Back in the Day


There was a time, not that long ago when the internet was still in its infancy. The connections then were mostly text-based and moved at a crawling speed of 14.4, 28.8 Kbps or if you were really in the groove and lucky to be close enough to your telephone carrier’s switching station, you could get a blazing 56 Kbps. This was “dial up”.

Mainly because of the slow speeds, communications were restricted to mostly text files. We had what was known with affection as Bulletin Board Services. BBS’, as they were called, had what at the time, wouldn’t even pass for a lame website today. The best you could do would be to download text files, picture files or, on some sites, a live chat room. That’s like texting today only with many other texters all at the same time. Or you could create a private room and text back and forth with just one person or as many as you would like to invite to the room. Pictures took forever to download because of the dismal speed of your connection. Still, it was another mass communication system, one that allowed the ‘brave new world’ people and the purveyors of erotica to flourish, even in its infancy. Anyone could write or post if they had a computer and a connection to the internet. If you remember these days, your hair is probably turning gray, somewhere.

This is how it was for us, ‘Back in the Day’:

One evening after a day’s work I returned home, flipped on the computer and went to make myself something to eat while it booted up and connected to the “Internet”. I got back to the fourteen inch black and white screen to see it finally connecting to the BBS. I entered a chat room of ‘like minded people’ and joined the conversation. Typing away as fast as I could to get my thought out before everyone was on to something else. I ended up in a chat with someone whose name suggested that they were female so we engaged in small talk for a while until as by design, the conversation turned to sex. She said she had read my messages before and thought I sounded open and interesting. The next thing I know she asks to call me on the phone to actually talk. Well, not being one to turn down a chance to ‘connect’, I gave her my number, closed my connection to the BBS and waited. In those days you couldn’t be online and on the phone at the same time without a second line.

After a few minutes, the phone rang and I was surprised and excited that she actually came through with the call. All too often it’s just someone that pulls your chain and never calls.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello yourself,” a female voice responded. She had a soft sexy sound that instantly aroused my interest. After some initial pleasantries and comments about the BBS we had been using, the conversation led back to sex.

“Would you be interested in a threesome?” she asked straight out.

“Ahhh, yeah sure, I guess,” how stupid of me, of course, I would. Why else was I talking sex with this woman? She said she was looking for a third party to join her and her husband. It was one of their fantasies and they wanted to experience it for real.

“I am, as my husband calls it, “oversexed” and he can’t keep up with me long enough for my pleasure. Once he comes it’s all over, and I’m most always left wanting more.” she explained.

She even put her husband on the phone and I talked with him for a few awkward minutes. After we stumbled over some questions from both of us, he said he was fine with it as long as I wasn’t some nutcase and that I didn’t sound like one. He was looking forward to meeting me in person. We set the coming Saturday night for a meeting at a local Sports Bar we both knew. I described myself telling him that I would be wearing a brown Bomber-style jacket, Levis and sporting a newly grown beard.

I hung up the phone. “What the fuck have you gotten yourself into now?” I said out loud to myself. Even so, I was excited by the prospect and visions danced through my head about the coming weekend. That night I couldn’t help but masturbate to the visions of casino şirketleri what I thought the woman on the phone might look like and fantasies of what we would do with each other.

The rest of the week dragged by like the week before Christmas until, at last, I was walking into the crowded and noisy bar. I scanned the place trying to guess which couple I had talked to. I ordered a beer and sat with my back to the bar mentally stripping every woman in the place.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and a cute looking woman with short brown hair cut in a pixie style looked up at me smiling broadly. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties and was very pleasing to the eye.

“You must be Ken, is that right?” Her voice was musical as it mixed with the drone of the bar.

“Yes, that’s right and you are… Lisa?”

“I am, and this my husband Kevin.” Kevin had an infectious smile, took my hand and shook it like we were old friends meeting for a drink as he pointed the way to a table in the corner. Grabbing up my beer, I followed them, all the while admiring the curvy woman swaying to and fro in front of me. She had on a snug-fitting skirt and loose blouse accentuating her shapely figure. Her breasts jiggled bra-less beneath the thin fabric and her ass was tight and compact as she snaked through the crowd.

We sat and talked about ourselves for an hour over drinks before Lisa suggested that we go to their place where it would be less noisy. We could get to know each other more comfortably and have another drink. I agreed and in minutes we pulled into the drive of a nice ranch-style home in suburbia. Once inside things got cozy quickly. Ken made us Margaritas and Lisa went to freshen up. When Lisa returned, she was dressed in an eye-catching, boner-teasing, silky maroon negligee and matching cover-up. Ken got up and said for us to get to know each other, he would be back in a while. I heard the back door close and we were left alone.

