Another true encounter with a

Another true encounter with aWent on a road trip the other week with my boys. We were staying pretty much on the beach and it was about 80 degrees everyday. It was just the 6 of us and during the day we would lay out on the beach and admire all the hot and barely clothed women. I consider myself an ass man by trade but during the trip really gained an affinity for a nice rack. There were so many topless women at this particular beach it was a bit ridiculous. At night we would find a club and buy some expensive drinks and chat with the local girls who were also in town. Now I’m from a certain city with a very distinct accent and where I was it was stroking the ear pussy’s of the women down there. The trip was a blast and this was going to be our last night before we flew back in the morning. We decided to go this one club we hadn’t been yet. It seemed like a normal club, loud dance music, over priced drinks and hot ass everywhere. But this night ended a little differently then planned.I bought a couple shots and my buddy bought a few and by the time I realized it, I was kinda drunk and was getting a horny. I started eyeballing this girl who was across the bar and was sitting next to another girl who was drunkenly babbling on. I gave her a quick wink and she accepted my invitation by coming over and sitting next to me. She was about 5’3 with long blond hair. Her body was looking amazing and her dress was barely hanging on her body. She had some B size tits and were nice and perky but I could not get over the booty that this white girl had. there must be something about the water where I was because I never seen so many white girls with asses like that. I come from a predominantly white neighborhood so I wasn’t used to seeing asses of this caliber. We started to chat about life and other stupid shit like the usual conversations go. Her friend came over and was still rambling incessantly. I asked this girl(lets call her Amy) if she wanted to dance and assured karaman escort her that her friend would be good in my friends hands.She led me to the dance floor until we were right in the middle. She put her fantastic ass up against my cock with was half hard already. She was grinding and gyrating her hips like some shit out of a shakira video. I couldn’t help but get a raging boner. She obviously didn’t mind because she would “drop it low” and on her way back up give my cock a nice grab. Being a tall person as I am (6’3) i was forced to pretty d**** my body over hers. My head was resting on her shoulder and with one of my hands on her hip and one her nicely tanned leg. She leaned back and in the most erotic voice ever said “touch me”. I didn’t have to be told twice as my hand found its way up her leg and up to her pussy. I almost jizzed myself when I found out quickly she was not wearing any panties. This fucking slut! I was getting into it now and I think it turned her on that we were surrounded by people and I was two fingers deep in her tight pussy. She nibbled my earlobe and reached behind her and grabbed my cock, soft at first then getting gradually harder.We kept dancing for awhile and my fingers were soaked with her sweet smelling pussy juice. We went back to the bar where she proceeded to drop about $50 on drinks for me which put me in heaven at that point. My buddy was up to his usual bullshit and was slipping the drunk the tongue. I told them we should take shots back at the hotel. My buddy didn’t want to go but Amy certainly did. I knew it was on at that point. I told my buddies not to come back for awhile. Me and Amy walked back to the hotel which was only a block away, all the while exchanging playful touching and kissing. The hotel had only 6 floors and we were on the 6th. We got to my room but Amy kept walking down the hallway. I ran to catch up with her. Apparently she’d been here before because she found the stairs to get on the escort karaman roof. I gladly followed, getting a great look at her young fresh pussy which was still glistening from the fingering she received earlier. We go to the top and that’s when the good shit happened.Amy slipped out of her obnoxiously tight blue dress and was standing there completely naked in front me, staring into my eyes with the most seductive look. All I could manage to say was “you got me” and gave her another wink. With that my pants were off and my cock was deep into her mouth. Due to my size I’ve never had a girl been able to deep throat me all the way, but this girl got the closest i ever seen. I held the top of her head with one and her jaw with the other. She wanted to grab my cock while she sucked it but i pushed it away. I let her know I was gunna fuck her mouth and she was gunna like it. Even as I write this I can’t help but stroke my cock thinking about it. Since her hands were idle at this point she began to rub her clit and moan as she swallowed more and more of my fat cock. I pushed my cock deep one last time before standing her up and throwing her leg over my shoulder. I wasted no time and buried my face in her pussy. She let out a loud “oooooooh yessss, Fuck yess!” one hand was grabbing her tits and her other was forcing my face right into her pussy. I had her clit with my upper lip while my tongue worked out every other inch. I absolutely get off on eating girls out so I took my time with this one. her pussy just smelled so sweet and the juices leaking all over my face were causing my cock to throb freely in the slight breeze. I spun her around and bent her over and stuck my face directly into her ass. I stuck my tongue in her pussy then in her ass and back and forth. Each time she gave increasingly louder moans. “yesss, Oh my god yess” until she could take it anymore and was pleading with me to put my cock in her.We used my shirt and her dress as a sheet karaman escort bayan of sorts as she laid down on her back. I got right between her thighs as her body still twitched from the tongue lashing she just received. her pussy dripped onto my shirt beneath her creating a puddle before I even put it in. Now in the past I’ve always had trouble putting my dick in because of my girth (6 1/2 in around) It took me a few thrust before I was finally inside and we both let out a loud sigh and moan of pleasure. This girl didn’t want any of that slow shit, this slut wanted to get fucked and fuck her I did. My dick slammed in and out of her pussy and I felt her cum all over my dick. her body twitched and wriggled around as I could tell I was hitting her deep in her gspot. Like my other story I have some sort of fascination with small girls because their so light and fuckable. I planted my feet on the ground and picked her clear up off the ground. My hands grabbing her amazing ass as her legs were wrapped around me. I slammed my fat cock into Amy hard. Her screams must have been audible for miles. her progressive screams turned me on so much “yesss, YESSS, FUCK YESSSS!” I think her pussy was literally leaking juice as I was close to reaching my cum. I asked her where I should cum and she said she didn’t like to swallow. so being the savvy guy I am I stood her up, bent her over and forced my fat cock into her ass. She screamed so loud I thought someone must have heard. She must has liked it though becuase she was soon matching my thrusts with her own. I busted a huge load in her ass and it started to leak out as i still was fucking her.Finally I exited her and we lay on the roof for awhile. I was smoking a butt and she was in some sort of cum c***. She slept over that night. But when I woke up she wasnt there. I was so dissapointed i hadn’t even got her number. When we landed back home I got a text from Amy. it showed up in my phone as her. Sneaky slut, she must have put it in my contacts. I opened it to find a naked picture of her rubbing her clit with a caption that said “will wait for your cock as long as I have to :)”. I still receive texts from her now and again. i hope I can go back soon to see my Amy

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