Another True Experience

Another True ExperienceI set a new goal to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I have not always succeeded but I do my best. In the early stages of my bi life I went through what I believed was the normal process for a guy who considered himself straight to actually finding out my bi tendencies were far stronger than I originally thought. Not going to lie it was difficult and lots of times I was riddled with guilt after my MM encounters. Walking away from giving a blow job I would be thinking how it wasn’t right and my religious upbringing made the guilt hurt that much more. Things changed when I found myself the owner of a paint store franchise for a national brand.During the course of any day I would make contact with a gentleman in head office that guided me through the endless situations and the miles of paperwork required in being the owner of the store. His name was Scott and it was always fun talking with him.As we spoke we began to be more comfortable with each other. I k**ded with him once that his girl friend would be jealous and he said there was no girl out there for him. I wondered if he was trying to tell me something so I just asked. ” Are you gay”? He answered the way I hoped and we continued on talking. It aliağa escort was safe because there was very little chance of meeting. You can say things you normally would not have the nerve to do in person. I then told him that I was bi and he sounded interesting. Every conversation would start out professional then turn to sex once our work was done. More and more often I was shutting the door to my office so I could stroke my cock through my pants. He would do the same. One time he even removed his cock from the confines of his jeans and beat off under his desk. About twice a year a meeting was held in Toronto to review growth and revenue potentials. Scott and I were talking when he asked if I was headed up there and I admitted that was the case. It was going to be a quick trip, there and back in one day with a total of 6 hours of driving. Scott suggested we meet at a local mall and have a quick chat. I thought this was an excellent idea. On the appointed day I could think of nothing but meeting a guy I had never seen but had jacked off thinking of aa the things we had said we would do with each other. I had problems concentrating on business and the time seemed to drag by,. Finally at the end of the allotted time I quickly grabbed all my escort aliağa information and headed for the door. I was anxious and was excited because I knew I was going to suck him, taste him and roll my tongue up and down his hard shaft. Take the cock head as deep as possible and make happy sucking sounds as he allowed me to pleasure him. I was nervous as I waited for him at the assigned spot. I looked at every guy going by, making eye contact and at times hoping that this guy or that guy was him.Finally I saw a younger man, taller than I, with sandy coloured wavy hair coming my way. He introduced himself and we sat for a chat. Our conversation was general stuff until it was getting time to leave. He asked where I parked and we headed out to my truck. We climbed in and he instructed me to drive to an open area and just park. Once there he unzipped and pulled out a beautiful large cock. Head shining as if it was wet. He watched me licking my lips and he gently pulled my head down to the shaft and placed my lips against that polished bulb. I opened my mouth and took a bit in. Damn it tasted great and filled my mouth completely. I worked it slow and fast, alternating my strokes as much for my own enjoyment as his. I like to suck cock the way aliağa escort bayan I feel is most effective. Concentrate on the head, running my tongue just under the rim and then to the top. Every so often going to the base as the cock slides into my open throat. At a certain point my jaw was getting tired so I asked for a break. We sat and talked for a bit as I stroked his cock up and down. Then he reached for my head once again and pulled my face into his lap. Telling me to “finish what I started like the good little fag that you are.”He pushed gently while raising his ass off the seat to get as much into my throat as he could. Then he started bouncing my face off his groin. He knew I loved it by the moans escaping out of my stuffed throat. This spurred him on and he continued fucking my face. Getting closer he asked if I wanted to swallow and my groan of delight came out more as one of concession and he was suddenly filling my mouth with spurt after spurt. I had problem getting it all and when I came up I wiped it off my chin and licked my fingers. Scott stayed for about another ten minutes as I played with his still hard cock. He left and I headed out for the return trip home. I remember being thirsty but refused to get anything to drink. I wanted to savour his flavour as long as I could.Scott left his job and I sold the store shortly after our meet. I never talked with him again unfortunately. So Scott if you read this say hi. Would love to know what you are up to.

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