Barbershop treat

Barbershop treatI recently had a business trip to Ireland and finding myself a couple of hours early for a meeting I went for a walk round the town. It was a very small town and I soon had nothing to do so, seeing an old-fashioned barbershop, I thought a trim would pass the time.The shop was empty and the bored looking barber cheered up on seeing a customer enter his shop. I was soon sitting in the chair by the sink with with a big black cloak tied round my neck with a towel tucked in all round. The barber was in his mid 30s and good looking. I enjoyed the feel of his hands running through my hair and massaging my scalp as I leant back for the shampoo. My eyes closed I’m sure I made a couple of ‘mmm’ sounds as the scalp massage eased away my tension. A couple of times I felt the barber lean against me briefly and this added to the wonderful feeling of being pampered. When I sat up he used the towel to vigorously rub my hair dry and then I moved to the chair in front of the mirror.As the barber trimmed my hair he chatted away in a southern Irish lilt that I found rather sexy. Again I felt him lean against me. His crouch definitely against my elbow. Looking in the mirror at him I moved my arm a little and I watched him respond by moving his hips. I slid my left hand under my right elbow and his crouch was now rubbing against the palm of my hand. He looked in the mirror and smiled as I felt his cock growing. With my right hand under the cloak I undid my fly and eased my now hard cock out. He was pressing hard against my hand and moving his hips as I stroked my cock. With the cloak rising and falling it was obvious what I was doing and he slowly pulled the fabric up until it was above my waist and my erection was displayed. He undid his fly and got his cock out and slipped it under the cloak. Gripping his rigid cock really got my blood pumping and for a little while I just stroked us both. I could feel his precum oozing and I rubbed it round his swollen head with my thumb. When afyon escort my precum started I did the same with my cock and then moved my hand to suck the precum from my thumb. But before I got my thumb to my mouth he took my hand, leant forward a little, and sucked on my thumb. The feel of his lips and tongue working on my thumb, added to the excitement of someone walking in any moment, made the action electric.Saying he had better finish my trim, he pulled away and put his cock away and moved to the other side of me and gave my cock a little stroke before he continued my haircut. He was soon finished and he asked me to go in the back room. He locked the shop door and popped a “back soon” notice in the window and he took hold of my cock and lead me to his small office. He undid my belt and pulled down my trousers and shorts and at his guidance I sat back in a comfy old armchair in the corner. As I watched he stripped off completely and my eyes feasted on his finely muscled body. My cock was throbbing as he knelt between my legs and caressed my thighs and I could hardly breathe as he leant forward and took my cock head in his mouth. His tongue and lips gave my cock the treatment he had given my thumb earlier and I closed my eyes and slumped down in the chair as his hands went up my hips, under my shirt, over my belly, up to my nipples. His head started bobbing on my cock as he tweaked and pulled on my nipples. One hand staying to tease my nipples the other went to my balls. His head slowly moving up and down with his lips tight around my shaft and his tongue teasing my head and cum-slit on the up stroke… I was in heaven. He then pulled me down the chair so my back was on the seat and lifted one of my legs. I needed no more encouragement, I raised both my knees opening myself to him. His tongue went to work on my hole, lapping and probing. I then felt a finger pressing and it slipped in. He probed and explored, his finger twisting and bending as I twitched with escort afyon pleasure. A second finger eventually found it’s way in and he licked and sucked on my balls before taking my cock back into his mouth. As he sucked and finger-fucked me I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer and between moans I managed to warn him I was gonna cum. He clamped his lips tight just behind my head and with his free hand stroked my shaft. His fingers moving fast inside me I exploded in his mouth. His tongue flicking against my cum-slit as I shot jet after jet. My whole body shaking as the orgasm seemed to go on forever. He took it all and not a drop escaped as he milked my dry. I was totally spent and yet eager to please him.I sat up in the chair as he stood up. His cock was one of the nicest I’ve seen. About 6 inches long, ruler straight, with a nice mushroom head, and it was rock hard. I put my hands on his firm butt cheeks and pulled him towards me. His cock glided into my open and eager mouth. His scent was musky and added to the thrill as my tongue swirled round and round his engorged, hot, head. Slowly I took more of him into my mouth, making his shaft wet with my spittle. My hands caressing his butt as he started slowly fucking my mouth. I’m a sloppy sucker and soon my chin was dripping saliva as his cock slid in and out between my wet lips. I was eager to taste his cum and would have loved to suck him to completion, but he asked if he could fuck me. I agreed and was soon on my back in the armchair again with my knees up and his tongue licking my hole. He got a condom from the shelf (I guess they’re always handy when you sell them!) slipped it on and I felt his cock head pressing against my hole. With his fingering me earlier and his recent tonguing I was ready and his head popped into my as I moaned. He moved slowly at first, gradually going deeper and deeper until his hips were hard against me. Soon he was pumping harder and faster, working up to a body shaking power-fuck. afyon escort bayan He kept this up for what seemed ages and the shocks of his thrusts were making my whole body jerk. When he was close he pulled out and as he took the condom off I slipped under him saying “in my mouth”. His first shot hit my lips and as I got my mouth tight round his cock he shot many more jets of cum. I was eagerly swallowing as he fucked my cummy lips. With my hands on his butt I kept him in my mouth long after I’d sucked all he had to give and his cock went soft. He was twitching with post orgasmic pleasure while I gently sucked on his now spongy meat. I really didn’t want to let his cock out of my mouth. He was stroking my head saying, “we’ve got to do this again, soon”. Reluctantly, after looking at my watch and realising I had better go to my meeting, I let go of his butt and let his cock leave my mouth. I asked him to meet me that evening at my hotel for dinner, and was delighted he accepted.Not wanting my breath to smell of cum during the meeting, I bought some mouthwash and mints on the way back to my car. Thinking of the barber I actually had a hardon as I walked into the office to begin my pitch. Half way through I realised I didn’t know the barber’s name and he didn’t know mine. With this playing on my mind I was worried he wouldn’t know who to ask for at the hotel and therefore may not bother to come. Even with my mind only half on the pitch I was please it seemed to go well and the promise of some decent business for my company was assured. The meeting had gone on longer than I expected and at 6:30pm I got back to my car and drove the mile out of town to the hotel. Standing in the car park was the barber. His face illuminated with a smile as he saw me and ran to the car. “I came straight from the shop, I hope you don’t mind?… then when I got in the hotel I didn’t know who to ask for so I came out here hoping you hadn’t already gone to your room… then I was thinking I should go sit in the lounge and wait…” All I could do was laugh, the poor guy was really flustered.We went to my room and he joined me in the shower. You can guess the rest! Dinner ended up being room service and he stayed the whole night.

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