As we stand in the shower

Public Sex

As we stand in the showerI am saying this now, this story has nothing to do with me or anyone I’ve ever met. In a way it’s k**a like a poem or something like that. It’s just something i decided to write one day.________________________________________________________________________________As we stand in the shower, water trickling down your forehead from your hair, down past those sweet suculant lips, I gaze into your eyes as I move in closer, wrapping my arms around your body, pulling you closer to me as well. lips locking as our bodies melt together as one. Tongues caressing one anothers as they dance around in each others mouth. My hands start to slowly work there way up and down your back and over your ass, as my fingertips grab and squeeze those soft cheeks. Pushing back against the wall in the shower. I slowly start to lower my body as I kiss and lick my way from the side of your neck, tracing my tongue down the front of your neck, over your tits and little beeds of water drips from those hard nipples, i flick the drops off with the tip of my tongue, my hands running up and down your sides. The tip of my tongue traces its way down the center of your body, as my lips softly caress your silky skin. swirling my tongue around your navel, you can start to feel my breathe as it brushes against your pussy. As i kiss just above you raise one leg over my shoulder as you raise your arms to balance against each wall next to you. I start to nibble and kiss on the inside of your thigh as my hands have found their way back to beautiful supple ass.With the water cascading down your body and onto mine, I lightly lick my tongue over those sweet lips, splitting them and feeling the warmth as it surrounds my tongue. I suck those lips into my mouth and roll my tongue all around. Pulling on your lips as I pull back a little, your lips slipping from mine. I spread those lips apart and start to suck on your clit, as it starts to swell in my mouth, I bite down just a little and pull on it. As I let it go, My tongue starts to flutter over your clit, your hips start to move slightly from side to side as you want my tongue inside you. My tongue tickling as it licks at the walls of this beautiful tuzla escort pussy. You reach down with one hand and grab the back of my head and as you push down you start to grind that pussy into my face. letting out moans and screams as you start to orgasm, slapping your hand against the wall in pure pleasure. As you are cumming I continue to lick at those lips and suck on that clit until you can no longer stand on just that one leg. Standing in front of me as you pant and try to catch your breathe. I lean in and kiss you on the cheek, dragging my lips across until they lock with yours. I pull away from the kiss, I turn you around, so you are now facing the glass shower doors. Me behind you reaching around caressing your big beautiful tits and pinching and pulling on those hard nipples, I kiss you on the back of your neck, down the side of your neck and onto your shoulder. With your hands, you reach one around to grab at my ass, as your other hand reaches in and grabs a hold of my hardening shaft. You start to stroke just a little bit before you can feel it growing in your hand, throbbing, pulsating, aching for that pussy. You let go and my cock is now pressed up against the lips of your awaiting pussy as I lean you against the glass, pressing your tits against the door. I grab the base of my cock and line the swollen head of my shaft with your pussy and slowly start to insert. Inch by Inch I penetrate you, until I am completely inside you. I grind my hips against your ass, as you let out a moan in delight. My left hand reaching around you and rubbing on your pussy as my other grabs hold of your hip to maintain control as I start to thrust in and out of that tight wet pussy. Having just cum moments before, that pussy is still very sensative and that clit very swollen. You start to scream in extasy as my shaft grows harder inside you with each thrust and is stretching the walls as it pushes deeper and deeper. As you are getting ready to have another orgasm, you push away from the door, so you can bend over a little and take my shaft even deeper inside. Your pussy starts to contract and tighten even more around my shaft as you cum all over my cock. I grab hold of your hips with tuzla escort bayan both hands to help keep you standing, as your legs are now very weak from cumming so hard. we get out of the shower, your legs still weak, my cock standing straight up. I pick you up and you grab my cock as I lower you down onto it. Pushing you against the wall in the hallway to the bedroom, you start to ride up and down on my shaft some more. Your juices started to flow from your pussy and down my legs. somehow we make it into the bedroom. I lay you on the bed that has been laced in rose pedals and outlined in candles. There is some soft music in the back ground, but we can’t hear it, because of the panting and moaning and groaning. I kiss your lips, as i pull away, I take your bottom lip in my mouth and suck on it and gently bite. I then flick my tongue on your lips. I start to kiss behind your right ear, nibbling on your earlobe. I start to lightly suck on your neck then bite your neck a little. Kissing my way back down your neck. My hands start to caress those tits as I suck and playfully bite on each nipple. I trace my tongue down your stomach, to the inside of your thigh, licking the pussy juice that has been dripping down, I lick my way to behind your knee, down your calf to the bottom of your foot. I start to kiss and with the tip of my tongue tickle the bottom of your foot, up and down. Taking your toes into my mouth as I suck on them rolling my tongue around them. Kiss the top of your foot and making my way back up leg. When I get to the inside of your thigh again, I roll you over onto your stomach. I start to kiss and lick all over that hot ass. Biting those cheeks ever so often. My tongue circles arounf the top of the crack of your ass. My hands spread your ass apart as my tongue slowly traces its way down the crack, and I start to flick my tongue at your asshole, as it puckers with each flick of my tongue. I circle my tongue around that hole before slipping it in and start to suck on your ass. I feel you lift your hips and then let them fall back down, letting my tongue in as far as possible, plus at that point, you slipped your hand underneath and started to manipulate and rub on escort tuzla your clit. As for my ego not wanting to be out done by your own hand, I pick you up onto your knees, your face down on the bed. I take the throbbing head of my cock and insert it into your ass. Pulling it out and placing it back in a couple of times, just to tease that ass and to watch as it closes back up each time. This making my cock grow and become harder, the veins in my shaft start to pulsate letting me know Its time to penetrate your ass. Slowly, inserting my cock into that ass, You start to push back to make sure my entire shaft has gained entrance to you from behind. I grab hold of your hips and start to thrust in and out, faster with each thrust. My balls start to slap against those wet pussy lips, that you are still playing with as I pound my cock harder into you. I take my hand off your hips and I smack that ass a couple of times, then reach forward and grab a handful of hair, turning your head so I can look into your eyes as I make love to you. I start to slow the thrusts, I lean forward as to pinch and pull on your very hard and erect nipples. I pull my cock out, and start to rub it against your dripping pussy, teasing you with it. All out of breathe, You beg for me to slide it back inside your pussy. With that pussy dripping of juices and your cum, my cock slips right back inside that pussy. You start to moan in extasy once again, as you can feel my shaft pulsating against your walls like a vibrator and my swollen head banging those very same walls. You start pushing back. Your pussy starts to tighten and your moans louder. You climax once again, but like never before, Your cum, all over my cock, make me thrust faster and harder until I just explode deep inside you squirting my hot creamy load of cum against those walls. You collapse to the bed, I collapse on top of you. I kiss the back of your neck, the side of your neck, you roll over, me still on top and we just lay there kissing each other for a moment, enjoying the pleasure we just shared with each other. I roll off you, Lying next to you as we just lye gasping for breathe and laughing, that we have both just cum harder then ever before, and have no way of describing how undescribable the feeling is. You lay your head on my chest and fall asleep to the beat of my heart as I run my fingertips slowly up and down your arm, until we are both asleep.

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