Anna get’s a*****ed Part II


Anna get’s a*****ed Part IIHi everyone it’s me.Please be kind as once again I venture down an un tread story line. I realize the language is a lot more corse than I would usually use , but somehow it fits this story line, and yes there will be a part III and perhaps even part four in this series. I apologize to those who waited such a long time for me to finish this. Please read this to the end as the climax reaches it’s crescendo at the end of the story. I lay with my back against the cold brick wall quietly sobbing. I was shaking with fear and cold. My a*****ors had told me they would soon return. I involuntarily sobbed out when I heard a key turning in the door lock. I lay as still as possible but my sobs gave me away.Someone approached the bed and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up until I was sitting. I cried out please, please, oh God please, please don’t do this. The man laughed and said “ don’t do what? Stick my cock up your ass , or shove my cock down your throat? “ Your pussy must be worn out and loose as a goose by now he chuckled. I have a game we are going to play. I’m going to flip this three minute timer over and you will have exactly three minutes to suck my cock until my hot thick sperm pours down your little throat. Or I take my knife and slit you open ear to ear.Oh God I sobbed out and buried my face in my hands. My heart beat so hard I was sure he could hear it..Move your hands he screamed out as he grabbed my hair and pulled my face up. I swallowed hard and began to shake in cold fear when I saw the grizzly looking knife in his hand.I began to cry and hot wet tears ran down my face when he pressed the knife to my throat. I shuddered and felt my face turn red with shame as I realized I had pissed myself. He put the timer on the shelf where I could see it as he pulled his hard hot cock out of his pants.Now Anna he said as he stepped out of his pants. You have three minutes to suck my cock, and you’d better be very, very good at it he said as he pressed the cold sharp blade of the knife against the warm soft skin of my throat.I have no problems with slitting you open from ear to ear you little bitch, so I suggest you give me the best blow job of your life. I started to say please, but he slapped my face and held my head as he told me to open my mouth and suck his throbbing hard cock. Needless to say I was absolutely terrified and I quickly tried to wet my lips but my mouth was dry with fear.I quietly sobbed as tears ran down my cheeks. With one eye on the timer my tongue rapidly moved along the sensitive underside of the head of his hard thick cock. My tongue made long slow circles around the mushroom shaped head of his cock as I wrapped my hand around the blood engorged shaft of his cock and pumped up and down in a rapid motion along the smooth vein filled barrel of his cock.I sucked frantically and fondled his hairy tight balls. Loud wet slurping noises filled the room as I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of his cock and fondled his balls. I drew in a deep breath and relaxed my throat muscles as I felt the head of his hard cock hit the back of my throat.I looked up and saw his eyes were closed as he pulled my hair and held his cock deep in my mouth. I made mewing gurgling sounds as he slid his hard cock further into my throat. I could feel drool running out of the corner of my mouth. I used some of the drool that ran down the shaft of his slippery cock and onto his balls and wet my finger and slowly inserted my finger into his hairy wrinkled brown shit hole. I ran my nails over his balls and sucked harder and faster until I felt him tensing up.I glanced over at the timer and fear gripped my heart. I began to suck his cock with a renewed fervor that brought deep grunts and moans from my captor. I pressed my finger into his prostate and sucked loudly and noisily and moaned around his steel hard cock. I was rewarded by louder grunts as he moaned out suck it bitch, yeah suck my cock you filthy whore. My tightly pursed lips created a hot wet vacuum as my hand moved back to his drool covered shaft as I pumped it faster and faster and worked my finger deeper into his brown wrinkly asshole.He went up on his tiptoes pulling my hair harder and harder. I ignored the pain and swirled and flicked my tongue over and under the sensitive head of his swelling cock. I let my slobber coated wet lips slide up and down the shaft of his pulsing cock.My finger plunged quickly in and out of his hairy brown asshole. I moaned and twisted my hand up and down his drool covered hard hot cock. My slobber coated wet lips and my hand worked in unison coaxing his hot gooey stringy thick sperm out of his balls and into my warm waiting mouth.I heard him growl and his body tensed as he plunged his hard cock down my throat and I felt the first fiery hot gobs of sperm spurt into my mouth and I quickly swallowed. I glanced over at the hourglass and felt a shiver of relief go up my spine as my captor groaned and growled as his scalding hot gooey sperm poured down my throat in rapid spurts.My nipples involuntarily became sharp little diamond tips and I could feel my tight pink little pussy responding to this despicable man’s groans. Most şişli