Ann’s Fetish Search Ch. 05


I had only been home from Houston for a week before it was time to leave again. This time, my research would be conducted in Phoenix. Steve had missed me not being home but had begun to love my naughty little texts. I had never expected Steve to even be ok with me having sex with other people. However, after the initial shock of seeing Paul take me for the first time, he had become increasingly aroused at the prospect of more. As he kissed me goodbye, as I left for the airport, he told me to be good, but not too good. That was followed by a broad smile and a slap on my butt.

About two hours later I was on my flight to Phoenix. As I flew, my mind began to wander. I wondered how I had gotten to this point. I had always been very sexual. I was what my mother called “boy crazy”. I had lost my virginity to a man who was older than me. It was sex for him, I thought it was love. Seeing him high fiving his buddies after he had told them what we had done, broke my heart. Sadly, now I had a reputation. Everyone thought I was the town pump and all the men wanted to date me, no fuck me. At first, I tried to deny their advances, but I was a horny too, so I gave in. Soon, I was the town pump. I had sex with any man who wanted it, any way they wanted it.

Once I left for college, I made a promise to myself to treat myself with dignity. However, I was small, cute and “oozed sexuality”. The college men all wanted a piece of me, but this time my sexuality was going to be on my terms. I fucked the men that I wanted to fuck. The ones I did not want, got their minds fucked. I would make them jerk off on my boots, cum in a condom and then make them eat it and even make them pay me, just to be seen with me. The men in my early years broke me, I now spent my college years fixing myself back up.

Meeting Steve and having him as my professor was liberating in medical school. From the first day I met Steve, he encouraged me to be myself and to take control of my life. He was my professor on and off for the whole four years. As each year passed, I had been more attracted to him. I knew that he was the one for me. The day I graduated, I walked up to him and told him that I wanted to fuck him. We have now been married eight years and now I was cheating on him. What was wrong with me? I know he had given me a hall pass, but I love him, and I should be faithful. Damn it, I was not going to cheat on him anymore.

My mind was jolted back to reality as the plane slammed into the runway in Phoenix. We landed so hard, I thought we had crashed. Maybe the pilot was sexually frustrated, I thought. Then I laughed to myself. Once again, it was all about sex to me. I rented a car and made my way to my rental unit. It was hot as hell. Phoenix seemed like the place where only the devil could live fulltime. Once I got to my accommodations, I ran inside and hugged the air conditioning.

The next morning, I arrived at the hospital. It is the biggest and most respected in the area. My phone buzzed. The message told me to go to room 325, there was a department head meeting and I was going to be introduced. I searched my way through the massive hospital until I finally found the room, and went in. A man in his 50’s was presenting. As I entered, he stopped talking and stared intently at me. I apologized for interrupting and sat down. They were talking about typical hospital business, headcount, patient count, and expenses. After about a half hour, the room went silent. I looked up from my phone to about 30 sets of eyes looking at me. I was mortified. The gentleman who was speaking asked me if I would like to tell the room who I was and why I was there.

I cleared my throat and Introduced myself. I quickly got my legs back under me and did a 10 presentation on what my research was about. All the while, the original speaker stared güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at me, almost through me. I had obviously made him angry and he was sending me a message. Once I finished, I asked for questions. A few of the department heads made jokes about hamsters in peoples butts and head injuries from sex swings. I stayed professional and told them that this was the type of injury that I was looking to see. Finally, the original speaker had everyone go around the room and introduce themselves. It was the typical, I am doctor blah, from blah department, specializing in more blah. Finally, we got to the last person, who was the original speaker when I came in. He said, “I am Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Head of the Psychology Department, and you, young lady will be working with me for the next month.”

I nearly passed out. My heart stopped. The man I interrupted, who has been death staring me for more than an hour is my boss for the month. I am screwed. The meeting ended and he invited me to walk with him to his office. Dr. Wilson was in his 50’s, about 6′ 3″, 190 lbs., fit and handsome with short salt and pepper hair. He oozed confidence and as he walked the halls, both the women and men showed him respect. He had long legs and walked fast. The sound of his very expensive Lucchese boots echoed through the hallway. After what seemed like miles, we entered his outer office. His assistant greeted me and got me a coffee. We then entered his office. It was like a museum. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with plaques and awards. He had pictures of him with presidents and world leaders. It was like walking into the Smithsonian.

