I’d never been arrested before. I was the goodiest of goodie-two-shoes. But when I found texts from my boyfriend of three years to my old roommate that included dick pics and plans to run off to Ohio together (really? Ohio?) I lost my mind for a brief moment.

A half dozen margaritas, three cans of spray paint and slashed tire later and an officer was at my door to drag my broken hearted ass to jail.

For a few hours I was sleeping off my tequila-fueled hangover in the drunk tank. I heard a buzz and the clink of the door opening. I rolled over, trying to straighten out my rumpled clothing in the process.

“If you promise not to pull any funny business, we can avoid the handcuffs.”

Normally any mention of handcuffs would result in a saucy comment but I learned last night that police handcuffs are very different than those fuzzy ones you keep in your treasure chest of toys. Although, once I cleared my eyes, I realized I wouldn’t object to trying the fuzzy ones out with this particular officer.

He stood almost a full head shorter than me, which was how I liked my men. His hair and eyes were dark and the latter twinkled like he always had a joke ready. His lips were full and his tailored uniform showing off a lean, toned body. Maybe it was the uniform, maybe it was the tequila, maybe it was the fact that for 3 years I had only fucked one guy and I was beginning to regret being the only faithful one, but I immediately began to wonder what his skin would feel like under my fingertips and against bahis firmaları my lips and tongue.

“I’ll be good,” I said, barely suppressing a grin that would give away what I wanted to show him I was good at.

“We’re just going down to the interview room. We’ll take a statement and then it’ll depend on if anyone’s pressing charges how soon you’ll get out of here.”

I was more interested in pressing other things but was determined to be good and get out of here and back to… wherever. I wasn’t moving, I shouldn’t have to uproot because he was passing his peen all over town.

Officer Hot Stuff pulled a chair out for me and sat down across the table. He pulled out a pen and poised it over a legal pad, then looked me right in the eye.

“So, did this jerk deserve it?”

For this first time since I’d accidentally grabbed my boyfriend’s phone instead of my own, I laughed. It started as a grim sort of laugh but once I let it go, it rolled into near hysterics. I calmed myself down to answer.

“Deserve to have the vehicle I bought for him keyed and spray painted with vulgar messages? Maybe not. I shouldn’t have but he shouldn’t have fu- uh, slept with some rando.”

“Wait, you bought the car? Is it in your name?”

“Yes, his credit was so bad we had to put it in my name. He helps make the payments, but I cover most of it.”

“In that case, you can’t vandalize your own property which just leaves us with public intoxication and disturbing the peace. You’ll have to deal kaçak iddaa with the insurance but it’s a small price to pay. No guy’s worth going to jail for, especially not some guy who would cheat on a fine piece of ass like you.”

It was the opening I needed. I grabbed his face from across the table and pressed his lips to mine. He didn’t resist, in fact he grabbed my waist and pulled me across the table and into his lap.

We made out like horny teenagers. I was straddling him in his chair, feeling his erection poking me like his tongue was probing my mouth. He pulled away long enough to lower the blinds on the window and I pulled myself up on the table.

He rolled back towards me and I drew him to his full height. I started fumbling with his belt and he pulled my hands away.

“Let me.” He turned around and slowly unbuckled his belt. He slid his pants down and looked over his shoulder to make sure I was watching.

More than watching, I was entranced. He push his briefs down over the small humps of his cute butt. Just when I couldn’t take it any longer, the clunk of his walkie and holster hitting the cement floor signaled that he was done with the strip tease. I laid back on the table and commanded him to sit on my face.

I ate his ass for what felt like hours. One hand down my pants and the other on his dick while I tongued his hole and licked his taint. He had just come on duty and must have showered before because he still tasted faintly of Irish Spring. Stifling his moans at first, he kaçak bahis soon unleashed the full throated sounds of pleasure.

He lifted his peachy rump off of me and spun me around on the table. Dropping to his knees, he yanked my pants off and engulfed my hardened cock with his mouth. I shuddered with delight. No one had sucked my dick in a very long time. My now ex hated going down, said it was because he didn’t think he was good at it. More like he was lazy. But those thought were quickly clouded by the erotic sensations coursing through my body.

Feeling close to coming, I grabbed at the officer’s collar to pull him off. He wouldn’t budge. I bucked my hips as a wave of orgasm washed over me and I spurted cum down his throat.

Pulling away, he began to stroke his own dick. I wasn’t going to repay the best blowjob I’d had in years by lying like a dead fish. Turning over I ground my ass against his hard cock. He grunted with pleasure and smacked it against each cheek. I spread them apart, and he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his engorged manhood.

I gasped as the exquisite pain was quickly replaced with unbearable pleasure. He pulled me to his chest and kissed my neck. Eyes rolling back, I rode his cock embracing each stroke with my tight hole.

Sweaty and moaning, he fucked me like a man should fuck another man. I was hard again, and I stroked my own dick while he pounded me. I could feel another orgasm coming on but before I could peak he pulled out and poured his own cum all over my ass.

If anyone had looked in, they would have seen a tangled mess of half clothed men drenched in sweat and cum. But all I could see as I exploded with pleasure was his perfect lips, whispering. “Cum for me, baby.”

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