Anne Working Overtime Ch. 07


07 – Carol

After the sit- in lecture with Carol, all of Anne’s thoughts and emotions were more mixed up than ever. When she thought about it, it had been exactly as… no, even much wilder and more incredible than she had imagined. That by itself was enough to make her head spin. This was the total climax in a chain of events that actually started just a few weeks ago, when this amazing world was revealed to her the first time. Before that, she would hardly be willing to accept this even as a wild fantasy! And if so, she would probably react with disgust! Imagine!

She appreciated the fact that it was the way she was introduced to it that did the trick.

And, of course, people like Jean. Her extraordinary personality, her incomparable strength and confidence, her determination to take her headlong into the female world of passion and servitude, before she was even able to collect her thoughts enough to think of anything else. And then to meet gracious Pamela, and luscious Mary.

And now Carol!

Carol was the one to make the ultimate mess of her feelings! As soon as she thought of her, the word “predator” popped up in her mind. A kind of cat- woman softly and soundlessly hovering around, waiting for a chance to strike! Those hungry pussy lips could eat you alive! Skin and all!

And that was the cue for her personality as well. An all- consuming attraction that left you weak and defenseless, ready to do just about anything to please her, like she would be some kind of an ancient goddess.

Such irrational notions churned around in her head more or less all the time. And at one point it even frightened her. She realised that Carol’s strength was one even to match that of her own number one. A person able to pick up the sword and charge!

Yes! She definitely was a woman maybe even more breathtaking than Jean herself. An entirely different kind of person: different style, different ways, different moves. And the two of them together could fill a room with an atmosphere of unlimited power and energy to an extent that you could feel your ears pop!

Although they seemed to be very close friends and associates, Anne thought she had sensed a certain tension between them. Quite unnoticeable, but still. Something about the way they cast small glimpses at each other.

At a point, she had realised that Jean actually never talked to her about Carol until she suddenly showed up in her office at the last lecture. Nothing about her background, how they came to know each other, and so on…. just her position in their joint business.

This was a little bit odd, because it was clear to her that Carol must have been just as much involved in the training program as Jean herself. Maybe more. As an instructor and coordinator, that is. Beautiful Pamela Vasquez obviously was the lowest rank instructor in the team, and Debbie was more or less a program graduate that was taken in for further assistance – if that was the word for it. And finally there was the cast of volunteers that Jean had talked about, ladies more than willing to help them out as training objects during lectures. Anne still only knew Mary, but she had understood that they had quite a number of women on hand, when they couldn’t handle it all themselves.

But why hadn’t Jean introduced her with the same kind of background information as she had done with the others? How in fact did she get involved?

Anne got the chance to ask one evening when the two of them stayed behind in Carol’s office. The glow from the setting sun seeped in through the blinds to lay soft illuminating stripes across the lady’s white shirt as she half laid back in her huge, leather chair with one leg over the armrest, the other up on the desk. She had returned from a meeting in one of her other companies in the afternoon and was wearing a fabulously looking dark blue suit with brown high heeled shoes and an overwhelming pearl necklace. She took Anne’s breath away just by showing up in the hallway of the institute.

They had already enjoyed their favourite pastime for quite a while, with Anne nuzzling between the peach- skinned thighs and gently tonguing the long, gaping slit of that predator- hungry pussy. Nothing too elaborate yet, just a relaxed enjoyment of loving, controlled caresses: tributes to the elegant, cool maturity of this extraordinary woman.

Carol had been chatting lightly about the program and what an impression Anne had made in it, but for the last minute or so she had just urged her to gently massage her nipples under the shirt as she let her head sink back and just enjoyed the sensations fluttering throughout her body. Relaxed breathing and small, wet, slopping sounds was the only thing to be heard. An occasional small jerk in a rounded thigh. Although she tried to play it cool, the girl’s ministrations made hot fire jolts mixed with a lava flow of intense melting sensations trickle mercilessly through Carol’s body.



Anne made sure she had her tongue casino siteleri in firm contact with the base of the clit as she gradually increased the pressure with the tip of her tongue, ready to release and then push back again.