He excused himself for a minute and took a call. I walked around and looked at his mementos. As I moved around the office, I felt his eyes following my every move. At no point did he every stop staring at me. It was beginning to feel a bit strange. Once he got off the phone, he had me sit down and we had a long conversation about my research. Dr. Wilson was brilliant. He understood everything I was working on. He asked me questions that I had never thought of. He was beginning to make me feel a bit dumb. Then at one point he called me Sarah. I corrected him and told him my name was Ann. He blushed and apologized profusely. However, only minutes later, he was showing me some of his research and he called me Sarah again.

I began to think he had a bit of early dementia. However, he caught himself and again apologized, then fell into his chair and threw his head back. He asked me if he could tell me something personal. I told him of course he could. “I need to show you something”, he said. Dr. Wilson stood up and directed me to a faded picture on the wall. It was of him with his arm around a short lady with long brunette hair. He told me to look closely at the picture. I leaned in and to my amazement it was a picture of him and me. But it could not be me, the picture was taken when I was only a child. But, the woman in the picture was my twin. Literally, could have been my twin sister. I stood back up straight and whistled a, “phew”. “That is so right scary how much we look alike.”, I said to him. He asked me to sit down and hebegan to speak.

Dr. Wilson said that when he was in undergrad, he met a beautiful woman named Sarah. He fell madly in love with her and she with him. They spent the entire four years of undergrad together. They were inseparable. As their college years ended, Dr. Wilson, was accepted to med school. Sarah promised to follow him to where-ever he went. Just as school finished, Sarah’s father was transferred to Africa. He was a Swiss diplomate. When her father was transferred out of the US, Sarah lost her diplomatic visa and had to leave with her dad. Dr. Wilson was devastated. His heart was broken. They stayed in touch the best güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri they could, but distance and time was against them and he never saw her again. There was a long awkward silence. Then he said that when I walked into the room today, he thought it was Sarah, returning through time to come back to him.

I looked at him, he was so incredibly sad. The story was so sod too. Tears ran down my face. All I could say was that I was sorry. He got up and walked over to me and gave me a hug. He said it was not my fault, that he still prayed everyday he would find her again. My goodness, I thought, what a sweet man. He again apologized and told me that he owed me dinner for making me cry. I gladly accepted his offer. He took me to a private club that he belonged to. It was very fancy. The waiters were attentive. The food was five star and the drinks were exquisite. We spent the night talking about our lives, but Sarah was never far from his lips. He glowed when he spoke of her. He said that he never found another woman that he loved as much as her and remained single his whole life. At this point my heart was broken too. This sweet and very successful man had never been married.

The night ended with a hug and a promise to not call me Sarah in the morning. I laughed and told him he could call me whatever he wanted. The next day, I spent it with him. He was so gentle and loving. He made it a point to give me lots of attention and gave me pointers on my research. This amazing treatment lasted the whole month. Dr. Wilson was truly a mentor and I cherished our time together.

As the month ended, Dr. Wilson asked me out to dinner again so he could say goodbye. Again, we went to his club and again the conversation landed on Sarah. I told him I was sorry I brought back so many memories. He told me that the past month was some of the happiest he had been in years. Being with me, made him feel young again. Again, tears flowed down my face. When we finished dinner, he asked me back to his place for a night cap. He said he had something for me.

His home was gorgeous. Again, the walls in his home office were covered in his life’s work. He opened a drawer in his desk and handed me a small box. I opened it. Staring up at me was a necklace with a small diamond on it. It was beautiful. He said that he had bought it for Sarah, the day she left, but was unable give it to her as he had been running late and had missed her flight. He told me he wanted me to have it. As I stood there stunned, he picked it up and put it around my neck. I nearly melted. Once he finished, he kissed me softly on my neck from behind.

My legs grew week. I fell back arms. As I did, I spun around towards him. My face fell into his chest. His strong hands lifted my face towards his and he placed his soft lips on mine. I instinctively, kissed him back. His arms wrapped around my body and picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. He gently placed me on the bed and stared down at me. “You are absolutely gorgeous, perfect.”,rolled out of his mouth. I lifted my hand to his and pulled him onto the bed. I whispered, “make love to me.”