I thought it was kind of weird that he just left us and went outside but then all of this was kind of weird. I just prayed he wasn’t out loading the shotgun.

Lisa and I sat on the sofa drinking and giggling about a dumb joke I told when Lisa turned to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me long and passionately, our tongues doing battle with each other, our hungry hands exploring each other’s hidden treasures. I was secretly surprised by her forwardness but loved the no bullshit honesty of her actions. Her hand was busy massaging my constrained and growing bulge as I busied myself with her near-naked breasts. The kisses became more passionate and urgent as she spread her legs to allow me to access to her steamy crotch, the thin silk-like material giving little cover for her warm, moist and full lips.

“Would you like to take this to the bedroom?” she asked hoarsely, her breath coming in gasps.

“Lead the way honey. I’ll go wherever you lead, but what about Kevin?” “Oh, he’ll be alright. He’s expecting this,” she said in a nonchalant voice.

Men have a way of turning off the fear factor when they are engaged in sex play and I was no different. I just tried to assume the best of the situation and reached for her hand.

She giggled again and led me down the hall to the bedroom. The room was quite large with a King-size bed complete with mirrored headboard, mirrors on two walls and the ceiling. The walls were a dark blue with plush fabric window coverings. Incense filled the air and soft music played creating a warmth that was both sensual and comforting. The lighting was indirect but afforded great views of the bed from all angles as we sat down on its edge. The mirrors created the illusion of people all around us, watching.

Lisa quickly helped me out of my polo shirt. Kicking off my shoes, I stood to remove my Levis only to have her reach my button fly first. Her adept fingers popping the fly open with practiced agility. She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled my pants off by the casino firmaları legs. She was a tiger and I liked it! My boxer shorts were tenting as I scooted onto the bed and drew her to me kissing her passionately. I enjoyed our kisses for a few moments then traced her neck with my lips, stopping only to nip at the smooth curves she offered. I lightly bit at her neck and then the top of her shoulder a little harder, she shuddered with delight.

“Mmmm, I love that.” she purred.

I smiled to myself knowing I had hit upon an erogenous zone that begged attention on so many women yet sadly was ignored by most men. Continuing down I slipped the cover-up from her shoulders and pulled the thin strap of her negligee down her arm until her breast was laid bare before me. It was beautiful, full and firm with nice light brown areola tightening around an erect nipple. My lips found her nipple as I traced its circumference with the tip of my tongue, feeling the wrinkling skin beneath. I drew her into my mouth and softly pulled with my lips. Lisa moaned with pleasure, pressing her breast to my sucking mouth. I pulled the cover-up away and slipped the other strap down to give attention to her other breast. Lingering on each.

“I just knew you would be a good lover, that you would take your time with me. Not like so many men. I could feel it in your voice.” She spoke in that sexy hushed tone that further excited me.

I began to move down her body when she pushed my head away and said, “It’s my turn, lay back and let me do my magic.” I couldn’t argue with her and fell back on the thick comforter as she slipped my shorts down to release my stiff cock only to have it slap noisily against my stomach.

“Ooh! How nice.” she purred, her wide green eyes locked onto my swaying member. She took it in her hand squeezing firmly, sliding the skin up and down the shaft assessing the weight and girth of it. I lay my head back and savored her touch. Lisa’s hands were truly magic as she knew just the right pressure and places to bring moans from my throat and quicken my pulse. I looked down as she lowered her head over my cock, her pink tongue snaked out to catch a crystal drop that squeezed from the head. Turning her head to look at me the drop strung out into a thin ribbon which she licked from her smiling lips. She sucked my cock head and ran her tongue around it as her mouth enveloped me.

“Oh… damn, that feels so fucking good. You have an unnatural talent, my dear.” I crooned.

“As do you, Ken.” her words muffled as she again plunged down over my pulsing cock.

