Basic Training


After five and a half weeks of sharing her quarters with 50 other girls, Gia Mazzini found the long empty bays unnaturally empty as she walked through them. It was the first time since she arrived at Lackland Air Force base over a month before that she had been totally alone.

Still there was something to be said for privacy. Everyone else was spending this fine warm Saturday in San Antonio, enjoying their first off-the-base pass. Gia, unfortunately, had pissed off her Sergeant enough to be assigned Dorm Guard duty instead. As if the empty quarters really needed guarding! She could understand it at night, when the Dorm Guard stood the traditional fire watch, but during the day it was just wasting time.

The worst thing about basic training, at least in Gia’s humble opinion, was the lack of sexual relief. Although it only lasted six weeks, it seemed like an eternity to her. Many nights she could hear a few of the girls pleasuring themselves in their beds. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she would see someone get up and sneak off to the bathroom. A few nights pulling a shift as Dorm Guard told her that they were more interested in privacy than use of the common facilities. It was on one of those nights that she had watched Holly.

Holly Wellington was 18 years old, six years younger than Gia. In many ways, they were as opposite as two women could be, both in physical attributes and personality. Holly had light, almost pale skin, coupled with straight blond hair that hung as long as military regulations would allow. Even then, it was always tied up in a bun.

Gia, on the other hand, had very short curly black hair, short enough that they didn’t even have to cut it when she reported in. In addition, her skin was a rich olive brown, the result of a mixed Mediterranean heritage. Gia was also a good half foot taller at 5’9″, and had a bust twice Holly’s B-cup.

Gia was self confident and aggressive, while Holly was somewhat passive. Gia was from the big city while Holly was from a small town. In every way, Holly was the type of girl who made Gia’s panties wet every time she saw her.

Gia Mazzini had known she was interested in girls as well as guys since she was Holly’s age. In fact, her first three sexual experiences had been with other girls in the neighborhood. She found it to be a great advantage.

Too many of her friends had been knocked up or worse, simply because they were horny and their boyfriends were all too macho to use a condom. She and her best friend Maria used to double date all the time. Many nights they’d sent their boyfriends home to jerk themselves off, then spent the rest of the night taking care of each other.

It was one of those old girlfriends from the neighborhood that first suggested joining the Air Force. Older than Gia, Angela Martin had been in the service a little over five years now and loved it. She had assured Gia that there were plenty of opportunities to be with other women, as long as you were careful about it.

Standing there at the head of the empty sleeping bay, Gia hoped Angela had been telling her the truth. She definitely couldn’t take four years without the touch of another woman. Not when just a few weeks was driving her out of her mind.

Sliding her hand past the waistband of her dark blue pants, Gia thought about the night two weeks ago when she caught Holly playing with herself in the bathroom. It had been two in the morning when she watched her get up. It was the fourth time that week Holly had made a bathroom run in the middle of the night.

“Either she has an incredibly weak bladder,” Gia thought. “Or something’s happening in that bathroom that I might be interested in.”

She gave Holly five minutes, more than enough time to take care of an actual nature call. The large communal bathroom was removed from the twin living bays by a long hall. Gia tried to walk as quietly as she could as she traced Holly’s steps. She also turned off the flashlight that she was normally supposed to use to make her rounds.

Stepping into the bathroom, she quickly checked the shower room. Gia really didn’t expect to find her in there, but you never know. Walking over to the long row of bathroom stalls, Gia bent down and looked down the length of the room. Sure enough, Holly was in the last stall. Gia took that as a good sign. By common agreement, the girls were supposed to use the first stall by the door if they had to go during the night. That way, one of them could rush in there and clean it if someone pulled a surprise early morning inspection. That had happened twice already this month.

“I guess the last stall has the most privacy.” Gia thought as she quietly walked down the row.

The tall woman paused one stall from the end and switched on her flashlight. Then in a single motion, she pulled open the door and shone the light inside. It revealed exactly what she had hoped to find.

Holly sat on the bowl, her back pressed against the tile wall and her legs stretched out in each direction. Her green PC T-shirt bahis firmaları with 3708 BMTS stenciled across it was pulled up over her small breasts as one hand played with her right nipple. Her white panties were dangling around her left ankle. Her eyes were tightly shut and she had three fingers deep inside of her lightly haired pussy.

