Audrey , Judy , Pete Pt. 04



Audrey awoke in the guest bedroom, feeling very groggy after last night’s orgy and the big steak dinner. With an effort, she forced herself to get out of bed and staggered into the shower. The warm water and fragrant soap soon restored her to feeling refreshed. She dried her lovely body, brushed her golden hair, applied a little perfume to all the right places, wrapped herself in a big fluffy towel, and walked down the hall and into the master bedroom.

Although mostly covered by the sheet and blanket, Pete and Judy were kissing lazily and moving slowly together. They were on their sides, face-to-face and obviously coupled.

Audrey sat on the bed and said, “Hi, you two Lovers. It looks like Pete is really ‘up’ early this morning!”

Judy looked up and said, “Oh, is he ever! His cock is so hard! I’ll keep it hot and you can have it shortly, little Sister.”

“Little Sister, my ass! I may be a quarter inch shorter, but my tits are a half-inch bigger!”

“Yes, but my hips and waist . . . . .”

Pete interrupted, “Girls! Cut it out! Let’s not knock perfection!”

“Okay, Sister. You know I really, really love you!”

“And I adore you, Sister, especially for sharing Pete with me!”

“Audrey, I’m not generous . . . just being selfish! Our sex is so much better when we all share each other!”

The thought of Pete’s cock buried in her cunt made Audrey squirm, and she began to play with her pussy under the towel. But she said, “Take your time, darling Sister. You keep enjoying his cock right where it is. But if Pete would roll over on his back, I have a new perfume I’m sure he’d enjoy.”

Pete obligingly rolled over as Audrey drew back the sheet and blanket. Judy rose up and sat on her haunches to make room for her sister, keeping Pete’s cock fully embedded. Audrey dropped the bath towel, and carefully positioned herself over Pete’s head, facing away from Judy. She held her delectable pussy just above Pete’s nose and asked, “Don’t I smell delicious? I chose this special perfume just for you!”

“All I need is the fantastic perfume of your gorgeous cunt to turn me on!” Pete said. “Now lower it down here so I can taste it as well as smell it!”

Audrey did just that and Pete’s tongue ran up and down between her pouting lips, already moist from the anticipation. “It’s just as delicious as I remember!” murmured Pete, and then returned to his loving ministrations.

Audrey sat upright and began to slide her entire cunt back and forth over Pete’s mouth. Judy leaned forward and rubbed her breasts teasingly against Audrey’s smooth back. She lovingly cupped Audrey’s voluptuous breasts, gently pinching the erect nipples with her fingers.

Judy whispered, “Oh, Sister, your nips are already stiff and hard!”

Audrey replied, “So are yours, Judy. They’re poking holes in my back!”

And Judy, who had been fucking Pete for a long time, began pushing vigorously down and back, mangling her clit against Pete’s iron cock. “Oh, Audrey, kiss me! I’m going to come!” As Audrey twisted her head around, the two girls kissed hungrily.

“UUNNNGGGGHHHH!!” Judy whimpered.

Then Audrey tore her mouth away from Judy, bent low over Pete’s head, braced herself on the headboard and ground her turgid clit against his mouth and nose. “Me, too!” she cried. “OOOHHHHH, GAWD!! It’s wonderful!”

For the next several casino şirketleri minutes, the sisters continued to thrust and press hard against Pete, each enjoying another orgasm. Then Judy lifted off Pete’s cock and cried, “Audrey, let’s trade places. Slide down here and take his big prick in your tight little cunt!”

Audrey did just that, and Judy aimed the stiff member directly at her gaping nether lips. It was soon buried deep inside Audrey’s hot flowing cunt. As she began thrusting up and down, Judy crawled up and knelt over Pete’s head, facing Audrey, and pushed her pussy down onto Pete’s mouth. Pete licked her cunt lips and toyed gently with her swollen clit.

Judy began kissing Audrey passionately, sucking and mauling her tits. In seconds, Audrey came again.

“OOOOOHHH! It’s TOO MUCH!! I can’t come ANYMORE!”

But Judy reached down and teased Audrey’s clit with her fingers while continuing to feast on her heaving breasts. “Oh, yes you can!” she promised.

And she was right as Audrey sobbed out yet another orgasm.



