. My hope was that it was prophetic, maybe if this special dinner went well, that wonderful dream would become a reality.

The next few hours I spent rushing around in a bit of a daze. Peeling and prepping veg was the easy part, but even while I was doing that I had my head full of Elsa, pictures of my gorgeous wife occupying my thoughts and slowing me down as I had to stop from time to time to save my fingers from the knife. I’d need them in their best working order for the post dinner relaxing massage I was going to give.

Once I had dinner ready for the oven, I set about cleaning the house. I wanted everything spotless so there would be nothing for Elsa to do but enjoy her evening, but once more my efforts were hampered by thoughts of her. That is the trouble with being married to such an amazing girl, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

As I wiped down the countertop where I’d cut the vegetables, all I could think of was the time that I had met her naked here in the kitchen and surprised her by taking charge, having her right there on top of the counter, her legs either side of me as I fucked her hard, pounding my cock into her pussy as she cried out in pleasure and came so fast it was incredible.

Then there was the stairs, where I had grabbed her once en route to the bedroom and told her I couldn’t wait, I wanted her now, and we’d fucked there, her knickers thrown onto the floor as she had knelt on the steps while I stood on a lower one and slid my cock into her from behind, my hands holding her hips as I drove myself deep into that wonderful, tight passage.

Somehow despite these memories of our numerous love making sessions in the more unexpected areas of our house, I got the cleaning done and it was time to add the finishing touches which were the hardest part for me. Elsa was the creative genius in our relationship, if she’d been planning a romantic evening for us then it would have taken only half the time to set up and be twice as good as what I could do, but that was okay, I knew Elsa would love the effort I made even more then the actual effect.

Once I had cleaned and tidied the house I wanted to set just the right atmosphere, so I unpacked the candles and started to place them around, taking care to position them carefully so that when Elsa came home they would be lit, ready and envelop her in a warm low orange and yellow glow, setting the mood for a romantic, intimate and relaxing dinner.

I took a look around to make sure everything was perfect, and then went to take a shower and dress for the occasion. We were staying in but that didn’t mean I was going to dress in my usual casuals, no I was going to treat Elsa to the full works, and that meant looking smart.

By the time I was finished getting everything ready it was past 6:30 pm. Elsa would be arriving home any time so I needed to be ready for her, so I checked myself in the mirror and liking what I saw I started to light the candles and close the curtains, drowning out the limited evening sun and replacing it with a lovely internal glow.

The effect was just what I had hoped to achieve, a low light filled the room and even though I’d only lit the candles ten minutes before, the sweet relaxing scent was already noticeable, and when it was added to the quiet romantic music I had playing in the background on the entertainment system, I was feeling so relaxed and excited for Elsa to walk in the door.

Another time check and it was time to put dinner in the oven, and with that done I could just wait for my darling to walk in, so I picked up the flowers and sat at the dinner table, facing the door so I could get to my feet as soon as the handle turned.

A little over five minutes later, Elsa arrived home, looking a little stressed and tired, but there was a noticeable change in her countenance when she was greeted by me standing in my smart clothes, holding a bunch of flowers and smiling my best smile.

“Welcome home my love, these are for you, in fact this whole night is just for you!” I handed the bouquet to Elsa and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug, although she was too shocked to hug me back.

Part 2: Elsa

To say I was tired and stressed would be a massive understatement. The coming of winter with its cold, dark afternoons, mixed with the stresses of directing my first show at the University of Manchester while managing a full teaching schedule had really taken its toll on me mentally. I tried my best to not let on to Andrew that I was feeling the seasonal blues setting in already, but he knew me too well.

I hadn’t been playful and flirty much at home and we had sex when he instigated but I hadn’t sought it in weeks. I tend to get that way every winter, but this escort kadıöy year with the added work stress, it was hitting me harder and sooner.

I went to work-on a Saturday no less- to catch up on lesson plans and have one on one character conferences with some of the struggling cast members. I hated to miss out on a day relaxing at home with Andrew, but I knew he understood. Maybe he’d even join me for a soak in the tub when I got home…unless I collapsed right into bed.

