Au Pair in Paris


After I graduated from high school I was ready for something different and I decided to spend a year abroad as an au pair. France was the first choice for me since I had several years of French in school, liked the language, and was very curious to experience the country and the people.

I browsed some on-line ad sections and contacted a few families in France, but the only reply I received was from a family in Paris. They liked it that I wrote my application in French and politely replied in English, telling me that they were in their mid-twenties and had a two-year-old toddler girl which I should take care of while they were working in a software company. They offer of a monthly stipend seemed generous to me, as well as having every second weekend off and one additional full week for traveling or visiting back home. I told them that I would like to talk French to them, despite them being quite comfortable in English and they agreed, noting that “at times” they would also like to talk to me in English in turn, to polish up their skills as well.

It was easy to agree on these favorable terms, I sent them a couple of references, and a few weeks later I packed my bags and took a flight to Paris. It was early September and the weather was stunning – warm, sunny, changing leaves in the parks, and everyone seemed to be having a happy smile on their face.

Alain and Natalie picked me up from the airport and drove me to their small but very nice suburban house. There I met Julie, their daughter, who was an absolute cutie and turned out to be quite easy to handle. Rare tantrums, usually content in playing by herself or watching some DVDs, and napping at very regular times.

Natalie told me that she and Alain met in high school and had been together since. They married shortly after they got their daughter two years earlier. Natalie was a very charming young woman, I immediately felt an attraction towards her, the way she talked, moved around, and her charming smiles. She was only about 5′ tall, medium built, round face with cute nose and wide lips, always with perfect make-up, small ears popping out of her very long, beautiful black hair that almost reached the top of her butt. When she went to work, she was always dressed very fashionably, either with blouse and skirt, or with a pant suit, probably depending on her mood or on what was going on at work that day. In any case, she wore heels of varying heights and styles, and always pantyhose or tights. Both her fingernails and toenails were manicured at all times and painted with colors of the season, sometimes just with shiny translucent gloss for a more natural look.

Alain was an equally attractive man, about 5’10”, just about an inch taller than myself, short, black curly hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and also as elegantly dressed as his wife, with less variation though due to his gender. He also had a broad charming smile, very similar to that of Natalie, but he showed it more rarely.

After a couple of days, I soon found my way into my routines of playing with Julie, preparing food for her, feeding her, sending her off for the afternoon nap, resting or reading for a bit, and then prepare some easy dinner for everyone while observing Julie occasionally during her watching of cartoons or playing with some toys. Sometimes Julie would come to the kitchen and observe what I was doing and “helping” me with that.

About three weeks into my stay I was cleaning up the master bedroom while Julie took her afternoon nap, and noticed a small camera on top of their computer that I hadn’t seen there before. Curious as I was, I opened the drawers of the dresser underneath, and found one that was full of DVDs, apparently self-created. The only labeling they had was a date, no further description or anything. Since Julie was about to wake up, I close the drawer again and decided to investigate more on the next day.

This time, I went straight to the mysterious drawer right after Julie fell asleep after her lunch, took a DVD out of it, put it into the DVD player and pressed “Start”.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. This was a home porn video of Alain and Natalie! I stared on the screen as the two lay down on the bed, started to kiss and to caress each other, then taking off each others clothes, stroking each other, licking all body parts and finally focused on their private parts with a lot of stimulation. Even the audio was quite good and turned me on as well, as they moaned and started talking dirty in French. I needed to improve my vocabulary there, I decided!

After they had aroused each other to the maximum, they had sex in all kinds of different positions, with Alain having more than one orgasm during the whole video and Natalie having even more than him.

I was absolutely stunned and fascinated at the same time. I had never seen a porn movie before but this turned me on enormously and now I had to watch at least one of their numerous movies every day.

While watching the sex scenes, I would lie on their bed, pulling down my pants and panties, moving up bahis firmaları my T-shirt, massaging my breasts and nipples until they got hard, and then gently rubbing my outer and inner lips, my clitoris, and inserting one or two fingers in my pussy. I slowly worked my way to ecstasy and every day I learned more about my body, what felt good, how I could tease myself by waiting in the decisive moment when I was just ready to come to hold it back a bit and savor the tension.

