B5 Chapter 9 Two New Milkers – Jordan’s First


B5 Chapter 9 Two New Milkers – Jordan’s FirstChapter 9: Two New Milkers – Jordan’s First MilkingAfter everyone had filed out of the main auditorium, when Jeanne and Barocca had left, Jordan found herself without a set agenda, and without any specific instructions. She knew that very soon, she’d be called upon for all sorts of things for the good of the Island, but for the moment, no one was here to tell her anything. Everyone else had a place to be, and things to do.After she had lunch in the cafeteria, Jordan wandered though the hallways, until she found herself at the door to the main conference room, where she’d met everyone on her second day on the Island. Jordan entered the room, and saw that the closed circuit monitor had been left on. It was currently showing the empty auditorium.”Someone must’ve been watching everything from in here,” thought Jordan. She noticed the series of buttons that were inlaid on the surface of the table. Jordan idly flipped through the different scenes that the security cameras could show. So far, there wasn’t much happening on the Island that was out of the ordinary. Everyone was busy at their day to day tasks. Jordan clicked the channel changer one last time, and suddenly a scene that she recalled all too well filled the scene. It was the Milking chamber. And it was in full use.Jordan stared in awe as she watched Ebony strapped in the Milking device. During her first encounter with Ebony, it had been a matter more of survival, rather than any chance of enjoying the sex with her. Jordan was all too aware of just how huge Ebony was from that awful afternoon, but she hadn’t really seen what she was capable of in a situation like this.Jordan sat and watched Ebony perform through her first Milking session, with an expression of awe and wonder on her face. She also listened as Ebony professed her love and devotion for the Island, and her intense desire for their group to win the upcoming conflict at all costs.Then Jordan watched Tiffany enter the room, and shortly after that, Ebony produced an even bigger load of jism in the Milking device again. The incredible emotions of Ebony and the other girls in the Milking chamber were not lost on Jordan.”If Ebony’s willing to make that type of sacrifice for the Island, there’s no reason in the world, why I can’t offer to do the same,” thought Jordan. “The Island, and the people here have been the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life, and I’m gonna do everything that I possibly can to help us out in this conflict too.”With that, Jordan shut off the monitor, and promptly walked out of the conference room, and headed for the Milking chamber. When she arrived, Jordan opened the door, just after Ebony had finished her speech.”If it’s okay with everyone, I’d like to help out here today, and keep the action going.”Everyone turned to see who the new arrival was in the doorway.”Jordan, I really appreciate your heartfelt offer,” said Tiffany. “But don’t you think you might be rushing things just a bit?””I really want to help in any way that I can, Tiffany. And after all that I’ve heard, I think that this is the best thing that I could do.””But Jordan, you’ve only jerked off once; and you haven’t even had the chance to have sex with anyone yet.””Tiffany, please. I really want to do this for the Island…” Jordan was almost pleading.”Now look here, Jordan,” said Tiffany.”Wait just a minute,” interrupted Dee Dee. “Jordan, wait outside for a moment, I want to have a talk with Tiffany about this.” Jordan moved outside and closed the door.”What the hell’s gotten into you, Dee Dee?” asked Tiffany. “There’s no way we’d even think of letting anyone go through the Milking ritual, unless they’d had their fully developed cock at least a month.””Stop and think about what you’re saying, Tiffany. Jordan’s already got her full-grown cock. Or hadn’t you noticed? And we both saw what that b**st of hers was capable of this morning. And that was with practically no foreplay! Everyone has to admit that Jordan’s turned out different, and we all have to learn to live with that.””She’s halkalı escort certainly different, there’s no denying that fact.””I know that we put in certain safeguards on Jordan’s cock, so we could control her. But I think it’s better if we channel her feelings and her energy towards things that’ll help us, rather than keep them bottled up inside of her.””So you really think that she’s ready for something like this?””Jordan’s probably more ready than some of the other amazons, Tiffany. And the safeguards I installed will work for us here too. If I feel Jordan’s approaching the danger zone, I can cut her off, before any serious damage occurs.””All right, Dee Dee. You ran the show on Ebony, when it was her first time here, so I guess it’s only fitting that you take Jordan through her first trip too.””Okay, Jordan. Come on back inside,” called Dee Dee. Jordan entered the chamber again. “We’ve reconsidered, Jordan. We’re going to let you have your first Milking session today after all. But we’re only going to let you do it once. Your cock has turned out different from a lot of girls’, but we’re simply not going to push things too far on your first time here.””Thanks, Dee Dee, Tiffany. You’ve got no idea how badly I want to help out here, and make things so that we can beat Barocca and Jeanne down the road.””Oh I can imagine things like that all too well,” said Ebony. “I’m proud that you want to help out so soon around here, Jordan. But