“What’s going on here?” Gia asked in an authoritative voice as she shined the light in Holly’s face.

The look on Holly’s face was one of utter mortification. The color drained away so rapidly that Gia feared for a moment that Holly might faint.

“It’s okay.” Gia said quickly, trying to calm the girl down. “I just thought something might be wrong since you were in here so long.” she lied.

Only Holly’s passive nature and relative inexperience let Gia get away with what she was doing. Gia knew that if one of the other girls had burst in on her while she was getting off, she would’ve been quick to tell her to fuck off. Either that or ask her if she’d like a lick.

“It’s okay.” Gia repeated gently stroking Holly’s hair, worn loose during the night. “You weren’t doing anything that we all haven’t done at one time or another.”

“Really?” Holly asked as if other girls doing it had never occurred to her, making Gia think that maybe this might not be such a good idea after all.

Then she looked down and got her first really good look at Holly’s almost hairless pussy. The older girl had never heard a female version of the phrase “a stiff dick has no conscience” but if one existed it would accurately describe how she felt right now.

“There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good.” Gia soothed, taking hold of Holly’s hand and repositioning it back over the damp cunt. “If I’d known what you were doing in here, I’d never have bothered you.”

Holly smiled with trusting eyes, her apprehension now gone.

“In fact,” the dark haired woman said as she held Holly’s hand and gently rubbed it against the girl’s clit. “I’d even have been willing to help you a little.”

“Help me?” Holly’s whisper was a mixture of curiosity and confusion.

“The way that many women help each other when there’s no men around.” Gia continued to massage Holly’s pussy with her own hand. “Would you like me to show you?”

Holly hesitated for a few long moments, doubtlessly recalling, Gia thought, the speech they were given when they first entered basic about the military’s prohibition on same-sex relationships.

“It’s not like we’re lesbians or anything like that.” Gia reassured her. “We’re just friends helping each other out. Many girls do it. I’ve seen them.”

While Holly sat wondering if that little piece of information was indeed true, Gia upped the ante. Gently, almost too subtle for the girl to notice, she slid her hand under Holly’s and began rubbing a middle finger against the younger clit.

The experienced touch evoked an immediate response. Feeling Holly’s resistance to her presence fade away, Gia slid her index finger into the younger pussy. With a practiced skill she began to twirl that around as well.

It was too late for Holly to think rationally. Gia’s ministrations had taken control of her body. Oblivious to anything but the warm sensations emanating from her pussy, she leaned back once more and enjoyed the small climax that wasn’t long in coming.

A soft moan escaped Holly’s lips as Gia felt the love tunnel contract around her fingers. It had only been a small orgasm, but it was enough to show the advantage of having a friend.

Not wanting to press her luck, lest someone else need to use the bathroom, she quickly helped Holly compose herself and sent her back off to bed. The older woman had to fight the temptation to kiss the younger, but she knew that would come soon enough if she played her cards right.

Standing alone in the empty lavatory, Gia happily licked Holly’s juices off her fingers. She looked forward to a time she could sample that sweet nectar at its source, a day she was sure would soon arrive. She had seen it in Holly’s eyes.

* * *

“And today was supposed to be the day!” Gia cursed silently. In the past two weeks the two women had stolen precious moments together, each time being just a little more adventurous than the last. Gia had even managed to kiss Holly full on the lips a few nights ago, an act that she had always considered more intimate than licking out another woman’s pussy – not that she couldn’t wait to do that with Holly either! She had told the girl that they should use their brief pass off base to get an out of the way motel room where they could really consummate their relationship. To her delight, the younger girl had eagerly agreed.

“Damn Sergeant Alexander!” Gia thought. “The bitch has had it in for me since day one, and was just looking for an excuse to stick me with the duty today.”

Elayne Alexander had been in the Air Force for 19 of her 37 years. The new recruits didn’t even had a chance to unpack their bags before she appeared in the kaçak iddaa barracks and announced she didn’t know what their candy assed recruiter told them, but here at Lackland, this was her Air Force and her word was God. The sooner they understood that, the better they’d all get along. She also told them this was her last training Flight as she was going on to a new assignment in England after this, and she wasn’t going to stand for anyone ruining her perfect record here at Lackland.