We soon found ourselves in a sixty-nine position eagerly lapping up each others’ wetness. Her clit was hard and protruded nicely from between her reddened lips and I delighted in sucking on it as I methodically fingered her. Two, then three fingers dipped into her. She bucked against my hand trying to force my entire hand into her ravenous pussy. At length, we rolled to the side and she mounted me, letting my cock slide effortlessly between her well-lubricated lips. Back and forth she slid on my cock, pressing it tightly to my stomach with her pussy. I was on the verge of coming when she stopped, allowing me to cool for a few minutes. When I felt in control of myself once again, she pushed me down and climb over the top of me, this time grasping my swollen cock and putting it to her opening and let it easily slide inside her warm and wet passage as deeply as it would go. With her head thrown back, Lisa moaned wistfully as my cock struck bottom. Moving slowly at first, this angel pulled at me with tight pelvic muscles, increasing speed until she was noisily slamming down on me as she rode herself to several orgasms. It was all I could do to hold back my own. I was hypnotized watching this beautiful creature ride me like I was thoroughbred. The surround of mirrors only intensified the effect. After what seemed like an hour and multiple orgasms she fell to my chest, catching her breath as I continued my slow pumping action. güvenilir casino Feeling that our time together was coming to an end, I was ready to unleash my pent-up load and call it a night.

At that moment her husband’s shadow reappeared in the doorway his naked body silhouetted against the light from the living room. He was working his cock with his hand and moved toward the bed. For a moment I thought maybe I was in big trouble. Instead, he climbed onto the bed and motioned for me to stay where I was. My cock still planted deep within Lisa’s hot, wet pussy.

“I’ve been watching all along and I’m hot as hell. You did good,” he said to my relief.

I watched in the overhead mirror as Lisa spread her ass cheeks and Kevin climbed between our legs. Wetting his hard prick with spit and our juices he slowly pushed into Lisa’s waiting ass. I could feel the pressure of his cock slide against mine through the thin walls of Lisa’s pussy. It was exhilarating. I had never shared a double penetration before and as Lisa was a small woman and I didn’t think she could handle both of us at once. I guess I was wrong, she only moaned lightly, pushing against his intrusion, and grabbing at his ass with her hands. Together we rocked to a mutual rhythm. The feel of her husband’s cock moving against mine was so hot and sensual I nearly came several times. Kevin’s thrusting picked up as his balls slapped against mine and I could feel what was coming. With a loud groan and a final deep thrust, he blasted his load deep into Lisa’s ass. She came audibly came again, as she wriggled and danced between us both, her body pulling and sucking at our cocks, squeezing out every last drop that Kevin had to offer. His shrinking cock slipped from her ass as he rolled off the bed.

“Thank you both, he said. That was the best come I’ve had in a while.” With that, he asked “who’s hungry” and plodded off to the kitchen. I was stupefied. He was so…so casual. Lisa just shrugged and smiled.

I was still held tightly within her flexing pussy. I can tell you, that woman ‘was’ horny! She started up the motion again and I caught the rhythm, using long slow strokes. In my mind, I was replaying the feeling of Kevin’s cock pressed against mine inside his wife as we rocked with mutual motions. Suddenly, the mental visions sent me over the edge.

“I’m going to come doll, I can’t hold it back any longer.”

“You go ahead baby, you deserve it.” She said breathlessly as she increased the tempo, her pussy squeezing and pulling on my erupting cock.

“Ahhhhh! Oh damn…Ooooh…” I was hammering her pussy hard as my cum burst forth bathing her insides with my white hot flow, the overfill streaming down the sides of my bloated member.

“Oh, my god…I think I’m going to die.” was all I could manage as wave after wave of orgasm spilled through me, causing my body to repeatedly jerk involuntarily.

Lisa was loving it. She was taking great pride in watching my face as I was obsessed with my passion.

We lay together for many minutes unable or not wanting to move, and release each other from our all-consuming physical connection.

In the kitchen, Kevin went about busying himself with cooking a simple dinner. I lay there astonished that I had just fucked his wife right in front of him and he could nonchalantly cook us a meal. Lisa, sensing my question, said that was the way he was and I shouldn’t worry about it. She told me that he took great enjoyment out of watching and he had been, covertly, from the beginning. She said it took some getting used to but now they both loved it. She gained as much as she wanted from the experience and Kevin’s needs were satisfied too.

We ate Kevin’s simple dinner and talked for a while before I decided it was time to leave, saying that we should get together again soon. I tried several times to hook up online but Lisa responded that once was enough for them. They enjoyed the night immensely but made a point of fucking one guy at a time, one time only.

“Sad”, I thought to myself, but oh well, there are plenty of other experiences to be had in the populous chat rooms. The swinging lifestyle exploded through the invention of the internet, a real revolution really, ‘Back in the Day’.

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