Auntie Amanda Receives a Gift

Auntie Amanda Receives a GiftIt was 3:15PM. Amanda was driving home from work. She had beenstaying with her older sister Beth for the last few months whilelooking for an apartment. Beth was divorced, living alone exceptfor her teenage son Doug. She was always gone very early to herjob and never got back before 6:30. With Amanda’s shorter hours,she was the one to make Doug his cereal and see him off toschool. And they often ran into each other in the afternoons ifeach were around the house.As she drove home to Beth’s house, Amanda silently noted theevents of the last several days to herself. It had all startedwhen one night she found a pair of her white lace panties placedon top of the others in her dresser drawer. It was folded oddly-she was sure she hadn’t put them there like that. As she pickedthe panties up, they felt strangely heavy in her hand. Evenbefore she peeled them open, Amanda sensed what she would find.The sticky whiteness and the scent of man-cum was unmistakable,but she still dabbed her fingertips in it and tasted it with thetip of her tongue- less to be sure (she was sure) and more justto enjoy the flavor.There was only one person in the little house that could havefilled her panties with semen and put them in her dresser. Dougiewas pretty good-looking already, mused Amanda. She had, ofcourse, noted him checking her body out, normal behavior for ateenager living with a busty 31 year old single woman. AndAmanda, for her part, had always liked younger guys. Even thoughshe was older, she had always enjoyed a young man’s youthful’energy”. And she realized, when she found the cum-loadedpanties, that she might have been u*********sly flirting withDoug a bit…That next morning, Amanda didn’t say a word about what she’dfound. She did, however, make Doug his cereal while wearing avery short skirt and higher heels than was usual for her officejob. She faced away from him a lot, subtly pushing her ass outfor him to enjoy. In the kitchen mirror, Amanda could see thatDougie was noticing.When he got back from school that day, Amanda was nowhere to befound. But on Doug’s bed, there was a different pair of herpanties all spread out, as if left there for him. As Doug pickedthem up, his hands shaking, he saw an envelope on the bed. It hadhis name on it.Dear Dougie-I just want you to know that I did receive the gift you left forme to find, and I appreciate your present and the warm feelingsyou must be having for your Auntie.Here is something else for you- an especially lacy pair that youmight enjoy. If you would be so kind, Auntie would like you toleave at least two ‘presents’ in them for her to find in herdresser drawer when she returns tonight. Is that OK with you?By the way: I will be home tonight about 9 o’clock. If it’s nottoo much trouble, Auntie prefers her gift to still be warm whenshe receives it- so if you would, please time your ‘gifting’activities to be just before I get home.And Dougie- please enjoy! Thinking nice thoughts about you.Auntie AmandaWhen got in shortly after 9:00, Amanda went straight to her roomand slid open the top drawer. The house seemed strangely quiet,as if no one was home. But as she hefted the heavy panties thatwere there for her, she knew that Dougie was nearby- almostcertainly listening. The cum was so warm that it was almoststeaming. And it was certainly more than just two loads- a hugewad of fragrant sperm was oozing obscenely out of the little lacycrotch-cup of her panties into her open hand. Knowing that Doug was certainly listening for her every movement,Amanda quietly eased back onto her bed and began to masturbate,devising a plan for what to do next with her nephew. She friggedherself, imagining her horny nephew jerking his teenage cock. Didhe use the lacy material to stimulate himself, rubbing it up anddown his shaft, or did he grease up his prick, squeeze and strokeand excite himself- and then just hold the lingerie at hiscock-tip to catch his load? She imagined him shooting hot sperminto the panties she left for him, obeying her wishes…As sheneared her first orgasm, she scooped up Dougie’s ‘gift’ on herfingertips and massaged the whole warm mess of it into her holeand her engorged pussy-lips, paying special attention to herclit. There was enough gooey white man-shot to cream up her wholepubic mound. Knowing that her nephew was listening, she allowedone quiet moan to escape her lips into the empty room as Amandasuddenly realized what her next step with him would be. As sheimagined it occurring, she suddenly orgasmed intensely onDougie’s sperm. That was last night. Now, on the drive home, she reviewed in hermind how this morning had gone.When Dougie came down to have a bite before heading to school,Beth had, as always, left for work long before. Amanda was, asusual, already in the kitchen, making him a bowl of cereal. Herchoice of clothing was for the office, as usual. But the detailswere decidedly even sexier than what Amanda had worn the daybefore. Doug was used to checking out her