another great family fuck


A couple of weeks ago, we had a great family orgy, now after many phone calls and sms’s we set up another one for Friday and Saturday night, telling those that were there last time to bring along thier K9 friends and mates if they would.

Stef arrived Friday, looking great as always, and her and Kim got ready for tonights fun, Sue and myself got the house set up, and waited for the guys to arrive.

Just after 6.30 the first guys arrived, Kim and Stef started sucking on hard cocks, I gave Sue a arse fuck while Stu fucked her pussy, then shortly after more guys turned up, and the fun got more intense, it wasn’t long before I had a good cock rammed home and my first anal orgasm raced though me, with in an hour, the house was full, guys taking us in any hole they wanted, as it came free.

Stef was being dp’d, two guys gave her butt a good fucking, while she ate Kim’s pussy, another cock reamed Kim’s butt out, as they took control and told the guys what to do, soon Stef was picked up, and impalled on two cocks, both in her arse, they gave her a good hard fucking, before filling her with cum.

It was just after this I saw one of the guys from the last group fuck turn up, he had a large mixed breed dog with him, Sue beat me too him, as she kissed him hello and patted the dog, soon his cock was buried deep in her butt, as the dog lay watching them both.

I let her enjoy him then went over, asking if the dog had ever fucked a woman before, he said no, but wanted to see if he would, so Sue moved around, her arse up, and the guy held his dogs nose to her pussy. He quickly started to lick her juices, his tongue going from her clit to bum and back again, Sue had her first doggy orgasm for the night.

As he was licking her, I rubbed his cock, slowly it got bigger until it was hard enought to try and see if he would mount Sue, moving her to the bench, I held his cock, as his owner pulled him up, with a bit of help he soon knew what to do, thrusting into Sue his cock missed her pussy, so I aimed it at her butt, with the cum lubing her hole, he slipped in, his growl told us he was enjoying his new mate.

Sue was going well, her orgasm now told every one her new found cock, was doing its job, the dog was fucking her flat out, faster than any guy could, now the dog knew what to do, pushing more of his cock into Sue’s butt with every thrust, he was growling loudly, as the guy’s watched my wife being doggy fucked.

Some of the guys face fucked Sue shooting cum in or over her mouth, as she continued to take it all, then with a soft moan the knot went in, Sue now having one long total body orgasm, she casino şirketleri was shaking and cuming as he held his bitch tight, fucking her harder now, building up to his climax.

With a loud growl he let us know, Sue’s butt was being flooded with his cum, both lost in sexual heat, his balls jerking as more cum flowed into her, the knot held it all, as Sue let out a soft moan and her eyes rolled back, her face had a look of total satifaction.

They stayed knoted for 5 minutes or more, Sue was face fucked several times, and took all the cum, then with a plop the knot slipped out, and he moved back, Sue’s butt leaking cum every where, I went behind her licking her arse and eating the cum. Stef and Kim joined me, helping me empty Sue’s butt, sharing it with one another as we did.

Cocks soon filled her butt and refilled her with cum as guy after guy now turned on by her show fucked her hard, we all took our share of cocks and cum.

Sue then said it was time for some water sports, heading out side we followed, the guys knew, as piss flowed over any one willing to take it, a lot of them pissed in our arses or the girls pussies, before the shower was used to rinse off.

No sooner had we got back to the play room, then Kim was on the bench, her arse held high and the dog was licking her pussy, I helped her get him ready, he was game to try again, humping her leg, I pulled him up, asking Kim what hole, “my butt of course” she replied. With one quick push his cock found her arse, and went in, he didn’t hesitate this time, fucking her hard and fast pushing his cock in further and further.

Kim was going wild, her orgasm’s took control of her and she pushed back hard, the knot now ready to go in, and with just a few more pushs it did, her hole streched open and locked solid around it, as she had one almighty orgasm his knot went in further still, the end of his cock would be in her bowels for sure.

Stef was watching closely, her best friend knotted with a dog, and loving it, while she watched guys used her body, fucking every hole, I moved under Kim, and found her clit, playing with it and licking it when I could sent her higher still as her butt took the dog fully, now he was growling again, his balls flooding her body with cum, as Kim shouted out in bliss as a huge orgasm ripped though her.

I kept her high, licking her clit, he stayed knotted inside her swollon butt, then I heard a plop and my face was covered in hot doggy cum, and loads of it, Kim let out a moan of contentment, as she fell onto me. as quick as her butt was empty of dog cock guys began to fuck her, more cum was added casino firmaları to her butt, I ate what I could. Kim now had her mouth wrapped around my cock sucking hard, my balls let her have my cum, filling her mouth, we both collasped, a mix of cum still leaking out over my face.

