Basketball Time (Chapter 5)


Basketball Time (Chapter 5)Let’s recap last year’s basketball season I fucked my k**’s AAU basketball coach in his hotel room in Cincinnati twice and then in my martial bed at home, watched two hot porno videos in the same martial bed with him and told him they’re my fantasy fucks (one gloryhole & one gangbang), also I’ve fucked one of the refs at a tournament and I’m pretty sure pics and a short video are circulating among the other 11 refs from the tournament of me fucking. Not sure how the team did ha-ha but I did great. Jeez maybe I should behave myself, no this is getting to be fun I like the feelings it gives me, I’m so nasty and wicked of course if it blows up it will probably ruin my life. Anyway it’s March and a new year of AAU basketball is starting, first tourney is in the hometown where it began last year by me dressing provocatively. The Wednesday before the weekend tourney coach sent home document needing physical, insurance, email, and cell numbers for emergency contact, I don’t even flinch and provided the info needed including my cell and the next day k** brings home schedule for the weekend and the next month’s weekend trips.Friday night games go late and I saw Biggie and his bald headed crew working on the court beside our game, they kept staring so I knew they’re still interested and of course it seemed like every time I looked at our bench coach had his eye on me and that was making me hot. The next day games were spread out through the day and we left after the finish of the morning game and start of afternoon games. I wore nothing special stretch black shorts a tee shirt had on a bra to hoist my tits high just tennis shoes the usual gym attire. There were three courts playing at the same time and there was always one set of three refs sitting out in the main lobby waiting their turn to referee as there are twelve refs in the association. At one point I headed to the bathroom and when I opened the door to come out Biggie and his crew was sitting in the lobby, time for fun I ducked back in the restroom and took-off my bra and put on rubber nipples then tied my tee in a knot above my belly button. I swing my hips as leaving the restroom and three sets of eyes go immediate to my tits, three hunky black men adjust themselves as I walk toward them, making me smile. Biggie says hey BT you looking fine, and the others agree and my face reddens, you got plans tonight baby he says and I go yeah I live here me and hubby will probably watch TV, another one says oh yeah you’re the hometown MILF. I just giggle and coach steps out from the gym and say these jokers giving you trouble BT, no just teasing me. Then he drops a bomb and says we think we can get fantasy #1 taken care next week in Pittsburgh and whispers in my ear “gloryhole”, we will set it up in the ref room bathroom, you in? I say we will see and I notice hubby exiting the gym and I pull the knot from my shirt and turn towards him, my face had to be 3 shades of red my pussy was dripping those guys had me going. I close the gap between me and hubby and he asks what’s going on, oh nothing just bull shitting and he says like the nips bet none of them saw your face laughing, I said your right maybe I should take them off, he says no not unless you want it’s hot!Thursday a day before we are set to go to Pittsburgh hubby comes home and tells me he has to leave tomorrow for Elko, Nevada and will be gone until next Monday not going to go into what he does for a living. So I say I’ll call a parent (I’ll call her Trudy) and see if we can ride with her because she travels alone being divorced. I call and she says yeah great but we will have to leave early Saturday around 4 she has something planned for the night. I tell her that’s fine if they play late I’ll catch a ride home with someone else. Hubby leaves to pick up k** at practice and an hour later coach’s cell is calling mine, he says just learned hubby going out of town this weekend want to ride with me? I got a ride up with Trudy but we might need a ride home Saturday night, he says no problem already have the k**s riding home with Pete in his van we can come home Sunday morning. Oh my god not only does he want me to suck all the refs but also probably pull train that night, I’m dripping and begin to finger myself and can’t find words. Hey BT you there? Yeah I’m here look I’m not sucking all afternoon and then fucking all night, he laughs ok, and I want a lock in the bathroom and it better smell nice and no videos. He says ah ok no videos, but how about fantasy #2 you want that videoed? I’m not fucking 12 guys no way; he says no just me, Biggie, and his crew and maybe one other crew seven at the most. Oh my god