butt as she moved aboutthe kitchen in an office skirt. But this one was tighter and oflighter material than ever before, and almost short enough to seeher ass. Amanda was wearing high heels that made her leg musclesflex, and her buttocks quivered with every step she took. Underhis jeans, Doug’s cock, as usual, began to harden and thicken. “Here’s your breakfast, nephew.” murmured Amanda as she bent lowto place the bowl in front of him. “Gotta eat well to staystrong…” Amanda sat down across from him at the table- anotherchange from the usual. “Dougie….” Amanda was looking at him. “Huh?” Even though Doug had hot fantasies several times a dayabout fucking his aunt, he had never figured out how to talk withher without stumbling on his words.”Dougie, look at me.” Slowly, he lifted his eyes from the table.On the way to looking her in the face, Doug’s gaze passed upAmanda’s bust. Today, she was wearing a tight silk blouse thatbuttoned up the back. It hugged her tummy and seemed to cup herfat breasts for Doug’s pleasure. Amanda was petite- only a littleover 5 feet tall. Doug was a gangly 6′ 1″. As they sat, he waslooking down the shadow between her breasts. Amanda had beautiful tits, large for her slight frame. They wereclassically cone shaped, with big nipples gaziemir escort that stuck out easily.Men always stared at them, and today she was wearing a half-cuppush-up brassiere that forced her nipples into erection andpushed them hard against the silk. Doug’s cock, rubbing againsthis shorts, gave another twitch. Finally, he raised his eyes tomeet his aunt’s. Amanda was smiling.”I just want you to know that I really enjoyed the present youmade for me. I feel very flattered, Doug.” In the pause thatfollowed, he stole another glance at her cleavage. Amanda smiled,inwardly this time. As she spoke again, her pussy gave her alittle tingle.”If it’s OK with you, Dougie, I have a question for you.””Uh, OK. What?””It’s kind of a personal question, so I hope you don’t mind.After all, we’re friends, right, Doug?” Amanda took his silenceas permission to continue. She reached across the table andrested her hand on his. “When you when you make my ‘gift’,Dougie, do you use my panties to stroke and stimulate your penis,or do you jerk yourself with lube or something and then just usemy little panties to shoot off into?”Doug’s heart was pounding. “Um.. Ummmmm.” Amanda looked at him, trying to find his eyes again. “Is it OKthat I ask, Doug? I’m just curious…””Um. The second.” Doug exhaled.”I see….” Amanda paused. “Does it take long?” Doug started- hewasn’t expecting another question. Instead of waiting for his answer, Amanda slowly stood up andwent over to the counter. She faced away from her nephew, andslowly, wordlessly shimmied and worked up her skirt. Doug stared.Under the skirt, Amanda was wearing a little lacy thong, pulledtight into her ass-crack. Looking at his face in the kitchenmirror, she worked the thong out and down her long legs, finallystepping out of them. Then Amanda eased her skirt down, coveringherself again, and turned back to face Doug. She held her warm,damp panties in her hand.”I have to go to work in about 5 minutes, and you have to go toschool. Do you think you can take these to your room and make a’present’ to give to me before I have to leave?” Amanda placedthe panties in his hand and closed his fingers over the material.”You have five minutes. Go.” As Dougie ran from the room, Amandaset the kitchen timer.Her pussy was tingling as she paced the kitchen, wondering howshe could keep her sister from finding out about any of this.Beth probably wouldn’t have let Amanda come to live there if shehad known of Amanda’s sexual predilections. Beth didn’t know thatAmanda liked to fuck teenage boys even more than men her own ageeven Amanda had no idea how many teenagers she had screwed.Even when Amanda was just a girl, she found boys younger than hervery interesting. As a teen, she liked to get got the youngerboys to follow her around and do as she said- it wasn’tdifficult. But once those boys started to reach puberty, Amandafound that there was much, much more that she could do tomanipulate and control them. They found her heavy titsfascinating, for instance. She found that just a good look at herin her brassiere was enough to get a boy to do almost anythingshe asked. And then Amanda’s own sexual desires came into play. She watcheda boy touch himself in front of her (she had asked him to, aftershowing him her boobs) and became wet from watching his penisthicken and harden. Watching his orgasm, though, really changedher sexuality forever. The way his cock erupted, her first sightand taste of ejaculate… The sticky white cum-stuff especiallyfascinated her. Amanda liked to play with it, masturbate with it,taste it… Soon she wanted it shooting directly into her mouthand ultimately, of course, into her cunt. But why not men her own age? Of course, it had all started whenshe was a little girl. But as a woman, Amanda liked the way youngguys got hard over and over, the a****l