I needed a shower, as I washed myself off, a few guys came in, held ther cocks and pissed over my body, I bent down for one to fill my ase with piss and drank another one, finnishing with a few of them fucking me in the bath room, it was some 30 mintues later before I got back to the main room.

I looked over to see Stef her arse full of dog cock, Kim under her licking her clit and Stu face fucking her, I knelt down watching as guys fucked my arse too, Sue was close by, riding 2 cocks and sucking another. Stef was making all sorts of noises, the knot had just gone in, and he was soon going to flood her with hot cum, this time he turned back to back, his cock and knot clealy held firm in Stef’s butt, as he began pumping her full of sperm.

Kim licked hard, Stef now lost in another world, her orgasm better than any I’ve seen her have, it was so hot watching these two girls together, both happy to share cocks and cum, and make one another orgasm as much as possible. I didn’t think he would have any cum left, but still he pumped it into her butt, Stef was just about exchusted, as Kim made her orgasm again and again, then the knot softened, falling out Kim took the full load of hot cum on her face, the dog just walked away, laying down he licked his cock clean, Sue helped lick him clean, sucking him into her mouth, as guys fucked her pussy or butt.

Stef also had guys fuck her butt straight after the dog pulled out, more cum run down onto Kim as they both enjoyed the night, then kim helped Stef up, and took her for a shower, a line of guys followed them in, including me.

I walked in to see them being pissed on, the guys washing the doggy cum from them both, then some also filling thier holes with piss too, I took Stef’s butt and pissed long and hard into her, then slipped down and told her to push it out for me to drink, most splashed on my face but I took some, as other guys pissed over us both.

It seems most guys like a good water sport session, when others show them, and our guys were as kinky as we were, after a wash of, we all returned for more fucking. Stu and Sue and a few guys were doing a line, with Stu fucking sue’s arse, while another guy fucked him and another guy was fucking his butt, all rocking back and forth moaning as each had a orgasm.

My butt wanted some doggy cock so I knelt down and güvenilir casino asked Kim to try and get him hot once more, she walked him over to me, and he sniffed my butt, licking me some but not enought to get him hard, so I told Kim to suck his cock and get him ready to fuck me.

Stef helped, and both went down playing and sucking with his soft cock, slowly it got harder, the guys fucked them while they sucked, then the dog started to lick me more, and jumped up, his front legs near my shoulders, then I felt his cock, as one of the girls aimed it at my arse, a few pushs, then he went in, his cock getting harder as he fucked me, it was so good having a dog cock back in my butt, as he built up speed.

Stef lay under me sucking my cock, as guys fucked and cum in her, my mouth awash with cum, the knot ready to go in, my orgams rang out loud and clear, then with one good push the knot went in, as another huge orgasm rocked my body. I was enjoying his cock, the heat and speed he fucked me was great, then I felt him swell up more and cum, even after fucking the girls he still had lots of cum left, my orgasm continued until he stopped and his knot went soft, as he pulled his cock out I held my hand over my butt, moving above Stef, she knew she was going to wear it all.

Her face was already covered in cum, as my hand moved away it dissapeared under a flood of hot doggy cum, I turned and kissed her licking cum from her face and sharing it, other guys also came down kissing and licking cum from her face.

She was quickly picked up and planted on a cock, her pussy and butt used by two guys as more cum was added to her, it was so hot seeing this young lady being fucked and taken by all the guys, she had turned into a real good cum slut, such a change from just a few months ago. My cock slid easily into her well used and cum filed butt, as my own cock orgasm built up in my nuts, then with a grunt, I filled her and collasped onto her back.

I saw Stu laying on top of Kim his cock in her butt, and Sue using the dildo, going from Stu’s butt to Kim’s pussy, and then back again. a guy also standing behind Sue fucking her, both Kim and Stu had a cock in thier mouths, things were going well, as another cock unloaded deep in my bowels, his fist quickly followed and took me over the top once more, as another cock was pushed in with it.

My arse was used by several more guys, all happy to empty thier hot cum into me, and have thier cocks sucked dry, the rest of the family also making sure no guys go home with any cum left.

It was early into the morning when the guys left, Stef and my family, laying together covered in cum, gently playing and kissing as sleep began to take over. I lay next to Kim, turned her on her side and buried my cock in her pussy as I fell of to sleep, both to tired now to finish.

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