Then Audrey wailed, “Pete! It’s your turn to come! C’mon — shoot up into me!”

Pete pushed Judy’s cunt up a little and groaned, “I can’t! I’m right on the verge, but I’ve had too much fucking the last few days, and I just can’t make it!”

Judy cried, “Audrey, climb off him. If we both suck him, I’ll bet we can get him off!”

Soon Audrey was lying between his legs and both girls were devouring him! Two mouths slid up and down his swollen cock, one on each side. Then Judy bent his cock down and enveloped the head and swirled her tongue around and around while Audrey bit gently on the lower shaft. Warm hands played gently with his balls. Then they traded and Audrey’s mouth and tongue enveloped him completely while Judy licked his shaft like an ice cream cone. All the while, Pete played with Judy’s satiny breasts and big smooth ass, and continued to feast feverishly on her flowing cunt. Audrey had straddled one of Pete’s legs and began rubbing her pussy rhythmically against it.

Before long, Pete’s muffled moans reached a crescendo, and he thrust frantically up into those torturing mouths. Just as Audrey took her mouth away, his cock convulsed and she pulled his spurting cock down and held it against her heaving breasts.

“Oh, Judy! We did it! He’s coming! And, OH, DEAR LORD, so am I!!”

“Me, too!” gasped Judy through gritted teeth as Pete’s eager mouth and tongue did their job. Pete continued to spasm, and the girls kept gasping and coming along with him. Audrey rubbed his semen all over her big tits and the two girls stroked his cock and devoured each other’s mouths, moaning and sobbing.

“I want some of his juice, too!” cried Judy, and she reached over and pulled Audrey close, rubbing their breasts together. “It’s so good for our complexion!”

Finally they all collapsed with Pete’s softening cock imprisoned between Audrey’s velvety breasts and Judy tonguing Audrey’s ear.

After a short time, Audrey whimpered softly, “I love you two, but I’ve had it.” She turned away, curled up and closed her eyes. Pete and Judy got up quietly, went into the bathroom, gently closed the door and stepped into the huge shower.

As they lovingly soaped each other, Judy said, “Pete, my Darling. I love you so very much!

Did I make casino firmaları a mistake bringing Audrey into our sex life? Is it going to hurt our marriage or our relationship?”

“Of course not, Dearest. We both love Audrey, she’s a gorgeous, sexy and wonderful girl. Just like her twin sister! And she has certainly added lots of pleasure and excitement to our lovemaking. I’ve got to be the luckiest man alive to have you both! But my love for you is really very special; no one, including Audrey, will ever be able to change that! This can’t last forever. Audrey will find a man of her own and want to start her life over again. Meanwhile, we should just enjoy it while we can!”

“Oh, Pete, you know I love you more than anything in the world! You’re such a wonderful guy. And such an iron-man lover!”

Just then, Audrey opened the shower door and stepped inside. “Is this a private party? Or can anyone join in?”

Pete and Judy embraced her gleefully with fervent hugs and kisses. They caressed and fondled and soaped each other until soon all three were breathing heavily and fully aroused. Pete grabbed Judy’s big ass and lifted her up over his rampant cock, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist. Audrey knelt down and guided his rigid cock into Judy’s soapy cunt. Pete pinned Judy against the wall, and began fucking her vigorously. Audrey hugged them both tightly while tormenting her own cunt and sucking earnestly on one of Judy’s swollen tits. The warm water cascaded over the three squirming bodies, and the sex play continued on to the inevitable orgasms all around.


The three lovers were relaxing in the huge master bed at the end of the day. Chilled white Zinfandel and a light Brie cheese spread on crackers were helping them savor the anticipation of the playtime that was about to begin. The girls wore short sexy gowns (one black and one red, “So Pete can tell who is who!”).

The jangle of the phone broke the reverie. Pete answered, listened for a moment, and then said into the phone, “Hold on while I go to my office.” And he left with an annoyed look on his face, mumbling something about “great timing.”

When he returned 15 minutes later, he found that the twins had started without him. Audrey was sprawled on her back at the top of the bed with her head on a pillow. Judy lay on her belly between Audrey’s bent legs, feasting on her succulent cunt.

Audrey’s red shortie was pulled down off one shoulder, making a voluptuous breast easily accessible to her caressing hand. She worried the stiff nipple, twisting and strumming it tenderly back and forth. Her other hand firmly held Judy’s head in place.