way they shot off all thetime, the fact that they couldn’t even help themselves- all thisappealed to Amanda’s sensitivities. She liked the obvious,desperate look in their eyes on the streets as they checked herout, liked the awkward way they tried to talk to her when shedidn’t really need them to talk. As a girl, she had liked justmaking boys do what she wanted- but as a woman, the charge shegot had become sexualized. Both Amanda’s secret fantasy life andher real-life romances now revolved around two things:titillating younger men and then, in good time, drawing thickshooting cum- preferably lots of it- of a hard cock. The boysnever seemed to mind.Doug returned at a run, zipping up his fly and trying to do hisbelt. “OK!” he said. “Thank you, Dougie…” Amanda took the panties. In her littlehand, they felt heavy again, warm going on hot. “Did you have funshooting off into Auntie’s little panties?” To his delight, shesquished them between her fingers. The cum was oozing though thelace, getting out… “Were they still warm when you nosed yourcockhead into them and came your load?” As she teased him, Amandawas stretching her wet lingerie open in front of him. Just then,the kitchen timer dinged.”Just in time, Dougie” Amanda turned away from him again, as iffeigning modesty, but the real reason she faced away was that shewas getting very wet and excited. Her face was flushing, andright now she needed to maintain control of the situation. So,hiding her face from her nephew, she stepped into the panties–and pulled them up her legs real slow. Her hands were shakingslightly. She eventually worked the slimy, cum-dripping pantiesup her legs and back into the crack of her ass and against herpussy. Amanda turned and faced Doug, still holding her skirt up,and showed him the wet spot where his cum now was– right againsther cunt. As he stared, trying to commit every detail to memory,Amanda reached down and used two fingers to push his cum into hercrack. They both heard the squishing sound. “Thank you Doug- that feels really, really nice.” Her voiceshook, just a bit, but Amanda remained outwardly calm. “One morething, Doug.” She pulled down her skirt and picked up her bag.”Please don’t masturbate until you hear from me. I’ll text you.Understood?” Doug, momentarily speechless, simply nodded. “Well,I’ll see you later. I’ll be late for work…” Amanda walked away.Doug heard more squish squish noises. In a minute, gaziemir escort bayan he heard thedoor close and Amanda’s car leaving. Another five minutes, and hehad to leave for school. Mid morning, Doug got a page. It was Amanda’s number. “C U3:30?”He’d have to skip out on his buddies, but this was a no-brainer.”OK CU” he texted back. That was at 11:00. He was in school ’till3:00 and probably couldn’t have jerked off anyway. His erectionwas active all day. Just after 3:00, class got out and he jumpedinto his car. He tried not to run any lights on the way.Amanda, for her part, had had to change out of her slut heels andskirt for her job. She also put on a regular brassiere. But shehad worn her nephew’s cum against her pussy all day. She had afucked smell about her, and though she got a few second (andthird) looks from some of the guys around her office, none ofthem had had the guts to say anything to her directly. Afterwork, she had changed back for the drive home. As she drove, shekept squeezing her thighs together and releasing them, squeezingand releasing. She was fingering her pussy, too, getting herselfjuiced up. As she pulled into the driveway, she noted Doug’s oldcar already parked there. A good thing, because Amanda was justabout ready.Doug was sitting on the front-hall couch as she let herself in.Doug suddenly sat up very straight. Amanda stood just a fewinches in front of him and paused, setting her feet apart,letting the smell of pussy mixed with hours-old cum waft overhim. “How are you, Dougie?” She was almost whispering. “Did you have anice day?” “Got your text.” He volunteered. “Yes.” Amanda waited a beat. “Your Mommy’s not here, is she?” Doug looked surprised. His Mom was never home in the afternoon.”N no, Aunt Amanda. She’s working- right?”Amanda nodded. “Of course she is, Dougie. We both know that…”She paused again, letting the tension build. “Dougie, will you goup and let yourself into my room? I think you know just how to dothat, don’t you?” He was headed to the stairs already. “Doug?” Hepaused. “Please be sitting on the side of my bed. Thanks.”Amanda got a glass of wine, made him wait a few minutes. When shewent upstairs and opened the door, there he was, just as she hadasked him to be. “Thank you, Dougie. I’m so glad we have some time today tovisit…” Amanda faced her vanity and, in a half profile to Doug,reached behind her back and began to work out the little buttonsof the silk blouse. “So much has happened in our house in the last few days, hasn’tit, Doug?””Y- yes. I guess.””You guess.” Amanda appeared to be thinking this over. “So,Dougie: how long have you been having these, umm, specialthoughts about your