He unzipped my dress and peeled it off me expertly. I unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed my hands across the hair on his chest. It was not long before we were both naked and exploring each other’s body. Dr. Wilson was a very well put together man, sexy and confident. I reached between his legs to discover a rock-hard cock, ready to make love to me. I stroked it gently and told him that I needed him inside me. He climbed on top of me, and slowly inserted his cock into my wet pussy. He slowly and gently pumped his cock deep inside me. He was making slow passionate love to me. He took his time, making sure to run his hands through my hair and gently kissing my neck. I wrapped güvenilir bahis şirketleri my legs around his waist and pulled him tight against me. He pressed his lips to mine and began kissing me passionately. I had not made love like this before. It was slow, caring, and beautiful love.

I looked up into his eyes, all I could see is a man making beautiful love to the person he cherished but missed dearly. I placed my finger on his lips and told him to stop. He looked surprised. I told him to roll over and lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and straddled his groin and looked down into his eyes. I took his rigid cock and rubbed it on my labia, then slid my body down, taking it all inside me. Slowly, I began to ride him like a horse. He eyes were glued to me. He reached up and rubbed my breasts. He told me how beautiful I was and how he had been waiting for this for decades. I whispered that I had been too. I seductively rode his cock for what seemed like an eternity. He remained rock hard. I ran my finger across his chest then up to his lips. They parted slightly. He sucked the tip of my finger as if it was my nipple. I took my index finger of my other hand and stuck into my mouth and began to give it a sensual blow job. He moaned softly, in appreciation.

I lowered my body to his and kissed him, then moved my lips to his ear. I whispered, “I have been waiting all my life for you to leave your gift inside me.” His arms wrapped themselves around me as he whispered that he had missed me more than I could ever imagine. I picked up my pace and began to ride him harder. His kisses became stronger, more passionate. His strong hands grabbed my ass cheeks. He began to thrust his body upwards in response to my every down stroke. I whispered again, that I wanted his cum inside me. His body stiffened and he arched his back upwards. His cock pushed into me so hard, he lifted my body off the bed. He gritted his teeth and let out a satisfied roar as his arms pulled me hard into his chest. His balls pulsed rapidly against my ass as his manhood poured its warm gift into my womb. I could feel the warmth growing inside me. It felt good, sweet, and absolutely right.

As he finished, I began to grind my pussy on his cock. I lowered my finger to my clit and rubbed tight circles. My hips slowly rocked back and forth as I looked deeply into his eyes. He was mesmerized and totally focused on me. Although his cock began to soften, it still filled me. It felt good inside me. He reached up and softly ran his hands across my chest, then placed them on my hips. My clit began to swell and become sensitive. I looked him in the eyes and whispered that I was going to cum for him. He responded with, “please baby, I want that.” I continued to roll my hips, as a strong but subtle orgasm curled through my body. It wafted through me in slow waves, not like the electric shock of orgasms I have had with Steve. No, this was lovely, soft, and sweet.

As my orgasm subsided, I laid my body onto his and kisses him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight for quite a while. Finally, he let go and I rolled off him onto the bed, then got up. I walked over to my clothes and got dressed. He watched as I slipped on my panties, then my bra and finishing with my dress. I walked to the side of the bed and asked him to zip me up. He did and kissed my neck from behind. I slipped my feet back into my 5-inch black patent leather heels and spun around. Suddenly I was taller, but still small in his arms. I kissed him again and told him that I should go, I had an early flight in the morning.

Dr. Wilson looked at me with big doe eyes and told me how much this meant to him. Seeing me for the first time, sent shivers down his spine. It had brought back a flood of memories and emotions. The last month had been wonderful, scary, and emotionally overwhelming all at once. He wanted me to know that being with me was like having Sarah back again. I gave him another kiss and turned to go. As I turned, he said, “thank you Ann, you made me the happiest man in Phoenix.” I turned and looked over my shoulder and replied, “Ann, who is Ann? My name is Sarah.”

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