“How did you and Jean get to know each other?”

“Didn’t Jean tell you?”

“Mmmmm no…”

Carol tried to collect her thoughts as a new series of tongue flicking over her clit made her belly and thighs cramp sweetly in pleasure. It wouldn’t be long now until she would not be able to resist the urge to start grinding her glowing slit against that hard working mouth.

“Well… we actually knew each other from way back… when she was still a young gymnastics and fitness teacher. At the time she was very active, – I’d say almost fanatic – in her health- focused life style. I was much more of the lazy type, and since we were both lecturing gymnastics, we had our regular fights over how things should be done.”

“It was later, when her marriage started to falter, that we became close. I actually never asked her….. but I think that one of the reasons was her thing with the girls in school. Actually, more or less, her growing orientation towards her own sex. And I don’t think her husband ever was a part of that new direction of hers. The two of us kind of found each other in our mutual attraction to our pupils. These are things you notice very easily when you’re sensitive to…. those kinds of signals.”

Carol’s attempts to relax got further challenged as Anne joyfully started her very special deep tongue penetrations…. veeeery gently but firm, to vary the intense flicking of her partner’s clit. That damned girl and her irresistible special skills! At the same time the fingers stimulating the aching nipples increased their speed. The lady had to lay her head down to the side and let her body relax totally for a little while to regain some control before she continued.

“She probably told you about her divorce, and how she moved and started all over again. She did these things all by herself. It wasn’t until about a year later that she suddenly showed up at my door at home one evening. I lived in North Park Road at the time. At first I thought she had gone crazy as she sat down and immediately started talking about women’s right to be properly served, and how she had discovered what fantasy fulfilment was all about. I almost got a little frightened and considered calling my husband. Her eyes were kind of wild and I could hardly recognize her earlier self.”

Anne almost forgot her lazy tonguing for a moment. Carol was married? She had no idea! True enough she hadn’t had the chance to ask yet, but somehow she had pictured her as an extremely strong and independent woman…. a roaming tigress seeking her prey at the open hunting grounds. To satisfy her hunger. Definitely not the one who walked her children to school!

“She talked for several hours. At the end her image had changed totally, from that of a total looser to a possible big winner. What sounded like an impossible dream, all of a sudden materialized as a real possibility, even for me. And as soon as she recognized the realisation in my eyes, she promptly offered me a role in her concept that would make me a very happy lady as well. Ooooh, how I remember that blissful thrill when I realized what that could mean for my insatiable hunger for these young girls. Their red mouths and pink tongues… aaaaaaoooohhhhh….”

There was at least a long minute of laboured breathing and small gasps as she took a well deserved break to absorb the passions of her memories in combination with the effect of Anne’s increased efforts. The two had a perfectly unison rhythm, their small and lazy movements fully coordinated to form some kind of a higher unity – a unity of mutual pleasure.

Carol was already close, and Anne knew perfectly well that continuous regular, rhythmic thrusts all the way in, with the teasing bend of the tongue tip, along with some well- aimed clit flicks in between, would do it in a matter of minutes.

No matter how much her lady tried to shift her position to ease the intensity of the stimulation.

Suddenly she grabbed her head in both her hands, “Anne please,… slow down! I don’t want to cum just yet. I want to enjoy it a bit longer…. And there is another thing I need to ask you….. Okay?”

Anne was quite disappointed, but obeyed immediately. Shit!! Didn’t her ladies ever understand that a wild, cheek- squeezing orgasm was just as mind-bending to her as to them?

Still she settled down to a very slow rhythm where she basically let her tongue play around the entrance to the soaked vagina. What on earth could be so important that she needed to ask her right now?!? Now when they were so close? She couldn’t resist the urge to use her tongue with a little extra push as far up as right under the urethra, just to keep the steam up. Just let the tip glide wetly back and forth over the pink fold under it with lazy strokes.

The canlı casino intensity had driven Carol all the way up to the brink, and sparks of intense pleasure shot out into her arms and legs and made the length of her spine weak like jelly. She let out a sigh of relief as the reduced stimulation let her off the hook for a moment. Time to try to catch up with her breathing….