Pete’s cock began stiffening rapidly. He drained his wine glass, tossed his robe to one side and sat on the bed beside Judy. He ran his hands lovingly over her silken thighs and squirming ass, drawing a moan from her clenched teeth. He bent down and lovingly kissed and licked the satin flesh.

“Judy, Darling! Your gorgeous ass is so soft! I adore it! It really turns me on!!”

Judy raised her big ass up invitingly and Pete got the message. He slowly slid a hand up between the deep cleft. As his open hand gently caressed her swollen pussy and he slipped two fingers carefully into her flowing cunt, her loud groan of appreciation told him that was what she wanted.

Pete murmured, “Your pussy is so hot and güvenilir casino exciting — so wet and tender inside! I love it so much! And I love you, Baby, most of all!!”

Meanwhile, Judy’s talented mouth and fingers continued to torment Audrey.

“Oohh, Judy! Your mouth is so wonderful! Uummmm!!”

Audrey’s eyes closed in ecstasy, a muffled cry escaping through her clenched teeth.

“Uunnngghhh! AAAHHHH!! Oh, YES!!”

As Audrey slowly came back down, Judy tore her mouth from Audrey’s still-spasming cunt and cried, “Oh, Pete! I want your COCK! FUCK ME!!” Then she returned her mouth to Audrey’s delicious cunt and clit.

Pete quickly straddled Judy as she tilted her ass up further. With his legs outside hers, Pete rubbed his hard cock up and down the deep cleft between her satiny cheeks.

“Beautiful ass! I love it!!”

Judy whimpered and lifted up her butt even more. Pete pushed his weeping erection down and laid it between her open, swollen cunt lips, like a hot dog in a bun! He could tell by her incoherent mumbling that she loved that, too.

“Marvelous pussy! You’re so juicy!! I love everything about you!!”

After several squirming strokes, he lifted up slightly and slipped his aching cock into her hot, up-tilted pussy. They both exclaimed loudly with the pleasure.

Then Pete began thrusting slowly in and out of Judy’s humid cavern, pressing his body down against hers, rubbing against her big soft ass.

Judy continued tormenting Audrey’s throbbing clit and her curled fingers found the magic G-spot. As Audrey hoarsely gasped out yet another orgasm, Pete began driving harder and faster. He simply could not hold back; the whole scene and all the erotic sounds of his two sexy women were just too much! His dam burst as he cried out, “OH, Judy! JUDY!! JUDY!!! I LOVE you!!” and his hot come exploded deep in her clasping cunt.

In a few moments Judy turned abruptly onto her back, throwing Pete off.

“Oh, God! I’m so HOT! Eat me, somebody! Anybody!! I want to get off, too!!”

Audrey scrambled around, knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and lowered her face between Judy’s widespread legs. Pete leaned over his frantic wife and kissed her intensely, shoving his stiff tongue deep in her mouth. His hands firmly squeezed her jutting breasts and tweaked her erect nipples. Audrey slid her hands under Judy’s squirming ass, lifted that flowing cunt to her mouth, and attacked Judy’s protruding clit.

With all this stimulation, in just a few seconds, Judy’s guttural scream was muffled in Pete’s devouring mouth. She slammed her cunt up against Audrey’s tormenting lips. And as both her lovers continued their fervent kisses and caresses, she convulsed over and over, in one seemingly continuous orgasm.

Finally, breathless and still quivering, Judy came down from the heights of ecstasy.

“Oh, Wow! You two are something else! I thought I would never stop coming. It was fantastic!! I was so turned on with Audrey’s wonderful pussy in my mouth, and the feel of her throbbing cunt gripping my fingers inside, and Pete’s swollen cock moving in my hungry cunt – – I was frantic to come, too! And you two did it really good to me! Now, I’ve had it – – I’m really sated. Pooped. I don’t want to move”

Audrey had climbed up beside Judy, opposite Pete, and they both embraced Judy lovingly.

“You don’t have to do anything except lie here and know you’re loved very much,” said Audrey. “I think what we all need is a good night’s rest after that great workout.”

They continued to cuddle and fondle and kiss lovingly until, one by one, they drifted off.

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