Bad Influence #2


Bad Influence #2Next morning Emma calls me.I pick up, “Hey. What’s up, Emma?” I try to be casual, but it feels like the jig is up already.We talk for a while about nothing important.”You seem happy.” She says at some point.”Ummm, I’m not un-happy. Right?” Still, trying to be casual.”…and guilty.””Um-wha- abo-about what?”Silence. Uh-oh.”You fucked him, didn’t ya?”I scoff. (How the… Am I see-through!?)”You fucked him!” Now, she sounds happy, very happy, “You did it! You fucked your cousin!””Ssssh! Jesus! Can you calm down? Don’t say that so loud!””Hah! You did it! Who’s the nympho now?! Huh?””I, I, I guess… W-we, we both are!?””That’s right! You missed it! As much as I.””Okay. Yeah, I, I missed it. Happy?””You missed it so much you that did your own cousin, hehe.””Ssshh! Stop saying that!” I look around, though my parents aren’t around right now. “But, listen, there’s a little problem… Those photos you gave me. Remember? He found them. And his pal cracked it like within 5 minutes.””Oh, he saw those?” She says without much of a worry.”Yeah…” I take a look through the door to the swimming-pool room; Dirk’s just jumped into the water, as always making a lot of noise.”Good thing they were the most subtle of the photos.””Yeah!””So, this is how it happened.””Yep. Lucky girl, huh? So, now, maybe you should think about getting rid of everything you’ve got on your computer? Before another one of your cousins pays you a visit.”***It isn’t long before Dirk starts being a regular asshole again. I guess my therapy works only temporarily. He gets on my nerves with complaints: they have a better pool at home because it’s outdoors. Yes, you dick, but here it isn’t so warm the whole year. Besides, have you got any idea how much it cost? But he doesn’t give a fuck, better is better is better… Also, his ADD is getting stronger again. My parents have no stomach to do anything with him, they choose to ignore it.Then it gets even worse. Whenever we’re alone he talks how perfect my ass and pussy and tits are, and how we’ve got to do it again. Or that I should swim with him, topless. I just ignore him: “don’t know what you are talking about…” but I’m a bit afraid he will cross the line at some point, do something too stupid my loving parents won’t be able to just ignore. I really don’t know what to do now. My parents are around the whole day today. And they seem to be everywhere; my dad follows the theory that too much time at work isn’t good either for work or the family. Now I wish they would be those burning-the-midnight-oil people… Because I want to fuck, too… No, I cannot complain… I try to write. The guest room which Dirk occupies is next to mine, so I hear him all the time: laughing, yelling while playing on the Xbox, jumping on the bed, talking loud over the phone, or doing something that sounds like fucking, maybe he does it just to piss me off.Finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back is when I see Leia, our cat, all freaked out again, hiding in my room, waving her puffy tail angrily —the idiot was chasing her again—I have to take matters into my own hands. It’s afternoon. I observe my parents and wait… They go to the garden for a cup of tea. This is the moment. Quickly I put my strawberry lipstick on and go after Dirk. He’s in the gym, pounding and kicking the punching bag, and of course yelling the whole time. I grab his hand and take him to my room, without a word. He’s already chucking stupidly.I squat and take his pants down. „Now Dr. Adrianne will balance your cum levels.””Fuck, yeah!” He says.I have little time. I take his velvety cock head into my—even more velvety—mouth, it isn’t fully hard yet, but it gets there fast with just a few deep strokes of my mouth. I grab his ass —it’s nicely muscular—and press my fingers and suck him good and steadily, with deep strokes. The position is tiring but worthwhile. He’s panting louder and louder. Fuck, I’d like to have it in me…And at the moment when I feel he’s getting ready to cum, I hear footsteps on the stairs. Fuck! I lost track of time! Faster! The tension rises; the countdown starts. I go deep and fast. Steps are getting closer. Dirk’s panting is getting louder and it starts trembling again. He’s cumming. He’s cumming. I open my mouth wide. With a crunching groan, he spurts down my throat, I feel the hit of hot silky cum at the back of my mouth. I hold my breath till it all goes down smoothly. Someone knocks at the door.”Happy?” I say, standing up, pulling up his pants.”So fuckin’ happy. Heh.”I lick my lips clean and yell, “Come in! ” And there’s my mom.”Hi, k**s!””Hi, I was just telling Dirk about what I’m writing.” “Oh, that’s nice!” she says. I notice a little drop of cum on the floor that dropped off his cock after he jizzed. I step on it, hiding it from my mom’s sight. My face has to look incredibly stupid.”I just want to tell you two we are going to the cinema and wonder if you two want to come with us?” Mom continues.Dirk and I look at each other.”Nooo, nooo.” We say at the same time. And I finish the sentence for us both, “We, actually, wanted to watch some old movies together… Here.”