As the weeks passed, I more and more fell in love with Alain and Natalie, both in a personal way, but even more so in a sexual way. I had fantasies throughout the day of joining them in their sexual experiences and being fucked by both a man and a woman. Those fantasies became so intense that I didn’t even have to watch the videos any more and could masturbate myself to a wild orgasm in just minutes.

Around the same time I noticed that particularly Natalie showed more of a body-touch towards me, hugging and kissing me more often than usual (we know the French like that more than we do). I don’t know if she sensed my feeling towards her or if she independently felt something for me, but I definitely enjoyed it a lot and sometimes embraced her just a little bit longer than maybe what was socially acceptable.

One evening after dinner, Julie was asleep already and Alain had to work late, Natalie sat next to me on the couch of the living room, we both were reading a book. Natalie had not changed since coming home from work and still wore her elegant blouse, rather short skirt, and sandalfoot suntan pantyhose. Natalie looked at me and said that her feet were really tired today.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like a little massage?” I offered, a bit surprised about what I said here. But Natalie was all for it.

“Yes, please, sure. I’d enjoy that!” she replied and placed both of her cute little feet in my lap. Her shoe size was 4 while mine was 10. Quite a big difference I thought.

I first took her left foot in my hands and started to gently rub her soles. I could not believe how good this felt to me to touch this woman’s feet! While I liked to look at women who wore tights or pantyhose, I never had worn them myself, not sure why, but I probably had this judgmental attitude about it that they were uncomfortable and annoying to wear. But now when my hands slid over this soft and slightly aromatic foot of Natalie, the sensation of the thin and shiny fabric between my hands and her foot made me tingly and enormously aroused. I could not get enough of it, massaging her heels, all of her red painted toes individually and also the top parts of her foot as well.

Natalie must have really enjoyed it because her face lightened up and a big smile appeared.

“You are doing such a wonderful job here! Previous experience?”

“None,” I replied, “but your feet are so inspiring to me!” Again I caught myself in saying something I didn’t really want to…

“What about the right foot?” She suggested. I put down her left one to rest on my right thigh, and then started to massage her right foot in a similar way as I did her left one earlier. I got so aroused that I felt my nipples harden and some juices coming out of my pussy, making my panties wet.

“You know, Christine. I have to tell you something, ” Natalie opened a new thread. That sounded a bit like – a confession of sorts? I was a bit unsure what to expect.

“Well, the truth is that Alain and I have seen you masturbating on our bed for a while now.” She said bluntly.

“What?? I mean – what are you saying?” I blushed and let go of her foot. “No way! I mean no way!”

“It’s ok, Christine.” Natalie tried to calm me down and took my hands in hers. “What you didn’t know is that our bedroom camera is coupled with a sensor from the door and starts recording whenever someone enters the room.”

It took me a minute to grasp what was going on here. No, no! That couldn’t be! All my “wrongdoings” in their bedroom are RECORDED? Oh my god! I wanted to sink into the floor and disappear. But Natalie still smiled and still held my hands.

“It’s really okay, believe me, ” she said. “We don’t see your actions as wrong or anything. In fact, your ‘punishment’, if you may call it that way, has already happened since we had great pleasure watching you masturbating to our movies… Please don’t feel bad and don’t feel ashamed. You know what we talked about last night? That we would ask you if you want to join our lovemaking sessions from now on whenever you feel like it.”

Wow – I thought. That is almost too much to digest in one evening. I didn’t even realize at this point that their offer was exactly what I had fantasized about for a couple of weeks.

Natalie rose from the couch, still with a smile and said: “Think it over, Christine, and let us know. Be our guest!”

On the morning of the next day, when Natalie left the house for work, I told her about my decision to take them up on their offer. She gave me one of her broad smiles, hugged and kissed me briefly, kaçak iddaa and said “au revoir”.

All day long I was deeply immersed in my fantasies on what might happen when I actually joined Alain and Natalie in their bedroom. It would be the first time for me with either of them, since I was a complete virgin at that time. But I had seen so much of what they were doing on their videos, that I thought I kind of knew what might be ahead.