I finally packed up and headed for home around 6:30. Usually I took the bus to work but since Andrew was home all day I had driven the car. Left side driving was still nerve-wracking for me, being an immigrant in Britain and by the time I was home my hands hurt from clenching the wheel so tightly. I trudged toward the door and pushed it open with plans to head right for bed, but Andrew was sitting at the dining room table waiting for me.

He stood when I stepped in and he handed me a bouquet of winter roses as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek.

“Welcome home, my love, these are for you, in fact this whole night is just for you!”

I let my bag drop to the floor and awkwardly tried to hug him back.

“What is happening?” I stammered out.

Andrew stepped back and I could see he was wearing a nice shirt and tie-not his usual lounging around the house attire.

“I’ve made you dinner,” he smiled. “And after that a relaxing massage.”

“Really?” I asked, feeling a small lump in my throat at the overwhelming gesture to add to my already emotional state.

“Really!” he confirmed, planting a soft kiss on my lips. I looked around the room and from the doorway I could see the table in the dining room was set with our nice dishes and candles. A bottle of wine sat waiting in a bucket of ice next to two waiting glasses. Looking to my left, I saw that the living room was even cleaner than when I left this morning with everything tucked into its place. The comfort of a clean house is a huge stress reliever for me. And Andrew even had a cd by my favorite group, Il Divo, playing on the sound system.

I slowly let my bag drop from my shoulder to the ground and smiled after taking it all in.

The timer on the oven began to beep.

“You have perfect timing, my darling. I’m going to pull the Wellington out of the oven but it needs to rest for at least 15 minutes. Why don’t you pour yourself some wine and I’ll join you in a moment?”

“Okay,” I agreed with a smile. On the table I found a vase of water had already been readied awaiting my roses. I set them in the vase and admired the bold, winter red of the flowers. I picked up the bottle of wine from the ice bucket and smiled to see it was my favorite sparkling pink moscato and I knew Andrew had traveled farther than the nearest grocer for this bottle. I popped the top and poured myself a glass. I gave the liquid a swish in my glass and inhaled the sweet aroma that made my nose tickle from the bubbles.

Wandering back toward the door, glass in hand, I slipped my shoes off and continued into the living room with stockinged feet. The Il Divo song “Angelina” was playing it’s latin beat and I felt myself swaying along to the music. I was startled when I felt Andrew’s arms wrap around my waist and his face nuzzle against my neck.

“It smells really good in here!” I complimented while I felt his soft lips on my neck.

“Good! I hope you’ll love it.”

“I’m sure I will,” I turned to face him, still wrapped in his arms. “But I feel a bit under dressed,” I said running a finger up his arm that was covered by one of his nice work shirts. I was wearing an oversized sweater and a pair of black leggings for ultimate comfort and not style. My hair had been pulled up into a messy bun straight out of the shower this morning and I had no makeup on.

“You look perfect,” he murmured. The song ended and the next one started. It was Il Divo’s cover of “She” by Elvis Costello and we had danced to this song at our wedding.

I smiled at the sweet memory. Andrew took my wine glass from my hand and set it on the bookshelf on the wall.

“May I have this dance?” He offered me his hand and I took it with a giggle. He held my right hand in his left and his right arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to him. We moved gently to the music and I rested my head on his chest and I could hear his heart beat in my ear. I loved the warmth that his body radiated against mine as we danced.

As that song blended into the next one, I looked up into Andrew’s face.

“I know I haven’t been myself lately. You know I struggle when it gets so dark so early.”

“You don’t have to apologise,” he said pulling my arms around him. “I’m always here for you, no matter was season.”

I hugged him tight. “I could stay like this all night,” I purred, warm and cozy in his arms. But suddenly we both heard and felt the rumble of my stomach crying out for food.

“Oh, I guess I can’t stay like this maltepe escort all night,” I laughed. Andrew retrieved my wine and we walked back to the dining room. I sat and he tipped off my wine and poured a bit for himself as well. He disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a gorgeous Beef Wellington on a platter surrounded by roasted vegetables.