Auntie?” Amanda’s tits were thrusting out, asshe strained and reached behind her back for the buttons.Doug was trying not to look like he was staring. “Umm- maybesince you moved in?””Oh- that long?” she mused. Amanda was putting on a good show.She twisted at the waist and moved back and forth. “So you’vebeen very shy, haven’t you?”Doug was staring at her reflection in the mirror. “Umm. I didn’tthink you’d want to know…”Amanda was unfastening the buttons, opening from the top down.She paused and, in the mirror, looked back into his eyes. “Well,I’m very glad you were brave enough to tell me, Doug.” Sheresumed unbuttoning. “In your own special way, that is…” In hermirror, she could see that Doug was already hard, fidgeting,fighting to keep his hands away from his dick.Finally, Amanda eased her blouse forward and removed it. Dougiewas in awe. Her nipples, high above the upper edge of the push upbra, were thickening and erecting in the cool air. Amanda turnedto him. “I recall now that one pair of my panties has been missing forsome time…I expect you know just where they are…” She turned towards him and took a step his way. “Why don’t youjust keep them, OK? A present from me to you…” She raised herhands to her breasts. “We have the house to ourselves, don’t we, Doug?” Amanda wasgently stroking her nipples for Doug’s pleasure- and her own. “Imean- you haven’t invited any of your friends over or anything,have you?” Now, Amanda was pulling on her tits more forcefully.”No, right?” Doug nodded “no”. Amanda pinched her nipples, twisted them. “Andwe both know that my sister Beth, your Mommy, will be away until6:30 tonight, correct?”Doug was staring. “Yes, Auntie Amanda.” “Very good, Nephew Dougie. That’s all very good…” Amandastepped back to her vanity. She leaned back against it. “Andspeaking of your Mommy… we won’t be talking about any of thiswith her, am I right about that?”Doug looked almost afraid at the thought. “No, no way! I don’ttell Mom nothin”.Amanda paused, her hand hovering over the little zipper on herhip- looked at him. “Say: ‘I won’t tell, Auntie Amanda'”.Doug was dry-mouthed, but he managed: “I- I won’t tell anyone,Auntie Amanda.””Very good, Nephew Dougie”. This time, unlike this morning, sheeased out of her skirt while facing him. She worked the zipperdown- and as she wiggled out of her tight skirt, her hip curveswere revealed. After a minute, Doug could see that the pantiesmatched the half-cup bra, though they were badly inundated withcum and cunt-juice. Finally, Amanda and her nephew Dougie were alone in her room.Beth was away at work- they would be undisturbed. Amanda waswearing nothing but heels, brassiere, and a pair of wet,cum-filled panties. Doug’s cock was forming a big tent in hislap. At times like this, it turned Amanda on to initiate. Why itgot her wet and quivery, she didn’t know, but she wanted to fucka virgin. She took a few steps towards her nephew Doug and stoodover him, her high-heeled feet apart, straddling either side ofone of his legs. The half-cup pushed her tits up, close to hisface.”Well, then. Since we seem to have an agreement, let me just undothis…” whispered Amanda. She was manipulating the catch of herbrassiere, centered between her tits. Doug could feel the subtlepressure of her thighs as they brushed against his leg in timewith her movements. She could have just snapped the bra open, butAmanda took her time, playing with her nephew’s emotions as shefinally undid the catch and slowly eased the two halves apart. “Uuuhhh..” Doug groaned as Amanda finally released her heavybreasts escort gaziemir for him. The weight of her flesh pushed the bra cupsdownwards and away. Then Amanda lifted and supported her boobswith her hands, lifting and squeezing them, pulling the hardnipples and then releasing so her flesh quivered liquidly for herhorny nephew.”Would you like to smell?” Amanda whispered. To get closer to hisface, she put her right knee up on the bed, between his legs.Amanda held up her tits, brushed her nipples across her nephew’sface, back and forth- one, twice… The tension was mounting.Amanda loved this moment. She adjusted her knee so that it waspressing his shorts, brushing against the side of Doug’s rampantprick, nudging his balls… Almost there…With a groan. Doug plunged his face into her cleavage. She pulledhis head in and forced her tits into his mouth. Doug’s big handsclutched the small of her back and pulled her breasts into hisface. She closed her thighs together over his leg, reached downand, through the satiny material of Doug’s running shorts, puther hand right on his cock.Amanda forced Doug back deeper into her bed, pushing her breastsinto his face and finally forcing him flat on his back as sheclimbed up on her hands and knees and fed him tit. While with onehand she held herself up over him, the palm of her other hand wasstroking his hard-on through his shorts. Finally, she reached uphis leg hole and closed her hand directly around Doug’s prick. It was far thicker than she had expected, and that was good.Amanda