***As soon as my parents close the door, so happy that I’m finally bonding with my cousin; we throw ourselves at each other. It gets hot really fast, it’s like yesterday, wet and naughty; our tongues wriggling and pressing at each other; we push them into each other’s throats; it’s like a contest who can wriggle it more. The whole place is extremely quiet except the combined sounds of our breaths, sighs, licking and sucking. But we don’t have much time for that, and I really need to get fucked. I also don’t want the whole house smelling of my pussy and his cum when they get back, so I drag him to the bathroom.On the way he’s chuckling and jesting and fondling my ass; I push my tongue down his throat again on the staircase just to stop him from talking.In the bathroom, I turn on the water and start to undress. Dirk is faster than me. When I turn around he’s already naked; his engorged cock is poking at my waist with its massive purple head. Although my pussy is just throbbing at the thought of getting a cock inside her, I have this enormous desire to suck his cock again first; so I lean on straight legs and take it in my mouth again. Mmmmm, it’s even more delicious than earlier.”Fuckin’ cocksucker.” He says; already in heaven; I don’t mind. He’s right.We go to the shower. Now I make Dirk kneel and eat my pussy. He seems very keen on this idea and does it very eagerly, not missing a spot; outside… nor inside; his tongue goes up my cunt and massages it nicely from the inside, as far it can reach. I have to lean against the wall to hold on, breath taken. Oh, it’s good! My knees almost buckle with the pleasure.Now I must get fucked! I turn around, just pushing his bahis firmaları head aside—he doesn’t deserve any better. I spread my legs while resting my arms on the wall. “Nail me.”He’s already aiming at my pussy. I feel his cock pushing on it; it won’t go in, though behind the tiny doors I’m all melting. All of a sudden my pussy lips give way, and he slides in like a fuckin’ bobsled. I love that feeling of sudden stretching all the way inside. For now, he moves slowly, as my tightness—even with all that juice—allows only for that.He’s hissing in ecstasy.”Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! Go for it!” I say, panting heavily. He starts speeding up. After a moment he bangs me on just the right, full pace.”Fuck!” He says, “That asshole looks sooo fuckin’ yummy like it wants fuuucked too.””Shove your finger in it,” I say before he tries to fuck me in the ass. Kind of a preventative strike.”Yeah?” He seems surprised I want this.”Yeah! Try it.”He pushes his thumb in, and after breaking through the resistance it goes smoothly in, and out; together with his cock in my pussy. “Oh! Yeah!” I moan, my love to be filled every way calls again. It’s so good when it’s very tight, but it’s even better when yet a notch tighter. Actually I could take something much bigger up the ass now than just a thumb – it already wants it – but let’s keep him away from knowing that. At least for now. After a moment of really wild fucking, he cannot keep up any more and slows the pace. Oh, no! I turn around again and jump onto him, he grabs my ass with one hand. With the other, he finds my slit and pushes his dick in there again. He starts tossing me with both hands.Now he starts talking again, how awesome his cousin is, and how tight her cunt is, and how much she loves his magic stick. So I do the one thing I can, I push my tits on his face to shut him up. It helps. He gladly sucks on the nipples, still making a lot of noise. Then we get back one more time to licking each other’s tongues; just tongue-fucking each other’s mouths. His hands squeeze my butt harder and harder. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I start to scream, stunning myself a bit. In my cunt I feel the hot eruption of his cum, filling me, boiling over, pushing its way and spilling through between his love muscle and my pussy walls. After we’re done with fucking, we lather each other. Dirk is again calm and almost silent. I think he’s genuinely impressed how bad his cousin really is.”How the fuck you play such a noob?” He finally asks.”It’s not so hard. I tell him, “If you only learn a few things you could do a lot of things too and play like you’re a fuckin’ saint, too.”I get out of the shower first, to dry my hair; he stays in. I sieze my chance and grab his phone. I didn’t forget about it. I’m observing his blurred silhouette through the glass. In one hand I’m holding the blow-dryer; in the other I have his phone. Where are the photos… Fuck! It’s password protected! That devious little shit! I put it back in its place. This isn’t over!My parents are back and we both say ‘hello’ to them happily, again from the couch in the living room—we must look like k**s from a commercial. I add, “So, how was your movie?”***The whole next day I’m aroused, just waiting for the occasion to fuck Dirk again.Unfortunately, my parents are in the house all day; now I really hate their philosophy of living, and that makes me feel additionally bad because I know how this home is otherwise good for me. This is Dirk’s sixth day at our place, time goes fast. Now I catch myself regretting it has to end in just a few days.My mom asks me about him; I feel I’m blushing hearing his name from her.”Ummm, he’s not that… bad.””I think he’s making some real progress. He was a bit rough when he came, but now he’s a lot more… just, mellow. Put the k** in a peaceful environment …and he’s a different person.” She seems happy that our hearth and home can do miracles. I’m a terrible person…”Uhuh. I guess. Hope I’m helpful.” I say, hiding embarrassment.”Of course you are! And how much you two are bonding now!””Yes!” I say, nodding, trying to sound enthusiastic, “um, we did. It was only a matter of finding some common ground, I think. Turns out there’s some.”Finally my parents go for a walk, it won’t be long before they’ll be back, but I feel like risk!. The door closes; the magazine aside and in no time I’m getting him out of his room with no word, just take him by the hand and guide; I walk proudly, he chuckles stupidly behind me, of course, feeling my ass. I don’t even take off my clothes. He pulls off my jeans and panties to my knees; I land on the bed and momentarily flip to the doggy-style position. He starts fucking me. Fast, right from the beginning. Oh, yeah, that’s what I need!At some point, I say to him to shove it into my throat. He goes around with his big cock glistening from my juice. I suck him for a moment, then turn around on my back and raise up my legs —tethered with jeans. He grabs me by the legs and fucks my pussy again. He massages it so well with his cock, I can feel exactly how the wide head of it is moving up and down in there, every half-inch is a flood of pleasure. I start panting. Meanwhile he fucks me, I pull up my blouse to show him my nicely bouncing tits.He finishes in my pussy; I feel his cum inside; he takes it out while still shooting, the last drops fall on my stomach. I’m wiping it off when I hear the front door opening. They’re back. I hop out of the bed and pull my panties and jeans up.I leave the window open to get rid of my intense pussy smell and all other fuck fumes. Is everything cleaned up? I spray some deodorant in the air. I’m really getting paranoid someone’s going to smell it and connect the dots.We’re coming down. I look at myself in the mirror in the hall, redo my hair and quickly touch up the straps of my tank top, smooth it down, nicely. Deep breath. Huh. My parents come out of the kitchen.”Hi! So! How was your jogging?” I say; it sounds a bit like yelling in my head. Every muscle of my face wants to betray me at this moment…***It’s the seventh day of his stay and I just cannot wait to fuck him. I woke up wet today. The thought of his leaving, depriving me of his hefty cock, makes me regret. Regret I didn’t start fucking him the first day! Damn, I really should’ve….Today, as always, we cannot get rid of my parents easily; my father works in his study and mom runs all her business wireless from the garden, and as always they have time for a break that they spend with their daughter and our guest. That doesn’t stop Dirk from caressing my tits or sticking his hand in my pants whenever we are alone; but fucking, a good one, is off the table for now. Dirk’s touch on my ass or tits only aggravates my appetite. Need to be patient, maybe they’ll leave soon somewhere, kaçak iddaa just for an hour, one hour; usually, they do go