I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri can’t believe we’re planning this, no video coach and only four I don’t want it videoed ok? He says it’s your party pretty lady your rules but you are going to get fucked and that ass is open! Coach please bring lube and condemns for anyone who fucks my ass. I’m negotiating terms of my gangbang, I can’t believe this and now I’m nearing a climax because of the fingering and thoughts of the fuck. Coach relents and says ok BT, lube, condemns and only four you got it anything else, and I explode in orgasm and he laughs jeez what a slut fingering yourself while bargaining for a black man gangfuck. Friday is a blur we checked into the hotel k** stays with me in the room Friday night so at the games I’m on my best behavior. I’m afraid and worried what will happen I’ve fucked two before but not four and I’ve never been in a gloryhole with cock after cock and in a public place with parents and team players in such close proximity. If I get caught I’ll be run out of town a laughing stock, my husband and k** will bear the brunt of my indiscretions but at the same time my stomach is full of butterflies and I’m moist because of the naughtiness. I’m going to do it, no sleep Friday night as I went back and forth maybe I’ll just check out the gloryhole if it’s ugly or smells I’ll leave. Had just coffee for breakfast and we both packed our bags and checked out of hotel, when we get to the arena, the schedule has us playing out last game at five. So we go back to Trudy’s car and get bags dropping off k**’s bag in Pete’s van and I carry mine into the gym. I’m carrying it when coach put his key in my hand and I take the bag to his car, Trudy ask how I’m getting home I say my sister-in-law is coming and we are going shopping after the game no worries. She says that’s great have fun, oh I will.Around 1:30 in between games I sneak off and circle the track walking close to the ref’s room, the door is open and Biggie says enter pretty lady, I look around and make sure no one is watching. I duck in and he closes the door and kisses me very hard squeezing our bodies together I look around and there are others in there and Biggie opens the bathroom door, to the left is another door, I slip in the bathroom and lock it. I take off my shorts, tee shirt, and bra and hang them on a hook on back of door. I look around for camera seeing none I open door to toilet the left side is outside wall probably where the other door went and the right side on the other side of toilet door is and a shower the urinal is to the right of that and sink is beside the main door. There is a big fluffy towel on the shower door a new washcloth in the shower and a new bar of soap and small bottle of hotel shampoo and lotion and on the sink is a hair dryer, hair spray and gel and a small bottle of perfume (my kind) and deodorant, those guys thought of everything. I close the door to the toilet but don’t see a gloryhole and sit down on toilet facing the door, and then to my right I hear a crack and notice a perfect circle of the wood from the wall is being push into the stall where I’m sitting. It’s perfectly round about 8 inches around, then a piece of duct tape is applied to the edge that was cut I guess nobody wants splitters (he-he) then a long piece of duct tape is passed thru the hole and Biggie says put it across the hole when done or we will never quit feeding you dick. I turn to the wall and a nice black cock comes thru the hole it’s soft but long I’ve never seen it before so it’s not Biggies I’m guessing one of his bald crew. I just grab it and stroke then put it in my mouth and I hear a groan and he says that’s right slut suck it! I do and stroke and suck and before long there is a knock on the wall and the cock is cumin I barely get it out of my mouth and cum sprays my face and drips onto my tits. I look over to the top of toilet and there is a box of wet wipes and pillows for my knees also a small bottle of KY jelly lube those boys. I clean myself up and a black arm comes thru the hole and reaches for my legs, I move closer and force the hand to my pussy he starts fingering me and rubbing my clit, so good then the arm goes out and Biggie puts his cock thru the wall. I’ve sucked that one before it’s huge and un-cut I take my time and enjoy his cock and before long there’s that knock and I get it now and remove the cock to cum on my tits. Cocks kept coming I lost count and I started to get tired a cock came thru and I was jacking and sucking and he pulled it out and said he wanted to fuck the slut and the cock came back in with a condemn on, I grabbed it apply lube and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri turned around and pushed my pussy back ass first onto the cock and I hear him