liked a big cock and a big man- it contrasted with herpetite body. It had been months since she had last had a reallybig cock up her, so her hole was probably tighter than if she wasgetting it every day, and Amanda’s cunt was naturally prettytight regardless. She smiled in anticipation of that forced-open,split-by-cock feeling. It might even take a few minutes to workit into her fuck-hole. In response to that thought, Amanda’s clittingled. Her cunt started to cream.By now, Amanda was straddling her nephew’s hips. She got up andpulled her breasts away from him. With her left hand, she stillheld his prick. Now she snaked the fingers of her right handunder the edge of her wet, soiled panties. “My panties are all wet with cum, Dougie. You’ve been jerkingyour prick into all my lingerie. Why is that?” Doug looked downas the material tented and twisted over her knuckles. “I wore your cum against my pussy all day long, Nephew…” Amandawas masturbating her clit. “It kept me warm and wet…” Shetwisted, and her tits swung in front of Dougie’s eyes. She lookeddown at him.”Has Dougie been sexually frustrated?” Amanda let go his cock andundid one of the clasps that stretched over her hip. She wasstill frigging her clit. “Well, so has Auntie…” The scantmaterial snapped away. “Has Dougie been jerking off into hisAuntie’s underwear because it’s so sexy to look at her ass in thekitchen every morning? OH! Well ungh, I’ve been watching you,too….” Amanda unsnapped the other catch, and the panties fellaway uselessly against Doug’s leg. He looked down, and Amandaslowly drew her hand away, uncovering her pubis for him. Dougmoaned– he saw that her cunt mound was completely shaven, devoidof pubic hair, smooth like a whore’s.”It was very brave of you to shoot cum into my best lace pantiesand leave them where you knew Auntie would find them…how didyou know I would like that? Auntie is very impressed with you.”Her pussy lips were spread Doug could see them separate in thedim light, could see the space between where he knew his cock wassupposed to fit. His prick gave a little jerk at the thought.Amanda gently took Doug’s hands in hers, guided them to hold herhips. “You are going to grow up to be a very strong, sexual man,Doug…” His hands got the idea, instinctually gripping andpulling her towards him. “Ooooh! You are so strong, Dougie!” Amanda was taking a chance, knowing that Doug might blow his loadat any moment, but she took a bit of time. She touched hisdangling balls with her fingertips, trailed them up the length ofhis shaking prick, lightly stroked back down… After a minute ofthis, she held him just below his glans and was impressed againwith his size.”You are such a big boy, Doug! Your cock is so so thick!” Shepassed his fat, dripping cockhead all over her pubic mound,mixing his fresh precum with the old cum that still glistened andcrusted against her skin. “And smooth and hot, too…” shemurmured. She passed his glans across her vaginal opening, easedit away, allowed him to enter a fraction of an inch, pulledaway… “I I know you like my panties, but isn’t this where youreally want to cum, little Dougie?” He grunted, trying to hold back from shooting, but it wasn’tgoing well. Doug’s cock was dripping all over Amanda’s hand. Nowit was starting to jerk. She felt his breathing shift. Amandasensed the time was close. With a deep breath, she released hisprick at the opening of her tight, wet slit. His cock waschallengingly fat, and she had to sit down on it slowly andforcefully, holding the shaft to her fuck-hole opening with onehand until the tip was wet enough to slide in. It took one, two,then a third push before his prick was plowed entirely into hercunt. She fucked him hard, pulling her hips up and down fast,forcing her tits down again into his face. For his first realfuck, she wanted to overwhelm him, make his orgasm hot– shootingout hard and intensely. This first time won’t take long, shethought let him shoot cum as soon as he wants. Amanda rememberedhot thick and creamy Doug’s loads all had been, knew his prickwould be giving her one directly any second and felt her pussysurge with lubrication at the thought.Doug moaned in a way that was impossible to mistake. Amandaleaned down, put her full weight on him. She heard his muffledyell against her breast, felt his hips shoving, lifting herlittle body right off the bed. She forced herself back down ontohis cock, felt his balls against her clinging cunt lips. Then shefelt the flood of hot cum coating her insides, juicing up herholes as he rammed in and out faster and faster. Amanda reachedback behind her and stroked his ballsack, increasing his pleasureas Doug continued to orgasm.”That’s right, Dougie. That’s a good boy.” She whispered. “Shootout all your cum.” She continued to gently rub his balls as hisbreathing slowed. “Auntie Amanda is very proud of you. You cumvery nicely…”Doug realized that he had finally lost his virginity- with thewoman he fantasized about the most.

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