one of these days, I’ll have to fill you in on some of the other things that’ve been going on here, and you can find out what Barocca was really like. But like everyone else, I want to see just how you’ve turned out, and just what you can do with your new cock, girl. I want a ringside seat for this.” Ebony moved off to a side of the chamber and had a seat.”Okay, girls!” Dee Dee called out to the nymphs. “I’ll bet you thought you might be getting off easy, when Ebony called it quits, after her second time this afternoon. We’re gonna do the Milking with Jordan here, next. Let’s see. I think if we pull out a set of Tiffany’s equipment, that it ought to fit Jordan pretty closely.””You’re mighty generous handing out other people’s equipment and accessories,” Tiffany chided Dee Dee.”Well I think eventually, we’ll get Jordan fitted up with a custom set, like everyone else. But from what we saw of her this morning, I think we both agree that her cock is just about a dead ringer for you, Barocca or Clyda.””All right, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Take off your clothes and get settled in to the reclining section of the Milking device.”Jordan did as she was instructed. “It feels so strange to be the center of attention in this room, after I was only a spectator, just a short time ago.””I agree that the very first time here, knowing that it’ll be your cock that’s the one that’ll be Milked, is both very exciting,” said Tiffany. “And at the same time, a little frightening. At least that’s the way it was for me, on my first trip here.””It’s almost like having sex for the first time,” said Ebony. “You know that it’s going to be good; but you have no idea how good it can be. Then once it’s over, you can’t wait to do it all over again.””So let’s get started,” said Dee Dee. “I want you to get a hard-on, and show off your new toy to everyone in the room, Jordan.”Jordan eagerly began fondling and stroking her cock. The thick, turgid shaft between her legs quickly filled with blood, and began growing to life with startling rapidity. Her balls began to swell, and settled slightly in her nut sac as they gained weight. The shaft of Jordan’s cock was soon as thick as her forearm. A number of veins filled with blood, and stood out prominently on the shaft. The thick urethra shaft swelled, and was starkly visible against the shaft of Jordan’s cock. Jordan stood with her hands on her hips, proudly admiring the two feet of brand new cock meat that was on display to everyone.”I just want to say again to everyone how thankful I am for the gift you’ve given me. And I want to do nişantaşı escort the Milking, and anything else that anyone can think of so that we come out on top in the conflict against Barocca’s group.””Amazing,” said Ebony from the side of the room. “Jordan, you’re hung like a fucking bull, and you’re still modest at the same time.””The important thing, Jordan,” said Tiffany, “is for you to not abuse or flaunt your gifts. I think the way you’ve handled yourself so far today, and the way you’ve offered to help is really outstanding.”By now, the other nymphs had produced the necessary pieces needed to get Jordan ready for the Milking ritual.”Okay, girls,” said Dee Dee. “Let’s get Jordan fitted up and ready to go.”Within a few moments, Jordan’s cock and balls had been thoroughly lubed with the special oils until they glistened brightly. First, the rubber-like ring was applied around the shaft of her cock, and then looped over and around her balls. This made the veins stand out even more noticeably on her cock, and her balls swelled even larger.Then the sheath was inserted onto the shaft of Jordan’s cock. And finally, the headpiece was fitted onto her cockhead, and the tubing connected to the plastic jar.”For now, the rest of you just watch the session,” said Dee Dee. “Let me and the equipment do all the work, and just sit back and enjoy the show.” Dee Dee started Jordan off with some very light vibrations and pressure on her cock. Periodically, she increased the pressure and the speed of the stroking and pumping on Jordan’s cock. Soon, Jordan’s body broke out in a light sweat just from the pleasure she was receiving.Dee Dee brought Jordan to the very edge of orgasm, and then held back, waiting a few moments, and then doing it again, over a dozen times. But no one could prolong such pleasure forever, not even such an expert at the controls as Dee Dee. She could probably have managed to bring Jordan to the edge a few more times, but there comes a point in either sex or masturbation, where everyone has to, and wants to cum at last.Dee Dee set the pumping mechanism for as hard and as strong and as fast as she sensed that Jordan’s cock could stand it and still not be injured. Up until now, what had been smaller waves of pleasure, were now replaced by an honest to goodness tidal wave of orgasmic ecstasy.Knowing that shad passed the point of no return, and would be shooting off very shortly, Jordan reached down and began fondling her balls. Sudden sharp vibrations, followed by deep, incredibly pleasurable feelings, deep in Jordan’s groin, told her that her cock would be shooting off in seconds. Jordan felt the unmistakable contractions of her cock beginning to throw out its load of semen start to begin. Seconds later, a huge milky white glob of jism landed in the container, and splattered against the walls. Seconds later, another one followed. More and more arrived after this in the container, until the bottom was completely covered.As Jordan watched her own