somewhere. I would like to have the house to myself just for one day to do it right. For now, I need to exercise; that should help me while I wait. Even an idea about getting to his room after they go to sleep comes to my mind, but that wouldn’t be enough either. Not to mention insanely risky. Dirk decides to work out with me; for spite I guess; he wants to fuck too, maybe even more than I do, but seeing my fierce expression on the treadmill gives him some kind of malicious pleasure. He’s on the multi-gym working out his core. We spend maybe 40 minutes like this, sweating and staring at each other, mostly in silence.Then mom leans in through the door with that characteristic sweet smile she puts on when she has something good to say. A hope! A fucking hope!”Hi, k**s. Are you having a good time? We need to drive to the mall, you wanna go with us? We can wait if you want.” We look at each other. That’s it. Yes, yes! Keep calm.”Nnn-nooo,” We say, not exactly harmonically.”We have to finish working out,” I add, “It could take a while. Better go without us.”She looks at us; at first, as if she’s surprised, but also delighted, with how close we’ve gotten.”Okay. And what do you two say about watching a movie with us later, we could bring some take-out, Thai, maybe?””Oh, that’s a good idea! Definitely!” I almost holler, hope it isn’t too much.”Great! See you later!” Mom closes the door.She closes the door. That means we have at least half an hour. I speed up on the treadmill, focusing only on my muscles working, they burn; my body covers itself in sweat; from time to time I glimpse at Dirk’s growing, growing leer. I hear them readying to leave downstairs. I speed up even more. Three, two, one… The moment I hear the front door slamming I jump off the treadmill and run right at Dirk. He’s just stood up when I push him down again, sit on him astride, and push my tongue down his throat.We kiss; I start taking off his t-shirt.”Oh, yeah! My fuckin’ naughty cousin!” He says in my face and squeezes my ass hard.”Shut up and take off your pants!” I stand up and take off mine quickly, observing the bulge in his sports shorts the whole time. He takes his off too with one fast move; his cock’s out and it’s ready for action.I push him again; he sits, and, for a moment, I hover my ass over him. He grabs his cock and aims it at my pussy while I slowly lower down myself onto him, looking into those self-confident eyes.”Like that fuckin’ King Kong?” He says when the cock’s head is already between my pussy’s lips.”Don’t flatter yourself. I’ve had bigger.” I reply, at the same moment pressing more and more, “Sss-uuuuuuh, yeaaaaah.” He doesn’t have much time for questions about that, while pleasure overtakes him.”Oh, fuck, sooo tight! Sooo tight!” His cock slowly penetrates me. More and more is in, till finally, I can feel his thighs under my ass.I start jumping slowly, soon my small twat is ready to be fucked at full speed at all angles by big pricks.I’m riding him good, his face’s getting contorted.”Too much for you? Huh?” I tease him.”Nooo.””Nooo?” I ride him faster. “How about now?””Nooo…” He barely can utter anything.”Good boy.” I slow down, “Now! That thing needs to visit my throat!” I unsaddle him. For a second I stand up before him, hands on my waist, loud exhale. Okay.I get on my knees and start licking his prick. Oh, yeah! That’s that! The cock’s taste, sweat, and that flood from my pussy all over it.”Oh yeah! Suck that cock!” He’s writhing in the seat, holding me by the hair. I hope he didn’notice that I like to get a little bit humiliated… that knowledge would give him too much power. A moment later he’s fucking me from behind, with one of his legs on the bench; I hold on to the barbell. Everything’s wet. He’s mumbling some things, “fuckin’, nympho, cousin.” I’m not even paying too much attention.”Yeah? Heh. Like that, huh?””Yeah! Love it!””Fuck your cousin’s tight pussy!” I yell. “Yeah! Fuck it!”He slaps my buttocks and immediately he starts groaning tiredly and slows down a notch like that was too much.He cools down, and gathers his strength, his hands are testing the firmness of my ass, I know he’s looking right at my lovely bumhole. His fingers sweep there now and then. Now, he’s ready again and speeds up. Oh, that’s nice!”Stick your thumb there–” I instruct him, but don’t even finish the sentence when I feel he’s pushing his finger inside. That’s it; my body quivers, I scream in intervals, he screams too, but I barely hear it. I fall on the seat, exhausted, still feeling the drizzle of the rest of his sperm