But then the incredible memory of her first uncontrolled explosion into Deb’s inexperienced mouth crept in all over her mind… with Jean expectantly sitting beside her. Seeing it all. And squeezing her hand!

And then it was all over her! Before she even knew what happened! Just like their first time in the chair!

She didn’t even manage to catch her breath properly before she stiffened completely. Her thighs clamped in on Anne’s head so violently that she thought her eyes would pop!


The hands massaging her aching nipples came down to grip the waist. The face squeezed itself even deeper into the cleft, as the tongue attacked the clit directly, flicking it from side to side with merciless vigour.

Carol’s head squeezed back into the cushion, and her hands tore at the leather of the armrests, as she remained stiff and near motionless for a long moment. Then the full force of the orgasm impacted as she started bouncing up and down in what felt like blind delirium.

Anne used the lower part of her arms to help squeeze the thighs even harder around the head as she hung on with all her strength, with her tongue rubbing relentlessly over the pulsing pleasure nob.

A huge squirt of juice hit the back of her throat, and the next moment it was totally flooded by the lady’s pent up passion. She sealed her lips as hard as she could around the pulsing opening as she started gulping it down for all she was worth.

The abdomen bounced back and forth, tugging her head violently from side to side in its crushing grip. Still Anne managed to hold her seal tight, and even continue the clit stimulation with her upper lip and nose.

“Ohhh…. Oohhh…. uggghhhh!!

Carol was much more vocal than Jean. Although her yells were severely damped by the rubbing thighs over her ears, the vocal tribute to her skills brought Anne’s own pussy up to the very edge of explosion. She had to relax her hips completely and try to sit motionless in her crouched position to avoid an uncontrolled eruption in her own drooling pussy. Her mistress’ wild bouncing made it an almost impossible trial of self control, but she managed to hang on all the way through as she kept her level of stimulation up to prolong her ecstasy as much as humanly possible.

Pussy juices continued to flood her mouth. Again she felt that suspicious taste of something more. Something tangier and slightly bitter. Very different from the sweet cream she so much had come to love the taste of.

Down on the bench the other day she had hardly noticed. Now she knew. She knew exactly!

Finally Carol calmed down and the thighs relaxed their crushing grip around her head. An almost painful groan gave Anne the signal to move from the direct stimulation of the clit down to a gentle tonguing of the grooves on each side and directly over the opening of the pee- hole. Even that caused sounds of possible discomfort that made her go all the way down to the light recovery- titillation of the lower inner pussy lips.

Then she felt her lady relax completely. Her shirt- covered tits rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She let one hand fall powerlessly down on her thigh right over Anne’s lower arm – a warm gesture to show her appreciation of the devoted service being provided to her.

She lay completely still, keeping her eyes closed for a long while.

Anne on her side felt like glowing, and enjoyed a warm, trickling heat all throughout her body. A feeling of unlimited passion that made her pussy, belly and thighs tingle. A pleasure beyond anything she knew from her previous life just a few weeks back.

As she let go of the saturated pussy for a moment to pamper it with the warm towel, she looked up at the spent, but overwhelmingly superior body above her with awe. Those strong thighs, the perfectly curved belly disappearing in under the wrinkled skirt, the powerfully protruding and sleekly shaved pubic bone with the hungry folds of the pussy right underneath. Pussy lips now lightly and happily shut, awaiting new oral attention in a few moments. Mighty buttocks, strong arms, full tits still heaving under the shirt…

A complete woman! Someone to desire and pleasure with all her skills – with total commitment to the task of providing wonderful feelings of lust and pleasure. As long as possible. Whatever it took. Any time. Any place.

As Anne started her gentle and loving tongue- play between those sweet lips to nurse her gently through the oversensitive afterglow period, Carol raised her head and looked down at her.

“Anne dear?!?”


“Remember what kaçak casino I whispered to you at the lecture with Jean, you know, with you down on the bench?”