say yes slut fuck that cock. All the cocks then wanted to fuck me but I decided that I was going to let coach and the refs gangbang me and wanted to save my pussy for what I was sure will rip me apart. I sucked and titty fucked cock after cock some came quick some took time, one of the guys just played with my pussy while he jack off then put his exploding cock thru the hole, another one just wanted to watch me play with myself it was really a great fun. Finally I put the tape over the hole and took a shower. I cleaned myself up dried my hair, put on lotion and perfume got dressed and opened the door and strolled out nobody was in the ref room so out onto the wooden circle I go and make my way around to the games, nobody even gave me a second look. It was perfect I was just the gloryhole slut queen and now I’m the basketball mom just watching the games. It was about 3:30 and I’ve been gone for about 2 hours and Trudy comes over and says there you are hey I’m leaving you sure you got a ride, yep no worries Trudy my sister-in-law is coming and we’re going shopping before heading home. Ok perfect and she leaves coach and the team gathers about an hour later for their 5 o’clock game. Biggie comes by and says there is a joint in the usual place out on the fire escape landing if I’m interested and I say maybe after our game. Our game was a quick lasting only 45 minutes and we lost so no late night game, as everyone is gathering to leave my k** comes over and says do you have a ride and I say yeah Aunt Lucy is picking me up in a few and we are going shopping and I tell the k** if you need a ride home tomorrow afternoon text me, we kiss and then is gone, everyone is milling toward the exit and I slip to the fire escape and sure enough a blunt is waiting for me. I light it and take a big hit then another I’m just leaning over the railing enjoying the evening air and getting a nice buzz. I couldn’t finish the weed, and tap it out about half way, I was really high. The door opens and coach and Biggie come out and I re-light the blunt and pass to B, we pass it around until gone, coach says every one of our people should be gone by now shall we go get a bite to eat the others won’t be back to the room until 8. I said or you two could break me in while we wait for the others, and they high five each other laughing then boom we are gone.Arriving at the hotel just after six there are some of our parents and team checking out so coach drives around the back and we go in a side entrance as soon as through the door we turn left and he has the corner room which is out of the way special request no doubt. As soon as the door is shut I’m staring at two queen sized beds and I feel my shirt being lifted over my head by B, and coach is in front un-doing my bra and they both slide my stretch shorts down over my tennis shoes. I climb on my knees unto the bed ass facing them and they flip a coin, B wins and he moves in to fuck me. Nice and slow in and out just getting my juices flowing, then coach hops up on the bed and slides under me with cock in between my tits, I know what to do and start titty fucking and sucking. It’s a glorious fuck and I build and release an earth shattering orgasm. Coach is first to cum spraying it all over my face and tits, and B pulls out and sprays my ass and back, I head off to the bathroom to clean up and take my shoes off, coming back there is a huge wet spot on the bed and I get a towel to lay over it. B has got the window open and is lighting another blunt, we stand there splitting the weed while coach opens beers from a cooler. They both take me again me sucking B this time while coach and his huge cock spreads my pussy, about half way thru the fuck I feel my asshole being lubed and an object inserted, coach says butt plug to get you ready for later, that causes me to quake and orgasm again. They’re still fucking me when the other two knock on the door and come in, there is some hooting hollering some high fives and of course I’m just on my knees getting reamed.The sucking now starts; I’m being man handled back and forth sucking 4 large black cocks and this lasts long enough for my mouth to start getting sore until one bald guy says I got to fuck the slut and then the fucking starts. They take turns all of them while one cock is balls deep in my pussy my mouth is licking or sucking another and my hands are jerking the other two and they change places often. I’m getting fucked and sucking for quite a while I keep exploding in orgasm güvenilir bahis şirketleri so they don’t need to lube me, I’m quite good at gangbanging I stay very wet for a long time of course they are cumin in me every so often (lol). Finally it goes down to just one at a time while the other three sit at a