splattering on my lower back and ass. It feels not only like he sprayed his jizz in me, but I’ve gotten even wetter inside. He falls too, on a different bench; I hear him panting. For a moment I listen to see if somebody might have entered the house while we were screaming. No. Silence. It’s just my paranoia.I’m exhausted and all sticky; from the sweat mostly, but not only the sweat. Still, I don’t feel fully satisfied. I could do it again, right now.I wipe off the cum spots from the floor; Dirk, of course, is happy with the view: me, naked, taking care of his jizz. Hopefully, the gym isn’t the place I should be concerned about the smell of sex. We hit the shower together, not wasting any time before my folks will be back. We manage to even save some time. Waiting for them now, we start to lick our tongues again on the couch in the living room. They finally come back with the dishes from our favorite Thai restaurant.”Sooo, how is it goin’?” My mom smiling angelically.”Um, good, good. We’ve just started… searching through the list of movies.””Oh, anything good you’d like to watch?” My dad goes with the food and the other groceries to the kitchen. Dirk helps him, not being even asked to. Meanwhile, my mom continues her lecture on Dirk being such a good boy here with us—as we can witness now—and how incredibly surprised were aunt Mary and uncle Louis when she told them about it.***It’s morning, I go downstairs to the front door hearing the bell; I’m still in my jammies, not even seeing properly yet. I know who’s ringing. I open the door. There’s Emma.”So! How’s fucking?””Shut up!” I grab her by the arm and pull her inside.”Heh, so, where’s this little handler?””Sleeping. You’re early. Why?””I wanna borrow him.””Oh, so you lost hope for those new guys completely?””Yeah… that’s not what I’m looking for.””Bummer.””Turns out it’s really hard to find, you know, …pricks.””Pricks, you say… So, at the end, they were too soft?””Yeahh… fuckin’ posers. So, how about… him? And you? And me?””Heh, Emma, what a nymphomaniac.””I’m not a nymphomaniac! C’mon, Adrianne, I have fun with it. So do you. kaçak bahis Sooo… In this case, should it be something like ‘nymphanatic’? Or! Nymfan? Huh?””You just made those up, didn’t you?””Hah! No! Actually, I made them up a week ago, just waited for the right occasion.””Clever. But actually…” I lean over and whisper, though I know nobody’s around, “I barely can do anything with my parents around.” Now I look around, “I’m really grasping at straws here.””Not enough time to let off all the steam, hmm? That’s tough…” she’s pondering, really concerned.”Eh, yeah.” I cross my arms. It weirdly looks like we are discussing really serious matters, and not the possibilities for fucking my younger cousin.Someone’s coming.”Emma! Hi!” It’s my dad.”Oh, good morning, Mr. Van Houten! How are you?””Good, good. Heard you’re parents are planning some big vacation next month?””Oh, Yeah! They are. Actually, they’ve just booked all the tickets. So, it’s certain now.””Are you going with them?” my dad inquires.”No, no. I thought I could stay and let them have fun together for once. I’ll have the house to myself, see how it’s gonna be, all the responsibilities.”She gives me a fast knowing glance; my eyes must sparkle.”Oh, I’m sure you’re up to the task, heh. Just remember to clean it up after and I’m sure it will be all right.” My dad jokes, and it’s because her and my parents don’t even mind us throwing parties… since we just do not throw parties, and they really do think we are so good and clean and we do things in moderation… so if we throw a party it would be more of a silly, little gathering of nerds talking all evening about Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. But to be fair we worked really hard for their naivete.My dad continues, “Oh! Um, speaking of which, Adrianne, listen, we have to attend a conference tomorrow, so tomorrow you would be alone with Dirk, we’ll be back the following morning.” Again Emma and I exchange fast glances . (Yes! A gift of fate! Thank you universe, you must love us!) “Of course we wouldn’t miss your birthday, honey. But that’s only if you don’t mind taking care of Dirk tomorrow? Because one of us could stay–“”Oh, you can both go! Really! Of course, I can handle him! Easy.” For a moment I’m afraid it sounded overenthusiastic.”Oh! Great! Just don’t throw any parties! ” He winks at me and Emma (Oh, dad…) and adds, “…you know, even a little one , may not be good for Dirk yet.””Of course not, when did I ever throw a party?””Oh, well, I’m just saying.” He smiles. “I heard Dirk’s doing very good?” Emma throws in.”Yeah, he’s great actually; he’s got really mellow, he’s more polite, he’s helping here at home. So, I guess it’s just a matter of the right environment. Too bad not every k** has a chance.”Emma again gives me a fast glance. My dad excuses us and leaves.”So, the whole thing resolved itself,” Emma says happily, now she’s crossing her arms.I nod, thinking ahead about what awaits Dirk and his cock tomorrow.”Assholes always have all the luck,” I think out loud.