Gia had commented softly and wryly, “I joined the Air Force not the Marines.”

Sergeant Alexander heard it anyway and the new recruit had spent her first night scrubbing toilets.

Back home, in her own neighborhood, Gia might have tried to take someone like Sergeant Alexander out back and beat the crap out of them. Unfortunately, she knew that sort of behavior wouldn’t work in the military.

Besides, she wasn’t so sure she could take the Sergeant in a fight, at least not a fair one. The redhead was just an inch taller than Gia, but a lot more muscular. Gia doubted there was an ounce of fat anywhere on the drill instructor’s body, an opinion recently formed from a first hand look.

Last week, after they had come off the obstacle course, all the girls had hit the showers before the afternoon’s activities. Normally, Gia loved the time in the showers and the opportunity to check out all the other girls. She made it a habit to be next to a different girl each time. Aside from giving her a variety, it also helped her keep her studies unnoticed. The one girl she never showered next to anymore, however, was Holly. She didn’t trust herself not to stare at that soft young body she would soon possess.

Turning that afternoon to peek at Kathy Summers under the shower next to her, Gia got her shock of the month. Only a few feet away, standing as nude as she was, stood Sergeant Alexander.

Gia thought it strange that the non-com was showering with the girls. After all, it wasn’t like she had just run the obstacle course. Having gotten a good look at her antagonist, however, she wasn’t about to complain.

The image of Elayne Alexander in the raw totally blew away the macho butch image Gia had formed of her. That image had been of a woman who would’ve fit right in with those muscle-bound weight lifter types she had seen on ESPN. The type that looked more like men than women.

The reality was a soft, yet muscular body that had both perfect tone and all the feminine curves. A near prefect pair of rounded 34-inch breasts stood out as the older woman ran a soapy hand around them. Turning to face the other way, she revealed an ass just as perfect. Gia wished she could reach out and touch it. Quickly she reminded herself that she didn’t want to be seen staring and turned the other way.

Around her, she could hear showerheads being shut off as some of the other women finished their showers. Wanting one more look, she dropped her washrag and turned in Elayne ‘s direction to pick it up – only to find herself inches from the Sergeant’s crotch.

“Oh God!” She gasped wordlessly as she looked right at it. “It’s shaved.”

“Looking for something?” She heard Sergeant Alexander asked. A few of the closest girls also turned at the sound of her voice.

Recovering quickly, Gia picked up the washrag and held it up for all to see. Alexander glanced at it a moment, then faced away and ignored Gia.

“Finish it up ladies! We’ve got other things to get done today.” she called to the few women still in there as she shut off the water and stepped out the door.

Gia took a few moments to compose herself, then followed the other girls out.

“She might be built like Wonder Woman, but she’s still a bitch!” Gia said to herself as she made an entry in the logbook. The same entry she had made every hour for the last four. Nothing to report.

She was just about to start another useless survey of the empty bed bays when a knock sounded on the door. Her first thought was that it was Alexander or one of the other Sergeants, stopping by to check up on her, better yet, to catch her in making a mistake that might get her sent back in training.

“Sir, may I see your authority to enter?” she asked automatically, remembering the challenge she had been taught.

The proper response was for the person attempting to gain access to the dorm to show their identification card. Occasionally one of the Sergeants would attempt to get in without showing it. They did this in a number of ways, most of which were quite intimidating. Already three of the girls in this Flight had succumbed to the barrages of angry shouts and opened the door. They were all now repeating several weeks of basic.

Well there would be none of that for Gia, she thought. The dark haired girl had grown up in a neighborhood where she’d heard worse verbal threats in the schoolyard than anything the Sergeants would muster from the other side of the door. Besides, it gave her a secret pleasure to see how worked up she could get Alexander kaçak bahis or one of the others. While she stood calmly asking to see their authority to enter.

When she looked through the small door window, Gia’s composure was abruptly shattered. Without a thought to the proper procedure, she swung open the door.

“Holly!” She exclaimed.