I made sure to take good care of myself, had a long shower, washed my blonde hair, shaved my legs and my pussy, trimmed my nails and put on some toe nail polish. I only put on a very light make-up though since I feel most comfortable when I look almost natural and other people have told me this, as well.

I put on my extra-small and tight pink panties that reveal a lot of my butt and where my lips appear as well. Then some loose dark pants and a white glittery blouse on top. I knew that Natalie rarely wore a bra and so I decided not to wear one on this occasion either.

Around five in the afternoon, Natalie returned from work and we had dinner together. She did not talk about anything remotely related to what we talked about last night, but her mood seemed to be quite good, if not elated, so I sensed that I just had to be patient a little bit. We put Julie to bed and then settled on the couch with a glass of French red wine.

“I like the way your hair smells today”, Natalie said.

“Thank you, I used that new shampoo you brought me a couple days ago.” I replied. Natalie raised her hand and gently stroked my hair.

“It also feels really great, you have wonderful hair,” she kept complimenting me.

“You too,” I said, “I always have admired your long dark hair. You don’t mind me touching it?”

“Not a bit! I’d actually enjoy that!” she smiled to me, and I followed her encouragement and let my hand gently slide through her very fine and long dark black hair. It really felt great, this mutual caressing of our special female pride.

Natalie now focused more on my head and gently rubbed my scalp with the fingers of both of her hands, sometimes also using her fingernails. I had never felt his sensation before, but it was wonderful. Natalie’s hand gently moved forward, touching my face a little bit, playing with my lips, then she put a finger into my mouth.

I started to suck on it, and she played with me, pulling it out and letting me suck it back in again. It was an incredibly erotic experience; all the while I was still caressing her hair and also her head.

“Have you ever kissed a woman?” Natalie wanted to know. “I mean, really kissing, what you guys call ‘French kissing’?”

“Not a man and not a woman”, I replied somewhat embarrassed.

“I will show you how…” she said. First she was gently kissing me all over my face, just sparing my mouth, which felt wonderful, particularly as she kissed my closed eyes. Then she slowly moved her lips towards mine. When our lips touched, I felt something like lightening going through my body and I became very hot and aroused. She pressed her lips onto mine for a bit, then opened her mouth and gently caressed my lips with her cute tongue which felt stiff at times, and then again soft. I was breathing heavier and held her close to me, I wanted more but was afraid of doing something wrong or unwanted, so I waited for her to make the next move.

Her tongue opened my lips and entered my mouth, exploring my tongue and my palate, and at this time I felt the urge of responding with my own tongue and we started a wonderful dance of hide-and-seek, caressing, deep touching, licking, and sucking.

I was getting more and more excited and was already quite wet between my legs, when Natalie withdrew from me, looked me into the eyes, and took my hand.

She led me to the bedroom and started to undress me. She first took off my blouse and then let her hands gently slide over my firm breasts. Another bolt of lightning right there when her small hands touched my nipples and gently squeezed and massaged them until they were as stiff as I had never experienced them before. Then she caressed my neck, my shoulders and back for a while with her small cute hands and continued to lick my breasts all over the place and sucked on my hard nipples, almost a bit too intense, but it felt absolutely wonderful, even much better then in my wildest fantasies.

She then continued by taking off my pants and first worked her hands and mouth on my mostly exposed butt, until she went with her fingers on top of my outer labia and stroke them firmly but still gently. The wet spot had gotten quite big in my pink panties and was easily visible by Natalie.

When she let go, I sensed it was time for me to undress her and I tried to pay as much care and attention to her as she had to me before, but was aware that I couldn’t be that good of a lover as a beginner. She was very patient with me though and gave me some little tips what to do and how to do it, so she would enjoy it most. I had seen her breasts in the videos before, but tasting kaçak bahis them was something entirely different and much more magnificent. Her nipples were even larger than mine, even though her breasts were not, and she made me suck them so hard, that I could get some drops of milk out of them.