***It’s evening Anticipation. Tomorrow can be a good, good day. In the meantime, I find the time to suck his cock when we’re playing games, while parents are in the garden. It feels a bit risky, but I’m too horny.He’s still playing on the Xbox, while I am massaging his dick with my tongue, lips, and teeth, lightly scr****g them over the head of his cock. Drives him wild.He’s sighing louder and louder.; oh, he’s enjoying this very much. But he still has no idea what will happen tomorrow, never told him. We’re gonna fuckin’ **** him, and tear his fuckin’ cock apart, milk the last drop out of him, he won’t cum for a whole month after we are done with him. These thoughts get me so excited I don’t even realize how deep and fast I’m going, nor that he’s stopped playing and only holds the pad in his hands while sighing with his eyes closed. He cums in my throat, it takes me by surprise a little; I almost choke on it.Later, I take one more chance when my parents go for a jog. I observe them through a window. And when they disappear around the corner I get naked and run through the whole house downstairs, find him in the pool.He sees me from under the water; I’m standing naked with my hands on my waist. His head emerges from the water and he swims to the ladder, fast. I see a nice chub already. He comes out of the pool and tugs down his trunks.I go on my knees and open my mouth before he even comes to me; he just shoves it in right away. I suck the purple head, then I give his cock a few loud kisses, but six is enough.”Lie down!” I order him. He obeys. Around him I can be assertive; normally I’m pretty meek around confident guys and do what they tell me to do, not the other way around.We try 69 at the edge of the pool. It gets too intense to continue for very long.So next, he fucks me doggy-style on the edge of the pool. After all that training from me, he can set a pretty nice pace. I’m writhing, while he’s railing me. Oh, yes! That’s good!Finally, I ask him to cum in my mouth but that vision instantly makes him cum in my twat. It’s too good, he still has to learn.Now he walks around with his cock half-flaccid, mumbling some bullshit under his breath, guffawing the whole time. And I just respond sarcastically at everything, standing there naked, cum dripping down my thighs.His phone rings. He picks it up. “Hello, you fuck! He-he!” He says loudly. That must be one of his pals. „Oh, I’ll tell you how’s my muthafuckin’ detention! I’ve just cum in my cousin’s sweet little pussy! Yeah! Yeah! How about that muthafucka?! –Hah! –Yeah? Wanna talk to her? Here–” He comes to me with a big grin on his face.I take the phone from him. And I throw it at the wall as hard as I can. It smashes into bits. Some of them fall into the pool.”Hey! What the fuck!?”He didn’t expect that from his geeky cousin.”Don’t worry. I’m sure your daddy’s gonna buy you a new one.” He still looks at me in disbelief. “Heh, what?” I say, now my smile grows bigger, “You’re gonna tell on me?”Later, after getting rid of the cum from my legs and putting clothes on, I go through the pieces of his phone; he didn’t bother cleaning it up. I take it with me, later maybe I’ll smash it with a hammer, and that should resolve my problem with the photos I hope… Too bad I didn’t think about doing that sooner. But something tells me he was too lazy to copy them anywhere.***At the dinner table he sits next to me, across from my parents; while he’s eating I wrap my hand around his balls and squeeze. He almost jumps, and his eyes get very wide.Then I say quietly, “Phone.” He puts down his fork and tells my parents that he dropped it and it smashed it smashed into bits.”Butterfingers!” I say, just beaming with delight, “You have to be more careful.” I take my hand off his crotch and stroke his lap; he looks at me funny. “Don’t worry, Dirk. I’ll call your dad tomorrow and tell him you lost it.” Says my dad, wiping his lips with the napkin.Yeah, he is learning fast; just needed the right approach….

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