table playing cards or watching the action commenting on the fuck their watching, every time I would cum or quiffe they would laugh! One says I’m hungry lets draw cards to see who goes and gets some take out, and coach says get her a water she’s got to be near dehydration and he was right I was just coated in sweat and cum. Once the guy left for food I went and took a quick shower came out drank a beer and smoked more weed. Once we were done eating the fucking started again for about an hour everyone had another turn, then they drew cards high card got to fuck my ass first. Thanks goodness it was one of the bald refs their cocks were a little smaller than B and coach. He removed the butt plug lubed me up and lubed his cock got me on my knees and took his time until buried balls deep in my ass, it felt pretty good me and hubby don’t butt fuck he never lasts long enough to think about it I guess. They all butt fucked me one at a time while the others watched and commented on how tight it was, then when coach had that big fuck stick balls deep in my ass we rolled over so he was on his back and me on top facing up pussy and tits up and Biggie took his cock and started into my pussy it took a while and I was screaming until one of the bald guys shoved a cock in my mouth but soon they were both planted in me and started to fuck me one moving in while other was moving out back and forth I could feel the cocks pass each other thru the thin membrane separating my cunt and ass. I have never cum so powerful or so often (and I cum a lot) and when I would start to dry more KY jelly was added. I have no idea how long they took fucking me with two cocks or sometimes one in my mouth making three but I was used continuously for what seemed like hours. Finally it stopped and I looked over and all four were sitting at the table watching me dose in and out, I heard one say let’s call the gang and really fuck her good, coach says no I got plans for her, she’s going to help me recruit and they all laughed I have no idea what that meant and dozed off again.I woke later and the lights were out coach was in the other bed and everyone else was gone. I limped to the bathroom because I had to pee and cleaned up a little before heading back to bed it was light out looking like the sun had just came up. Around 8am coach asks if I want coffee he has one in his hand and I say sure, after drinking he says meet you in the shower, and I get fucked from behind bent over in the shower my pussy is sore but coach pounds away until he cums. Then leaves the shower while I clean up, I dress and make it out the side door to his car while he checks out. Driving home a few miles on the interstate he unzips his pants and asks if I want to suck, yeah sure and I start jacking and sucking. He’s talking to me he says you are the new basketball mother tell your husband, I say what do I do, he says come to each practice I’ll text what kind of snack to bring for the team and a few other duties. Like what, I ask, well in a couple of weeks on Wednesday you are going to give one of your famous blow job titty fucks to the father of a future player I’m trying to recruit. What I say, you heard me he saw you at this tourney and asked who is that, I said mother of one of our players, he asked if you were available and I said your married but that didn’t stop you from having your fun, he said are those tits real and I said yeah and she knows how to use them. Coach has now pulled in a rest area and I have a hand down my pants and I’m deep throating him as good as I can and he says here it comes don’t get any on my pants. I don’t swallow usually but this was an emergency (he-he) the first two shots hit the back of my throat and I gulped it down then luckily the rest just oozes down my hands and his cock and I cleaned him up pretty good. I sat back as he got his cock put away and he reached over and pushed my shirt and bra above my tits, while I fingered my clit and had an orgasm as he pulled out back onto the interstate. After a few miles he says back to my recruit in a couple of weeks at Wednesday’s practice you walk down in between the gyms like we did last November and I’ll take the father down to the closet and you give him a famous blow job BT do not fuck him, you understand I say ok. He said have fun and enjoy he will have his k** play next year yours will have moved to college so he wouldn’t be on the team anymore. You can tell hubby you like being team basketball mother and then maybe go to some tourneys with us, we will all have a great time fucking you silly. An hour later he is dropping me off at home, used and sore but completely sexually satisfied for a few days anyway! LustyLyn

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