escort of all I felt my pussy tingle and burn hot as a trickle of slippery cunt creme began to flow out of my fiery hot pussy. Though I hated him with all of my heart. I still lovingly and soothingly bathed the droplets and smeared sperm off his spent cock. He surprised me by flicking his sharp knife blade along my throat and I cried out and a trickle of blood ran down my neck. Lay back down bitch. The others will be glad you survived.Given the chance I myself personally will slit your throat as promised ear to ear. The only thing you’re good for now is a nice hard deep anal fuck. When I return, that is exactly how I intend fuck you. Right up your tight little shitter.Please, please, I softly implored. Please just let me go I swear I will tell no one. I promise just please, let me go. Oh he said, when the time comes I’ll be the one “letting you go”. I take great pleasure in torturing and slicing up a worthless whore like you when you have nothing more to offer.I’m going to kill you. Rest assured. Oh God no, please, please let me pleasure you, let me show you just how hot and wet and tight my soft pink pussy is. He gave me a sadistic grin and said Perhaps before I tortuously slit your pretty little throat. For now I’m done with you.I stood in silence as hot tears ran down my face. How could these men be so mean and cruel. I had done nothing but went into a club to dance. Now I had been sexually tortured over and over and now threatened with death.I lay on the smelly mattress of the bed and held myself and rocked back and forth and cried myself to sleep. I was awakened by the sound of the keys rattling in the door.I was rudely jerked up to a sitting position and a very tall mean rugged man offered me a glass of juice. I reached out for it and he let it fall to the ground. Oh no I cried out, but I’m so hungry and thirsty.No problem he smiled as he told me to take his cock out and I could drink from that. It’s a good source of protein , but a little whore like you should know that.Please I stammered out, I’m so hungry and cold. Why are you doing this to me please just let me go. I swear I will never, ever tell anyone. Right he laughed as he pulled his shirt over his hugely muscled body and took off his pants until he was standing completely naked in front of me.I swallowed hard and stared at the huge appendage that hung between his legs. I had never seen a penis so long and fat in my life. He grabbed me by my chin and jerked my face up.He ordered me to put my hands behind my back and not turn away or I would pay dearly. He held his huge long thick cock in his hand and pointed it at my face. I mistakenly assumed he wanted me to put it in my mouth and give him a blow job.I gasped out and closed my mouth as a burning hot stream of piss began to splash off of my lips and face. He angrily told me to open my mouth and hold my face still as he continued to pee all over me.My face and ears burned red with humiliation and I started to sob and cry. Huge wet tear drops ran down my face as he held his humongous cock in his hand like a grotesque hose and let his hot piss splash all over my face and breast.Open your mouth he raged at me. I coughed and gagged as a steaming hot stream of piss filled my mouth. He reached forward and pinched my noseshut and held my mouth closed until I had no choice but to swallow his acrid tasting urine down into my tummy.Tears ran down my face as I swallowed and refused to gag on his acidic urine. Please I once again implored. No one has to be so mean to me or hurt me. I’ll please you, I’ll do whatever you want, but please let me live.I’ve done all that you have asked of me. If I need to do more I will. I accept that, but please just let me go. I will never ever tell anyone about this. No I fancy you won’t little Anna he said to me.I’ll see what I can do, you’re a very beautiful woman. Maybe I’ll keep you for myself. You would be my own personal sex slave. Underneath your fear I see a very sexual woman. Yes, yes, he muttered to himself as he closed and locked the door.He slowly turned around and took three steps towards me and put his hand under my chin. He leaned down and surprisingly kissed me softly. I slowly began to relax as his kisses became more passionate yet soft. When I felt his tongue touch my lips I opened my mouth and moaned and leaned into him.Please I sobbed quietly. Please let me prove to you that you don’t have to treat me mean I said as I reached out and gently cupped his sperm filled balls. I slowly sunk to my knees as I gently caressed his swelling cock and kissed the head if it.I lightly massaged his balls with one hand while I held his fat erect cock to my lips and teased the head of it with my soft wet tongue. I stared up into his eyes as I opened my mouth and engulfed the head of his hard throbbing cock with my hot wet lips.I tantalizingly teased the sensitive underside of the head of his cock by swirling my tongue slowly in long curling wet circular motions that elicited deep groaning moans as he grabbed my head and pushed his hard thick cock deeper into my wet hot mouth.I took in a deep breath and relaxed my throat şişli escort bayan muscles and felt his brick hard cock touch the back of my throat. I closed my eyes and felt his cock slip deeper into my