cum begin to land in the container, she instinctively began to squeeze her nuts and work them in the milking fashion that she’d seen other girls do. The wave of pleasure that Jordan was experiencing suddenly increased tremen-dously. She felt what seemed to be a large ball of molten fire, somewhere in the core of her being. The warmth was deliciously sexy, and was in direct proportion to the feelings her cock was generating.Squeezing her nuts seemed to increase the heat inside of her. And when the heat increased, that in turn seemed to cause the feelings of pleasure to increase also. Both of these sensations caused Jordan’s cock to pump out cum at an almost unbelievable rate. What seemed like an almost constant pouring from Jordan’s cock were actually the massive splurts that her cock was producing now. Jordan’s cock was throbbing so violently, that Jordan wasn’t certain if she wasn’t going to burst out of the sheath itself. She wasn’t in a position to get an unobstructed view, but Jordan could tell that her nuts had swollen to far şişli escort larger than their original size. Although Jordan held onto her balls with a near death-grip, the force of the rest of her cock was causing them to shake back and forth, and up and down in the scrotal sac.Finally, the waves of indescribable pleasure began to abate. Jordan slowly felt her body returning to normal, and her cock became merely a large appendage again, and not the living firehose that it had seemed to be a few minutes ago.Panting like a marathon runner, Jordan let her hands release her balls, and sank back against the padded section of the recliner in the Milking device. Jordan didn’t have words to express the feelings that had just assaulted her body. Her first orgasm this morning had been delightful to say the least. But what she’d just experienced had been light years beyond that.”That was fucking incredible….” Jordan managed to gasp out.”Now you know why we like to have girls wait a little longer, before their first Milking, Jordan,” said Dee Dee with a laugh.”And that was just your first time, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Just think what you’ll be able to do, once you’ve really got control and experience over your cock.”Jordan had a sort of glazed expression on her face, that said she registered Tiffany’s words, but the meaning hadn’t really sunken in.”I have never felt anything even remotely like that,” said Jordan. “I know you warned me that it would be intense, but nothing still could’ve prepared me for it. How long did I shoot off for, anyway?””I’d say over four minutes easily, Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “We weren’t timing you then. We were all caught up in just what you could do on your very first Milking.” It occurred to Dee Dee that no one had paid much attention to just how much cum that Jordan had been able to produce. Jordan turned her gaze to the end of the tubing that was attached to her cockhead, and followed it to the container. Jordan’s eyes grew wide, like a starlet in a horror movie, as she sees the monster for the first time. The ten-gallon container was almost three-fourths full. As the other girls noted Jordan’s astonished expression, they also saw the container filled with her fresh jism.”Oh my god…” Dee Dee’s voice trailed off to a whisper.”I don’t think I believe what I’m seeing here,” said Tiffany.The nymphs came forward, and quickly removed the headpiece, the sheath, and the ring around Jordan’s cock. Jordan gently stroked her cock, not quite ready to believe that her own body had just produced the volume of sperm that it had. Deep inside, Jordan felt that she could have performed again if she had wanted to, but she knew better than to tempt fate on the very first day. As the feelings finally abated and left her body, her cock began to return to its limp state.”Girlfriend, you put out almost as much cum as I did, and on your very first time!” cried Ebony. “You are gonna turn into one fucking monster, once me and the other girls show you how to really use your cock.””I just want to tell everybody that I’m really excited and proud about what I was able to do just now. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, if it would help out the Island. I’m beginning to realize that I’ve been given something really special between my legs, and it’s some-thing I’ll treasure and be grateful for, for the rest of my life.”I want everyone to know that it’s not gonna change me, though. I’ve been lucky to have what I’ve got, and I’m not gonna abuse it, or expect to be treated any different than anybody else. The only ones who have anything to worry about from now on, are Barocca and Jeanne!””Amen to that, girl,” agreed Ebony. “In a month from now, Jeanne won’t know what hit her, when she has to go one on one with you.”The nymphs stored the container of Jordan’s cum, and were dismissed by Dee Dee and Tiffany. Ebony waved to Jordan, and walked out of the chamber. That left Jordan alone in the room with Tiffany and Dee Dee.”Well, you’ve managed to steal the show again, Jordan,” said Dee Dee.”You can say that again,” added Tiffany. “That piece of meat between your legs is really something special, that’s for certain. All you need is the proper coaching and training on how to use that new tool of yours.””And that’s where we come in,” said Dee Dee. “Meet us tomorrow morning at my quarters, Jordan. We’re going to have a couple of surprises for you, and lay out your training regimen for you.”

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