“Mmmmmmphh!” Anne remembered! She looked up into her eyes and made a faint nod with her tongue buried half the way up the silky love channel. The sweet memory of those predator pussy lips bursting apart right over her nose made her shake with a wave of excitement. Even now. Even here!

She squeezed her elbows tightly around those powerful hips as she continued using a fingertip ever so gently on each happy nipple. Her tongue reached the bottom before she carefully pulled out and continued to wash the lower pussy lips with light, sweeping strokes.

“Do you want to make me absolutely completely happy? You know, as happy as can be?!?”

Anne stopped her licking and looked up at Carol again, this time with surprise in her eyes.

“But of course I do! Aren’t you happy now?!?”

“Silly little you! How could I not be happy with a miracle like you between my legs?”

She smiled down at those slightly confused eyes.

“Don’t take it the wrong way! We’re talking total perfection of an already perfect service. So, your part is already perfect. It’s my experience of it I’m after… there is still even one higher level! Do you love me enough to help me reach that ultimate level?”

Anne still didn’t catch the drift, but she was completely sure there was nothing she wouldn’t be willing to endure to make a woman like Carol – or Jean, or Pam or Mary, and all other luscious ladies of their incredible brand – the happiest and most satisfied women on earth. Now that she knew that they were really real, she was ready to devote her life to this ultimate task!

“Yes!…. More than anything!” she whispered before she let her tongue pick up it’s teasing of the lower part of the gaping slit.

“I’m so glad,” she whispered with dizzy eyes. Anne felt the first little shiver in the thigh against her chin, and then noticed the clit again protruding out from under its hood. Carol was about ready for another go.

“Well, you told me that Jean had not introduced you to our term “burster”… She should know better than not to warn you about this. Most of your potential clients and instructors are bursters!”

She looked down and smiled again. “And as I told you at the lecture; I’m the head burster…. The real chief soaker!!”

Anne noticed how the lady’s eyes locked with hers in search of reactions to her remarks.

Another moment of wondering. Hot shining eyes locked together with each other.

Then suddenly it was clear! Of course!! The strange taste of her juices of ecstasy. The strong clamp around her head. The “I have to hold back, then” remark back in the special chair.

The joy of understanding her hint was mixed with the chilling discovery of what that could mean for her. She didn’t really mean that… she wasn’t actually saying that she wanted her to…. no! Not that?!? All the way?!? Or did she?!??

A chilling trickle went down her spine! Then warm and cold waves of passion went through her. She realized she had had some thought about this in the back of her mind a long time already. Ever since she heard Jean’s words the first time back in her office, when she came into Debbie’s mouth. But that definitely belonged to a part of her fantasy that she had considered too dark to ever even contemplate in any real situation. Not a part of the real world… just a dark, dark fantasy of the deepest submission. The deepest and most hidden and most…. exciting. Yes; soul- shattering exciting!

She thought she had reached the deepest of wonderful depths of depravity and submission at the sit- in lecture the other day. Now Carol’s words paved the way even further down…. into the black abyss. The black, frightening abyss!!

Her heart pounded violently the way it always did when fever pitch excitement hit her with its relentless force. Trembling nervousness crept in on her.

Another dark and wild fantasy on the move. Still; such a fantasy was one thing. But would she be able to do something like that in real life? All the way?!? What if she got sick? What if she couldn’t stand it at all? In this case there was no chicken switch possibility out of it!

Carol could see how those dark, beautiful eyes shone with a mixture of panic and passion. That sweet, sweet girl. That young Anne with her special talents. If she could break her into this, she would be ready for anything that would be expected of her in their business. Why on earth didn’t Jean discuss this with her before?

“Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes” came the short and breathless answer.

“Does it frighten you?”

“Yes” again. Dark eyes shining back into hers.

Silence. A looong moment.

Anne suddenly realized she had stopped her gentle tongue work. A shiny drop slipped over the lower fold of the slit in front of her and disappeared down into the crack of her lady’s ass. Resolutely she adjusted down a little bit and sank her tongue in deep to collect it. A move that made Carol gasp and shiver lightly. Then she moved back to let her tongue start playing along those wild outer lips of the juicy pussy again.

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