Be My Valentine Ch. 02


I couldn’t believe it. I had just had some of the most fantastic sex of my life with a married woman. While her husband was there, enjoying her, too. She looked beautiful and smutty at the same time, freshly fucked, with come on her tits and in her hair. The smell of sex permeated the air and the environment seemed to allow me to retain my hard-on, even though I had just had the most intense orgasm of my sexual life.

Of course, it could’ve been that she was still holding my dick in her hand and was ready for more.

Erica got up out of the bed and dragged Jim and I to the bathroom with her, holding us by our cocks. She started up the shower and jumped in, inviting us to join her. Jim and I took our time soaping Erica up, feeling every inch of her body along the way. When I touched her clit, it sparked an immediate orgasm that left her knees weak. Jim held her, keeping her from falling in the shower.

After her thorough cleaning, she soaped up her husband, then me, paying special attention to our dicks. Once the soap was rinsed off, she deep-throated each of us in turn, until we were both ready to explode again. Once she sensed the impending eruption, she stopped and danced her way out of the shower. Jim was the first one to jump out and grab her, saying, “You’re gonna get it for teasing escort ankara us like that.”

Erica replied, “Good! Come on and give it to me, then.” She ran out of the shower and back into the bedroom, still glistening with water from the shower. Jim ran out after her, followed by me and we tumbled on the bed, bodies entangled, with Erica between us.

Jim stood up in front of Erica and she quickly took his cock into her mouth once again, giving him one hell of a blowjob. I slid back behind her and began a vigorous licking of her nicely trimmed pussy. She tasted phenomenal and was wetter than any woman I’d ever been with before. She also seemed to enjoy my oral attention, so I decided to try and broaden my range and started giving a tongue lashing to her ass as well. This really seemed to drive her wild as she began to buck and thrust back against my tongue, while picking up the pace on the blowjob she was giving her husband.

Erica finally pulled away from my tongue and off of Jim’s dick and pronounced, “I need to get fucked and I need to get fucked NOW!”

I looked at Jim and said, “She’s your wife, have the honors.”

Erica said, “No, I want the both of you at the same time.” She then climbed on top of Jim and started riding him like a woman possessed.

Jim looked ankara escortlar over her shoulder at me and said, “There’s lube on the night stand. Apparently you’re bringing up the rear.”

I grabbed the tube of gel and spread a copious amount of it on my cock. Then I took some more and spread it around Erica’s ass, while sticking my pinkie in her and getting her good and wet. When it seemed she was ready, she stopped her rocking on Jim and allowed me to put my cock at the entrance to her ass. I applied enough pressure to get the head of my cock in and allowed her to get used to the size of having two cocks in her at the same time. It seemed like an eternity before I finally had the full length of my cock in her, but it was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced.

After a minute, she said, “Ok, I think I’m ready.”

Jim and I slowly started to thrust in and out at an easy pace. Erica had her head buried in her husband’s shoulder, grunting in a decidedly unladylike manner. When our pace picked up, she lifted her head and began to mouth a string of obscenities that would have made a seasoned sailor blush.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Your cocks feel so good in my pussy and ass! Don’t stop fucking me!” she cried. If it weren’t for the fact that I’d already come earlier, I would’ve ankara kaliteli escortlar blown my load in her ass right there. Fortunately, I was able to continue and give this beautiful nymphet more pleasure than any of us had thought possible.

After several minutes, she began to come all over Jim’s dick. The pulsating this caused was having a tremendous effect on my cock as well. Jim yelled out first, “Oh fuck, baby! Here I come!” He then began to dump his load in her pussy which set off Erica again.

Then it was my turn. “Oh fuck, Erica. I’m gonna come in your ass!” Out it came, in gushing torrents as I had the hardest orgasm ever, deep in this beautiful woman’s ass while her husband was still buried in her pussy.

When my orgasm finally ended, I pulled out of her and flopped down on my back on the bed. She rolled off of her husband and lay between the two of us. The three of us were covered in sweat and come and exhausted.

Jim rolled over to his wife and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” and kissed her gently.

She kissed him back and said, “I love you.” Then she rolled over to me and said, “Thank you for making my fantasy come true.”

I replied, “I’m the one who should be thanking you. This has been an incredible experience and one that I’m not likely to forget.”

Erica said, “You make it sound like this is the last time this will ever happen. Whatever gave you that idea?”

We then all curled up and fell asleep, the smell of our recent lust-filled evening still present in the evening scent.

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