throat. I moaned out and held him by his buttocks as he began to noisily fuck my face.I looked up at him and put my hands behind my back and kept my soft hot wet lips tightly wrapped around his plunging cock. I opened my mouth to let my drool and saliva flow out of my mouth.I made gagging sounds like gluck, gluck, gluck as my captor’s cock slid in and out of my throat. Little stringy strands of drool kept his cock and my mouth connected as he fucked my face with his hard throbbing cock.I felt his hard cock swell and pulse and I watched him tightly close his eyes and I grabbed the base of his cock and rapidly pumped his vein filled shaft and wrapped my lips tighter around his pulsating cock until he groaned out and growled through clenched teeth.Gobs of scalding hot thick sperm raced up the shaft of his cock and burst into my mouth with the force of a fire hose as I frantically swallowed and swallowed as his thick gooey hot sperm gushed out over my tongue and down my throat filling my tummy with hot stringy gobs of his fiery hot sperm.I gently and slowly bathed his cock with my tongue and lips. I softly milked every single drop of his thick stringy sperm from his churning balls. I created a vacuum with my pursed lips that did not allow a single drop of his creamy pearly white sperm to escape and spill out of my mouth.I felt my flaming hot vaginal juices flowing freely out of my burning hot cunt.I hadn’t even realized that while I was softly and gently bathing his deflating cock that my finger had found my hard swollen clit and was slowly teasing myself into an orgasm.Though my face burned with humiliation I couldn’t stop myself from the flaming desire in my slippery hot wet tight little pussy. I squeezed the base of my a*****ors cock. Slowly coaxing every last drop of his stringy gooey sperm up the shaft of his cock and felt the warmth of the last dribbling drops of his thick hot sperm trickle into my mouth.My pussy began to quiver as spasm after spasm of my impending orgasm caused me to cry out and moan deep in my throat. At this point I was mentally over the edge and didn’t care that my a*****or stood over me as I frantically began to tease my hard swollen pink clit until I threw my head back and moaned out as my orgasm washed over my whole body I was momentarily free and lost in the deep pleasure of my orgasm. I was rudely brought back to reality as my a*****or grabbed me by my hair and painfully pulled me to my feet. I sharply cried out in fear as he spun me around and bent me over the bed. I involuntarily gasped out when I felt the plumb sized head of his hard thick long cock nuzzle and probe the searing hot sopping wet entrance of my silky soft pink vagina.Despite my surroundings and the absolute fear coursing through my body I felt my soft pink pussy twitch and spasm when I felt the hot soft skin of his throbbing cock parting the sopping wet folds of my swollen aroused pussy.His hard cock split my pussy lips open like a hot knife cutting threw soft warm butter. I moaned quietly when I felt my pussy spasm as his hard thick cock pierced the sopping wet entrance to my quivering cunt.I hung my head in shame as I felt my natural juices flood my pussy with aching desire. I softly sobbed in humiliation as I quietly moaned out oh god as I felt my pussy wrap around the plumb sized head of his cock and beginto squeeze down around his invading cock.I felt his hands on my hips as he surprisingly slowly began to push his long thick cock into my dripping wet vaginal canal. I sighed in shame as I slowly pushed back onto his thick throbbing cock and moaned out loudly as my soft wet vagina began to slowly expand and stretch open to accommodate the thick girth of his huge cock.Oh god, oh god yes I softly moaned out. I pushed back shamelessly when he paused. I felt my sopping wet cunt begin to flutter as he slowly withdrew his thick hard cock. The walls of my silky soft cunt caressed the shaft of his steel hard cock as he forced another inch or two into my sopping wet aching cunt.Yes, oh god yes, I sobbed out in shame as my pussy began to quiver and spasm around the invading monster that was gently slicing it’s way into my soft hot wet cunt hole causing an orgasm to ripple through my body.I felt the pleasurable burning sting as my pussy slowly opened up and accepted more of the thick girth of his hard cock. I tried but just couldn’t stop from moaning out as my a*****or forced more of his cock into my soft silky hot wet vaginal sheath.Yes, I cried out! Oh god, oh god I moaned out loudly as the hot soft smooth walls of my dripping wet cunt began to open and spasm around the shaft of his thick hard cock as yet another orgasm exploded through out my body.I bit my lower lip and sobbed in shame at the intense sexual pleasure I felt as he forced more of his insanely thick cock into my dripping wet pussy.I softly cried out as he once again began to withdraw his long thick throbbing cock from my spastic quivering cunt hole.I kept my mecidiyeköy escort bayan head hung down in complete humiliation as I felt the walls of my stretched out cunt closing around his retreating thick cock. I let out a long moaning sigh as I felt my sopping wet cunt once again stretching open as he pushed his long thick throbbing cock back into my sopping wet hot pussy.I felt my face burning a deep red as my pussy noisily queefed around the thick hard shaft of his cock. With each deep thrust into me my sopping wet pussy expelled more air causing me to blush more and more.Oh god yes I moaned out as my dripping wet cunt accepted more and more of his cock. I reached down searching for my wet swollen clit and began to slowly tease myself into another orgasm.Yes, yes, I moaned out as I gave into the deep sexual pleasure of his long thick cock pushing deeper and deeper into me. Oh god I finally cried out fuck me, yes, yes, oh god fuck me oh god yes fuck my pussy, fuck me fuck me with your big huge cock I cried out.Oh god please, yes, yes, oh god your cock feels so good. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out in sexual pleasure as he forced more and more of his thick hard cock into my soft hot wet yielding stretched out slippery hole.I screamed out in crazed lust as he plunged his hard thick cock deeper and deeper into my dripping wet orgasmic cunt. I threw my head back and screamed out in primal pleasure as yet another lightening bolt of orgasmic pleasure exploded deep within my pussy and spread like a wild fire coursing through my body as I moaned out yes, yes, god yes, fuck me, oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuck my tight little cunt with your big huge cock.Yes, yes, I moaned out in orgasmic pleasure. I screamed out as yet another orgasm ripped through my sopping wet cunt when I felt his sperm filled balls pressed into my fiery hot clit. My whole body felt like it was being touched by flames of sexual bliss as I realized he had all of his long thick cock buried deep inside of my hot wet sopping spastic cunt.I clawed feverishly at the tangled dirty sheets of the bed until my knuckles turned white as I moaned and screamed out, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me oh god yes fuck me, yes, yes uh huh oh god yes fuck me, fuck my pussy I panted and gasped out as he began to withdraw his massive cock half way out of my sopping wet stretched out cunt then ram himself back into me.I felt myself spiraling into a sexual vortex as I loudly moaned out fuck me, fuck me that’s it, oh god yes, fuck me with your big huge cock, oh god, oh god, oh god, I screamed out.Suddenly he grabbed me by my hips and began to pummel my aching stretched out sloppy wet cunt with his long thick hard cock. I looked over my shoulder and yelled at him to fuck me, yes, that’s it, uh huh oh god yes fuck me I demanded, fuck me with your big hard cock, fuck my tight little pussy, fuck me until you spray my cunt full of your scalding hot thick sperm.You want it bitch he growled at me. Yes, yes, oh god yes I do, fuck me, fuck me with your big fat cock. Fuck me hard and deep, fuck my tight little pink pussy until you fill my sopping wet hot cunt with your burning hot thick sperm, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my hot little cunt, yes, yes, oh god yes, I screamed out.We were entangled in a sexual war of pleasure. He plunged his cock into my dripping wet hot cunt with hard deep strokes that had me screaming in pain and pleasure as he punished my stretched out cunt with deep hard fast strokes that had me screaming out in sexual bliss.Yes, yes, oh god now, now I looked over my shoulder and screamed out, yes, oh god yes, cum in me now oh god hurry, hurry, yes, yes, oh god, oh god yes I moaned out as another volcanic orgasm erupted when I felt his cock pulsate and swell and the first jets of hot spewing sperm splashed so deep within my spastic quivering cunt.I closed my eyes and through clenched teeth pushed back on his cock as he rammed it in and out of me like a well lubed piston gluiding in and out of my sopping wet pink little pussy.He sank his cock one last time as deeply as I could possibly take him into my abused wet stretched out cunt and I felt his scalding hot sperm splashing off the deepest walls of my soft hot sloppy wet pussy.I heard him gasping for air as his hips thrust his cock deeper and faster into my orgasmic spastic channel of my wet pink soft pussy. I could barely breathe as he pummeled and pounded my aching stretched out sloppy cum filled cunt.I collapsed forward and he fell with me keeping his thick cock inside of me as the last drops of sperm dribbled out of his cock and into my sloppy wet cum filled cunt. Oh god I sighed out, oh god in heaven I quietly moaned as my spastic cunt milked and squeezed out every last drop of his thick gooey stringy sperm.I quietly moaned out in disappointment when he withdrew his huge thick cock from me. I felt so empty yet ashamed that I had acted so shamelessly under the spell of his long thick cock.After he left I began to cry uncontrollably as I felt his thick gooey sperm run out of me. My face burned red with embarrassment and humiliation as I felt my pussy flutter with excitement as I thought of how he had viciously fucked me and how I had somehow on a baser level thoroughly enjoyed it.My fingers tentatively reached down and explored the rich creamy sperm that leaked out of my abused sloppy open cunt. I rubbed it between my fingers and felt my pussy quiver and spasm…. until next time Mrs. X

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