“Hi Gia.” said the young blond girl in the blue dress uniform.

Gia stepped aside to let the younger girl in. “What are you doing here? I thought you’d gone into town with the rest of the girls.”

“I did,” the younger girl answered, taking a quick look down the empty day. “But as soon as I got off the bus in front of The Alamo I knew that it wasn’t going to be any fun without you. So I got back on and came back.”

“I’m touched.” Gia admitted, surprised to find that she actually was. After all, it was Holly’s body she really wanted, not her friendship.

“I felt so bad that we couldn’t, well you know,” Holly said bashfully, “that thing you promised.”

“Yes, I know.” Gia replied, noting the slight flush of embarrassment in the other’s face. “I really wish we could’ve made that happen.”

The tingling between her legs accented her words. It had been a long time since the brown skinned woman desired a prize so much.

“I was wondering…” Holly mused as she pressed her body against Gia’s. “if maybe … we could …”

Gia couldn’t believe the daring in her young conquest. Had she really affect on the young woman enough to make her take such a risk? She wouldn’t have imagined it possible.

“Holly!” Gia exclaimed as she pushed the girl away. “Someone might see us!”

“Who’s going to see us?” the unusually aggressive teen wondered. “There’s no one else here.”

It was when Holly waved her hand to indicate the rows of empty beds that Gia realized that they were still standing in the open doorway. What if someone had been in the hallway beyond?

The brunette stepped out into the passageway and looked up and down the corridor. Thankfully, it was empty. Gia thought she saw a blur of motion as she stepped out but after listening for a few seconds decided she was mistaken. A few feet down the hall was the door that led to the twin bays belonging to their sister Flight. The door was still closed and its dorm guard could not see them.

“That could’ve been very bad.” Gia groused, taking a hard breath as she stepped back inside, this time closing the door behind her. “You’ve got to think before you act.”

“Pooh!” Holly laughed. “Since when are you the cautious type?”

“And since when are you the adventurous type?” Gia countered. “This seems so unlike you.”

“Maybe you’ve just brought it all out from me,” Holly purred as she again pressed against Gia, planting a quick kiss on her cheek. She whispered into Gia’s ear. “You’ve made my pussy so, so wet!”

Holly’s casual use of obscenity was equally surprising to Gia. The blond previously had trouble saying vagina. Still it was something she had seen before. Back home there’d been a girl at Gia’s high school named Marline Johanson. In their futures book, Marline was voted most likely to become a nun. Gia’s original suggestion for the student-run spoof of the yearbook had been “girl most likely to die a virgin.”

It wasn’t that Marline was unattractive. It was simply that she still viewed sex outside of marriage as some kind of sin. And not just intercourse! She included oral and even heavy petting in that description.

Well, sometime during that summer after graduation, Marline must’ve had an epiphany. One hot August night, the local police caught her on a raid at lover’s leap. The story went that Marline was in a rather severe state of undress when they found her. Even more surprising, were the two young men in the car with her, both in a similar state of undress.

So, anything was possible. Those possibilities made the tingle between Gia’s legs jump upward.

“I’m still on guard duty,” Gia said with disappointment. “It’s not like I can just leave here.”

“So what?” Holly grinned, again pressing up again against Gia. “We have fifty empty beds to pick from.”

Gia was shocked “You can’t be serious?”

“Oh no?” Holly retorted suggestively. “I’ll show you how serious I am!”

Taking a few long steps backward, Holly carefully undid the three buttons of her dark blue jacket. With a flourish, the young blond tossed it to the side. A quick motion undid the small cloth neck tab and it soon sat on top the jacket.

“My God, I’ve created a monster!” Gia exclaimed in her mind.

But the terror that should have gripped her at that moment, forcing her to bring this scene to an end, failed to materialize. Common sense had been overcome by rising lust. For all of her experience, this naive young girl had taken Gia captive.

Gia’s heart was beating like a jackhammer. At the same time, it seemed to skip a beat each time Holly’s nimble fingers undid another of the buttons on her light blue blouse. Half way down the row, she revealed the simple white of a bra bought at the Base Exchange. Held tightly in check by the plain cloth were her small white mounds. The older woman thought it was the most erotic sight she had ever seen.

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