I took off Natalie’s pants and was able to admire her beautiful black shiny pantyhose she wore underneath. While I had the thought of maybe wearing one myself, too, some time, she walked to the dresser and took a package off the top, handing it to me.

I looked at it, and it was – yes – a pair of pantyhose! Suntan and sandalfoot, the same kind she wore the night before, but of course in my size.

“I got these for you today, Christine. I sensed you liked them when you massaged my foot yesterday…” she said with a big smile.

“Um, thanks, I guess…” I said, a bit unsure what to do.

“Just put them on!” Natalie suggested. So I did, not totally easy if you have never done it before, but I figured it out. This shiny and silky thin fabric on my legs felt absolutely fantastic! I caressed myself for a while, just to get the sensation of these pantyhose on my feet and legs, and almost forgot I was with Natalie.

But she didn’t let that happen and approached me, taking my right foot into her hands, and giving me a stunning foot massage that brought me to the next level of arousal. I moved my right hand to my crotch and wanted to start rubbing my clitoris, but Natalie gently moved my hand away. “Too early”, she smiled. I would have to be patient, I realized. Natalie then gave my left foot the same attention, rubbing my soles, my toes, heels, and also the top of my feet, all the while me having the sensation of her cute fingers through my shiny suntan pantyhose.

Natalie indicated that I should stand up and she approached me and gave me a very warm and firm hug, while seeking out my lips, and then French kissing me intensely as before. Her hands held my butt and massaged it gently through the pantyhose, and then her legs in black pantyhose rubbed against mine in suntan pantyhose, that turned me on even more.

We then sat on the bed, about two or three feet apart, when Natalie took one leg up from the floor and started rubbing my thighs and my hips with her feet in black shiny pantyhose. Oh my god, was that amazing! We both stretched our legs out and then started to rub our feet against the other one’s body.

Not too long into this game, our feet moved into the crotch areas and massaged our private parts through both of our pantyhose and our panties. I could have continued forever, but Natalie was ready for the next step and took off both my pantyhose and my panties. She licked my toes, my feet, and my legs carefully and amazingly softly, then licked my outer and inner lips with her firm tongue, taking in all my juices, then continued to probe with her tongue into my pussy and give it a gentle massage. The more she worked on it, the hotter I got, I started to moan louder, and more and more wet juices flew out of my vagina. I hoped she would take care of my clit since that would definitely bring me over the edge at that point but unfortunately she withdrew and then rubbed her nyloned foot against my bare shaven pussy and my thighs.

This was too much for me and I begged her to touch my clitoris. Finally she had mercy with me and first licked my lust organ for a while, gently, then hard, then gently again, and finally used her fingers to massage me all the way to my first orgasm I have experienced with a woman. It was so intense, that I saw all the colors of the world and then almost passed out…

At this point, I noticed Alain standing in the room.

“Good evening, ladies!” he greeted us with a smile. “I see you are enjoying each other…”

We were both a bit surprised about his sudden arrival, so we didn’t say anything at this point, just looking at him and each other. I was somehow embarrassed since I realized he must have seen the last scene with me coming, but then I relaxed and thought it’s all part of the wild night the three of us are having together.

Alain asked me to take off his clothes and of course I was ready for this, while at the same time being a bit nervous, knowing that Natalie would watch me and her husband carefully. How far could I go with him? But didn’t they invite me…?

When Alain took my hand, my blood pressure went down a lot; he was so warm and gentle and had an extremely calming influence on me. I was of course still completely nude and I noticed that he was looking at me with great interest.

“You are very beautiful, Christine,” he said. “I hope you are aware of that.”

I didn’t know what to say other than “thanks” and then started to take off his shirt. There it was again, this athletic and slightly hairy chest I had admired in the videos. I could not help but gently moving my hands over it, over his shoulders, his back, then again over his chest, playing with his nipples a little bit, as I had seen Natalie doing it. Already, I heard him breathing a bit more heavily and his hands held me firmly, squeezing my upper body to his chest. As my nipples almost exactly touched his, I felt another pulse of sexual energy through my body and my nipples hardened again.

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