Andrew, ever the charmer, had been attempting to learn and perfect some of these traditional British dishes ever since I’d revealed my celebrity crush was Gordon Ramsey and this Wellington looked like his best one yet.

He sliced right into the center to give me the middle, knowing my love of rare beef and he put it onto my plate. He served himself and we both took our first bites.

“Mmmmmm,” I let out a long, pleasured sound of satisfaction. “Andrew! This is amazing!”

He smiled and I saw the small blush on his cheeks and I knew he was proud of himself.

We ate leisurely and talked a bit about our days. Andrew was sure to ask how my play was coming along and while I was stressed, I did feel it would come together before opening night.

When we had both cleaned our plates, I felt Andrew’s hand on mine and I gave him a demure smile.

“I am going to clean up dinner and get things ready upstairs. Why don’t you go and freshen up? I put your robe and slippers in the bathroom for you.”

“Aw,” I melted even more at his little details of this surprise. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and went upstairs. In the bathroom, I found a new moisturizing face mask and an exfoliating scrub waiting for me on the ledge of the bathtub-another gift from Andrew and I knew he wanted me to take my time to get pampered and relaxed so I ran a steamy shower and slipped my clothes off.

I stepped under the hot water and let it wash away all the sweat of the day and relax my muscles. I used the exfoliating scrub on my arms and chest and I felt so silky smooth.

I could have stayed in the warm water for a lot longer but I knew Andrew would be waiting for me. I toweled off and let my hair down. I hadn’t washed it, not wanting my hair to be wet the whole rest of the evening. But I shook it down to hang in loose waves. I pulled on my silky robe and slippers that Andrew had left for me.

Cracking open the bathroom door I called out, “Are you ready for me to come out?”

“All set!” Was his reply yelled through the bedroom door.

I slipped down the hallway and slowly turned the knob on the bedroom door and pushed it open. The lamps weren’t on but there was plenty of light coming from groups of candles lit on every surface-each nightstand, the dresser, the window sill. The flames all twinkled giving the room the exact romantic glow I knew Andrew had been going for. The bed was freshly made and my pillows were sitting, plumped and ready like in a spa.

Then I’m the corner of the room I saw Andrew step forward. He’d stripped down to just a pair of satin boxer shorts and for the first time in weeks the site of his bare chest gave me the stomach flutters that I knew meant I was in the mood.

“Wow!” was all I could stammer out as I looked around the room.

Andrew gestured to the bed, “If you’d disrobe, ma’am…”

I giggled at his spa technician impersonation as I slowly untied my robe and let it slip down my shoulders. I got up onto the bed and laid down on my stomach.

I watched as Andrew twisted open a bottle of massage oil and when he lifted the cap the smell of eucalyptus immediately filled the air. I took a deep inhale.

Andrew poured the oil into his hands and rubbed them together to warm the liquid before running his hands gently down my back, giving me one quick coat of the relaxing, calming lotion before bringing his hands up to my neck. He parted my hair and began his ministrations on the back of my neck where I always held my daily tension.

Chapter 3: Andrew

Just seeing Elsa slip out of her robe and move to lay down on the bed had my heart racing. I can honestly say that she is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met, and even after so long together just seeing her beautiful body never failed to get me excited.

I held myself in check, however. Tonight wasn’t about sex, but about making Elsa feel relaxed-something she had been needing for some time now. I let her get settled, looking down at her round arse cheeks and smiling as they swayed slightly while she got comfy, and then poured some of the massage oil into my hands, rubbing my palms together to warm it up before I slid them over her back and up to her neck.

Elsa let out a contented groan as I began to rub her neck, my fingers pressing down on the tight muscles as my thumbs made small circles in alternating directions, massaging the stress and tiredness of the last few days and weeks away. I could feel her physically relax under my touch, the knots loosening and softening as I moved my palms over them, gently applying pressure here and there, then moving on, the warm oil making my hands easily glide over her skin which glistened in the soft, warm light.

“That feel good, darling?” I asked as I slowly rubbed Elsa’s neck for another few seconds and then slid my hands to her shoulders, caressing them before I ran my palms down her back towards that perfect round arse.

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