Appointment for Spanking


I had made contact online with an elderly gentleman who professed a desire to spank the bottoms of willing younger men. No other form of sexual gratification was offered, but I was attracted to his confident demeanour and his dominant responses to my emails. He did say he liked the look of my bottom from my pictures and would take pleasure in spanking it. He lives about 30 minutes’ drive from me, so we set a date and i made my way there, very nervously, i have to admit!.

I pulled up outside a fairly smart, large house and almost trembling, i walked up to the door and rang the bell. To my surprise, the door was answered by a middle-aged woman, who I took to be the cleaner or house-keeper. I nearly walked away again, but plucked up courage to say that I was here to see Mr B. She said, oh yes, he is expecting you, please come in. She then told me to go through to the lounge, take all my clothes off and wait for Mr B, who was just on the phone. The lounge was a large room, full of antique furniture and with an open fire, giving a lovely warm glow, which did not stop me shivering as i undressed and stood waiting.

After about five minutes, the door opened and in walked Mr B, followed by the cleaner. He was a tall, well-built gentleman, in his late 60s, with a firm handshake and a strong scent of pipe tobacco. The cleaner was carrying two cups of tea, which she set down on the coffee table, bets10 seemingly oblivious to my nudity. Mr B thanked me for coming, asked if i found my way alright and we exchanged pleasantries about the weather, all the time his eye wandering up and down my body. He then said, right, down to business, turn around and touch your toes. This I did and he came alongside me and felt my exposed bottom; his hands were cold as they caressed my cheeks, my thighs and into my crack. He asked how many other men had spanked me (just one) and whether i could withstand the stinging pain. I said i could, sir.

Right, he said. I like spanking bottoms like yours – it is good and firm and slightly rounded like a girls – but i do spank hard. I decide how hard I spank and I decide when to stop, is that clear? Yes sir I replied. He then said that, if I really couldn’t take it, to say Chicken and he would stop.

With that he went and sat on a padded stool and told me to come and lay across his lap. He put an old towel on his lap first, saying that one man once get too excited and came on his trousers. I did as I was told and again i felt his firm hand caressing my bottom. This will look very nice when it is bright red, he said. Without further warning, i felt a stinging blow to my cheek, followed shortly by another. I winced a little and wriggled a little, but he told me to try to keep quiet and to bets10 giriş keep still. After that there was a steady reign of slaps, across both buttocks at intervals of 3 or 4 seconds. The pain and warmth was steadily building – he must have gone on for 4 or 5 minutes like this, before stopping for a rest, in which he very gently caressed my reddening cheeks with one hand, while stroking my hair with the other. Then he resumed the spanking, which was now starting to get uncomfortable and I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from wincing out loud. Again, this went on for another 4 or 5 minutes before another rest. He asked if I wanted to get up and stretch my legs for a minute, which I did, taking the opportunity to rub my sore bottom with my cool hands, to try to take some of the sting out.

Back over his knee, Mr B said that I was doing well for a first visit, but he would now be hitting me harder. He proceeded to strike me with his large, firm hands, concentrating on the already very red and sore buttocks. The pain was really building quite intensely now and I was getting close to crying out the chicken word, but something kept me going, taking the blows and thinking through the pain. Deep down, I wanted to please this man and show him I was serious about taking his spanking. I also knew that I wanted to be invited back again, to present my naked bottom to him and to let him bets10 güvenilir mi take his pleasure with it, even if that meant enduring what were now quite savage blows. Eventually, he stopped. There were tears in my eyes, I felt myself sweating all over and I was breathing heavily, as if I had just spent an hour in the gym.

Mr B again caressed me gently, saying that I had done well, before telling me I could get up. He asked if I wanted a cuddle to make it all better and when I nodded he took me upstairs to a bedroom, where he lay on the bed and opened his arms for me to join him. I did so, curling up naked against his fully clothed body. He kissed me, his lips very gentle on mine, as his hands reached down and gently rubbed my very sore buttocks. We chatted like this for a long time, him kissing me so nicely, in contrast to the harshness of his spanking just before. Mr B explaining that he had about 5 or 6 men who visited him on a regular basis to be spanked. The whole experience, the burning in my bottom, together with his soft kissing and caressing, were making me feel horny and I asked him if he ever went further than just spanking. He said he did have one young man who he took to his bed, who often stayed over after a very harsh spanking and caning, but such a position had to be earned.

He did say, however, that I had made a good first impression and if I wanted to come back I could do so, but he would probably make me cry next time.

With that, we got up and I went back downstairs naked, where the cleaner was now busy dusting in the lounge. She smiled knowingly at me as I dressed. She knew she would see me again.

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