Bailiff Ch. 02


Sitting at my table pondering what it would take to change my story I watched the black man walk up in front of the desk and say, “All rise.” He continued talking but I lost focus on what he was saying as the men next to me gently grabbed my arm and had me stand up. An older white man in a long dark robe walked in and sat down. The black man said loudly, “You may be seated.” He then turned to the man at the desk, said something I didn’t catch, and then headed back to where I had first noticed him. Looking him over closely, I glanced back to my pad and paper and crossed out a few lines and then continued my story.

By the time we made it to the next stop I could feel he was completely erect and I now had to fight the urge to gently clasp his balls and move my arm back and forth over the entire length of him. All I could do was remain motionless as one by one everyone stepped out into the hall, leaving him and I alone as the doors quickly closed. Not sure what to do, I stepped out toward the center of the elevator. I stood alone in the elevator with him as it started moving again traveling two more floors before jolting to a stop.

When the doors opened the black man took hold of my arm and guided me down the corridor, stopping in front of a door marked, “Private.” He then slowly reached to his belt and grabbed a set of keys, unlocking the door. Once inside he released the grip on my arm and nodded over to an old table surrounded by chairs. I moved over to a chair while looking around the room. The walls were paneled in stained wood, but it was obvious the room was very old with all the scratches and gouges in the paneling. In some areas on the floor the tile had actually worn down to the concrete. bahis firmaları With my hands resting on the back of the chair I looked back to the black man.

“Go on, sit down,” he said, nodding at the chair.

“We just gonna sit here?” I asked.

“What the judge told us to do, you sit there and I’ll sit over by the door,” he replied, turning slightly and nodding at the chair.

Sitting down I replayed that last motion of his in my mind, only this time he was naked and I could savor the sight of his muscles rippling in his black skin, the light shining off his glistening sweat. I could see his ass flex with each step as he moved to the chair, gracefully turn and, resting a hand on his gun, he sat down. I had to quickly avert my gaze of he might have seen me staring lustfully at him.

Uncomfortable as it was keeping myself contained, it was only a short time before I heard a knock on the door. The man stood up, opened the door and peeked his head out. I could hear the murmur of some voices and then the man slipped back in the door holding a folder with some papers. Carefully closing the door, he moved toward me and said, “They have some paperwork for you to fill out.”

“You have a pen?” I asked.

He placed the folder on the table in front of me and pulled a pen out of his shirt pocket. Nodding I took the pen, opened the folder and began looking over the paperwork. I noticed he had not returned to his chair, instead he remained standing, looking down at me. Leaning over me, he rested his hands on my shoulders and firmly pressed downward, not exactly forcing me, but strongly encouraging me to get on my knees.

Once down I looked up at the outline of his erection in kaçak iddaa his pants and I waited while he took his zipper and pulled it down. He then reached into his pants and pulled out his enormous…

“Your honor, I would like to call my client John Jeffrey Porter to the stand,” I suddenly heard the man sitting next to me say.

He then turned to me and helped me up whispering, “Focus now and remember what we talked about earlier.” He pointed to a chair and patted me on the back.

I nodded and stepped over to the chair but before I could sit down I put my hand on a bible and listened to a man say something to me. When he finished I looked over at the man who had been sitting next to me and saw him nod. I then said, “Yes, I do.”

They let me sit down and I noticed I had a much better view of the black man in uniform from this chair. My attention was quickly diverted from the big black man as I was asked a number of questions, most I don’t remember now. I answered the questions, looking over at the black man from time to time.

After quite a while they asked me a question that I do remember. One of the men asked, “Aren’t you a Grand Wizard in the KKK?” In fact aren’t you in charge of all activities in a three state area?”

I remember the question because I felt my response was biblical, “I am but a soldier struggling for a cause.”

“And what cause is that?”

“I willfully defend the rights, freedom and lives of white America. I believe in the dominion of our race and its everlasting rise to its rightful position among all men as rulers and conquerors. This is a sacred power ordained to all whites by our Lord Himself.”

I then looked over at the black man who kaçak bahis seemed to be seething in anger. Both his hands were balled up in fists and I could see the muscles flexing in his forearms. Imagining what that powerful man could do to my chubby white body send tingles down my spine. I could feel my cock getting hard just watching him look at me.

“The defendant may return to his table,” I suddenly heard some one say. I looked at the man who had sat next to me and he nodded, pointing to my chair at the table. As I stood up I could feel my erection pressing against my pants, but left it alone as I walked to the table and sat down behind it. Still invigorated by the way the black man looked at me, I grabbed my pen and continued writing.

He reached into his pants and pulled out his enormous cock. The bulbous head seemed to glisten in the light and at the tip I could see a tiny pool of clear fluid. I opened my mouth and leaned my head forward. As I moved the black man moved his hands and I felt them firmly grab the back of my head pulling me…

“…defendant please rise,” was the next thing I heard.

I stood up and then looked over to the black man. He was watching another man read from a piece of paper with an intent look on his face. In a moment his expression changed as I heard the word, “Guilty,” echo in the room and the black man began to smile.

The man next to me immediately began saying something about an appeal, but all I could do was stand in awe as the black man walked over to me, clamped the handcuffs on me and then stepped back as I moved around the table. I reached down and grabbed my pen and paper as the man who sat next to me said he would be back to see me soon.

I then felt a large black hand close firmly on my arm and immediately gasped. Trying to control my breath I started walking as he guided me out of the room. I could feel my cock begin to harden again as I followed him.

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